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Mark Zuckerberg Goes For A Sunday Stroll

Mark Zuckerberg Goes For A Sunday Stroll

Mark Zuckerberg goes for a leisurely Sunday afternoon (October 17) stroll with his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan in Palo Alto, Calif.

The 26-year-old Facebook CEO commented on the movie The Social Network at Stanford University on Saturday. He confirmed that Jesse Eisenberg, who played him in the movie, wore every shirt and fleece that he had actually worn. While the movie got a lot of things wrong, they did get some random details right, he said.

“They framed it as if I wanted to get girls or into some social institution,” Zuckerberg said of his portrayed love life. “I’ve been dating the same girl since before Facebook.”

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# 3

I don’t know what to say

# 4

okay they made a movie about him, cool he owns Facebook. that makes him a talented celeb, soon he’s gonna act in movies and have a album dropping?
its like Willow Smith. whats going on?

# 5
dcstarinthemaking @ 10/20/2010 at 5:30 am

@Sammy: don’t hate on willow because she’s nine and has a hit song. i’m pretty sure the post said mark zukenberg…so comment on him and hop of my girl before who whips yo asz with her hair…#loser

# 6

“I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad” LOL.

# 7
Yeah Sammy Mark not willow @ 10/20/2010 at 8:25 am

The story is fiction not real maybe that is y it is not called FACEBOOK.
And to call it a biography when we know the main character is becoming famous because the media is doing it …he does not want
to be in movies and become a celebrity the movie is what made him
famous.. no one really noticed him until now..

# 8

Chan is so ugly and her thighs are fat.

# 9


She’s dating a rich person, and you are dating…who?

Get a life if the only thing you can comment on is someone’s appearance.

ugly chick. She is only after his money.

He may be a billionaire but he looks so insecure… he smiles as if he is afraid that the papparazzi are going to expose him

A book is in the works detailing his homosexuality but for some reason he wants to quash it. He shouldn’t be a shame to admit it and it would do other Gay teens a world of good to know that he is Gay.

@Ellen: lots of people have gay experiences in college but are straight. why does the gay community want everyone whose creative, moneyed or with power to be gay? this constant positive affirmation/ coddling that is needed makes no sense. there are other communities/ genders that only have negative images presented about them but they’re told to be PATIENT.

Yeah, she really is just… not cute. Like, at ALL. Oh well.

@Lauren: If he dumps her, he looks like a tool, and that would make him the biggest tool since he’s already a large tool.

it’s one thing to criticize actors/actresses, models and reality “stars” because their job is to be in front of a camera (not saying that it’s right to criticize them but i think it comes with the job… and the fat paycheck) but this is just a guy who had a good idea and happened to make a boatload of cash off of it… and his girlfriend. leave them alone.

Many gay dudes date Asian chicks before they come out. Asian chicks are passive and have the body of a 12 year old boy. Except Priscilla – she is fat


His gf has a Harvard degree and is a medical student! She is after his money?! Pff…they have been together long before facebook

Priscilla is not fat! She has a normal body for gods sake. She looks like any woman u would see on the street! She is not thin or anorectic. But she is not fat.

Helloyea? @ 10/20/2010 at 5:51 pm

Some of you are really angry with the world…and I have not the slighteset idea why. I don’t see why people feel they have an obligation to make cruel comments about celebrities. Okay, we get it, we’re not famous so therefore that gives us every right to say something or make a comment? I’d understand someone bashing the heartless drug addict ‘it girl’ because she did this to herself, but really? Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. I’m sure most of you that are calling him names use Facebook on a daily basis.

some of you on here seriously need to grow up. To call someone “ugly”, “fat” or make fun of them because they’re just gay just shows how shallow and superficial of a person you are. You all are a part of all the hate and criticism in this world.

I haven’t seen the social network, but I finally read some articles about him and I actually find him fascinating. I think he is an attractive intellectual. They seem like a nice couple. His girlfriend is really beautiful and smart.
Im glad they’re successful and seem so far removed from acting like total d-bags as some people with money do.
If you find something wrong with them idk take a good look in the mirror then smack yourself haha. ok on to way more productive things

@Kali: do people just look at photos and never read the posts anymore? It’s written above that he has been dating the same girl before he invented Facebook. I don’t think he was a billionaire before that, so the girl is obviuosly not after his money.

Why do some people automatically think that anyone who dates a rich person is after their money??? Not everybody is as shallow as you obviously are!!

Plus, it’s clearly written that she has been with him long before facebook, so I say he’s smart to keep her around, and she’s obviously not the golddigger type.

I thought he was gay? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him on some magazine listed as one of the most powerful gay men in America or whatever.

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