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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green: Tiger Twosome

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green: Tiger Twosome

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green get close with a tiger as they visit Big Cat Encounters Ranch on Friday (October 15) in Pahrump, Nevada.

On top of getting to spend time with full grown tigers, the 24-year-old actress got to feed a baby tiger with a bottle full of milk. The cub took a liking to Brian and the two spent nearly an hour playing together!

It was announced yesterday that Megan is set to star in Friends With Kids with Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt and Kristen Wiig.

20+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green bonding with tigers…

Just Jared on Facebook
megan fox brian austin green tiger 01
megan fox brian austin green tiger 02
megan fox brian austin green tiger 03
megan fox brian austin green tiger 04
megan fox brian austin green tiger 05
megan fox brian austin green tiger 06
megan fox brian austin green tiger 07
megan fox brian austin green tiger 08
megan fox brian austin green tiger 09
megan fox brian austin green tiger 10
megan fox brian austin green tiger 11
megan fox brian austin green tiger 12
megan fox brian austin green tiger 13
megan fox brian austin green tiger 14
megan fox brian austin green tiger 15
megan fox brian austin green tiger 16
megan fox brian austin green tiger 17
megan fox brian austin green tiger 18
megan fox brian austin green tiger 19
megan fox brian austin green tiger 20
megan fox brian austin green tiger 21

Photos: GSI Media
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  • love

    waaahh she is so pretty! and they look cute togehterrr

  • kiki

    How gorgeous are those tigers!! I am so jealous that they got to play with big kitties, they are sooooo beautiful (the cats)! I would love to do that someday but until then I have my adorable little cats at home who are just as cute but would so love to cuddle a big cat. Another perk of being a famous I guess, getting to hang with tigers!

  • Cristobal

    I like the cats and Austin Green. Although Megan Fox can be really alluring at certain times, her ego/personality is what makes her ugly to me.

  • Cool Tigers

    Beautiful photo’s you can tell they really enjoyed their experience (happy faces).

    BAG is HOT no wonder the cub took to him.

  • sea

    haha she’s scared of the baby tiger!

  • J

    “The cub took a liking to Brian and the two spent nearly an hour playing together” I bet that’s a female cub.

  • iris

    It’s a shame that those big tigers get drugged so that people can take pictures with them or pet them..

  • Beautiful Tiger thanx JJ

    The tigers do not get drugged to be with people. They are professionally trained…I know a trainer…BTW When Jon Hamm
    was promoting The Town he was saying that his next project was
    with his girlfriend….she is writing and producing it… It is nice to see
    that he is doing something on his own now that Mad Men had the
    finale on Sunday…I remember when Brian was on Knots Landing
    playing Donna Mills son… Wow and to go from that to 90210 to
    having a child with Vanessa Marcil…

  • Annie

    The tigers are cute, but why is Megan’s forehead as shiny as a cue ball?

  • iris

    @Beautiful Tiger thanx JJ: Ok good that they don’t do that in the US, a friend of mine went to malaysia and they do drug the animals there..

  • Dan

    Do they make now pictures of themselves and post them on the internet?
    How pathetic they are

  • gosh

    Are they so desperate for attention?
    Of course their careers are flops and they aren’t good at acting,somehow want to stay in the public eye
    agree,it’s pathetic

  • Fgeric

    Don’t like the truth?
    deadpool is so right!
    Not everybody can see the truth,many are too obsessed with MF and blinded by the media.
    The truth is nobody is jealous,they make fool of themselves,she can’t act so why is she still in Hollywood?
    Real actresses don’t have to do that kind of publicity just to be in the public eye.
    That’s just sad…

  • Jen

    this couple is so annoying
    can’t they do something else they are good at?
    nobody gives a sh*t about fox anymore

  • Phannie

    Seems like she’s sweating a lot because she’s scared of those tiger puppies lol That’s why her forehead shines a lot lmfAo

  • Staci

    I will answer 4 WTF, no 1 is blinded or obsessed with MF just pretty cool photo’s of MF, BAG & Tigers.

    Why is she still in Hollywood? Megan’s business some1 thinks she has talent hence still around.

