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Jennifer Lopez's Twins: Gucci Ad Campaign!

Jennifer Lopez's Twins: Gucci Ad Campaign!

Jennifer Lopez and her 2-year-old twin tots, Max and Emme star in the new campaign for Gucci‘s new children’s line.

The 41-year-old American Idol judge shared, “I was particularly inspired when I first met [Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini] in 2008 at the fundraising event she hosted in New York to benefit UNICEF. When Frida told me about her trip to Malawi and her excitement about launching her new children’s collection, I was inspired by her idea to build upon Gucci‘s long term support for UNICEF with a donation in honor of the launch of the collection. As a mother, I am proud to be a part of this campaign to benefit UNICEF’s Schools for Africa program.”

Gucci donated $1 million to UNICEF’s Schools for Africa initiative and $50,000 to Jennifer‘s charity the Maribel Foundation, which raises the leel of medical care to women and children worldwide.

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Photos: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
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  • LOVE

    They are Getting Big !! Wow Lil Starz …. already

  • JLover

    Yeah!J.Lo is comeback!
    The most powerful woman in the industry

  • Thai



  • SugarMagnolia

    They’re cute!

  • sillyme

    Hmm, wonder how long before she has Emme singing and doing music videos, and Max in the movies.

    Those photos must have been taken at different times. In the first one, Emme has the longer hair and Max’s hair is shorter; but in the second one, it looks to be the opposite.

  • Franck

    @JLover: you kidding right ?!

  • Rachel

    I can’t believe she put her kids in the ad. Love her, but this is such a “D” list thing to do. She should know better.

  • Dani

    Cute kids!

    Too much photoshop for her..

  • hmm

    Its for a good cause. She looks A-List fantastic and her kids are adorable!! :) Eat your heart out BEN!!

  • Alice

    BOY! JLO has been photo shopped to oblivion! She looked nothing like that before all of her numerous cosmetic operations. Her daughter looks like a MONKEE!

  • Affleck Quack! Quack!

    Those kids are not cute at all. Hideous even and now that J_low, low low has no music or movie career she is trying to turn her little spider monkeys into celebrities when she should be moving heaven and earth to commit her crack addicted husband into rehab.

  • horse

    Fierce photos!

  • not me

    They have grown to be gorgeous kids. Looks happy too. They were so generic looking as babies and now little cuties. Good for them…

  • Cristobal

    Her kids are adorable and Jennifer is really beautiful photo-shopped or not.

  • violet

    She daughter’s hair looks a mess but that kind of kinky curly sea weed always does. Why doesn’t she comb it or something.

  • Robin

    Why is her daughter wearing a bird’s nest on her head?

  • pooper

    LOL….its so silly how J lo butt is posing as if her kids were not in the photos. She’s so vain.

    She’s posing as if she’s the world’s beauty. LOL

  • jeqq

    Jen looks smoking hot but she shouldn’t pimp her kids.

  • ricanprince

    she is soooo hot here and the kids so adorable cute little Puerto Rican children. hey if Jada and Will can get their kids in the biz y cant Jenn i would and its for a good cause!!!

  • Felix

    Her twins are a lot darker than the parents, they have their mother’s original coloring before she bleached her skin lighter. It is just a matter of time before Jennifer bleaches her little brownies lighter to match her new fake complexion. She won’t stand for having kids too brown.

  • s

    I truly HATE to say this, but I have to. She is so hungry for that fame she had years ago and is doing everything to hang on to something that has clearly faded. I’m not saying she’s a faded star, but she’s not has big as she use to. And now, she’s putting her kids out there. What a shame.

    She simply needs to stop doing those Rom Com she and Aniston insist on doing ALL THE TIME – And focus on a more character driven role, or work on her music career if she wishes.

  • Jasmine

    omgosh! such a cute picture, her kids look adorable!
    @jeqq: baby gap, huggies, kids are in the business too so calm your ass down.

  • Robert

    She’s like angelina jole this a good

  • Dina

    She should wait until her kids are older they are toddlers and it is horrible for a mother, a good mother to pimp her kids out this way. They aren’t even old enough for kindergarten. They are not old enough to tell their mother if they want to be in show business, it should be their choice not hers. At least wait until they are out of training pants for goodness sake!

  • Paula

    Wow, Did any of you wear purple yesterday? What is this world coming to when all of the comments on these sights are full of such hateful words about little 2 year old children. I bet most of you never looked in the mirror today.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    They are cute children.

  • Gabi

    I will never know how bloggers can criticize children looks. Such a low and shameful thing to write.

