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Gerard Butler & Petra Nemcova: Welcome to the Rileys!

Gerard Butler & Petra Nemcova: Welcome to the Rileys!

Gerard Butler and Petra Nemcova check out the after-party for the screening of Welcome to the Rileys at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City on Monday (October 18).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor caught up with Petra, 31, who had just come from the Elton John AIDS Foundation benefit!

Gerry and Petra talked for about 20 minutes,” a partygoer dished to “He gave her a kiss on the cheek when he left, but they went their separate ways after the party. It seemed like they were just friends.”

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 01
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 02
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 03
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 04
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 05
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 06
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 07
gerard butler petra nemcova welcome to the rileys 08

Credit: Jemal Countess; Photos: Getty, PatrickMcMullan
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  • anne125

    welsh?….scottish !

  • hellotheregb

    is this a Gerry thread or Petra thread?

  • Certainly

    Careless of you JJ.

  • Mistaken

    Very careless of you JJ.

  • hellotheregb

    Now even Gerry’s JJ threads are a PR stunt for model/wannabeactresses!

    does he get credit or $$ for this thread he should. They all should start paying for PR. She is not even near him in the pics.

  • Dena

    There we go again!!!!!

  • Vegas

    What a lame thread. Welsh? Lordy. Never heard of this Petra person. Why does this thread exist?

  • hellotheregb

    I think we should boycott this thread all together! BAck to to MSU thread!

  • So Swedish

    Wow, he has neverending energy.

  • Dena


    I agree. Back to MSU thread!

  • phhhtttt

    Where is your copy editor JJ? You have been calling him the Scottish Stud for, like, ever. He.Is.Scottish.

  • Really

    Are you this desperate for site hits JJ? Poor to say the least.

  • Merlin

    Let’s leave this thread to the trolls…. Welsh??!?!?!??! Are they seriously mental??!?!?!?
    I’m offfff *poof* Back to MSU thread.

  • gossiphound

    Wow really reaching to create some gossip, at least they didn’t say he was talking to Kristen Stewart for 20 minutes, the internet might have come crashing down. Of course since we are commenting we are helping the hits huh.

  • Gracey

    Give us a new Gerry thread with something a bit more interesting, JJ. This really has no reason to exist except to get the woman’s name out there. He talks to lots of people. If you had a thread for each person he spoke to that night, the place would blow up.

  • Ainsley

    That jacket is his new security blanket!

  • Lina

    Yeah, he’s probably careful cause he is with Laurie

  • remember

    Petra was nearly killed in the Indian Ocean tsunami. I believe her boyfriend sadly perished. She was trapped in a tree with a shattered hip. Strong woman and survivor.

  • No, no, no

    He is not with Laurie. Get over it.

  • Vegas

    @remember: Thanks for the reminder. Now I recall who she is. How quickly we forget.

  • Teamster

    OMG does this man ever hit the sack? As much as we see him at all these social events he probably routinely turns them down half the time. Where does all this energy come from? Starbucks and Redbull can only do so much. He’s burning the candle at both ends.

  • Lina

    @No, no, no:

    He IS with Laure, YOU need to deal with it. Go tell your therapist that you are jealous that an actor you’ve never met is in love with a TV presenter you’ve never met. Be sure to tell us what his response is. “rolls eyes.”

  • Me2

    @No, no, no: I
    think Laurie pays these people to mention her name and associate
    her with GB for PR. Nothing more.

  • Me2

    Or….. it could be Laurie herself posting these comments. Again for

  • Lina


    Yeah keep repeating that crap to yourself if it makes you feel better.

  • PsychoB


    Maybe you should see a therapist. The rest of us could care less if Laurie is still a FWB. If she thinks she is more than a FWB she should go to a therapist. Because if any woman was with Gerry right now I would say they have low self esteem. Whether its Laurie or any other woman. I hope Laurie has more self respect than you give her.

  • Lina


    No offense, but if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have responded to me. Every day people on JJ open all sorts of topics regarding Gerry, so why are you stopping and responding to what I said about Laurie? Oh and don’t give me that crap about how I am infesting the thread with Laurie because as I said every day new topics are opened and rehashed over and over again. If you are taking a moment to respond then you care.

