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Beyonce: Pregnant?!

Beyonce: Pregnant?!

UPDATE: While this rumor was false, Beyonce confirmed at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in August 2011 that she is NOW expecting a child! Congratulations!


Beyonce might be pregnant with her first child — if Us Weekly is to be believed.

B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet,” says a source of the 29-year-old singer, who married rapper Jay-Z in 2008. “She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again… This is a gift from God and she’s so happy.”

A rep for Beyonce could not be reached for comment.

DO YOU THINK Beyonce is carrying a bun in the oven?? If it’s true, she hid it really well when she was live on The Today Show two weeks ago!

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  • music lover

    Omg congrats to her if his true.

  • Sanna

    Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean we have to see it. Maybe she hasn’t started to show yet. If it’s true, congrats to her and Jay!

  • Barbie

    She is not getting any younger…She cannot slang coochie juice and lace fronts on stage forever. Congrats if it’s true

  • MlleF

    I don’t give a f****

    Tell me more about Kings of Leon or Radiohead…:)

    Beyoncé is cool, but all those weddingd/pregnant/not pregnant/baby/baby growing…

    My neighboors are living the same life, without the

  • MlleF

    I don’t give a f****

    Tell me more about Kings of Leon or Radiohead…:)

    Beyoncé is cool, but all those weddingd/pregnant/not pregnant/baby/baby growing…

    My neighboors are living the same life, without the money.

    Now if the next news are about Katy Perry, I’m gonna kill

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I have such a crush on jay z but seriously him and beyond are perfect! I do hope they beat the Hollywood trend of divorce and stay married.

  • Dubya Bush

    It’s about time, if it’s true. That child is going to be severely unfortunate looking though.

  • yami

    if its true then congrats!!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    It’s got nothing to do with any god but with an accident probably due to a failing contraception. Happens … best of luck and a healthy pregnancy!

  • Thai

    What a stupid idea, that a child is a gift from god. Perhaps only in the religious brainwashed minds’ only. I hope its not true.

  • Jean

    If it’s true. Good for Bey. Congrats to she and her husband.

  • Courtney

    please I’m not a religiously brainwashed person and I believe children are a gift from god. and if Beyonce is only in her first trimester as US magazine is reporting that’s why her rep couldn’t be reached for comfirmation. most people especially famous people usually wait till their past 13 weeks or three months along to confirm a pregnancy because the first three months are the time most miscarriages happen and it’s not like it was in the old days where awards could buy a grieving celebrity privacy to remember the child that could’ve been.

    Vanessa Redgrave for example when she miscarried her 2nd son with Franco Nero in 1971 got privacy because she’d twice before that been nominated for a best actress oscar and was on her way to her third of four career nominations in that catagory for Mary Queen Of Scots. plus she had two children from her previous marriage and a toddler with Franco to take care of and the fact that she’s part of british acting royalty helped also. though she has since come out and talked about how devastated her and Nero were when she miscarried their beautiful boy though they didn’t actually know if it was a boy or a girl because Ultrasound didn’t excist yet but they had a feeling because her symptoms matched what she’d had with their son Gabriel two years earlier which were lighter than what she’d had with her daughters nearly a decade earlier

  • j.ryan

    if it’s true that kid has got it made… talk about hollywood royalty.

  • the truth

    Don’ think its true they have been saing that since her and J_z got married. I sure if she was her friends would know something about it. Us weekly being printing eevr since last year and after they got married too. Like the story that say that Reese whiterspoon is getting engaged. They said that about Jake and Reese when they was together.So just have to wait and see like the rep her rep said no comment. Anyway its between her and husband anyway if she is. They said that the last time she said she was prganant. I see her husband is at a game with Leo C. Us weekly just don’t hav e any more sories to tell right now.+I see the same stories every week.

  • sheri

    Beyonce will risk anyone taking her place as world’s biggest artist, next to gaga. This is the only reason Bey has started a family yet. Look what’s happened to Christina Agu.. she’s now considered a has been.

  • sheri

    ^^^ missed out the word “not” started a family yet.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I don’t know if I want it to be true. lol. It would be very cute to see Beyoncé pregnant but ….poor child. Okay, I’m not gonna say it loud.! :p … Unfortunately, I have to agree with sheri, Beyoncé is kinda selfish. She’d never put her career on hold to have a baby and by the way risking to lose her place at the top for others such as Gaga, Perry, Riri and company…………. Ugh those three are so lacking talent, how come they’re even famous?!

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Okay, I take it back. Out of the three, Gaga is the only one who actually has a good voice, charisma and knows how to entertain people just by the way she looks!…. Rihanna, well, she’s weird since the Chris Brown incident and her red weave is killing me….. Perry uhhhhhhhhhh what is famous for? Oh yeah…daughter of a church man kissed a girl! Yeah right!

