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Shia LaBeouf Splits With Carey Mulligan

Shia LaBeouf Splits With Carey Mulligan

Shia LaBeouf goes to the movie theater by himself on Tuesday (October 19) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 24-year-old Transformers actor has reportedly broken up with Carey Mulligan, causing her to leave the United States. “I’m moving back to England: it’s a long story,” she told friends recently, according to the Daily Telegraph.

“I am spending more time here at the moment. Just spending time with my family, really,” Carey said.

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  • kablamo

    That’s because Shia LaDouche is too busy throwing coffee on photographers and being a whiner.

  • Britt

    I thought they were an odd match to begin with, so I’m not surprised it didn’t last long. They’re both great actors, so I wish them the best.

  • Dan

    Didn’t you guys report earlier that Carey Mulligan said she was going back only due to family? And now you say it’s because Shia LeBeouf broke up with her. And the only evidence supporting that is Shia LeBeouf going to the movies by himself? I suppose if you go anywhere by yourself, you’re not in a relationship…

  • boston61

    Someone toss a hot coffee at him please. What a JERKKKKK!!!!

  • G

    Too bad. They were a cute couple. I’d like to think that most of the time, Shia’s just misunderstood or taken out of context but there’s something about him that screams “Watch out, I’m going to crack soon!”

  • Jel

    Yeah!! single Shia,!!!!!!!! love you!!

  • jel

    yeah!!single Shia!! marry me!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I like him. He’s grown into such a great actor. Sometimes I think back to his days on the Disney channel and can’t believe how far he’s come. I always wanted him and Megan Fox to be together. That would be one sexy couple!

  • sure

    @Listen to mayday parade:
    Shia and Megan = a perfect couple

  • Marie

    Hahaha wow, where did Lo come from. I haven’t seen him in a minute.

  • D

    He seems like a good kid. Yeah he threw coffee on that photographer, but you know what, put yourself in his situation, can’t even read a book outside a cafe without getting photographed, it must be super annoying and an invasion of privacy, so I can see why he ‘snapped’…..and I can also see why he ran away to avoid getting beat up or something, lol. Whether or not this is true about his ‘split’, I wish him all the best. Hopefully he’ll get some more interesting and mature roles. :)

  • Butter_Fly

    I don’t know why, but I liked them together. Oh well.

  • Sue

    @sure: Sorry, she’s already married to her perfect man Brian Austin Green.

    Who doesn’t run when throwing coffee on a photographer. BAG at least uses paintball guns and doesn’t run. Not that both are right to do so. Hollywood is a mad world.

    Maybe, you should try and hook Shia with the new lady in Transformers 3. That’s the only reason why people think Shia should be with Megan because of the Transformers franchise.

    Megan Fox has moved on and happy.

  • Katie Walker

    The Wall Street Movie BOMBED ARMAGEDDON STYLE..and now that
    she is working with a canadian Ryan…doing a great job..why not break
    up. It was all for the movie anyway.. right!!!

  • Liz

    it is sad that these two broke up cos carey is a real classy gurl.
    but shia and carey came from to different backgrounds, she came from an upper class family and shia came from more or less the trailor trash type family.
    shia also said that he is dark and people who are dark do not have healthy relationships.
    i see him only dating girls who have gotten plastic surgery and are trashy looking, like megan fox.
    i wonder if shia abused carey as well.
    i think it is so stupid how shia or carey will not say that they broke up. i bet shia is luvin putting all of his “fans” through this guessing game, so dumb.

  • Liz

    @Katie Walker:
    nah i think that they were the real deal, why would shia buy her parents exstravigant gifts like a NANO. also there were many sighting from average people of shia and carey out and about. i have read many of these on twitter and such.
    they did seem like a real couple. however, my red flag went up when about a year ago shia started to screem at carey (Shia was wasted) at her premeire last year.
    shia is a very dark guy, and that is very scarey to be around.

  • Pipi

    Just as long as she doesn’t drape herself over Ryan Gosling now

  • the truth

    @Liz: Why would you say about Shia like that? He a good person no matter where he can from. Two people that love can get over where they can from. Shia just don’t take no mess off are those people in hollywood and what goes on there.You’re saying that a person from a different background can’t date a classy lady as you call her. She’s no better than any other girl that is a actress. What make carey better than him.Just like rachel bilson didn’t want to be with hayden christensen because are where he came from. And that wrong. But it was wrong for him to throw coffee on the paz.. And someone said something about Megan Fox she’s not happy in her marriage just pretntending to be happy. But i think shia and her will still be friends even if they don’t do a movie together. She never said that she didn’t like him cause she got married. Which is a waste a time Ithink. I think megan Fox ‘s was very deperated in marrying her. That ‘s all he want to do hold megan down so couldn’t date no one else but him. He didn’t want to no one to be with but him. But i still think Megan will still have a place in his heart as friend and co- worker. That’s got nothing to with his personal life.But he still is good actor who ever he’s with.Yes that has split which was told days ago.

  • double d

    I love him!

  • Bartolo

    He aint on his own JJ, he’s with his buddy Lorenzo Eduardo. They have made a few short films together and he was in Eagle Eye. He is a real good guy.

  • Miz

    My guess is that the papparazo said something really mean to Shia like “dude I heard that Carey Mulligan dumped your @$$”, then laughed and Shia’s eyes filled with tears of anger and hurt, but no one could see cause he had those glass on (prob to hide his puffy eyes from crying so much). So Shia grabbed the coffee (which was cold people) and douced this guy and the reason he ran away cause tears were streaming down his face cause of a broken heart and he wanted no one else to see.
    Yes the coffee thing was not right.
    Yes Shia lost his temper.
    I am sure that he is “nursing” a very broken heart right now.
    Then Wall Street 2 has tanked, everything has gotten pretty $hitty for Shia lately.
    Add no new films to film after he is done filming his current film.
    Shia loves filming too.
    Talk about going from cloud 9 to hellville so fast.

  • Caroline

    How can she be in LA and England the same day ?

  • sayure


  • giulia

    Love SHIA

  • miley

    This boy is HOTTTT

  • hailie

    Go SHIAAAAA!!!!

  • hailie

    Marry me SHiaaa!

  • ronald

    Shia needs some friends…too bad he is a jerk, he better grow up if he wants a long career, Spielberg isn’t gonna hold his hand forever

  • Adriana

    Amo ele.

  • fausilva

    SO cuteee!

  • fausilva

    Marry me too haha

  • camilla

    he´s so adorable!!!!!

  • angie

    Sweet boy and hot

  • rachel

    love him

  • katy

    This boy is so BAD and HOT!

  • vanessa

    Marry me???

  • vanessa

    I see WS2 and was AWESOME

  • jade

    Awesome movie

  • Robert

    He´s is a Great Actor…One of the best!!!

  • Robert

    I see WS2 and I think a great movie!

  • kateRobert

    NICE!! Love him!!

  • Jenny


  • Jenny

    Shia marry me baby; ]))

  • hillary

    Really HOT

  • hillary

    I like him very very much =DDDD

  • Carey

    He´s such a great actor!

  • Carey


  • natalie

    please celebrities gods, please let this be not true. they are the cutest couple.

  • EW

    Carey is fugly. Glad he moved on. She looks like a lttle pig in the face.

  • Rini

    Hope they’re broken up because Carey could do SO much better than that unattractive douche!