    Agree wit WTF. Nice couple.

  • Meg

    Oh come on HATERS! Megan fox hates attention you know? If you got married of course you hire a PHOTOGRAPHER but this photo is from CELEBUTOPIA! That means paparazi’s photos!

  • matt

    I understand what they are doing,we’ll see them now everywhere till “Friends with kids” comes out
    she doesn’t want to give up her acting career(what a career,by the way) and being a celebrity so they would do anything pathetic to have a publicity
    maybe they think if they’ll have much publicity,the movie’ll be more successful and she deludes herself thinking this movie’ll boost up her flopping career,nobody likes her as an actress.
    What they didn’t understand yet,and they completely wasting their time and money for the pictures,nobody gonna watch their movies no matter how hard they try,they both suck

    every celebrity is agree with paps for the photos,paps don’t follow them because they are interesting,they follow them because they are paid by celebrities,wake up!
    And you are not smart enough if you think megan hates the attention,she loves it.

  • Chiara

    something strange is going on here,
    some of negative posts are removed by somebody
    deadpool post is removed,somebody doesn’t want here the truth?

  • Neil

    you are sooooo right

  • leoD

    sad,pathetik couple desperately needs attention because nobody cares anymore
    There are no more real actresses

  • M

    she looks so afraid of those little tigers:)))

  • Ashtn

    Of course they need publicity,BAG is pathetic on Desperate Housewives and MF can’t act and flops every movie
    They both are just ridiculous actors,no hate

  • Sharon

    I’m really lovin BAG on Desperate Housewives and can’t wait for next episode.

  • Andie

    LOVE Megan and Brian.

    They’re the best couple EVER.

  • susan

    wow some of you people relax, we need more love not hate…at least the animals got a nice donation from Megan

  • deadpool

    Dear Megan Fox,

    Disappeare, you are not wanted nor are you required. Nor are you worth a studios pay check. You are absolutely a waste of resources and a loss in profits. You have ZERO depth and talent, can you even comprehend the word ? You need to stop hanging around and hiring photographers. You irritate people and you annoy the rest and we are SICK of you. From your honey moon photos which you released, and your wedding which you also had people shoot did not help you nor did the magazine that sold the shots make much of a profit – infact it cost more to print! You’re not just box office poison your a horror show in magazine covers. Is there anything genuine about you at all? I doubt it Ms superfical/ MEGA FARCE.

  • Jokergurl

    Cute couple, BEAUTIFUL animal though. Tigers are just so amazing, big cats are amazing, if you ever have the opportunity to hold baby tigers, cougars, lynx’s or especially lions, it’s an incredible thing. Their fur is not soft at all it’s like steel wool, they act just like a domestic cat pretty much when you scratch their tummies, just amazing creatures. It’s really cool when the trainers let you have extra time with the wild kittens (yes not the grown ones) because you’re calm around them. Some people are not calm around these cats and they can sense it right away, you just have to be calm around them, and not stupid or jumpy.

  • Mary from Russia

    I don’t know who is cuter Brian or the baby tiger : -)

  • Mary from Russia

    btw where are these pictures from if they are private? Did they really hire a photographer to post them here? She should spend her money on taking some acting lessons instead. And she doesn’t look good here, her forehead is shiny, the whole face is not fresh, and she can hardly open her mouth and smile because of botox. I hope she will improve her looks and acting skills because it’s a shame what she is doing now.

  • Dennis

    have to agree with you,BAG is pathetic on Desperate Housewives,I don’t even know who is the worst actor he or MF
    Thanks God he has such a small role and cut all the time
    @Mary from Russia
    Yes,they hired a photographer because they are not good at acting and desperately need attention,how sad is that?

  • TY

    weird couple
    ppl dislike MF not because they are jealous but because she has ugly personality and bad as an actress.
    @agree,don’t like BAG in Desperate too,hope he’ll go away from Wisteria soon

  • Helena

    I’m with you,totally annoying and talentless couple
    what donation?donation is excuse for publicity,be smarter

  • Nani

    this is -SO- wrong!!!

