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Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Love & Other Drugs' Screening

Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Love & Other Drugs' Screening

Jake Gyllenhaal attends an advance screening of his new flick Love and Other Drugs at the Clearview Chelsea Cinema on Thursday (October 21) in New York.

The day before, Jake and his co-star Anne Hathaway attended a screening of the film for college students in NYC, where they gave a special Q+A afterward!

Earlier in the week, the 29-year-old actor attended Elle‘s Women in Hollywood Tribute, where he chatted with Hilary Swank, who was honored with an award that evening.

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Credit: George Napolitano; Photos: FilmMagic
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  • the truth

    Jake looking god there! Cute. Hope rachel is his girlfriend. even though both reps denies it. cause im tired are seeing his Ex reese showing off her new boyfriend. Where is his co- star Anne Hathway? didn’t she suppose to come to? But i hope that jake and rachel bilson do Hook -up.

  • Leni

    He is indeed looking VERY good!! And @the truth: which Rachel is he reportedly dating? Clearly this has gone over my head.

  • Butter_Fly

    God, he looks good. I just want to take my hands and rub on his scruffy face so bad! haha! The truth why would you hope for that? Bilson? Seriously?

  • Stop

    I want to lick his beard. He’s So sexy.

  • Kate

    “Hope rachel is his girlfriend. ”
    Jake is gay.
    Rachel was Hayden’s beard.
    She’s not good enough to beard for Jake.

  • thank god showmance is over

    Reese Witherspoon is a cheap publicity wh****re.
    She was showing off her “boyfriend” Jake, she is showing off her CAA boyfriend or “boyfriend” – she is too boring and too unattractive to get media attention on her own so she uses what she can to sell her fake public image. Pathetic.

  • Angie

    I don’t think he and Rachel Bilson would make a good couple..
    If Jake and Anne Hathaway got together, they would look cuter, i think.
    I really hope people like this movie, cause i watched the trailer and i think it’s gonna be great!

  • Dan

    @Kate: And how would you know? Exactly.

    Jake Gyllenhaal is an amazing actor, hope this film is a success!

  • boston61

    He thinks he is so sexy. Hence the unshaved face.

  • Jim

    Jakeypoo. you are almost 30. Why you haven’t found a woman to marry is getting to be a serious question. If this goes on much longer, you have some ‘splaining to do. Don’t women like you? Or don’t you really like women??? Aha, there’s the rub.

  • pickles

    Jared, the college students were from NYU and the screening was at the Regal. Jake’s been all over NYC for weeks and weeks now, and you are too busy chasing after pictures of Reese walking around drinking coffee, to notice.

    I think Jake is the most incredible looking person I’ve ever seen. Beautiful smile. Hope this movie is a huge success.

    In case anyone has noticed, Rachel Bilson and Jake Gyllenhaal have been on ooposite sides of the country for months. They can’t possibly be dating. Not. Happening. I bet Jake’s in NYC for a reason, and her name isn’t Rachel Bilson.

  • Jim

    @pickles: I think his “buddy” Chris Fisher lives there. The reason?

  • Jim

    @pickles: Jake and Chris like to “cook” together. You know, like in the kitchen. LOL


    HE is SO f***ing UGLY. lmao!!!!

    it’s amazing people find him even remotely attractive with that huge Rumer Willis chin he has going on not to mention the wonky nose, the narrow eyes so close together and the caterpillar eyebrows.

  • Dan

    @BUTTERFACE: I’d love to see your picture… it’s probably worse than Perez Hilton. And how is Rumer’s chin remotely close to his? (Also, he can’t have a “huge Rumer Willis chin he has going on” since he’s older, idiot).

  • Melly

    Chris Fisher is Jake’s childhood friend and nowadays mostly lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

    I’ve seen the Q & A videos of Jake with Anne Hathaway and Ed Zwick from two days ago. Jake looked gorgeous. He’s not looking bad here either. ;)

  • Pippa-London

    Jake has been outed , but has not made it official yet. He is a confirmed Homosexual that is afraid to come out of the closet. I think it would actually be good for his career if he came out. It’s certainly “cool” to be a homosexual these days. As for Reece, she was clearly a “fag hag” not his girlfriend.

  • Jake’s a cutie

    “Jake has been outed’

    by who Ted Casablanca? The same man who has been bought off by Summit to sell those twlight twats as a couple? Ted has you all believing Jake is Toothy because he knows you are that gullible and can be lead into complete a lie, don’t you know calling someone gay who has said he’s not is not only homophobic but bullying. Ted is as cyber bully who doesn’t have the guts to use names like Perez, he hides behinds blind items that can never be proven not in his favor.

  • Helen

    Hey JARED, you are misinformed. the screening on Wed was for SAG Union members and committee board members not college students. I was there.

  • Anon

    He is freakin hot – but more importantly, he’s a really nice guy!

  • Dan

    @Jake’s a cutie: Leave him alone, he likes to fantasize about it. People find it “cool” to be obsessed with outing people they don’t even know… I wonder why…

  • mary

    he is iresistible. his smile is adorable!

  • umm wtf

    f****ing ugly dork

  • Dee

    You’re correct. Ted has mtr pymts to make so he makes up most of his blind vices. Toothy started when Brokeback Mt. was in development, just like Nevis started when Rob P’s popularity soared.. And we all know who he wrote these vices for. If you read TT vice, there are a ton of inconsistancies with Jake’s life, just like he is trying to back peddle with Nevis’s BV. If Jake were gay, he would have a woman on his arm at all times to “prove” his is not gay. Also, I hope his is not with Bilson, she is too high maintenance for him. It is noticable how much time he is spending in NY, when he actually lives in LA. Maybe he has found a lady love, but unlike Reese, he is savoring the love.

  • se

    Now Jake Gyllenhaal wearing much better.! The write bluse is simple but well-adjusted and the beard id better trimmed.
    Just missing a little more sleep and rest better for not having sleeping appearency for the camera.

  • backpain

    I think Jake is the most incredible looking person I’ve ever seen. Beautiful smile. Hope this movie is a huge success.

  • Ann

    Yep, Jake IS very attractive man))

  • Ann

    Yep, Jake IS very attractive man!!