  • Annie

    Ugh, she’s pimping out her kids already. I half expect them to have record contracts by 4.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …thereee you go, jhoe… whoreee those kids for a couple bucks. i’m sure their life long dream was to be in a gucci ad with their egomaniac mommy. ahahahahahaha

  • Ihateph

    another star who needs a to put out a great album.. whats with all our icons putting out crap

  • Dan

    So much hate on this thread. I thought at first that she was doing it for fame, but regardless, it ended up being charity driven. If $1,050,000 goes to charity, all the more power to them.

  • all for the money

    Even if it’s for charity she’s still pimping out her kids .That’s why she’s doing American Idol she can’t be away from the spotlight.FAMEWHORE!!

  • Marie

    There’s no valid reason to pimp your kid like this, especially when they’re barely 2 ! Even if it’s for some charity, or something like this.
    What a pity !

  • emma

    it’s weird to see her with her kids and have her look at the camera like a model and pose as if they weren’t there…

  • E

    The main picture doesn’t even look anything like Jennifer Lopez!

  • Dani

    @Affleck Quack! Quack!:
    Jealous! JLo is beautiful, you’ll see she is gonna be big again hello!!! she was pregnat and past time with her family… was her choice and was good for her, now is back to work… she is a fighter and she is great!!

  • Channy

    in the second pic, why is the bottom of her daughter’s foot hot pink??

  • Enough!

    So much racism against Puerto Rican woman and her children. It’s not her fault her twins are ugly just look at their father.

  • Jayne

    And what kills me the most is everybody is going on and on about how it’s for charity. Couldn’t she just have GIVEN the money herself to the charity remember Gucci is donating money not her. COmplete BS as usual. ANd it looks like that’s the first time she’s ever even held her own kids. Kinda wierd. They should have just used a model or at least a celeb mother who actually seems to be around her kids like Halle or Jessica, not to mention Halle’s girl is georgeous. NO offense but her kids are not how do I put this photogenic.

  • Ew

    #35 I agree! The photographer used every trick in his arsenal not to make Jennifer Lopez looks like Jennifer Lopez. This is a full of crap.

  • rocknmovies

    Now she is exploiting her kids. Has her career died out? The kids are cute, but why is she pimping them out?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Of course she’s exploiting her kids. Marc probably has a prenup and you know she’ll do ANYTHING for money!!

  • Elisilla

    Wow!! She is already selling her kids?

  • She Stinks!

    JHO stoops to a new low, if that was possible, pimping out her progeria ridden children! She is disgusting beyond words!

    And those pictures, is that even JHO? She has been so photoshopped, it looks like her from 1997. She isn’t even engaged with the children, they are just props to her! Do these kids even know who she is? They must think the nanny is their mother.

    JHO is an untalented money and fame hungry worn out, used up pig that can’t sing, act, dance, design clothes or raise children. She is an embarrassment to her family, the public, and her ethnicity. She is a horrid beast.

  • http://travelandliving gingerBread

    Awesome!!!! she’s so pretty …I wish I can look like her after giving birth to twin babies :))

  • woogie

    # 45

    roflo! pretty? no way.

    Why would anyone want such a huge behindy that is so wide a jet plane can land on it?????

  • Maya

    So it must really be true that JLo is broke. First she signed on to due a failing TV show whose rating are in the toilet and now she stoops so low as to primp out her toddler kids to bring in some revenue to support her lavish lifestyle. All in the name of charity just like she sold their baby pics and pocketed that money she will do the same here.

    Marc Anthony should have put his foot down and said no way but he does not have a leg to stand on. JLo has all the money making hustler power in that marriage. She has always been the cash cow in all her relationships (past and present). Poor Max and Emme.

  • Maya

    @hmm: Ben Affleck’s kids are beautiful angels and his wife is a class act. He has no reasons to regret his decision. Just like he said in a recent interview, he is right where he is suppose to be and madly in love with his family.

    Let’s keep him out of this, he nor his wife would in no way exploit his children in this manner.

  • Deb

    emma @ 10/21/2010 at 1:00 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    it’s weird to see her with her kids and have her look at the camera like a model and pose as if they weren’t there…
    I was thinking the exact same thing. LOL She acts like the kids are not even there, she is totally not engaged with them. What weird photos. It’s like the kids were photoshopped into the picture.

    Read more:

  • Jan

    I knew she would get around to pimping her kids I just didn’t think it would start when they were only 2 years old. The woman is a disgrace, and always has been.