  • sukar

    I don’t know, but I haven’t felt my usual attraction to him this last week. There is something off about his face.
    Anyway, I hope he gets his looks back after some rest.

  • PsychoB


    Because you make Laurie look as bad as the people who call her names. I think laurie is much smarter and brighter than you lead her to be. Woman was smart to hit it and leave.

  • sukar

    I found the link that Laurie posted on her FB page regarding her date with Gerry really really weird. Why on earth would she do something like that?

  • gossiphound

    @remember: Yes I really like Petra. She had a reality show based on Amercia’s Next Top Model only more brutally honest and she is a doll, a sweetheart and also
    involved in Artists for Peace and Justice.

  • boner

    This guy is so gross and douchey. UGH! Bloated, slobbering, nasty looking douchery! Why did he attend the MSU event? He didn’t go there. Scoping for young fresh meat? Disgusting

  • Vegas

    @boner: I usually don’t respond to idiots, but I’ve had it with your ilk. Writing the things you do only shows that you are the disgusting one. Sad, pitiful douche you are.

    There. I feel better.

  • Hmmmmm

    @Vegas: Good for you. If you hadn’t said it first, I would have.

  • flotsam

    where ever there is a model in New York, Butler will find one.

    oh sorry she is an “actress”………rolling eyes.

  • Karen

    Not the best photo of Gerry uptop, but many, many of the photos and videos from MSU were gorgeous. Even Gerry, can have a bad piccie now and then. One of my favorites recently was the one with Leto where Gerry was laughing so hard. He makes me smile.

  • Old Mia
  • Gamey

    He really looks “gamey” in these pictures.

  • petie

    Is Gerard keeping his hair long for another movie, or does he just like it longer? I’ve decided I like it short best – not like in wombraider, but more like in LAC.

  • PsychoB

    @Old Mia:
    That is a much better picture. He looks good in that one

  • Teamster

    hmmm Jake Scott is Ridley Scott’s son. Gerry never missed a beat at networking with the insiders while all JJ can think of is he chatted with Petra for 20 minutes at the screening. Thanks for the pic BTW.

  • Verklept

    I saw the mistake of saying Gerard Butler is a Welshman before you hastily fixed it. Is JJ so desperate for hits for its favorite star that you have become sloppy? Shame on you JJ!

  • Deb2010

    Petra also used to date James Blunt, she’s stylish and has class, she’s not going to date Butler, not in this lifetime anyway.

  • Deb2010


    I think Lina is lauries friend….. lmao

  • Deb2010


    yes, shame she has gone through so much, like dating James Blunt, Sean Penn etc., talk about a quick recovery. No, seriously, I’m sure she’s a nice person, I just couldn’t resist – Sorry :)

  • Gracey

    I can’t seem to post today. I write, submit and nothing shows up.

    I didn’t have anything important to say, but it’s still frustrating. I was just trying to comment on the “20 minutes” they supposedly talked. Was someone with a stopwatch staked out timing them? LOL.

  • Deb2010

    so hard to accept he’s only FORTY? No Way!

  • Poor Lainey

    Petra Nemcova is the model who lost her fiancee photographer when there was the Tsunami in 2005 in Vietnam.

    She even dated James Blunt for a couple of months and was rumored to be with Sean Penn when he and Robin Wright Penn first split up before they went back to be together.

    She even had a show for a while about modeling.

    If there are no pictures of Gerry and Petra together, it means they might have attended the same event but never talked together or weren’t spotted together and you can bet that if they had been seen together, you would see pictures of them together.

  • CJ

    Petra has been through a lot..not only did she lose her fiancee in the Tsunami but she broke her pelvic, leg and other bones in the tragedy…she made a wonderful recovery and went back to the site of the disaster to help out after she had healed…that had to be hard to go back to that place..♥

  • CJ

    I have to comment on the posts that say I was a fan but he’s looking ugly now and I am turned off…if you like Gerry Butler only because of his looks than you really cannot be much of a fan…people age..thats called have to like someone for something more than their looks and yes, his acting career of late has s.u.c.k.e.d but he may be on the up swing…look at Jack Nicholson..never has been, never will be a handsom man but he has the it looks are not everything…we all like looking at the pretty people but all them pretty people are going age and plastic surgery can only do so much…myself, I like a face that looks well lived..I’m done preaching now..♥♥