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Rachel Bilson: Olive Lunch Date!

Rachel Bilson: Olive Lunch Date!

After a visit to the dentist’s office, Rachel Bilson makes her way down an escalator on Tuesday (October 19) in Encino, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress later dropped by Gelson’s Supermarket in Los Feliz to buy fruits, nuts, fresh olives, a dozen eggs, panko flakes, Honest Tea, a loaf of bread, and other groceries.

Yesterday, Rachel and co-star Kate Bosworth ran lines together for their upcoming indie comedy BFF & Baby.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s olive lunch date…

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rachel bilson olives 01
rachel bilson olives 02
rachel bilson olives 03
rachel bilson olives 04
rachel bilson olives 05
rachel bilson olives 06
rachel bilson olives 07
rachel bilson olives 08
rachel bilson olives 09
rachel bilson olives 10
rachel bilson olives 11
rachel bilson olives 12

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  • lake

    Following her up and down the aisles at the grocery, siting off her grocery list? Really? My God. How desperate and pathetic. Oh, oh! *raises hand* I know why–her “ex” is in the news today, he’s landed a distributor and a release date for his next movie, and is working again with the amazing Brad Anderson for his next project. Poor little Princess Rachel, she’s feeling left out I guess. Loser.

  • Dan

    Just because you guys cover her in more posts than anyone else (except maybe Willow Smith) doesn’t make her more popular. Quit fueling the hate and just quit covering the tedious stories.

  • angela2

    Whyyyy is she on here everyyyyyday!! ???

  • naomi

    @Dan: Agree!!
    BFF &Baby??

  • Alessandra

    I’m sorry, but NO ONE can convince me that this girl doesn’t have her PR team tip off the paparazzi. I don’t care if her pictures sell or not. Not even Brad and Angelina get this many pap encounters and they live in Los Feliz as well. Why is it that they can go around and only get pap attention every once in a while, but she cannot? Yeah, she definitely has help. Her fans can say that she doesn’t all they want to and claim that people are just haters as well. Anyone of her status getting more attention than a tabloid favorite and the world’s most powerful celebrity couple is ridiculous and totally obvious.

  • yassss

    I’m glad u guys are getting your racel bilson fix, but I’m having isabel lucas withdrawals! I mean, she’s the reason I keep visiting Just Vanilla! lol

  • Brightside

    JJ doesn’t want to post about that, though. Might detract from his paying d-list pet and her fake actressing role in the turkey-in-the-making, BBF & Baby.

    JJ only gets out of date, second hand news from other sites about genuine A-list stars. His up-to-date information, including dentists visits and grocery lists, are supplied for him by his paying clients, and so he posts, and posts, and posts about them…ad nauseum!

    Her complexion looks terrible…she looks ill in the above shot. I’ve seen healthier looking malaria sufferers.

  • sterling

    Midge(t) is a DYING EMBER.
    a dying ember.
    a dying embe..
    a dying emb…
    a dying em….
    a dying e…..
    a dying ……
    a dyin. ……
    a dyi.. ……
    a dy… ……
    a d…. ……
    a ….. ……
    . ….. ……
    Solution: Pour out a “gasoline” on her!!!

  • http://vertverysext=y!! sharyllee

    sick of her!!

  • BFF movie?

    Is Rachel Bilson really in this movie. She is not listed in the cast list at Imdb

    The only place I’ve read she’s in BFF on JJ.


    oh BRIGHTSIDE we know you are dying here just dont come to rbs threads why do you give yourself such pain all the time really youre suffering enough from your illness why add more wood to the fire RB is loved and will always be here jj is smart enough to know this so i say either deal with it which you cant so then get lost sicky and go to LEOS thread and bas your other idol BAR REFAELI and willow smith gag gag gag gag gag ugliest kid walking around will and his wife should have her ears pinned back

  • verity

    Her name Rachel Bilson MEANS…”A baloney LA Valley midget & a no-talent dumbo with pap addiction problems”.

