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Leonardo DiCaprio: Yankees Game with Jay-Z!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Yankees Game with Jay-Z!

Jay-Z and Leonardo DiCaprio cheer on the home team at the Yankees game on Tuesday (October 19) in New York City.

The duo sat in the front row in box seats owned by Alex Rodriguez for the game. Jay and Leo were spotted snacking on sunflower seeds.

Unfortunately, the Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers with a score of 3-10.

Earlier today, pregnancy rumors about Jay‘s wife, Beyonce Knowles, surfaced. Bey and Jay have been married for two years.

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Credit: Anthony J. Causi; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • ……

    found this video and laughed hard at the end when he calls him a fuking dik and shouts something else out the window, they seem like a fun group of guys

  • kiki THIS IS SOOOO CUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!! im literaly melting right here infront of this computer screen, whats his dogs name again i know its something kind of exotic??

  • kiki THIS IS SOOOO CUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!! im literaly melting right here infront of this computer screen, whats his dogs name again i know its something kind of exotic??

  • Shakie

    I wish I was there in the multitude. Worlds not fair :(

  • @48

    #4: The redhead from Vegas?

  • guest girl

    @pimpin #48: I’m not buyin’ your story. If you were really there ‘ a couple of seat BACK and TO THE LEFT of Leo’ I highly doubt you could hear anything he said either to the people next to him or on the phone. At a baseball game and behind him? Once you said beck and to the left of him then ‘ so close that I could hear what they were saying’. That doesn’t add up at all! Plus Leo is a veteran at public event and I would be surprised if he talked that loud. Plus you didn’t say anything that is not already known about him ( witty, potty mouth…etc ). ‘Surprisingly tones torso’? The photos from Ibiza from the end of September show otherwise…

  • CanadaGirl

    Yeah, new thread. Cool that he went to a sporting even other than basketball. Personally, I like hoops and hockey, but each to his own, I guess.
    Thanks for that link @ kitty. Really good picture. I’m jealous of his lifestyle. I’m officially sick of working (slaving). A day of hooky would be nice, but … I hate the catch up. :(
    I digress… @ Tinkerbell I think it was you who mentioned Jean Claude Van Damme awhile ago and how in ill-health he looks. As soon as I saw that thread I remembered what you said. He’s looking poorly. Too bad. 50 isn’t that old. :(

  • guest girl

    Boy, how many mistakes I made in my previous comment! Still learning to type my blackberry…
    @kiki: Thanks for posting those adorable photos! The dog’s name is Django and he got it together with Gisele. I think it’s a French bulldog.

  • Lindsay

    His dog’s name is Django. He named him after musican Django Reinhart :-)

  • vero

    why is he so blonde?? and his eyes are really so blue? very intense blue.

  • ….

    @56 i buy the story like why the hell would some one make that up its not anything to riviting just a couple of un little titbits so i dont see the point in someone making that up, however if they were like ‘i saw leo and bar at he game and they were all over each other practically having sexx in the front row’ now that i woudnt buy hence why i think its more than likely true

  • kiki

    o yes Django how could i forget, thats a cool name thanks guys! hahahaha on my searches i have found another suuuper cute anh hilarious pic, it seems leo reeeealy likes french buldogs, enough to get a pair of underwear that has french buldogs on it hahaha!! LOL u gotta admit that is so dute its its beyond words!!

  • kiki

    sorry for all the typos…

  • later on

    i think LD will look like orson welles when he’s older. just a prediction…

  • anon

    i noticed before and again here that leo has a few scars on his face one on his chin that u dont usually see cause off his stubble and another deep one by his eye, anyone know how he got them??

  • guest girl

    @….: I couldn’t care less whether you believe it or not. ‘Practically having s*x in the front row’? that’s funny given the fact that they didn’t even touch each other at the Lakers game. If that’s having s*x for you you should ask someone about the bees and flowers… ‘All over each other’ that must have been a different couple definitely not Leo and what’s-her-name!
    By the way the reason why I don’t believe it is not just that phone call. Based on where this person allegedly sat ( behind him to his left ) in a baseball stadium it’s hard to believe she could have heard anything. Not buyin’ it!!!

  • vero

    @later on:

    orson welles?? amazing talented man hahaha.

  • …..

    @66 geez whats your frickin problem?? thats EXACTLY what i meant if u read my post ul see i was saying that they WOULDNT do that, clearly u dont get sarcasim and i wouldnt even have called that sarcasim, read a post before u go mouthing off for NO REASON dumb dumb…..maaaan your bitter that person was only giving a light hearted account of what may or may not have happend your taking it way to seriously…

  • vero


    leo very very young pic:

    the scars are old.

