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Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Behind the Scenes Exclusive!

Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Behind the Scenes Exclusive!

Check out this exclusive shot of Willow Smith at work with director Ray Kay on her “Whip My Hair” music video!

“[Willow is] a superstar already,” Ray tells “The video will surely be considered a classic a few years from now.”

“I think we managed to create a fresh expression using Willow‘s amazing energy, a positive and inspiring concept, and mixing the colors of the sets with Willow‘s fashion,” he adds. “She’s a trendsetter already and I’m sure others will be copying her style soon!”

The video has racked up nearly 4,000,000 pageviews in just THREE days!

FYI: Willow is wearing a hooded OneZ jumpsuit from CCR California Christiana Republic)!

Bigger pic inside

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  • AmericaDownTheTubes

    LORD! Just more narcissism and attitude being pushed. Why should today’s school children have such conceits when they don’t even test well?!!

  • violet

    a classic?

  • Dan

    For the love of anything special, please stop posting updates on Willow Smith, move it to Just Jared Jr. This is evident proof that Just Jared doesn’t care about their readers, how many times have people asked for this crud to be filtered?

    Willow Smith isn’t a superstar and the video won’t be considered a classic, sorry. Also, her meaning behind the song is the same as Lady GaGa’s entire meaning and I think one is enough.

    Please quit using this child for money and success, think about how old she is. She needs to live her own life, what she’s doing is too controlled, if she really wants to express herself, she’d be writing her own lyrics and opting away from media controlled interviews.

  • Sarah

    It’s getting very pedo-creepy in here.

  • annie

    Is this kindergarten? Time to remove JJ from bookmarks it seems

  • Leni

    I can’t believe he went there. Reinert Olsen, slutt å drit deg ut!


    LOL at the oldies getting their panties in a twist all because of a NINE year old!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it hurts she’s more TALENTED and RICH than your kids, DOESNT IT?

  • http://www. :)

    fun fresh fierce

  • http://www. HATERZ ARE BALD!




  • Yanni

    Dude, Aint you quite old to be so excited about a 9 years all music ?? grow up ! u r not a lil girl !!

  • gem

    Willow’s song and video is amazing. I love it. bald headed haters stfu stfd!!!!!

  • Rachel

    This site has turned to absolute crap. I’m going to start going ImNotObsessed instead.

  • annushka

    oh well, oh my, once the cash machine is going it’s easy to milk the cow… comes by itself it seems. Will Smith plus the fake he’s married to did a really good job in having the lil girl repeating the mantra of “I wanna express myself, empower myself, just be myself”. Little does she know that what she calls her “self” is a market strategy.

    Is scientology going to take care of her shrink bills?

  • Vanessa

    Jared stop shoving this crap down our throats.
    I don’t like “Whip my hairrrrrrrr” it’s stupid song. It’s getting too much attention and I have NO IDEA WHY.

  • studio1998

    Why can’t the bald headed haterz resist scrolling past a story about a nine year old since they are so outrage. scroll key is your friend. hating on a 9 year old is disgusting.

  • gem

    bald headed haterz need to discover the scroll key. Its so simple live it learn it……..

  • pr person

    Jared… the only ones posting ‘positive’ comments about this CHILD must be the pedo’s who come here to get their daily, bi-daily, sometimes even tri-daily … fix. Disgusting!
    1-5…. I say “DITTO!”

  • Dan

    All of the defensive people need to realize we aren’t angry because she’s 9 or because she’s talentless, or because she’s over-hyped. We’re angry because JustJared covers her every day, sometimes 3 times a day, which is a problem because although we have a scroll key, it floods the archives. If you don’t want your child under the scrutiny of the public, don’t sell them to the media.


    @pr person: I’m a 19 year old girl you dumbazz





  • whip my brat

    - Now I’ll watch that!—- Will Smiff —-use the belt buckle end

  • Kaylee

    Its obvious her people (parents?) are paying Just Jared and Perez Hilton off . How else do you explain the ridiculous amount of posts featuring her the past month or so?

  • Whappoosh

    @whip my brat: whip her feet to make her dance faster.

  • gia

    enough please

  • Liz

    Gee, wonder what she and her brother will be like in 5 years? To much to soon in my opinion.

  • pr person

    “I’m a 19 year old girl you dumbazz”……

    Right! Sure you are.

    Jared should be posting her business and pics over at JJ Jr.. You can then take your 19 year old self over to the kiddie site and comment on her all you want. You might actually find some other children (or pedo’s) whom you can relate to.

  • violet


    if true, you are pathetic

  • Rosy

    Thanks a lot for becoming a douchebag Jared, it’s clear that nobody wants to see posts about this talentless child. If I have to see one more post I will be deserting your site and seeking out another that doesn’t post about nobodies.

  • Jaz

    Willow seem like a nice young girl but her dream to make a record or sing is just like millions of 9 year olds girl/boy dreams in the world. She’s only different from them (or getting a chance to do it) because her father is Will Smith. So far I just don’t see what talent she’s got. Maybe it will show in time.
    I wonder sometimes if she would have gotten this much attention if she wasn’t Will Smith’s daughter.

    Any 9 year old can dress like Willow if they had the money to buys as many clothes to try on. (There’s probably 9 years old that dress like her, they just dont have the public eye on them….)
    4million in 3 days. I wonder why they didnt brag about Miley Cyrus with video(party in the usa) or the other artists(lady gaga, beyonce, rihanna,etc.)

  • Giselle

    I like that Willow song but speaking from a creative standpoint i do feel the video was mediocre. I expected something stronger and more fierce. Not Hollywood style sets and quick flashy edits. The only reason the video [like Biebs] will get major views on Utube is due to who the artist is and the song. The song is really catchy but the videos are very simple and mediocre. Director Ray Kay should push the enevlope a little more and get out of his comfort zone or he will find hisself along with the other used to be fam directors. He will have to go back to Norway and flip burgers, shovel snow or do whatever it is they do in that cold, boring little place of clones. I also heard he is a opportunist douche. For Willow, she is only getting credit because of who she is. Did you see her on 106? She can barely read she needs to be in school. It is clear that she is also coached on how to be energetic and how to behave. Just sickening to watch this taking over our kids. Care more about style and whiping haters off than their school work. This will get old fast. I would not be suprised one bit if that director asked for this interview for shameless self promotion he looks like the type. The only director i know who is more about trying to be a celebrity than growth in his art.

  • Lisa H.

    Maybe if she could read she would not have to whip haters off. If someone tell you something true about yourself that so happens to be negative does that mean they are hating? You would rather think you are perfect than change? This hater thing is really stupid.

  • Giselle


    Believe it Leni, he goes there a lot. This comes across very self promoting he must be in need of $$$ or more work. He continues to feed his ego with these silly blog interviews. No one cares anymore.

  • Tom

    Wow, Director Olsen looks different. Facelift? Nose job? He’s turning into Michael Jackson.