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Leonardo DiCaprio: Yankees Game with Jay-Z!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Yankees Game with Jay-Z!

Jay-Z and Leonardo DiCaprio cheer on the home team at the Yankees game on Tuesday (October 19) in New York City.

The duo sat in the front row in box seats owned by Alex Rodriguez for the game. Jay and Leo were spotted snacking on sunflower seeds.

Unfortunately, the Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers with a score of 3-10.

Earlier today, pregnancy rumors about Jay‘s wife, Beyonce Knowles, surfaced. Bey and Jay have been married for two years.

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Credit: Anthony J. Causi; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • RedSoxx

    I don’t think the Yankees are going all the way this year. Good!

  • nome

    “Unfortunately, the Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers with a score of 3-10.”

    UNFORTUNATELY??? Screw the Yankees!!!

  • ;)

    I couldn`t care less about the Yankees but as always it is a delight to see Leo without his unfortunate girlfriend around. :)

  • AnonymousDiva

    So nice to see a new, and solo, Leo post!

    Doesn’t matter whether Texas or NY advances – Phillies are gonna take it all.

  • Jay All Day

    Jay’s good for the soul :o)

  • kitty
  • Olga

    “Unfortunately, the Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers with a score of 3-10.”

    I don’t think so. Yankees have been getting owned by the Rangers. Go Rangers!!

  • yami

    SERIOUSLY PHILLIES?! If you haven’t noticed…they too are in a hole. As for the Yanks? they are dunzo! woot.

  • ABC

    Yankees bringing in A.J Burnett is a big bad decision.
    Rangers are dominating because they have good hitters and pitchers. Cliff Lee for the win! World Series, here comes the Rangers!

    The Yankees are just a wild card this season, anyway. The Rangers deserve the AL title more.

  • guest girl

    Clean-shaven Leo is the best! These cute photos ( thanks for the link, kitty ) make me forget the nightmare he is dating! Leo looks yummy!

  • Ali

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen

    Love the Leo ! Go Yankees !

  • Brasil

    Leo is looking fine, he’s totally cute without beard, he’s baby face shows again! I like him with beard too, but was a long time that he didn’t took his beard and we can’t see this gorgeous face! And he’s looking so blond lately, love it!

  • Brasil

    Leo is looking so cute without beard, baby face again! love him with beard too, but we can’t see enough of this gorgeous face! And he’s looking so blond, I love it!

  • Brasil

    sorry, double post!

  • french

    Leo looks cute

  • kitty

    true! baby face! he looks so young without the beard and he is looking very very blond!

  • Shortcake

    Fat face. He looks like a fat kid. I don’t get the attraction, he doesn’t even have a good body.

  • real

    It’s Subjective”. IMHO he is cute, and the most important He is SO TALENTED. I always love his movies.

  • lynn

    leo’s eyes look perfect again like back in 1997 <3

  • Jigga

    I love stubble and think he looks much better in a well carved goatee. w/o one he looks kind of chubby.

  • bae

    Yankees suck… lets go TX and PHL!!!

  • Heather

    Woohoo!!!!! Let’s go RANGERS!!!! Very deserved! Wooo!!!

  • Chaws

    No one in here cares about Beyoncés pregnancy rumours.

  • Vanessa

    He’s hot.
    And YAY his hoe is not around.
    *Time to make my move*

  • Dan

    Leonardo DiCaprio deserves some down-time!

  • eileener


    Gorgeous pic Kitty! That’s the first genuine smile I’ve seen in a while in a candid pic. :)

    Nice to see him clean shaven for a change, though I like the stubble, too. I’m guessing that’s for the Gatsby reading.

    (Not gonna bring up the unfortunate one. ;) Hopefully her fan will stay out of this post since she’s nowhere to be seen.)

  • Dani

    God, I LOVE LEO!!

  • hi

    OMG Leo looks adorable!!!!!!

    Bar is back in Israel the article states she’s back in Israel after spending alot of time with Leo recently. And how she was in LA and NYC with her mom and Leo the last few weeks. Great they had all this time together… Bar hadn’t been in Israel for like a month!!!!!!,7340,L-3972216,00.html

  • awww

    Leo has such beautiful blue eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sian

    thanks for the pictures of Bar! She looks so naturally beautiful. It’s funny how they said she’s by herself probably because she spent so much time with Leo and momma recently lol.

    Jay-z is ugly as usual but Leo is still a major cutie!

  • @hi

    So true the last time she was spotted in Israel it was in September!
    She’s probably so happy to be in her homeland. But it’s nice how Leo, Bar and then later Bar’s mom all had time to spend together…. and they didn’t low key there were hardly any pictures.

  • eileener

    Ahem, this is a Leo and Jay Z (and Yankees! ;)) thread.

  • eileener


    Not surprised YOU would say that about Jay… not surprised at all…

  • ;)

    @eileener: you jinxed it. the self-conversationalist is back, talking to herself as usual ruining the thread with cr*ppy bar photos. what`s new?

  • AnonymousDiva

    Yami, in case you aren’t aware, it’s a best of SEVEN series.

  • Anon

    OMG!!!! Hotness

  • ……

    wow wow leo looks sooo good here, his eyes ar just amazing…imagine staring into them as he sang that new bruno mars song ‘amazing’…haha a girl can only dream!! please dont mention that girl this is a LEO thread!!

  • built suuuuper hot leo pic, this makes my ovaries xplode lol!!

  • eileener

    @ #35:

    SPAM happens :P

    More tweets about Leo hanging with Tobey yesterday, btw. I really hope Gatsby works out — would be great to see them working together.

    I can’t believe Beyonce and Jay Z have been married two years already — I like his work more than hers, but they are both very talented. :)

  • french


    Ugly and alone. It’s not her thread so why do you post those ugly pics of someone that nobody cares?

  • @built

    WOOOOOOOOOOW…..this is as u say it is SUPER HOT, i wonder does leo box?? i remember someone saying before he has the build of a boxer so probably, what i wouldnt do to be a fly on the wall at his fights!!

  • jenny

    awww bar looks to be smiling at her phone bet leo said something realy nice to her, hes such a cutie!!

  • pimpin

    what is wrong with that girl?! she looks awkward just sitting there….then again give the girl some mercy she probably has so much leo come u her asss after the past few weeks that its difficult for her so sit right, poor girl, this happens to a lot of hos i know and by the look of her shes got it BAAAAAAAD

  • eileener


    Beauty! The tumblr photo pages are great, especially f**yeahdicaprio (replace ** with in-appropriate letters ;))

    Leo as boxer would be cool, but I’d hate to see him get hit in the face ;P Besides, there’s a million boxing movies, including the new one coming out with Wahlberg. Would like to see him portray an athlete, though — or at least something where his beauty will get to shine right along with his talent, especially coming on the heels of Hoover. ;)

  • Johanne

    Love his baby blue eyes. LEO <3

  • ehh

    I should be famous too… xD. Then maybe he’d know me too!

  • pimpin

    OMG i have much to say on this and i thought id share it here heard this place is pretty hardcore…anyway my bf was lucky enough win tickets go to this game and i went to and was sitting just a couple of seats back and to the left of leo and jay IT WAS SO COOL ( esp for me as im a big leo fan)….leo is suuuuper sexy in person, iv heard people say before that pics dont do him justice and they ar 100% right hes also taller and bigger built that pics portary him!! AND get this i was siting so close that i could hear what they were saying now and again (not that i was ease dropping…..hehe a little never hurt anyone), and here ar a few things i picked up

    1) leo is a bit of a potty mouth hehe
    2) he speaks very much like a californian, saying bro, dude, and pronouncing alot of the ing as in aka happenin instead of happening but does this all in a very cool way if u get me…probably not…
    3) his phone rang and he answered it with….’BRO?!!’ lol
    4) his phone rang again and it was a cute heeey and started half giggling( i melted with that lol) then covered his mouth so nothing could be heard (10 bucks for guessing who that might be)
    5) from little snit bits i heard hes VERY witty and was joking with that guy beside him the whole time
    6) when the song miami to ibiza and that mark ronson song called the bike song came on he started singing along :)
    7) he drank diet coke
    8) from what i could tell he was very frustrated at how the yankies were playing
    9) he jay and the guy beside him yelled random thing a lot and would then crack up what they meant i dont know
    10) at the end he stood up, strectched, half turnd, his shirt rode up, and i saw a a 2 second glimse of tanned and suprizingly toned torso..then i died and went to heaven lol

    that was my leonardo dicaprio experience, and i will never forget it till the day i die, im pretty sure im forgetting sfuff in the excitement of it all but whatever…..haha i must sound like a complete stalker freak but I DONT CARE ITS LEO DICAPRIO BABY!!!!! anywho thats me done, leo for oscar 2010 WOOP WOOP!!
    if you have any q’s about L dogdont be afraid to ask….

  • pimpin

    @48 DONT F@CKING STEAL MY NAME THERES MILLIONS OTHERS OUT THERE ASSSWIPE YOU PICK DIFFERENT NAMES TO POST WITH DUUUUUUH… story though, and yes you do sound like a slight stalker but whatever ha!

  • leo fan posted before but dear god it deserves a re-post!!