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Bristol Palin: Practice Makes Perfect

Bristol Palin: Practice Makes Perfect

Bristol Palin takes off after a Dancing With The Stars practice on Wednesday (October 20) in Hollywood.

The 20-year-old DWTS contestant confused her mom, Sarah Palin, when she told her she was safe from elimination this week. She texted her mom, “Safe!!!!,” while her mom texted back “Safe? From what? Where are you?,” Bristol told Access Hollywood.

“It doesn’t come on [in Alaska] for a few more hours,” Bristol explained. “I was like, ‘I’m safe on the show.’ She was like, ‘Yay!’ Like all excited.”

10+ pictures inside of Bristol Palin after her DWTS practice…

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bristol palin practice makes perfect 02
bristol palin practice makes perfect 03
bristol palin practice makes perfect 04
bristol palin practice makes perfect 05
bristol palin practice makes perfect 06
bristol palin practice makes perfect 07
bristol palin practice makes perfect 08
bristol palin practice makes perfect 09
bristol palin practice makes perfect 10

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  • ducttape-one can’t have enough

    safe – SAFE?….typical sky is falling republican…funny how everything really is a little scarier because of them..—.don’t forget to buy gold and stock up on canned food

  • Dan

    I think she needs a bit more practice… on the treadmill. I’m not one for bashing others, but she’s on a show that requires fitness yet she’s gaining weight like she’s pregnant. She used to look decent, maybe the pressure is causing her to eat.

  • rhonda

    @ducttape-one can’t have enough:

    I’ll bet you believe in global warming, don’t cha!

  • hee

    rhonda – I believe in eugenics–that means trouble for you and all of the tea baggers

  • sep27469

    Rumor up here in AK is that Levi got her pregnant again… :(

  • Annie

    Why is her face sooo fat?

  • tina

    How is she still on the show? She can’t dance, has no personality and really is not any celebrity. I read an article that makes her sound as mean as her mom and just as stupid.

    She said she is going to scream if they give Jennifer Grey another 10 because she doesn’t deserve it. Hey Bristol ever look in the mirror……go back to Alaska because you stink!

  • rhonda


    don’t let aids bite you on the butt

  • Sophie

    WTF is up with her face?

  • missy


    how did Moochie Obama’s ass get so HUGE, I thought she was teaching FITNESS to all the little black kids.

  • ellen

    Bristol Palin is a dud. She should have been the one to go. She may be the only one I ever saw gain weight while dancing with the stars.

    Thanks to John McCain we are stuck with her and her idiot mother.

  • MlleF

    The ugly face of republicans….

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    I can’t believe she’s still on DWTS.WTH

  • pr person

    Ugh! Who cares?!

  • Whatever…

    She is a BABY ELEPHANT who cannot dance but is being kept alive on this show by out of their mind Republicans. She is this year’s example of a lousy dancer who ZERO personality by a bunch of lard A-S-S people sitting at home who support her because of her cracker mother. WHY is she on this show? Is she really considered a “star” for getting knocked up at 17? This show is pathetic and so are the people voting for Shamu!

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …oh my god. how can she be getting fatter?!? …you’d think walking around the dance floor (instead of actually dancing) she’d at least stay the same weight.

  • Florida Grammy

    I think Bristol was saying safe, due to negative pregnancy test. Fat girl sure looks pregnant. She is the first contestant in the history of DWTS to gain weight during the season. She is such a lose, just like her con artist mom.

  • violet

    all you people on this site talking about Bristol being fat are the same ones who think Michelle Obama and Beyonce are gorgeous. whats up with that

  • Florida Grammy

    Michelle Obama and Beyonce are gorgeous. What’s up with your Palinbot attitude. We all know the knocked up teen would have been voted off the first week if not for the sick Palinbots who are as uneducated as the quitter. Sarah is a whining, lying, fraud, con artist, opportunist trampoline stealing, tax cheater, divisive, vitriolic, bumbling, under-educated, self-absorbed, conceited, vain, deceitful, manipulative, bigoted, mentally-challenged, attention-seeking, media-loving, over-hyped, egotistical, diabolical, media slut, pregnancy faker, hypocritical, amoral, brash, pseudo-intellectual, blood thirsty moose hater, wolf-slayer, mean girl, husband cheater, horrible mother, unethical quitter, dysfunctional family reality freak show hostess, who is about two things only…personal gain and money.

  • sami

    shouldn’t she be losing weight, not gaining it?

  • Vanessa

    Bit hypocritical u people.
    She’s not fat, yeah she’s chubby but not fat! When u see articles on here with super skinny everyone is like ‘ew she’s anorexic’ when you see a normal looking girl you say ‘ew lose some weight’ ..shallow people.
    And I am in no way defending her, since I don’t care about her, but weight issues bother me.
    Skinny or fat… u can’t win! (:

  • violet

    @Florida Grammy:

    michelle obama and beyonce is gorgeous and you got all that to say about nineteen year old Bristol

    you must be a big old fat black woman, I’ll bet you think those fugly obama girs are cute too!

