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Chris Pine: 'Details' Bonus Shot!

Chris Pine: 'Details' Bonus Shot!

Chris Pine wears a sexy pair of Versace leather pants in this bonus shot for Details magazine!

The 29-year-old Unstoppable actor chatted with the magazine about dating and loosening up.

PICS: Chris Pine Covers ‘Details’ Magazine

“I’m single and very happy about it. It’s a good time to be single,” Chris said. “I have a lot of friends getting married right now, having babies. But I think I’ll be more like … the George Clooney.”

As for his thoughts on growing older, Chris shared, “I feel prematurely old. I’m actually having this major belated quarter-life crisis. I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks. I’ve been thinking a lot about mortality. A lot about what I’m going to do with my life and how to enjoy it. One of the things I’m going to work on is being more spontaneous, letting go, embracing the beauty of come-what-may.”

FYI: Chris accessorized his Versace outfit with a necklace by Giles & Brother and a Miansai bracelet.

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chris pine details bonus shot 01
chris pine details bonus shot 02

Photos: Matthias Vriens-McGrath, Andreas Kokkino (styling)
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  • Halli

    Not hot. Really too geigh for me. Not surprised this is for DETAILS

  • Iffy Miffy

    He looks divine, yummy!

  • Fjkf

    He looks like he is staring at his “package” in the first pic…

  • Dee

    I liked this pic, rather than the cover photo….it’s great…CP took the risk….these pics are different from those made on the red carpet, like prom’s pics……always gorgeous….but they are predictable Easy being accepted!!!…


  • Dee

    Oh God be like George!……. then more waitresses to go, if you know what I mean!!!……LOL!!!

    Okay Chris, but take care……. because they can be dangerous!….. Look for David!!!…HAHAHAHAH!!!

  • MattDamon


  • Butter_Fly

    That was a weird comment. Why would you want to be known as someone who dates famewhores? lol. Well, I guess he started on the right track if that’s what he wants. *cough* munn *cough*

  • Dee

    Nobody is obliged to like it……. but the prejudice is much uglier!!!!!

    Open your minds!

  • latam

    i find his face really unattractive.

  • S@n

    “I’ll be more like…the George Clooney,”

    I hope he is just mean he does not want to commit too soon!

    Chris you fool, you’ll still end up falling madly for someone! I hope!

    What about George is he really happy? I would not bet on it!

  • Dan

    @latam: It doesn’t matter, he’d never even consider you in the first place.

    I think he meant George Clooney as in being a bachelor for years to come. And interesting to know he’s the same age as Jake Gyllenhaal, minus a few months.

  • nio

    Have to say I think he looks much more attractive in everyday life, when he does not try too hard to look sexy and does not have tons of photoshop altering his natural look. His face looks weird, almost cartoonish. Though, unlike some of you, I don’t have a problem with it looking ‘gay’, what does that mean anyway? I am afraid you are projecting on your own stereotypes, sadly

  • latam


    why are you so defensive?

  • Butter_Fly


    Yeah, maybe that’s what he really means. But he is a man, so you can never tell!

  • gary

    I just want to point out that having a quarter life crisis at 30 means you plan to live to 120. Optimistic!

  • S@n

    What about the photographic work?
    I liked it.
    I think Chris played well the James Dean in a more modern way.
    But I understand that it is difficult for those who like to see Chris Pine natural!
    Guys just think of it as what it is, a scenario!!!


    As I read somewhere!

  • johnny

    he means : But I think I’ll be more gay like … the George Clooney.”

  • S@n

    Has a video of behind the scenes of Unstoppable!
    guys look at Chris Pine FanClub is great!
    JJ put this post here please! Thanks!!!

  • S@n

    @johnny: If you can prove that George is actually gay, right?

  • Tom

    He looks great and he’s 30 so the intro is wrong. The interview probably took place before. Just saying JustJared.

  • Tom

    He looks hot and is 30 now so the intro is wrong. The interview probably took place before his birthday. Just saying Just Jared.

  • minga

    h omo

  • Dee

    Guys actually don’t take it so seriously!…. we must understand this in context…… read the interview in

    Director Tony Scott spoke to Details about CP after watching his performance in the theater part of Lieut .. Inishimore: A star!…. He’s beautiful and sexy!… He’s got mystery and darkness! ….He’s got everything!

    It’s a great interview! ….But definitely not for mediocre minds, I guess!

  • S

    So pretty!!! and a crazy good actor to boot!

  • S@n

    Yes a great interview!

    But ok this is a gossip site, right?
    So let’s play a little! hahahah!
    Hey Chris alone on vacation in Mexico before the 30th birthday? Really?
    And you don’t date when filming? uhmmmm
    And the girl who was following you until Pennsylvania, last year when you were filming Unstoppable?
    You know that girl who must be so pissed at not being mentioned by Details as mentioned the other!
    I will not say her name nor dead.Hahahahah!

