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Chris Brown: 'Yeah 3x' Video Premiere!

Chris Brown: 'Yeah 3x' Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Chris Brown‘s new single “Yeah 3x,” off of his forthcoming album F.A.M.E.

The 21-year-old dishes a fresh serving of hot dance moves, catchy beats, and a charming smile that will have all the girls melt. Do we smell a comeback??

“Thank you GOD for allowing me to inspire the world with the abilities you have given!!!” Chris said on Twitter. “And thanks for my wonderful fans. Thanks for allowing me to share this with you. It’s my ART. If your world is gloomy, there are only two things to do… DREAM and DANCE!!”

FYI: The cover art here features an anime character inspired from Michael Jackson‘s “Scream” video!

Chris Brown: ‘Yeah 3x’ Video Premiere!
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67 Responses to “Chris Brown: 'Yeah 3x' Video Premiere!”

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  1. 1
    SparkD Says:

    I see Chris is going retro with that video. I love that popin bread down in from of Popin Petes.

  2. 2
    Janelle Says:

    whatever anybody says, this boy deserves a second chance. Let him continue being positive and things will fall into place. And this Yeah3x video = Epic. Go Chris!

  3. 3
    Janelle Says:

    whatever anybody says, this boy deserves a second chance. Let him continue being positive and things will fall into place. And this Yeah3x video = Epic. Go Chris!

  4. 4
    Cristobal Says:

    I like it and I still like him no matter what anyone says.

  5. 5
    [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L] Says:

    …check the credits, i bet he didn;t even write the song. LOL …his careers been in the shiiter for awhile now and this upbeat, happy, party dance record is just an attempt to win back some fans by forcing them to poplock in the club. ahahahahahahahaha

  6. 6
    bobjustbob Says:

    He does deserve a 2nd chance, like everyone does. If he does it again, well then throw away the key, but he is young and capable of change. Plus he has kept out of the limelight, stayed low and seems to have focused on his work, hasn’t been out and about everyday begging for attention. The way that Rhianna turned into an super-attention ho after her Chris “incident”, basically living each day in front of the camera now, putting out lame hit after lame hit (even before her album is ready? 3 songs already???), overexposed in every which way, makes me think that she LOVED the boost it gave her career. She has done nothing for battered women, no charities, has done nothing but focus on herself and as much attention as she can get since that time. That says alot about her. He is not a victim, but he has shown that he is trying.

  7. 7
    Onlooker Says:

    I just can’t get over the fact He/His producer stole the beat from Calvin Harris’s “I’m not alone” and he hasn’t even thought to make a statement about it.
    Then again there’s really nothing he could possibly say as it was a direct rip off.

  8. 8
    Lilakoi Moon Says:

    I kinda like it. I never “liked” him that much (before the Rihanna incident) but I never hated him either (even after the incident :D). Mistake is human. He deserves a second chance just like anybody deserves a second chance after making a big mistake. Even the biggest one. He should never have done this even to the biggest ho on Earth. This video is cool. The song is decent. His dance moves are hot. That’s what I think. People are overrating Rihanna, taking pity and loving her horrible songs, her awfully annoying nasal voice and wannabe-edgy and so-called “cool” style yet, honestly, she’s really not that talented and even Chris Brown is actually more talented than she is! Let’s face it, folks!

  9. 9
    Too Damn Bad... Says:

    Cry a damn river with that crap who the hell is Calvin Harris?! If he has a problem he’ll sue the producer that’s whose beat it is.

    Chris did indeed write it, just like he wrote forever, and disturbia. This is why Rihanna gets trashed so much, you dummies can’t live and let live. Yet you want everyone to eat her s*** but you stay on this boy’s jock 24/7. If you don’t like him who gives a ****! He will survive, obviously!!!!

    It’s a great damn video!

  10. 10
    Onlooker Says:


    You need to shut up. Rihanna was already mega successful before “the incident”. And whatever she does regarding “the incident” is her business. Cos it happened to HER. It is HER life.
    People would give him a second chance if he seemed sincere about being sorry. Instead he throws tantrums like a kid. Asking his fans to “go in on all the haters”. He clearly thinks the world owes him something. Rihanna on the other hand has moved on and shown that she is a strong woman. And she is not putting out “lame” hit after “lame” hit. I mean, how the hell can it be LAME if it’s a HIT? It’s this stolen work of Fist Brown that’s not lame?
    Obviously people bring out singles before their albums are out or are you illiterate? She’s released TWO singles. The first of which hit #1 in 7 countries and the top ten of 6 others. It jumped from #75 to #3 on billboard hot 100 in a week. It became the most added song to radio of the whole year withim 3 days of its release.
    MR Chris Brown has also released 2 off his FAME [Flopping At My Enterprises] album coming all the way in 2011.
    Is that something which makes you mad?