  • allthemidiotsinashoebox

    LMAO!! Your supposed to loose weight on DWTS. She is getting FATTER!! She looks disgusting! Wait….She is disgusting. Sooo disgusting. What a heifer!

  • rocknmovies

    She is so unattractive, fat, double-chinned, bloated. Why is she “famous”?

  • Florida Grammy

    Violet….your racism is showing…you pig.

  • Lupe

    The “stars” on Dancing With the Stars are so famous I don’t know who half of them are! They should call it “Dancing With the Wannabes and Has-Beens.”

  • asdfadff

    Bristol must be SO proud – her mother took to twitter just this morning to defend slurs and hate speech against Muslims!

    Sarah gets more and more racist, and Bristol gets fatter and fatter. Is there a connection?

  • smurfie

    Why are some idiots here screaming racism?

    Just because some people dont think Michelle Obama is attractive does not mean you are being racist. idiotic is more like it.

    I agree….Michelle is not attractive. No biggie.

    Bristol here could use some work….she looks older than 20 and gaining too much weight.

  • smurfie

    Why are some idiots here screaming racism?

    Just because some people dont think Michelle Obama is attractive does not mean you are being racist. Those that think that way are just problem makers and closed minded…among other things.

    I agree….Michelle is not attractive. No biggie.

    Bristol here could use some work….she looks older than 20 and gaining too much weight.

  • violet

    @Florida Grammy:

    no, I think yours is!

  • violet

    exactly, fat black women are called gorgeous and a chubby 19 years old white girl is called everything in the book.

  • asdfadff

    Shame on Bristol. She is an adult. Why does she remain silent about her mother’s evil hate speech? It must be ver hard to have a mother who is driven by nothing other than her jealous contempt for the president, and her sore loser status. She cannot put it behind her even after 2 years. I hope she runs in 2012 because she will lose again.

  • asdfadff

    Just a reminder – Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States of America. Regardless of whether no-one-nowhere-no-accomplishments-no-life-loser-violet likes it or not.

    For all of American history FOREVER, Michelle Obama will be noted for that accomplishment FOREVER.

    Violet will never have that accomplishment or anything close. Violet, your presumable perfect @ss is getting you nowhere in life.

  • Surprised

    I actually like the girl. I was expecting not to. She seems real, a little clunky but cute.

  • anon


    I love these deniers. On one hand they mock the claims and yet on the other their governments are jockeying for a place at the arctic circle ‘gold rush’ that is only happening because of melting ice shelfs.

  • http://shilparules Rick Patel

    Buxom Bristol is beautiful and brave. She is a real man’s woman. That’s why Levi couldn’t stay.

  • Lorena

    That is a face only a mother could love. And that mother would have to be one hell of a idiot – and she is.

  • Maya

    Come on now people, Bristol is a no talented (she can spread her legs as for sex but when it comes to dancing, ah, that is quite another story) loser. However, he is pretty harmless and should not be bashed because her mother is loud mouth fame seeking air-headed bimbo.

  • Ali

    perfect response from her mother. she’s so self-centered, she didn’t even hold it in mind what her daughter was doing that night. pathetic.

  • jo

    Bristol looks like she’s getting fatter. Not that I’m advocating 110ld frames. but just saying. Don’t people go on this show to loose weight?

  • Jasmine


  • Alexfa

    What a ugly blobs.

  • Alexfa

    This is the result of growing up under the undereducated retarded parents. Become fat and fatter = Bristol.

  • 100mph

    Is she related to…… Snooki?????

  • pathetic

    sad that people can hate on a 19 year old because they dislike her mother.! where is maturity? the sadness part is that these comments are from adults! bristol seems like a nice young lady (yes she had sex and got pregnant and so does 750,000 other teens in US a year) she also seems to be a good mother. i am glad she is getting this opportunity. keep moving forward Bristol!

  • bellagrazi

    You guys can say all the hateful things you want about Bristol and her family, but they are truly blessed in this life, and they know it. They say living a good life is the sweetest revenge. Ain’t that the truth.

    Florida Grammy…

    You are one scary person. You have PDS on steroids. What are you gonna do when she becomes Pres.? You better start your therapy now.

  • Nadia

    some people are so harsh.
    just because she’s a lil over weight, she’s discusting and fat ect… so i guess these day’s you have to be anorexic or else your disgusting and what not. i feel bad for celebrities always being criticized for their weight. she’s a lil chubby but that doesn’t make her ugly. not only skinny girls are pretty.

  • hmm…

    O jeez she needs to lose a couple lbs (baby weight?) why hasn’t she been eliminated from DWTS? She’s terrible

  • good lord

    I think JJ must not like Bristol very much because he keeps on spotlighting pictures of her looking like a huge cow. MOOOOOOOO.

    Enjoy your tainted, evil money greedy hate-mongering Palins – if you can. Sickening, one and all.

  • ralph


    Because this is a post about Bristol Palin. Why would Michelle Obama or Beyonce be brought up at all? It’s not like either is on or likely to be on DWTS – so what do they have in common – they are African AMerican. It can be inferred that the poster is implying inferiority of African AMerican women. Nasty and racist.