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Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Premieres Tonight!

Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Premieres Tonight!

Check out these fresh new stills of Willow Smith‘s new video for her infectious new single, “Whip My Hair“.

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is wearing jewelry on her upper lip and a safety pin on her right ear!

The song was produced by newcomer Jukebox and the vid was directed by Ray Kay in LA earlier this month.

Willow will also make her debut performance in front of a live studio audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (November 2).

Check back around 7PM tonight for the music vid on!

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willow smith whip my hair premiere 01
willow smith whip my hair premiere 02
willow smith whip my hair premiere 03
willow smith whip my hair premiere 04
willow smith whip my hair premiere 05

Photos: Alan Silfen
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  • Annie

    What is this foetus doing on this blog? JustJared? Don’t you have any self respect or principles left?

  • cece

    soo cute

  • cacey

    Too much too SOON…LIP RING?

  • Maui

    Will Smith, come and get your daughter! You know damn well you do not approve of this ish. Man up and don’t let Jada push you around anymore. If you don’t you will be sorry when this little brat hits puberty and starts drinking while driving, hanging out in clubs, dating older men who will take advantage of her. She will act out and accuse her parents of not letting her have a childhood and she will be spot on. Jada wants a famous daughter that’s all there is to it. Even if it sacrifices Willow’s childhood. Don’t be the kind of parent who will let their child do whatever they want on a whim, just because at age 9 she has a hankering to be a pop star. As a parent shouldn’t you know best by telling her to play, have fun because you can never get your formative years back once they are gone. Children shouldn’t get to do whatever they want.

  • Mercy Mee

    I love it!!!

  • Maui

    Exactly Cacey! I could not have said it better myself. Jolie lets her baby dress like a boy because her baby wants to? No! Parents should dress their babies. A little girl wants to forgo her childhood to be a singing star because she wants to be popular and her mama is a rabid stage mother? Tell Willow to go outside and play with her friends, if she wants to sing and dance buy her a damn Karaoke machine and let her party Karaoke style with her little friends. Jada is just as bad as Dina Lohan.

  • Tamara

    This little cutie pie is just having fun. She will move on, one day, grow up and go to college.

    People stop hating on this precious child.

  • Jean

    Will’s little mini me. She’s the spit and image of Will. Cute as a button.

  • nio

    Shouldn’t be in school, writing books reports and learning math rather than singing on Ellen’s show? Sheesh.


    Please take this child off here and no she is not cute she is BORING and a pain in the ASS

  • mango

    Pushed by her parents.
    Not belonging here on JJ.
    And not on JJjunior. Let her do crazy things for her mirror, and let her play with dolls, please.

  • whatevs

    let the racist bullying begin… this child gets hammered by the internet & all its hate. SHE’S 9!!



    Its not her colour of the skin its ALL ABOUT HER AGE



  • Mercy G

    Love Her! Too Cute.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    They’re so MILKING it.

  • hate on the hag

    Maui #6, you comment on this post to trash Angelina Jolie. Seriously? Obsessed much?

  • MakedaAFW

    The video has definitely already leaked and if you failures commenting would go watch it, you’d see that it’s not even a lip ring.

    It’s actually like little rhinestone stickers..

    The video is adorable, fun and very kid-appropriate.

    Lighten up, people.

  • In The Know




  • Liz

    This is the problem with your young people today. Boundaries have been removed and it’s a free for all. This mentality is a disgrace. However, I’m not surprised that she’ll appear on Ellen’s show, as she teaches her faithful followers the same. Do what YOU want, when YOU want, and how YOU want. Doesn’t matter what ANYBODY else thinks, because YOU are what matters. What a crock of S#IT. Also, Ellen is nothing more than an adult bully with an ongoing gay agenda and she’ll like you IF you feel the same as she does and are tolerant of everything she is. She’s a disgrace. Between her and our teachers and college professors, our children don’t have a chance!

  • ozzie

    the smiths have no business whoring their kids out like they do … its robbing them of their childhood and just filling the parents bank accounts.

    straight up child abuse

  • rhonda

    freak 101, teach them early!

  • AshBash


    Its not a lip ring, theres 3 rhinestone in the middle of her lip..this post got it wrong..tsk tsk

  • julie

    i don’t hate on this little cute girl, i feel sorry for her, we can express disapproval, without being hateful, remember people she is a child, i just wish her the best, and hope her parents watch her closely, because we all know what happens to child stars.

  • Adora


  • lalita

    little creature

  • Botox Melbourne

    no one cares

  • Botox Melbourne

    no one cares

  • Amazed

    Why is this child continually on this site and not on Jared Jr

  • Nicole

    shut up everyone. this is a fun and positive video for young people. No sexual anything, no drugs , no profanity. Just clean fun, well besides the paint!
    There will always be child stars, maybe give her a chance before you start the hate. That is all this post is, Hate.
    Most of you with negative comments are disappointed in your own lives that you post crap like these post on the internet. Get off you butt and do something about it if your life is so bad and stop criticizing everyone else. Give the girl some support, she is trying to do something…Your obviously not!

  • Aperson

    I think you should BACK THE HELL OFF a little!
    I mean c’mon.. shes a little girl with a hit single.. let her and Will live their own damn life they dont need u making comments lik ur actually in it! She should whip her hair in yo face before i do it myself!

  • syre

    a mess lalita said she look like a little creature, she juss express her self in a really weird way,but no harm they say jada dressed like that when she was young, so get over it, she’s a mini rihannna,but hating won’t do no good,look where rihanna is, international do willow good to let tha world see something DIFFERENT once in a while.

  • http://twitter tillymily

    hi willow smith please send a message back to me

  • http://twitter tillymily

    @Annie: what do you mean and stop being on kind to willow smith she is my friend

  • http://twitter tillymily

    @Annie: what do you mean and stop being on kind to willow smith she is my friend