  • ;)

    i don`t believe the `pimpin` story either. i just can`t believe that someone could have overheard anything he/they said unless she was sitting right behind him or next to him. i have no clue why would anyone come up with a story like that but there`s no way she could have heard him like that from a couple of seats behind.

  • CanadaGirl

    @anon: He did say that he’d get into scraps because he was a mouthy kid. School yard fight?

  • pimpin (the 2nd)

    wow looks like my story has caused needless stress here that wasnt my intention i just wanted to share my story with what i thought were nice leo fans, didnt think id get slated for it but i probably shoudve known better. and just to clear all this nonsense up once and for all what i said was to his left a few seats back from him as in a few seats away not back in rows and to further clarify THATS ME IN THOSE PICS…. im the blonde with the roots (haha there bad i know) and theres my bf i mentioned you can see more of him but hes blurry, in my exitement of posting last time i forgot and also didnt feel the need to mention that cause it wouldve looks narcacistic like O LOOK AT ME IN THE LEO PIC (thats saved for friends and family and theyv been getting a lot of it lol ) and that people wouldve dissmissed i tplus i didnt want to be judged. however as my post has caused some riftes i feel the need to now say it, iv said it, you can belive me or not it makes ZERO differnece to me as i know quite well im the extremely lucky one here. but i do wonder why someone would think this is made up….maybe people make up stuff a lot here but anyway im not forcing anyone to, anywho hopefully game 2 will be just as good lol

    bye people.

  • guest girl

    @…: You are right I totally misread your comment. Are you happy now? You can chill now… ‘ May or may NOT have happened’? Change of mind?

  • anon

    @CanadaGirl o ya i remmber him saying something like that, they more than likely are from fights so, oh poor leo they mustve been bad cuts to scar that deep i doubt leo would be one to back away from a fight it came about tho fiesty one he is!! lol

  • ladidah

    First off,

    Van Damme is rumored to have the package- AIDS- the way he looks I believe it. Especially since he was supposed to be obsessed with anal sex and used to hire multiple call girls/boys to perform in front of him for $1200 an hour. Supposedly he even propositioned leonardo at one point
    (awful truth blind item) and got hit with legal papers to STAY THE HELL AWAY from LEO. Now I wish he would do that to a certain other certain person, not mentioning who.

    Early heart attacks and heart failure is ASSOCIATED WITH STEROID USE. Wears out your heart muscle. Schwarzenegger had like quadruple bypass, and it has been long beleived in track and field circles that Flo Jo died early because of it too. This is probably associated with steroid use. Heart failure isnt associated with AIDS necessarily, that would be pulmopnary trouble.

    Before my Leo crush, a LONG time ago I had a Van Damme crush. Until I learned he was a coke addict and sex addict. At the time I was jealous of Darcj La Pier, the golddigging ho that he divorced his long-time wife for.

    Well, he divorced Darci and went back with the first wife, a Latina. Darcy got a nose job (very bad one) and married the like 80 year old
    owner of the Herbalife company- he croaked and she ended up with $34 million.

    Poor old Gladys Portuguese got Jean-Claude back—-but with an unwanted visitor? I actually hope not…..but he looks like hell.

    He is NOT LONG FOR THIS EARTH…..I dont think. But it just goes to show, you envy them for a minute then end up feeling sorry for them…his life is much worse than mine if it is true.

  • …..

    @ guest girl an apology wouldnt go amiss…..if i did that to you ud have me slated, no i havnt i was just taking both our opinions into account which is what it is our OPINIONS they differ…why are you making this into such a big deal when it really really isnt??

  • ;)

    @72: your story is even more confusing and less believable now with that weak effort to explain it. if you were behind him to his left there`s no way you could overhear him talking the way you described it. plus what blonde with the roots and what blurry boyfriend? i don`t see anything like that on these photos or the others from different sites.

  • guest girl

    @….: I wish I could describe how much I don’t care about your opinion. I admitted I misread the comment but I didn’t mean to apologize for anything! :)

  • …..

    @guest girl man you ar an absolute a-hole, no wonder all you do is post here as you have nothing better to as u have no friends cause your a mean biitch. i was literally trying to be nice to a person who clearly doesnt read or post here and you act like an absolute BIOTCH for no reason…like what the hell did i do to you?! i have no time for this BS i have a life thank you very much and am,about to go live it (id suggest u do the same and stop living your ife online through celebs)peace out.

  • pimpin (the 2nd)

    uhhhh this is my LAST post….in the pic its YOUR right but i was on HIS left, if that doesnt clarify it i dont know what will, i regret ever posting that now, some things just arent meant for these sights…

  • kiki

    @77 i wanted to stay out of this but the girl with the roots is clearly to be seen on leos left our right, mainly in the pic of him with his hand up to his face, this is all so silly…

  • ladidah


    Does any of this sound like it was written by THE SAME PERSON???

