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Alexis Bledel Has A Curly Hair Day

Alexis Bledel Has A Curly Hair Day

Alexis Bledel balances two cups on top of each other while walking around the set of her latest film, Violet & Daisy, on Friday (October 22) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress was also spotted leaving her trailer and putting a curler in her hair!

Alexis filmed a few scenes in a white jumpsuit like she did last week and was sandwiched in between some extras.

A few days earlier, she played with a yo-yo while walking around with co-star Saoirse Ronan.

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# 1

she looks like “the orphan”

# 2

the looks amazing. i’m glad she’s getting all this attention here justjared! but please more saoirse as well

# 3

I like Alexis & I kinda like Saoirse too as well

# 4

Cute outfits!

# 5

Yay! I love Alexis! Can’t wait to see more of her.

# 6

so beautiful .. as always:)

# 7

Barely no make-up…Alexis is such a natural beauty & still (sic) young looking

# 8

I like the hairstyle now better than the last thread when she wearing a jumpsuit – keep it up!

# 9

This looks like a quality movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it. & Alexis is always looking so beautiful.

I like what she’s wearing… yah better than the jumpsuit the last time…

Her shy smile is adorable!

Not really a fan but she looks nice~

Cute outfit and her hair bangs looks a lot better if it swayed it on the side…

Looking uber stylish huh!

I love Gilmore Girls & Alexis . Um, and the movie? Seem’s awesome & interesting – we’ll see…

Happy_Evil_Dude @ 10/23/2010 at 10:19 am

Nearly 30 and still playing teenagers.

She is really cute! 29 is so not old, not even close but she looks at least 5 years younger – she either really looks after herself or has really great genes!!

Love Alexis…she’s so beautiful n youthful for a 29 year old. And i’m so glad she’s still gets some lead roles….

But would it be more believable if Alexis would play like,,, mother roles?! So NOT!

Alexis will do great in this movie… I can truly feel it & can’t wait for it!

Nice & awesome move Jared for keeping up your “Regular Alexis Bledel Blog Roll” – lol!

Glad to see Alexis more often on this site w/c somewhat rare to happen before. But its just a good thing coz she got an upcoming movie/S on her sleeves. So I think she really needs to be seen more often than before. So tnx for the post

Seeing Alexis “pouting/smirking” like that makes enough for me to hop in the theater to see all of it LOL

cottonpink99 @ 10/23/2010 at 11:07 am

Where’s her sidekick in this moviel that named Saoirse?!

carmichael @ 10/23/2010 at 11:17 am

She’s still looking like Rory Gilmore in Season 1… and that season 1 huh – how surreal is that?!

Well Alexis probably going to play a teenager till she’s 45…

Alexis looks Bella-ish her mostly in the last photo.
i think she could have been a good Bella Swann
But her eyes are too blue
but yah i would love her as Bella…

cloud_strike @ 10/23/2010 at 11:58 am

She’s already 29?!
What??? And Wow!!!

So pretty-ful (lol(. Her eyes are like ice!

She’s absolutely a beauty. No, not really “hot” in that sense, but we don’t all need to be as it was better and tend to be fleeting.

Love her! She looks so cool. I miss her and gilmore girls.

Alexis looks fab at 29 ( but not really looking at that age). I guess age is just a number after all. Best of luck to her acting career & movies

Thanks Jared, Alexis would always be on my Hollywood Radar no matter what!

Awesome jacket & leggings!!!

First is the yo-yo now comes the loliipop?! Whoa this movie is way too exagerrating to make Alexis looks & acts really young.
But “w/ Alexis still sporting that Rory-ish face ; they dont really have to bother much…

@ 28′
If Alexis could not be Bella Swann anymore (well obviously)… at least she could play a vampire in Twilight coz she’s so pale & looks ageless – lol!

Alexis is a “stunning & wholesome dude-tte”… Dig in more Jared!

Well obviously JJ is crushing more on Alexis Bledel more than Saoirse Ronan. But at least, he keeps mentioning SR everytime…

And what was she drinkin’ – coffee, soda or ice-tea?!

loco_coco @ 10/23/2010 at 1:40 pm

She’s cool the way she is, I hope she doesn’t change for anyone, or any film. Way better than most or the rest of other starlets whom JJ regularly posted here.

Jeeez I cant believe that Alexis much older than the likes of Mischa Barton & Lindsay Lohan. From the looks of it, Alexis could play up as their “youngest & fairest” sister.

Alexis got the same skin tone like Anne Hathaway.
Its just that, Alexis looks like a “doll: while Anne looks like a “clown”!

Alexis has a great body & height but w/ a teenage’s face. Which is actually pretty good if you ask me. Just imagine her being in her 40’s but she’ll end up looking like someone in her 20’s. I’d say great genes huh?!

For those whose calling out Saoirse Ronan… JJ puts her on JJ Jr. since she’s only 16 yrs. old.

For those whose calling out Saoirse Ronan…… JJ puts her on JJ Jr. since she’s only 16 yrs. old.

@ 26-27
They are still soo pretty & look great together just like in the old days!! Nothing really had changed; well visually spaeking. Love lived the Gilmore Girls!

IMO, Alexis never really looked “latina” as she always stated. With her luminous features she’s more like of an “Irish descent”…

As far as I see it, she doesn’t get enough movie parts and extra attention because she doesn’t play up her looks. She doesn’t show skin, she doesn’t play up her sexuality. To that I say, ” Good for her”. Classy as ever.

Can’t wait for her in “the Conspirator” too.

GG’s Season 7 sucks but but the rest of the it are the best!

i love seeing her smiling and looking happy :D

Well, I wish that Alexis’ is more popular. I only ever saw her in Gilmore Girls and that Pants ‘franchise’.

She looks great and most importantly she looks relaxed and happy. Good for Alexis :)

I can feel that too…

And yah that GG needs some reunion movie as the last season is a total cliffhanger!

Alexis needs to grow out her “bangs” fast!!!

nicolicious @ 10/24/2010 at 12:57 am

Undeniably Adorable :-)

More flim set outtakes… Yes!!!

Her shyness & classiness is what makes her so endearing up till now…

Say what – she’s 29 yrs old?!

Hope that her future/next movie would be w/ her TV mom LG even if its not GG related….

shooosh88 @ 10/24/2010 at 9:02 am

I’ve always liked her. Saw her already in person, she’s really attractive and very nice.

markiemark @ 10/24/2010 at 9:13 am

Whats that RED thing underneath???

chickcette @ 10/24/2010 at 9:28 am

I love alexis bledel’s eyes! And I want em’. hahaha!!!

Glad to see & hear anything about Alexis these days…
I’m so there!

Alexis is very young looking indeed. She can still play a teenager convincingly. I have to say she was a beautiful teenager but she’s turned into a gorgeous woman. I’m a girl, but she looks almost like she’s not real. I’m sure make up & less-hype lifetstyle helps a lot, but the 20’s have been good to her and most likely even if she hit on her 30’s. Lucky, lucky girl!

She’s just UN-cringeable – if there’s such a word LOL

I heart “most” movies that are filmed here in my place (NYC)… really the coolest city in the world!

Awesome pics. Thanks, Jared!

I’m glad Alexis is acting again & w/ such a good premise. For a while it seemed like she was just doing the “I’m not actually acting in anything but just show up on red carpets events & that’s it. Good thing that she continues to “rectified” that notion.

I’m glad Alexis is acting again & w/ such a good premise. For a while it seemed like she was just doing the “I’m not actually acting in anything but just show up on red carpets events & that’s it. Good thing that she continues to “rectified” that notion…

Wow… AB would still be a busy gal next year if V & E would also be shown next year; the other one would be “The Conspirator.
Likey (3X) !

@ roxiecle
LOve them still & miss that show much, I still watch the re-runs on ABC family…

@36 – First is the yo-yo now comes the loliipop?!

Yah probably in the up-coming scene’s, it would be a “Barbie Doll or a Teddy Bear” next – lol!

people who think she still looks like a teenager are delusional. she very much looks her age.

Yah she somewhat look her age but in very nice way; as in ageing beautifully.

And…. it looks like it getting really chiily now in NYC – brrr…

Alexis Bledel is always love <3

moonwalker @ 10/26/2010 at 6:36 am


She looks really cute!!!

I just love Alexis Bledel.

She looks pretty good as usual. But I just can’t still get around w/ the “bangs”…

Looking so good while still working huh!.

she looks so angelic and very pretty.

Ms. Bledel is surely one of my fav celebs.

Cute girl w/ a terrible bangs!

Alexis you are so naturally beautiful & the sweetest girl around. Luv ya!

Alexis you are so naturally beautiful & the sweetest girl around. Luv ya!!!

bostonite @ 10/29/2010 at 1:21 am

DAYUMMM… she looks just mighty fine!

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