  11. 11
    Onlooker Says:

    Overrating Rihanna?? LMFAOOOOO. Let’s see where this song ends up on the charts. THEN you can talk.
    The fact Calvin Harris is not suing does not make it right.
    Noone gives a damn about Chris except his fans who make him think it’s okay to not take responsibility for his actions.
    And for the record, he is NOT more talented than Rihanna. Her success proves it. And don’t even give me that pity bullshit. She was shitting on his career even before “THE INCIDENT”. If anything, he pulled her down.

  12. 12
    Okay...uhh Says:

    To all those people that are still living in those scandals:

    Build a bridge and get the hell over it… Rihanna sure has.

    Regardless if he did bad or not, this has nothing to do with us, it has to do with Chris & Rihanna’s personal lives. Us petty humans all just pry into celebrity private lives & make judgements. We’ll never know what went down & what is going down… so just take a seat and watch the video.

    The guy has talent, I’d hate to see it get wasted. My eyes and ears are burning from eyeing trash like Ke$ha ‘dominate’ the charts, please, I need some at least half decently talented people to kick these noobs off the Billboard.

    Go CB, go… you deserve this.

  13. 13
    go away Says:

    each for every punch he throw at (fill in).. yeah yeah yeah..

  14. 14
    AMEN Says:

    Chris alwys puts on a fantastic performance .love the video, people move on and grow up.

  15. 15
    chrisbrownwho? Says:

    This song sucks and the video makes him look like a pedophile. “Look it’s Chris Brown” lets go dance and sing about getting drunk lmfao. This song will never make the billboard chart.

  16. 16
    chrisbrownwho? Says:

    @go away: This song sucks and the video makes him look like a pedophile. “Look it’s Chris Brown” lets go dance and sing about getting drunk lmfao. This song will never make the billboard chart.

  17. 17
    almostpia Says:

    LOVED IT! and still watching it on repeat. Chris Brown is such a great visual artist. He is an artist that if you are neutral about one of his songs, once he does a video it pushes you to really like the song. He has a contagious energy.

    As TC, a tour manager that has worked with CB and Rihanna tweeted weeks ago: “There is no bad blood between Rihanna and Chris Brown” . Also she said in a Billboard interview that her fans don’t know her and that could mean they don’t know her feelings. So I suggest her fans should listen and respect their idol and move on.

    I am a bigger CB fan but I really like “What’s My Name”. I say let them both be great in whatever capacity.

  18. 18
    Monelle Says:

    He’s a piece of sh*t.

  19. 19
    jryan Says:

    it’s good… the dude’s talented and the video is unique but its also totally a ploy to make him seem more family friendly again.

  20. 20
    ko Says:

    @bobjustbob: You are soo right. People give Rihyawnna too much credit…and for what? The girl has NO input in her music, dancing, or tours. No wonder they flop..look at her biggest hits…alll written by a TEAM OF PEOPLE, not her. No wonder there are rumors that she is broke…she can’t claim royalties to her songs, because she doesn’t write them!!! remember Disturbia? Big hit..written by Chris Brown himself. Even he (along with Jay-Z and the best of them) is making money off of this girl. and it’s so sad. She has NO right to call out Lady GaGa and say her songs are ‘generic’, Lady Gaga showcases TALENT is is a HUGE part in her music, writes most if not all of her songs, and has AMAZING stage presence… single-handedly reinvented pop culture with video masterpieces, in an era where dance crze is insane.. not to mention she SINGS LIVE!! I feel Rihanna is the new Britney along with Miley, people making loads of money off of them, and they can’t claim credit.

  21. 21
    LucieHo Says:

    Wow this song is laaaame, it really sucks, but wow this video is amazing !!! Amazing choreographies and amazing dancers I love it !!

  22. 22
    da Says:

    Wow so many haters. Anyway, I love it and love him. Hate on it.

  23. 23
    da Says:

    Oh, and thank you so much Jared for having such nice things to say about this. This is why I come here(=

  24. 24
    hahyys Says:

    Lol. Did you guys know that as well as calling lady gaga’s music ‘generic’ she also called her ‘best friend’, katy perry’s music, ‘generic’ as well whom has invited her to be her BRIDESMAID at her wedding. What a lovely and supportive best friend, RIGHT?
    Anywayz I love chris brown and I agree with @bobjustbob and @Ko

  25. 25
    Dan Says:

    @Okay…uhh: Actually, we see the repercussions of Chris Brown’s beating of Rihanna every time we hear Rihanna’s new songs. She’s gone in a completely different direction, which is why people will never forget. Although some might enjoy her music, others are left wondering what could’ve been if she kept her innocence.

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