    There have been a bunch of these “anonymous random encounter with bar” postings on these threads. That I remember-

    1. A “bergdorf shopper” claiming to have seen bar and taht she is “drop dead gorgeous” – sound familiar
    2. Someone claiming to see Bar and Leo at parties and they are very affectionate
    3. Someone else claiming to have seen Bar on the street in NYC and that she was “drop dead gorgeous”
    4. The one below is claiming to have seen them somewhere in Europe, etc etc.

    They are all written the same way and start with OMG ! – its either Tzipi or Bar herself. Bar probably knows him well enough to write all of this…. tip off, “my boyfriend and I won tickets” – to explain how they got
    box seats at the Yankee’s next to A-Rods. I think this is barfie herself becayse it sounds like a real airhead. I’ll find the other obvious “accidental sightings posts” but they are hard to find.

    OMG i saw mr dicaprio and mis refaeli in club in my home place it was such a big thing in town.they come late around 1 and from what we saw were all over each other kissing and hands everywhere drinking out of the same glass even this shocked me as i always read here they dont affectonate toward each other, they were in a booth in a corner with about 10 other people and probably thought they couldnt be seen…then people started to recognise mr dicaprio so he move beside the boys for awhile(they were very loud hehe) and bar moved to talk to the grils it seemed. then these to big men came and moved the realy big crowd away and i think leo moved back to beside bar but thats the last we saw off them….it was very cool to see them in person leo is very hansome and bar is very pretty they seem like nice couple from what we saw. thought id give you guys my encounter with them….sorry for my bad english! ciao

  • @80

    Now your story is so much more believable! LOL! That’s exactly the proof I needed to believe it!

  • Amy

    Finally some Leo’s news, no Bar talk please, please lol. Alex Rodriguez is handsome, Jay well…he’s Jay.

  • hehe

    i’m thinking barfly does go on here and post. she posts the ones that go…oh they are such a cute couple and their babies will be so cute. oh they’re relationship is so strong now…blah blah blah. oh and she is so pretty – she’s stunningly beautiful and will be the most wonderful mother to his kids.

    yeah right….dream on barfly.

  • hehe

    oh and i just saw in my cable listings….barfly (movie) and after that??

    he’s just not that into you…. hahaha a sign perhaps?

  • 11th Hour

    “DiCaprio Produces Het-Out-the-Vote Ads”,,724558,00.html

  • Go away boston61

    Haha… that’s GET…

  • ladidah

    These two posts are by the same person- on the same thread. Both are sparkly adi or bar herself. The thing is this part:

    4) his phone rang again and it was a cute heeey and started half giggling( i melted with that lol) then covered his mouth so nothing could be heard (10 bucks for guessing who that might be)

    This is totally leading….no one who sat behind Leo at a “yankies” game (obviously written by a non-yankee israeli) would bother writing all this crap, AND, its assuming its bar….no casual poster would assume it was bar —she’s just trying to post and make it look like he would take her call during a Yankees game in A-Rods box seats—and she is “important” even though SHE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT THERE. The “blonde girl with the roots” is Bar herself, sitting in Israel…maybe doing this when those bad pictures were taken on Ynet! She knows enough about him to make that stuff all up.

    The effort to constantly make herself look present/important in his life is totally suspect–if she was an honest person and dating him for the right reasons, she wouldnt need to do this. Did Brooklyn Decker do this to Andy Roddick? NO! Because she’s married to him and HAS NOTHING TO PROVE.

    These two posts are written by the same person on this thread:

    OMG Leo looks adorable!!!!!!

    Bar is back in Israel the article states she’s back in Israel after spending alot of time with Leo recently. And how she was in LA and NYC with her mom and Leo the last few weeks. Great they had all this time together… Bar hadn’t been in Israel for like a month!!!!!!

    pimpin @ 10/20/2010 at 3:20 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    OMG i have much to say on this and i thought id share it here heard this place is pretty hardcore…anyway my bf was lucky enough win tickets go to this game and i went to and was sitting just a couple of seats back and to the left of leo and jay IT WAS SO COOL ( esp for me as im a big leo fan)….leo is suuuuper sexy in person, iv heard people say before that pics dont do him justice and they ar 100% right hes also taller and bigger built that pics portary him!! AND get this i was siting so close that i could hear what they were saying now and again (not that i was ease dropping…..hehe a little never hurt anyone), and here ar a few things i picked up