    I’m sorry but I’m just kidding a little! Hahahahah!

  • Anonymous

    If he wants to be like Clooney, he’s in luck. Clooney’s fake, publicity contract girlfriend will need a new job soon. Of course, she is too old and ugly for Chris.

  • Anni

    Gotta say, I do like Chris Pine….. but please no “the George Clooney”!!

  • lala

    Goerge Clooney buys women
    and use them just for events that he needs to be at, but yeah he’s gay.

  • keachick

    Don’t know what happened to the first post?!

    I thought that he meant that he did want to be married or have a family. George Clooney had said a while back that he did not want any children.

    Of course, for Chris not to reproduce at some stage would be a loss to the human gene pool. God knows, we need gorgeous, beautiful people in the world now and in the future. These bonus photos just show, yet again, how gorgeous he is.

    Anyway, take care. Love you, Chris!


    hahahahahahaha this stumpy short troll

  • Butter_Fly


    Oh lord. Why’d you have to get me thinking for? lol. I’m curious to know why he doesn’t talk about that “relationship.” Just curious how he would answer it. Dangit. Now you got me thinking they are secretly dating. lol.

  • S@n

    Everyone here at JJ knows who this person! But I do not speak the name!
    The girl who calls himself geek and loves to appear naked or half naked! hahahah!

    She followed Chris Pine to Pennsylvania! This happened in the time that he was filming Unstoppable.

    My God now I’ve been very bad!

    But I’m mentioning this because Chris said in the interview he doesn’t date when he is filming!

  • Ugh

    @Butter_Fly: Ugh that got me thinkin..back in early sept o munn was in mexico..look it up..she did photo shoot in cabo last week of aug or first sept..

  • funnymunny

    sorry but the reason why he didn’t mention Munn is because he probably didn’t want to give her what she wanted – PR. He learned his lesson after dating her. If he’s dating anyone, it certainly isn’t the munnster :)

  • S@n

    @Ugh: Chris was in Mexico before his Aug. 26 birthday, I think!

  • S@n

    @funnymunny: YES!!! DEFINITELY FUNNY!!!

  • keachick

    I’ve just seen the behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. Is Chris one totally gorgeous dude or not? There is only so many times I can say YES, PLEASE and just so YUMMY! Sorry people, but when I saw that video, I’s a gonna.

  • Ugh

    @S@n: I sure hope so and yea keachick video was to die for

  • S@n

    @keachick: YES! YES! YES!!!
    It has great pictures on THE CHRIS PINE NETWORK!

  • jordyn

    he looks gay just saying

  • yeah

    Just what the world needs, another man whore. I read in the interview that he often asked his PR people to set him up with starlets.

    I like Zach better, dude dosent talk about his sex life and is more mysterious than Capt Fine.

  • Kim

    He is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Butter_Fly


    I don’t think he is a manwhore. But that was a strange statement also. I find it hard to believe that he needs any help getting dates, unless that is what he “wants” people to believe. But all in all, a strange and interesting interview.

  • Megan Fox fan

    I’d totally like to contribute to the conversation, but it’s hard to concentrate from inside a puddle of drool.

    He’s fine so fine.

  • Stacie

    I’m still totally in love with him . He’s a little to thin but I still love him.

  • S@n

    I actually think Chris was playing the whole time he was talking about the personal life.
    That way he avoided answering any embarrassing question involving the girls he dated lately.
    And the reporter did not seem even to be well informed about this,or the focus of the interview was not that.
    I think “starlet” was a thing of the reporter!
    Chris thinks he is shy , but he knows to be very charming with female reporters who interview him!
    Pay attention to that. I doubt he needs any help with girls, he was only joking!!!

  • Butter_Fly

    LOL at #34. “The munnster” Love that so much! Happy Halloween!

  • Anonymous

    I remember seeing Princess Diaries 2 with him, he is SMOKING HOT

  • Dee

    In fact the reporter of Details magazine is VERY UNINFORMED about the personal life of CP …. Good for CP !!!…. surely someone was so pissed. … for having worked so hard to be photographed with CP.. ..LOL…. And Details magazine’s reporter did not mention her name …. HAHAHAHAHA !!!… worse…. and mentions the name of another who dated him before her!

    I think I’m very bad too!….LOL!!!

  • keachick

    @ yeah – Maybe Zachary Quinto does not talk about his sex life and sexuality, but it seems that everyone else likes to…:)

    Chris does not talk about his sex life either, just how he got one or two dates in the past. Perhaps dating always leads to the other, or does it? He’s not saying….

    Chris should just keep reading those books and not go crazy in the way he suggests. He could *spontaneously* come downunder to my part of the world, of course. We have libraries here! ;)