  • sillyme

    If so, that would be good news for the couple! Although, for B, I’d be a bit surprised, since she seems to be so body conscious. Unlike Solange, who is naturally slim and seems to look the same after having had a baby, I doubt B will get her shape back to the way it is now.

  • Kelly

    is that the best picture you could find of her to use??

  • Dan

    If she wasn’t ready, she should’ve used some protection. (Quote from the story, not saying she isn’t ready)

  • xio pio

    Courtney, of course babies are a gift from God, which is the reason why we are all here in the first place! I’m glad for them and hope it’s true.

  • MlleF


    Why do we have to be ashamed of our hair if they are curly ? I have curly hair too, and even if it’s cool to change my hairdo sometimes, I’m prout of having curly hair….

    You should take a look at this Chris Rock documentary about people who ruins their health and “heritage” by doing very dangerous products on their heads.

    It’s stupid to say that Beyoncé is not beautiful on this picture, actually I hate when she’s trying to hide her natural beauty, it’s a shame.

  • Too Damn Bad…

    She’s isn’t a teenager, she’s married and she’s rich. So what is the big damn deal again?

  • In The Know

    She’ll blow up like a Graf Zepplin………………….she’ll make Aretha look like a bikini model………

  • well

    Well it by IVF because Gay Z is DL

  • yo sista

    Who cares?

  • love it

    good for u sweetie…

    Ur Mrs Jay Z….

  • helen

    she’s been fat for a while now so no surprise here
    and no she wasn’t shocked, they have been planning this for a while, especially jay z since he’s getting old

  • smiley

    I’ve found numerous sources that has said it’s true. Congrats if she is. Jay-Z is not the best looking guy but I’m sure the kid will still be cute :D

  • Kelly

    @MlleF: I was talking about the quality of the picture…not her hair.

  • oh

    If it is true, Congratulations!!

  • tylisha

    Beyonce iam so happy for u congrats on your first child awawaw!!!!!!!

  • mira s.

    I hope it is true best of luck and those above who are just sayin things to say things than may b you should just shut the eff up with all that. Don’t kknow body wanna here that and f.y.I god made us he started it all without him nobody would be here so duhh we are a gift from him.’! So Beyonce and Jay-Z best of luck to you if its true …. Having a child for the first time is really hard.’!!!!

  • Clo

    Yehhhh………….. i kno i am late but it’s not true srry to burst a bubble

  • Cutthebull


  • joy jizzle

    @Lilakoi Moon: I feel the same way i hope this pregnancy isn’t true but if it is good luck bey… as for perry, gaga, and rihanna… dnt get me started ! lady ga ga is the least talented out of the three she doesn’t have the voice at all!! the only thing we like about her is that she’s crazy and we wanna see what she’s gonna do next…

  • AlishaAlejandro/Philly

    I’m excited if it’s true all a woman really wants is to have children…, and she’s a smart girl she’ll know when’s the right time…., and if it’s not the time and she is well than she can manage(! Love you B’ and my boyfriends a huge Fan Of J’…….. They’ll be great parents)! And good luck for one day when you have the chance to have a baby and embrace it with all the love you have to give(!



  • Aliyah Brown’skinned

    @Dubya Bush

  • sissy

    wow good for Beyonce!!! OMG

  • hey

    WAY to go Beyonce. YOU do your thing girl. TAKE care. OH yeah, I want to see you in more movies. I want to see you in new movies. NEXT year 2011 is a new year, I want to see you in some new movies.

  • hey

    WAY to go Beyonce. YOU do your thing girl. TAKE care. OH yeah, I want to see you in more movies. I want to see you in new movies. NEXT year 2011 is a new year, I want to see you in some new movies.

  • sabah

    Hum. i think thats great. visually i imagining how the baby will Seriously, I hope and wish them well and a healthy baby.

  • jerzeygurl

    Beyonce having a baby..NOT. I ve heard the rumors every year. She seems to be selfish and not motherly at all. I just cant imagine her giving up a career. Jay-Z has a wandering eye so the minute she puts on weight he will wander off..awful to say I know. We all know she wont risk that.

  • mandy

    OMG, if she is preggers that is sooo cute! congrats to jay and her! xD

  • tina

    o wow its bout time she having a baby.. that baby is going to be spoiled..but congrats to yall hope its a girl so it can look like beyonce.

  • tina

    o wow bout time she is having a bay..that baby going to be spoiled.but congrats to yal i hope its a girl!~

  • kamdasha

    @MlleF: i kno right ^__^

  • http://facebook regine

    yall juss hatin on her because yall cant get pregent