    1) leo is a bit of a potty mouth hehe
    2) he speaks very much like a californian, saying bro, dude, and pronouncing alot of the ing as in aka happenin instead of happening but does this all in a very cool way if u get me…probably not…
    3) his phone rang and he answered it with….’BRO?!!’ lol
    4) his phone rang again and it was a cute heeey and started half giggling( i melted with that lol) then covered his mouth so nothing could be heard (10 bucks for guessing who that might be)
    5) from little snit bits i heard hes VERY witty and was joking with that guy beside him the whole time
    6) when the song miami to ibiza and that mark ronson song called the bike song came on he started singing along :)
    7) he drank diet coke
    8) from what i could tell he was very frustrated at how the yankies were playing
    9) he jay and the guy beside him yelled random thing a lot and would then crack up what they meant i dont know
    10) at the end he stood up, strectched, half turnd, his shirt rode up, and i saw a a 2 second glimse of tanned and suprizingly toned torso..then i died and went to heaven lol

    that was my leonardo dicaprio experience, and i will never forget it till the day i die, im pretty sure im forgetting sfuff in the excitement of it all but whatever…..haha i must sound like a complete stalker freak but I DONT CARE ITS LEO DICAPRIO BABY!!!!! anywho thats me done, leo for oscar 2010 WOOP WOOP!!
    if you have any q’s about L dogdont be afraid to ask….

  • ladidah

    I saw the “St Tropez” pictures–they are from two years ago, they are posting as if they are brand new and she looks like hell there too.

    oh and i just saw in my cable listings….barfly (movie) and after that??

    he’s just not that into you…. hahaha a sign perhaps?

    I love Barfly- One of Mickey Rourke’s good movies—even though he plays himself basically. And no, “he’s just not into her!”

    You think Bey calls up her man to “check up on him?” NO. She’s Beyonce, the top black female entertainer of her era. HE ALREADY HAS THE BEST. He’s married to her. When they are ready, they are ready.

    Its so funny how much effort she goes through to stay “relevant”- its like if you have no real talent you get desperate. As far as Leo, Tzipi Levine, and Bar sitting around and playing Mah Jonggg or something, I think……………………NOT !!!!

  • ladidah

    Honestly, A-Rod is the most handsome man in America. IMHO ! I just think he is gorgeous….nice guy? Not particularly. But handsome.

    However, jocks dont turn me on. Leo has better total package for me.

    Jay-Z looks like a camel, sorry he does.

    A-Rod is gorgeous the way Paul Newman was gorgeous…

  • ladidah

    Thank you for the ALL LEO ALL THE TIME POST Jared!

    So nice to see him without the Bar Ratbelly. He just always looks SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT HER. It’s like he makes an effort to go out with someone like Jay-Z, who could be a future business partner…he actually looks shaven and clean-faced, like he took a shower. With her he doesnt bother. What does this tell you? Maybe he feels comfortable with her so he doesnt have to look his best….but maybe she doesnt bother to shower much either so that is why.

    Looks so much better / healthier here than in those Ibiza posts, or in that car in LA. Looked kind of like a pusher going to dinner with her…maybe he wanted to look good for the “afterparty” without bar…..wherever that was.

    GO LEO !!!!!

  • Brasil

    Go Leo and pursuit your happiness, you deserve it!

  • Mario

    Leo Dicaprio is in love with Lukas, end of story. Forget about Bar or any of the other ho’s he allegedly screws. Don’t worry, Bar’s only a beard.

  • UCLA cap
  • CanadaGirl

    How original. The Leo is gay comment. Because your post was SO original, I’ll be original too and repost something I said a few threads ago:
    @Mario: Right. I forgot! Men can’t be friends with other men without being gay. I keep having to remind myself of this fact as it slips my mind constantly. Naturally, any guy seen in public with another man is gay; even the regular guys. Oh.. guys with room-mates – GAY – obviously.
    Man, I think I was a lesbian in University because I had a couple female roommates. Even though I had boyfriends, I must have been gay because I had another female sharing my space.
    Thanks for the 411. I feel so much better knowing that anytime I see one person with another person, be they male or female, that they have same sex tendencies.
    Phew, what a relief to have that point reinforced so intelligently. Thanks for imparting that vast amount of knowledge, @Mario:

  • Mario

    Man, the little girl Leo fans are fallin down wierdos! What, about 4 or 5 of you slobbering and cat-fighting over puke-face actor that plays all his roles the same. News flash, he ain’t into any of you and don’t give a rats asss about you.. Now go cry on your Leo pillows.

  • ???

    @Mario: and you call his fans weirdos? look who`s talking? what do you even care? you don`t seem like a big fan of his. sour grapes? lol

  • SMH

    @ladidah #92 – It is something that Leo often looks better (and happier) when he’s hanging out with other people, with anyone else except Bar. I believe it is Leo sending Bar a message: I don’t think you’re worth the effort.

  • Brasil

    @Mario: is he childish and envy? let me think about it… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA