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Ryan Murphy Offered 'Rocky Horror' Remake - Watch 'Time Warp'!

Ryan Murphy Offered 'Rocky Horror' Remake - Watch 'Time Warp'!

Glee writer/creator Ryan Murphy has been offered a deal to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Fox 2000!

Deadline reports that Ryan has met with the studio but hasn’t committed to the project yet.

PICS: Glee Cast Covers ‘GQ’ November 2010

Today, the Glee cast rendition’s of the Rocky Horror hit “Time Warp” was released – check it out below!

WOULD YOU WATCH a remake of Rocky Horror?

Glee Cast – Time Warp
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Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • XXXO

    Tim Curry was so fabulous in that film. We do not need another f***ing GLEE musical remake.

  • Ashley

    Simple answer: NO!

  • Zeeb


  • Milo

    Glee can suck mah D*CK!

  • joemoney

    Glee is a dumb show. The first episode I liked. The Britney Spears episode was like wathcing MAD TV.

  • paroo

    i loved it!!! it was great to see others sing other than lea…and they all sounded awesome!
    although i say no to the remake…people should leave the classics as it is. no one can replace tim curry! na da!
    cant wait to see this episode!!! :D

  • Marianne

    Didn’t really Dianna’s part in that video. Trying to be too poppy, otherwise enjoyed it.

    As for a movie remake….NOOOOOO! You can’t remake it. It will fail in comparison. Not too mention I will boycott it.

  • Helen

    @joemoney: The Britney Spears episode was the best thing that ever happened to Glee! The highest rated/views of the entire show! First and last time watching Glee!

  • sanaz

    i love glee so so so much. but a remake? even if it wasn’t the glee directory remaking it, i’d still say no. just like everyone else said, no one can remake this classic!

  • zazi

    Why are all the good foreign movies AND classics being remade? Can’t Hollywood produce any original work these days? Un-talented or lazy?

  • tia

    seriously lost all respect for that Dianna Agron after those GQ pictures. Those girls are supposed to be playing highschool characters. I would not be surprised if she posed for Maxim next. What a dissapointing girl. She also has the weakest voice in the cast, so I don’t understand why they gave her a part in this song that needs strong vocals.

  • Alison

    Definately no to the remake.
    But Kurt was amazing in Time Warp, definately did the best out of the cast

  • rocknmovies

    No! Has Hollywood run out of ideas, good scripts, that they are always remaking old and not so old movies? Show us some imagination!

  • Mary

    No to the remake! But I loved Glee’s version of Time warp, it was more like the original theater musical than the movie one!

  • Bri

    @tia: Um….Lea Michele has done a many sexual photoshoots since becoming famous, including the cover of Rolling Stone on which her panties are showing for no apparent reason. And what’s she’s wearing in the GQ spread is FAR worse than what Dianna’s wearing. So why is Dianna getting more flack from you than Lea? Also, let’s not forget, they’re adults and the characters on Glee (as well as Glee itself) are pretty sexual. So there’s really no logic behind your complaint.

  • k

    OH GOD NO. a glee episode is okay but not an official film remake. there should be a law to never remake awesome cult films. DON’T DO IT RYAN.. or i will stop you with my sonic transducers

  • Wow

    Oh god shut up this is Dianna’s FIRST racy photoshoot and she is 24 and GORGEOUS she can do whatever the hell she wants. Seriously Lea tries to be sexy all the time so shut up.

    UGH RM NOOOOOOOOOOO just noooooo stay away from the movie!!! god this man is terrible Brad and Ian need to take over on Glee they write the best episodes

  • Alexis

    What kind of faces is Lea Michele making in this? She looks so bizarre. Glad to see Dianna Agron getting some singing time, although I wish they would’ve stuck to the original way Magenta’s part was supposed to go.

  • Ern

    can’t wait for this episode, so it better live up to what i except. cant believe its not on till next week and not this week

  • La

    I dont mind a tribute episode (hopefully there is plot!) …But I dont really want a remake of Rocky Horror it is so awesome and awesome things need to be left to be awesome for more generations to come =)

  • Annie

    I like Ryan and I hope he doesn’t ruin his reputation with a stupid remake. There are way too many remakes of stuff in general around and the moment AND they almost always suck. When someone does a remake it just makes me think they must have writer’s block or something.

  • writer_girl

    As a Huge fan of RHPS, but have never watched Glee, I can honestly say that wasn’t the worst Time Warp I’ve ever seen. The part for me that was nails on chalkboard was whoever was playing Magenta. What a total miscast on that one. The voice should have been more sultry and seductive not 90′s pop. The make-up for that character was also extremely off. With this being the only episode of Glee I’ll probably ever watch, I’m hoping they don’t massacre the whole production. If they ruin Frank-N-Furter then I will be pissed.

  • Gaia

    Hollywood will remake every movie from around the world as long as some people from America will watch them.
    Try to go to indie cinemas and watch foreign movies and old movies and no one will make a remake, esp. when they will not be watched.
    But now even English movies are ruined for the American audience.

  • Laura

    This was pretty lameā€¦.For anyone who’s really into Rocky this is just lame. =( Glee has potential to be a cool show but all it does it glorified karaoke.

  • Castle2

    Where’s “Puck”/Mark Salling in this video???

  • Ravey Havok

    Hell no! While I agree that it was nice to see someone else than Lea sing, there is no way you could have watched that episode and tell me it was “awesome” sounding. They SUCKED! They ruined literally EVERY song they sang, except for the opening song that Santana did. That was inexcusable. And now they’re saying that Lea Michele may be the lead in the remake. HELL NO! no no no no!

  • kate

    ITS A CRIME!!!!!!!