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Katie Holmes: The Lady In Red

Katie Holmes: The Lady In Red

Katie Holmes is all smiles as she takes a break from filming new scenes for her latest film Jack and Jill in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 19).

The 31-year-old actress, who wore a cute red dress, clutched onto her iPad and later checked her messages on her phone.

Katie stars alongside funnyman Adam Sandler for this upcoming comedy. Not to outshine Katie, Adam also wore an interesting red number last week!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes looking stunning in a red dress….

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katie holmes lady in red 01
katie holmes lady in red 02
katie holmes lady in red 03
katie holmes lady in red 04
katie holmes lady in red 05
katie holmes lady in red 06
katie holmes lady in red 07
katie holmes lady in red 08
katie holmes lady in red 09
katie holmes lady in red 10
katie holmes lady in red 11

Photos: GSI Media
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  • lexy hates bilson

    Great dress!

  • Dan

    Dress looks good on her, but her iPad is way too protected.

  • elle

    I think she’s so pretty but she completely erased who she was… I wish she could be the Katie before Tom Cruise.

  • Sun

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Katie, you are back! This is the real you look, pretty and in peace with yourself. cheers!

  • Sun

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Katie, you are back! This is the real you look, pretty and at peace with yourself. cheers!

  • justlurked

    She has some humongous calves.

  • Ginny

    Ugh!!!!!!! I’m not buying it at all! Katie gets not one ounce of fan support from me until she gets herself and Suri out of crazy-town and gets some normalcy into Suri’s life (probably by way of some professional counseling to start with).

  • Happy Camper

    She’s actually always been bottom heavy. Go back and look at some of the old DC clips. Any time she’s in a dress you can see that her bottom half is not proportional to her top half.
    (of course, though, some men like that…but not Tom since, ya know, Katie is female.)

  • Family Lawyers Melbourn

    Nice dress

  • rob

    different day, same reaction. katie holmes makes me want to vomit.

  • AutumnM

    Katie does have a cute face and looks good at the top, but from the knee down it’s a disaster. She is not proportioned at all. Some women have nice pear shapes (JLO, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Love Hewitt,etc.) but Katie is not one of them. I know she can’t help it, but yikes. She’s like a 2 at the top and 12 at the bottom. Katie needs to wear outfits that actually flatter her figure.

  • puke

    frumpy thick hausfrau from the waist down

  • Sam

    Her legs is so huge but like her dress and great smile too

  • twpumpkin


  • lol

    short legs!!!!

  • Jime

    great smile, hair and dress. But never noticed her legs were so fat O.o what happened?

  • Carmandy

    She looks so young and fresh. Could it be because she has a breather from the weirdo? She always seems much happier and relaxed when he’s not around.
    The length of the dress and the shoes do not flatter her legs at all.

  • Lisa2

    I think she looks cute and happy. Also, she is actually pretty tall, but with her wearing the slipper type shoes, it just doesn’t look right. If she had heels on she would look fine

  • Connie

    The first time I noticed Katie’s um ample bottom half was on the DC series finale. She wears this dress to Dawson’s moms wedding that is unflattering to her behind and thighs.

  • pooper

    JJ- you mean the ” Bimbo in Red” ?

    anyone notice her belly button sticking out a little? Hope its not a baby bump.

    She does not need another brat

  • lalita

    omg….huge legs

  • to elle

    i also would like to see the old katie back before tom. i remember an interview she gave; who with i forget. but in this interview katie said she is happy with who she is now. god knows why!!!

  • Star Fox

    You’re an idiot, #7.

    You’re incorrect, #17.

  • Liz

    Great dress! I would like to know the brand!

  • Jokergurl

    I like her hair this way and she’s smiling that’s a start, but Katie is not a small boned gal, she has a big frame, just look at her hands, she’s tall too. She just needs to get away from Tom Cruise that’s all. He’s been ruining her career ever since he wouldn’t let her do The Dark Knight.

  • To Lisa2 #18

    “It just doesn’t look right” – this is because her unproportional body, her torso longer than her botom, as @ lol #15 said that she has short legs and huge, that’s why she always wear heels to look long her meaty legs.

