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Adam Lambert: Australia, Hawaii, then Europe!

Adam Lambert: Australia, Hawaii, then Europe!

Adam Lambert signs autographs for fans at the airport on Thursday (October 21) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old rocker was en route Brisbane where he’ll perform at The Tivoli tomorrow as part of his Glam Nation Tour.

Adam has a jam-packed, jet-setting schedule for the next few weeks. After Australia, he’s off to Hawaii for two performances, then flying to Europe for more shows through the end of November!

On his time off, the American Idol season 8 runner-up created a video voicing his concern about anti-gay bullying. Check out Adam‘s message:

Adam Lambert – It Gets Better
Just Jared on Facebook
lambert sydney airport 01
lambert sydney airport 02
lambert sydney airport 03
lambert sydney airport 04
lambert sydney airport 05

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  • Jory


  • Dan

    @Jory: I completely agree Jory. That is one hot man. Love his music, love his style, love the little bulge in his pants.

  • Roni

    What a beautiful man! His message is straight from the heart and hits home with a thud! How could anyone be cruel to such a sweet guy! He is so positive amidst all the hate, his light will shine forever! Rock on sweet Adam!!!



  • Ame

    What a wonderful day! I turn on the computer, connect to the Internet and the first thing I see is Adam Lambert.He is so beautiful inside and out♥

  • Ame

    What a wonderful day! I turn on my computer,connect to the Internet and the first ‘thing’ I see is Adam Lambert.Hes so beautiful inside and out♥

  • Lucas

    You finally posted his video.



  • Markus

    Baffled as to why you didn’t title this with AL- It Gets Better you’d probably get more Hits that way just sayin


    If you are debating suicide PLEASE call The Trevor Project at 1-866-4-U-TREVOR. You ARE loved. You are NOT ALONE. I promise you.

  • Mari

    And I’ll go to one of those shows. :D

    The message had already been posted to his FB account. Plus several clips from live shows.

  • http://www.thetrevorproject.or
  • http://WWW. V

    I love that video…………preach :)

  • shaun

    Good video. This one’s also pretty effective:

    It Gets Better: Google Employees

  • oh na na whats my name


  • TT

    That’s one of the better celebrity messages I’ve seen.

  • oh na na whats my name


  • Londoner


    When’s he touring London? I’ll try to see him in concert if I can.

  • Sacha, 22

    he never stops working + partying he must be exhausted. idk where he gets his energy from lol

  • i love MIA & RYE RYE


  • i love MIA & RYE RYE

    He should sing 90′s soul, I think it would REALLY suit his voice.

    My friend wants him to cover

  • Ben

    My sister is in love with him

  • Ben

    @i love MIA & RYE RYE: YES to 90s Soul.

    @oh na na whats my name: I know what you mean about that, his sound is too retro or smthn. I know he has global success but his music and videos are not Universal enough IF you ask me. My sister talks about him f****kn constantly..she was goin on about how he needs to be more like Britney rofl. Yea I wouldn’t go that far. I actually think he should try Dubstep.

  • ucookiecutter

    I like the approach that he took to the theme, it wasn’t as a passive panacea as some of the others. It’s STILL happening for him but it hasn’t stopped him. It gets better and it does NOT have to lead to ending your life but at the end of the day, the reality is bullies are everywhere. Bullying doesn’t stop even in fame or success or out of high school and the key is to be confident enough in yourself and surround yourself with people who love you to rise above it. Confidence from within is the most important thing to find strength against people like that. That’s why stunted cowards AKA bullies do it to begin with, they want a negative reaction out of you to make themselves feel better. They’re just projecting self hate.

    There are millions of people feeling the same as you. It’s up to YOU kids. Believe in yourself.

  • CJ

    The irony of the video is Just Jared posting it. In the video he talks about the form of bullying where the general public bullies in the comments section. Just Jared, EW, & Huffington Post have the biggest group of bullies as their readers. Jared could do his part in helping stop the bullying by moderating the comments section but he never does. If you look at the mentality of a bully it is quite sad. Bullies have a lot of issues and fear their own inadequacies and short comings so they feel the need to take down others.

  • castorella

    @Dan: What did you mean by “little”? :P

  • Jonte

    @oh na na whats my name: That’s Riri’s lyrics in your UN, right? I think if Adam started distancing himself from his glam-pop-rock sound so soon the same thing that happened to Rihanna might happen to him. People would probably accuse of him selling out or lose interest altogether. I used to love Rihanna when she has that gorgeous Island vibe…..