  • ronald

    can’t act, unemployed, troll-like and useless

  • Stephanie

    God I wish I knew how much she paid you to post about her every day. So sad. So obvious.

  • kaleigh

    Just freakin’ look at HER?! BWAhahahahahaahahaa!!!

  • she shall remain nameless

    Jared, these postings of this unemployed and untalented actress are seriously getting pathetic. You must really worship the ground she walks on or her “peeps” are paying you sympathy money just so she can be kept up in the media/public eye.

  • Annie

    JustJared is being taken over by Bilson, Bosworth, Rhianna and Willow Smith. They have less talent between them than some other people have in their little finger.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @16 – JJ has bills to pay so we’ll keep seeing Rachel.
    Just curious though – we see a lot of celebs shop at this market but I didn’t realize the paps could follow her around the store – YET security follows her OUTSIDE??
    And wow JJ – did she use the ladies room at the dentist? You’ve got every other LITTLE DETAILS of her outing.
    I almost feel sorry for Kate B. “running lines” – does she know Rachel can’t say the lines without the script in front of her??

  • lexy hates bilson

    PS – I agree there’s a lot of Rhinna and Willow Smith BUT Willow’s a very TALENTED young lady and Rhinna sells millions and is popular. What’s odd is why Bilson gets the same amoutn of space as them??

  • the truth

    just a act she put on about the security? No one isbothering her at all.@lake: And yes she this all the time when hayden gets an acting gig. She did that when they was together.She trying to make herself doing smething too. With all the bashing she did about him to media and about how things wasn’t going with them. Think she was jealous about him getting acting gig and she was not.Shouldn’t have took all those pictures with him if their relationship was going well. This sad for her to do everytime he get a picture deal.Don’t see her going on date with anyone jj. She need to show that she has aboyfriend. She sure did have alot are them when she was dating hayden last year this time. Her pr team trying to make her look good that all. Need to see her on date instead are shopping all the time.

  • yassss

    JJ’s holy trinity of basic b!tches: Rachel Bilson, Isabel Lucas and Sophia Bush.

  • Sheigh

    Who really cares about her ?
    She has no movies since… how many years… I don’t remember!
    How does she buy her morning bread ?
    No style, no job, no life, I’m tired of her face!

  • shadowy

    @20 – She need to show that she has aboyfriend..
    She actually wants to have one… by attaching her insignificant name (thru gossips of course!) w/ the likes of Ryan Gosling, Adam Samberg, Jake Gyllenhall & Chace Crawford. But NONE of them returned her calls. Cant really blame em’, coz who really wants to hooked-up (“per press or not”) w/ a ret@rded midget w/ attention-deficit-disorder?!



  • kelpve

    her denist: Encino Smile‎
    16861 Ventura Boulevard Suite 302
    Encino, CA 91436 ?

    love this outfit!

  • Ugh

    I can’t imagine RB running lines. She says she can’t memorize anyway and must work off cue cards. What’s the point? I’ve wondered whether she can read above the 5th or 6th grade level. Most scripts are written at that level and are unintelligent and this one is no exception. Even so I bet KB read the lines to her and tried to rehearse, since she’s been out of work longer than RB, but stupid + vacant RB would only giggle and gush about fashion and other stupid crap, knowing she will be reading cue cards and posing a lot & not having to do any acting. I bet she has about 5 lines and none over 10 words.

    Yes RB has to be mentioned all the time whenever KB presses out her first employment in years and you knew that in the absence of a bf she will press herself off the back of KB, who’s pressing herself off of Alex Skarsgard.

    I haven’t heard her former fiance is shooting a new film. No doubt a rumor. The film Vanishings got mediocre reviews at screenings but that’s an amazing success for famously wooden Trashden Selloutsen. When he doesn’t play himself he’s awful. RB can only play herself and she’s even irritating and awful at that.

  • @ the truth

    Rachel did not date other men while she was dating Hayden, and she has only been seen with family and friends since their breakup. You think any man she is photographed with, she is dating, which is ridiculous! I’m surprised you did not think she was dating the security guard who is putting groceries in her car! Last year you accused her of dating her stepfather, when she was seen with him and her mother in a photo going into a restuarant, that is just gross! I get you don’t like her, but women do talk to and have friends and business associates that are men, that does not mean that they are dating every man they are seen talking to on the street. Your imagination is in overdrive! When she gets a new boyfriend, I think she will show everyone who he is. It takes time to get over a breakup, Hayden has not been seen dating anyone, either.

  • Zoe

    Rachel Bilson looks like a young Rachel Zoe. I know, the hair and weight are off a bit, but it has something to do with the face. The look in the eyes, the mouth.

  • MOO

    I always really liked Rachel and i do like her fashion, but WHY on earth would i want to see her grocery shopping? and why would i need to know her grocery LIST??? JEEZ, i’m really sick of seeing her on the site everyday! her and KB are pathetic

  • ozzie

    she is like a parasite … she needs another famous person to feed on.

  • Brightside

    Looks like a London bag lady! Why the wellies? Was it raining on the escalator? I knew a girl in my town who dressed like this…twenty two and she was an alcoholic and someone the boys all used to get their leg-over with for the price of a few black-and-tans! Rachel has just reminded me of her with that sloppy turn out! Not nice!

  • allthemidiotsinashoebox

    The comments crack me up! Oh why oh Why is she here again everyday? If you don’t like it then don’t post. Simple as that. It does not take a rocket scientest to figure that one out. Also, IDK why U here everyday bitchin’ and moaning everyday about it then? It is out of your control and JJ is going to keep on posting on Rachel Bils and does not give a sh** if you like it or not! It has to be jealousy that keeps bringing you back. You wish you had her life and Money to go shopping and looking pretty at the same time. It is obvious you desire her lifestyle complaining about it so much.

    Anyway..Love her outfit and her rainboots. I love Gelson’s too! =)

  • Mrs. Nolan

    Heavy duty rain boots and a sweater? She is retarded.

  • allthemidiotsinashoebox

    Actually she is smart! It was raining hard today and it was cold. I guess you don’t live in CA eh Mrs. Nolen? She is dressed smart and it was lightening, thunder, and, rain all day yesterday. I would say she was dressed smart dumbass.

  • devaney

    What a disgusting &shameless display of everyday worthlessness.

  • eli

    can anyone id her messenger bag? it needs to be in my life. thank you.

  • Brightside

    Nonsense! You Californians wouldn’t know bad weather if it smacked you in the face! Try Dar in the wet season, or Delhi in the monsoon season, or even Britain during the interminable long, wet period that the Brits so hopefully label spring/summer. Those wellies make sense over there, when you are knee deep in mud and your Discovery’s stuck in father’s field and your Labs are creating because they’ve seen a pheasant but such footwear doesn’t look appropriate in a shopping mall in California on some dumb chick spending spree. Just looks stupid.

  • @34

    First off I live in CA and it’s not smart the way this media drama queen is dressed she is trying to make things worse then they really were. Most normal ppl use an umbrella for really hard or bad rain as you so claim there was in LA. Second she has a knit outfit on which says it’s not that cold or wet. A SMART PERSON would wear rain coat and rain resistant clothing not some knit outfit which I’m sure we will hear the name of it so JJ can advertise it to the commenters. There is nothing intelligent about her not even her clothing and especially the way she advertises herself to the media, Once a press whore always a press whore.

  • @34

    First off I live in CA and it’s not smart the way this media drama queen is dressed she is trying to make things worse then they really were. Most normal ppl use an umbrella for really hard or bad rain as you so claim there was in LA. Second she has a knit outfit on which says it’s not that cold or wet. A SMART PERSON would wear rain coat and rain resistant clothing not some knit outfit which I’m sure we will hear the name of it so JJ can advertise it to the commenters. There is nothing intelligent about her not even her clothing and especially the way she advertises herself to the media, Once a press whore always a press whore.