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Barack Obama: It Gets Better Project

Barack Obama: It Gets Better Project

Barack Obama lends his support to the It Gets Better Project by making a video to speak out against the bullying of LGBT youth.

The 49-year-old President urged young people in America who are being bullied to get support from those that they trust.

“You are not alone. You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t do anything to deserve being bullied. There is a whole world waiting for you, filled with possibilities. There are people out there who love you and care about you just the way you are,” he said.

Watch Barack‘s full message below…

Barack Obama Supports the It Gets Better Project
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  • whatevs

    imagine for obama the bullying continues…does it really get better mr. president?

  • whatevs

    imagine for obama the bullying continues…does it really get better mr. president?

  • KC

    Good for him. And he’s right, bullying shouldn’t be considered a “rite of passage.” Teach your kids love and respect. It’s not that hard and it starts with the parents.

  • Dan

    It’s been great seeing celebrities take a stand on recent events, yet it’s even greater to see Obama help as well.

    Although bullying is part of human nature and it’ll always occur, I believe efforts to minimize and reduce the damage is always welcome.

  • hiding behind children

    Me thinks the children will stop bullying when they see adults cut it out. Right ? Lying Bankers,CEO’s,Politicians, + all that are greedy and power hungry..

  • haha

    he politely tries to say that he was bullied for a more obvious reason…his color, which a lot of people don’t seem to have a problem with. bullying is what this country was founded on and we celebrate it (columbus day, thanksgiving, teaparty anyone?).

  • Joanne

    This is about LGBT kids getting bullied and harassed for being gay or perceived to be gay. When we can stop feeding children lies and half truths about the LGBT community, maybe then we can move past the stigma associated with being gay.

    This is not about bankers, lawyers, and the such. I think it is amazing that these videos are out there and that there is hope for kids struggling with their sexual identity. Thank you President Obama for standing up for those that are vulnerable in our society.

  • I voted for you

    I agree stop the bullying. You can set an example by ending occupations & wars that have no purpose but to steal others resources.

  • s

    wow so now it gets better Mr. Obama? i usually admire him but in this situation i don’t..he appealed the overturning of don’t as don’t tell by a california judge and now he is saying it gets better? yea it gets so much better..if your a member of the LGBT community and serve our country you can’t be who you are because everyone is so homophobic..good going Obama

  • Mikey

    When I was a child smart kids, dumb kids, poor kids, fat kids,socially awkward kids etc. etc. all took a beating. Anyone who was different for any reason and the damage was great and lasting. What makes LGBT special?

  • Yasmin

    Plesantly surprised by this……TY Obama.

    IF ONLY more adults would stop using derogatory language around their kids and make it seem okay to bully some people………where do you think the kid bullies get it from.

  • rhonda

    if its so great, why hasn’t he come out of the closet yet?

  • Heather

    @Mikey: Well said!

  • G

    I know he’s not quite as popular as he used to be, but you can’t deny that he is an inspirational leader. He’s having a tough time pushing through gay rights reform in the armed forces but that’s to be expected. Most people forget how tightly wound bigotry and brotherhood are in the upper ranks of the armed forces and it’s going to take so much more than popular opinion and directives from an outsider, which he is, to change that.

  • tina

    Thank you Mr. President, you are so right. You are an example and an inspiration to all of America.

  • Anne

    whatever ever since that kid killed himself because he was gay kids bullied him which was not right at all for any kid to go thru ether your straight or not but every since that happened it’s about the gays and the celebrities come out help come on people this has been going on for years and years where was the celebrities then huh it’s not all about gays people I don’t really support it but they want to be gay so be it but come on everyone should helping kids with getting bullied not because they are gay and for OBAMA yeah he can’t even get our country on track oh I forgot he’s a celebrity too.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with Dan and others, but I was going to post about why is that the gays and lesbians are so special.

    NO ONE should be bullied.

    0 tolerance is the policy in schools against bullying.

  • nina


    Being gay is not a choice. People do not choose to be gay and then decide they want to be gay with all the bullying


    He’s amazing such a beautiful person
    I hope he gets re-elected love him

  • lisa


  • lisa


  • RJ

    Even as a gay man who was bullied, I totally agree with Mikey’s comment. But, from the other comments I can see people don’t read up on political issues or else they would have pointed out Obama’s hypocrisy. The video is done for public relation purposes. In reality, he hasn’t done anything for gays since he’s been in office. It’s just the Dem’s cheap talk before the Nov elections.

  • missy

    a man screws another man in the ass and this is special? not getting all this gay pride crap!

  • Be supportive

    @Mikey: This group of people has a higher suicide rate than ANY other group of individuals. That’s alarming.

  • Be supportive

    I am worried about GBTLQ kids in schools. If they hint at their orientation friends disappear and the bullying and violence comes out or even erupts. Sure no kid should have to tolerate it, but it is much, much worse for gays.

  • Igor

    He’s yet to prove that it gets better.

  • xxx

    Maybe legalizing gay marriage could help the situation somewhat? Mr. Obama?

  • lassie

    this man could have made a positve impact by letting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell fade away but he had his justice department stay the ruling. You can’t have it both ways Mr. President. You say you want it gone but have your justice department fight to leave it in place????????????????????????

  • Jen

    Oh, HE’S a fine one to talk about bullying. There ARE adult bullies and they’re running rampant in Washinton! That includes YOU Mr. President!

  • kj

    if obama really wants to support LBGT there needs ti b equal rights if there isn’t the message is then that “they” are not the same as everyone else.

  • Lanny

    bleh this idiot makes me sick.

  • yep

    lol! how many people on this site bully! lol!

  • Britney

    Nobody, even stupid or pathetic people deserve to be bullied.

  • efron

    Hillary Clinton had to make a ”it gets better” video for this f¨¨cktard to show support. Way to go Mr. President.

  • hmmm…

    by contrast, Tea Party GOP candidate Alaska’s Joe Miller advises moving to a different state if you can’t take bullying. And Sen. Jim DeMint says that gays and sexually active single women should be banned from being teachers. The right wing truly hates gays and women. GOP = AMERICAN TALIBAN.

  • cuthean

    barry X and his orc army of blacks, jews, queers, illegals, communists, baby murderers would form some society and fighting force.

    What a collection of SCUM.

  • LYNN

    s@10/222010 @:05pm

    s, you do not like the President anyway because of the way you addressed him. HE IS MR PRESIDENT AND WAS VOTED IN BY A DULY ELECTED MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE OF THESES UNITED STATES. It wasnt a coup, NOR I and he did not invade this country.

  • Lala

    I applaud him for making this video, and never in my life would I think I would see a President take such a bold and sincere stand. I think he is a great leader and a great man.

    Obama is not being a hypocrite regarding DADT. He wants it to be overturned by Congress, where it will stick and not change. True, one stroke of his pen could overturn it right now by executive order, but then could be easily overturned by the next president with a stroke of their pen. He wants the repel to last. He is being thoughtful and don’t forget, he is a Constitutional lawyer. I do not bow down to everything at his alter, but I do trust Obama with DADT. Patience is a virtue.

  • dane

    Yes! Yes! Yes tell the lesbian and homosexuals that God loves them 100% beyond measure and they are very valuable…BUT ALSO tell them to REPENT and CHANGE because God clearly condemns homosexuality and his Word says, “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders…will inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Cor. 6:9,10 [ read also Rom.1:24-32]