    Some woman just looks fine their legs though with flat shoes, because they had proportional body, not like this stepford wife, so odd body

  • Me

    She has the uglest legs I’ve ever seen on a tall, thin woman.

  • joe

    @Star Fox:

    mmm; interesting, Star Fox; the two commenters you reacted to spoke about Katie getting away from Tom; and no doubt you will return to object to #25. I have noticed you often reacting to many commenters in a thread … it seems clearly obvious that you are part of Tom’s team … your typing and ‘style’ is professional and neat, (and relentless), so I suspect you are in his employ.

  • Annie

    Someone should tell her that that scrunched up smile she thinks is so cute is actually so NOT. It’s ugly.

  • runnergirl

    Looks really happy !

  • Disco Woman

    Oh my! Katie has such an unfortunate body type. Being the ‘designer’ that she is one would think she would know how to dress herself. Obviously, she has no clue what works for bizarre shape. Furthermore, she doesn’t even know how to dress her 4 year old properly! With all the money she has she could easily afford a stylist, which she desperately needs! Oh wait, Suri is her stylist! When a 4 year old brat is telling you what to wear it’s no wonder she looks a hot mess all the time!
    There is just no excuse for this horrible outfit and dirty hair style. Katie, please fire Suri and get a proper stylist! Call Rachel Zoe ASAP !!!!!!

  • bandage

    Joe, there is no way that Star Fox is an employee for Tom. She is just a pathetic Cruise fan who is obviously unemployed! Every Cruise thread on JJ she spends so much time going thru all the posts that she finds offensive to them, writes down her lame opinions and then posts them. Anyone who spends that much time doing that is clearly unemployed with no life! Star, please go to a job site like Career Builders and stop humiliating yourself!

  • pooper

    Star Fox is a HE. LOL

    He is just plain wacko…and has an unhealthy fixation on this weirdo family and won’t admit all the negative facts, etc….are true. LOL

    Just a matter of time before you hear…Katie who? …Wonder what happened to Tommy boy? Did Suri grow up to be a normal kid…etc

  • slambang

    OMG, her legs! Yuck…

  • tj

    So WHY is she even making movies these days. Everything Katie has done since she married the midget has been a disaster. Bad reviews and horrible at the box office. Midget man Tom must have paid for his wife(?) to “act” . But hey, Katie Homely LOVES the midgets $$$$$$.

  • ann

    she got very ugly short legs.

  • Star Fox

    And how do you know that he didn’t let her do that movie, #25? How could he anyway?

    And her career is booming anyway so there go that ruined career nonsense.

    I don’t work for anyone, #28. I’m just a simple fan who can’t stand by and watch these awful comments being said about these innocent people. I don’t care if you dislike TomKat but don’t lie and leave their children alone.

    That’s for calling my writing professional and neat. And yes, I am relentless.

    I’m a man, #32. You overestimate how much time and energy I spend here.

    I don’t care if you dislike TomKat but don’t lie and leave their children alone, #33.

    She’s worked with many great actors and starred in a hit play, #35.

  • Liz

    Beautiful dress. The color is perfect for her.

  • sped

    Oh wow, Katie actually looks good here. I agree that she needs to find someone to dress her body type. I know she can’t do anything to change that part of her body (I don’t know if there is a surgery out there for calves), but she should try to disguise them better.

  • pooper

    Hush Hush Star Fox…..

    You are so easily “miffled” (my fav word) ha ha.

    You get your panties in a knot so easily over silly tom, katie and suri.

    They are NOT ” innocent”. Anyone that belongs to this weird cult is NOT innocent.

    I have to disagree,,,,,your writing or whatever is NOT professional or neat,,,one bit, LOL

    It’s writing of a very delusional “fan”.

  • RMV

    People, really….If you don’t like this family, don’t spend all of your free time looking at them in pictures and making mean comments! Simply don’t look! I fail to understand why you would engage in such self destructive behavior unless you really just like to be mean to other people. If this is the case maybe you should spend your time doing something more productive like seeking help for your hatred problem!

  • someguy

    @RMV , you could be doing something more productive by looking up
    the defintion of “self-destructive behavior” in the dictionary, lookup up “hypocrite” for Star Fox while you’re at it.

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