  • Jonte


  • DD

    I adore this man!!! He’s very brave and he’s true to himself and his fans!!! It’s kinda sad he’s gay because he’s got millions of pretty girls lusting over him!! Ah well…………… it’s in God’s making……..

  • Mari

    @DD: lol, I don’t think he lacks male admirers as well. ;)

  • Mari

    @DD: I think he has quite a lot of male admirers as well. So he is not missing out on anything. :D

  • annie

    Thanks for the pictures and the it gets better video.

    Love everything about him. He is so down to earth. I love all his interviews. He is an interviewers dream. You can tell he loves to talk and it seems like he is just talking to friends.

  • LisaW


    he is in London 11/29 – schedule is at site below, he is in a few other UK cities right before that

  • Gerri Aytrick

    fun to see the older women chase him down in the airport…the 40+ crowd loves him

  • ruby

    I have a thing for this guy and I am a chick!

  • sachafoxx

    @Gerri Aytrick: His fans range from every race, gender, age, sexuality,that’s cool don’t you think

  • Jase


  • LisaW

    I just totally love this guy. He is so super talented and yeah, cute too, but he is also smart, sweet, funny, brave and strong.

    I love his video, the difference between his and all the other celebs is for them it’s the cause de jour to be quickly forgotten but for him its real and it shows. While the others are talking the talk he walks the walk and his visibility is the best message he can send.

    He is defiantly proud of who his is and chooses to be honest about who he is no matter what the consequences. In doing so he is being an example for lots and lots of people to do the same, be strong, be proud, know that you are a good and worthy person and don’t believe anyone who tells you differently.

    This is the same message he has been saying all along, he is about empowerment, love and acceptance. But also to be positive and don’t let the bastards keep you down.

    Love it Adam Lambert, thank you so much for being strong and brave

  • Dina

    @I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER: LOl!! I’m an Adam Lambert fan in my late 20′s so too old to love Justin Bieber. But I do love Justin Bieber fans! They are so passionate about their guy and so sweet.

  • Isabelle


    Funny you mention that because Adam Lambert’s fans are the biggest bullies around when it comes to internet. They particularly enjoy posting negatives comments and spam polls of other Idols in order to make sure their Rock God shines.

  • miza06

    I love Adam and his positve energy. I really do wish he would have a heavy metal song in his upcoming album. He did great covering Enter Sandman by Metallica the other day in New Zealand.

  • TAHA’A

    I agree…I LOVE ADAM..he has such a sweet kind loving AURA that is so strong when you meet him…Just a lover at heart..then you hear him sing..MINDBLOWING PHENOMENAL VOICE.. But Adam has brought so much more to this world, and that is TEACHING THROUGH EXAMPLE…NOT TO JUDGE ONE ANOTHER…LOVE EACH OTHER.. IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY-SAY NOTHING…SIMPLE…BUT HE LIVES THIS….WALKS THIS EVERYDAY..
    Adam = Keep bringing JOY, LOVE, and your God Gifted MUSIC into our lives…XOXOXOXOXO

  • TAHA’A

    .I LOVE ADAM..he has such a sweet kind loving AURA that is so strong when you meet him…Just a lover at heart..then you hear him sing..MINDBLOWING PHENOMENAL VOICE.. But Adam has brought so much more to this world, and that is TEACHING THROUGH EXAMPLE…NOT TO JUDGE ONE ANOTHER…LOVE EACH OTHER.. IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY-SAY NOTHING…SIMPLE…BUT HE LIVES THIS….WALKS THIS EVERYDAY..
    Adam = Keep bringing JOY, LOVE, and your God Gifted MUSIC into our lives…XOXOXOXOXO

  • Seth

    @Isabelle: Do you have Adam on Google Alerts or something? Lmfao, pathetic troll. REALITY CHECK no one cares about other idols except for Carrie and Kelly. Quit bringing your flop idols up in Lambert’s posts in attempt to keep them relevant.

  • damien

    Someone wants him to do Heavy Metal
    Someone wants him to make a Classic Rock album
    Someone wants him to be more POP

    This is why artists have breakdowns and confusions.
    It’s up to the Artist to make the musical decision no one else


    but I support this video

  • mari

    @Damien: Not quite. I think the record company and the producers have actually more to say about the style of the music, especially in those cases where the artist does not write the stuff him- or herself.

  • HHP

    @mari: Even if the artist wrote and co-wrote over half the tracks on his album like him?

  • Leighton

    @STRAIGHT DONT GET IT TWISTED: …..that’s cool. But you could have easily just said ‘I support this video’ without that paranoid title :P