  • Katie

    Never thought they’ll arrive to such a shame to post pictures by themselves.
    Are they so desperate for attention?they don’t even deserve that attention

  • Alessia

    I hate when celebrities donate their money and say that to the whole world by posing on the pictures.It looks like they are doing it more for their publicity than for some other reasons,pathetic

  • tim

    agree,so desperately searching for attention because nobody cares anymore about them
    realy odd looking couple

  • NG

    She lost her beauty, she is talentless. Why is she on this site?

  • Jenny

    I think megan was prettier before the plastic surgery and botox,she looks weird now but I never thought she’s a good actress

  • kiy

    she’s trying to rescue her career by doing the publicity stuff
    go away,ridiculous couple!

  • Beth

    I think it’s really sad all these negative comments.

    If your so brilliant you should all become actors and actresses since it’s that easy.

    Obviously you also all look perfect.

    They both look amazing and how extra cute are the tigers.

    BAG is undertaking an excellent job on DH and I enjoy both their work very much. BAG get’s better with age.

    It’s shocking that these sweet photo’s can even generate hate they must be doing something right. Keep up the good work and best of luck to both.

    Good thing they are the real winners.

    By the way, with all the hate that is posted it’s not like they read them so their not bothered.

    It only demonstrates the sadness in that particular person’s live who posted the hate because they are not living the dream. You telling me you can’t be happy for someone you don’t even know?

  • KL

    I don’t like BAG on DH either,is it make me a hater?
    Megan has no acting skills at all so maybe she just has to retire from acting and modeling if she’s not good at it and do something else.
    These photos show only how desperate they are for attention because they are not able to do better with their careers.
    And becoming actors and actresses or famous in our society has nothing to do with being brilliant or talented unfortunately and everybody knows that.And if we continue to support talentless,plastic actors and actresses it will never gonna change.
    If she wasn’t with BAG who was already famous for 90210,or for M.Bay at this time she would be one of the unknown person.
    She had a chance to show her abilities,we all saw she doesn’t have any,it’s time for her to move away.
    Let’s support some really talented,natural pretty young actresses who are more interested in improving their acting skills than their faces,give them more chances to change something in this superficial world.

  • Mary from Russia

    You may be surprised but in my country young people have to graduate from university and to have a lot of practice in theaters. Only then they are treated with respect and considered real actors. Why should I respect and be happy for fake talentless woman who even doesn’t try to improve her acting skills? The less is the person talented, the more we see him or her on this site, this is the rule. And I at least have the right to express my opinion about these persons in my bad English :-) It’s a kind of protest.

  • Serena

    i also don’t understand how ppl can support plastic looking actresses without talent in acting,something is wrong in our society
    when did we become so shallow and how we look is more important than talent and hard work?

  • Paul

    I agree with KL and Mary from Russia.
    It’s a shame for those who support them,and MF and BAG should be ashamed too

  • robertBHL

    ok ok ,people,i’m not watching their movies and TV shows anymore,she’s not even that pretty to me,scary eyebrows,swollen sweaty face.
    The tigers are amazing!

  • nina

    PETA will not be very happy,and those 2 idiots who are using tigers for own publicity,i have no words

  • colin

    this site exists thanks to these trashy and pathetic actors and actresses who are constantly searching for attention.
    Real actresses if you notice keep their private life private and you see them on the events only.

  • Beth

    @Mary from Russia: Fine, life is far too short, if you don’t like someone move on and comment on a star you do admire with your opinion on talent.

    Basically just wasting your time it means nothing to them. Both of them are going nowhere.

    I support all types of actors and actresses because you never know the one that you didn’t believe in and let go might just be the one who comes up on top and surprises (however, long it takes). Looks are not a major player but at least their trying to work.

    Everything happens for a reason and it’s their turn to shine (others will get their chances too if it’s suppose to happen) whether some people like it or not.

  • Lui

    well,agree with you ppl,they are pathetic doing that stuff and they aren’t good at acting but they have to eat in some way,right?
    even talentless are hungry and probably David Silver invested all his 90210 money in MF’s plastic surgery
    they don’t work much and they are not high level actors,they are TVshow mediocre actors so we would see them maybe one time in an year on the event,of course they have to earn their money somehow