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Katie Holmes: Club Monaco Mommy

Katie Holmes: Club Monaco Mommy

Katie Holmes indulges in some retail therapy at Club Monaco on Friday (October 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress browsed through the racks at the store and left with a handful of shopping bags.

On Wednesday, Katie received a special visit on the set of her latest film, Jack and Jill – from daughter Suri!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes on a shopping spree at Club Monaco…

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Photos: GSI Media, Flynet
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  • Taj

    Katie is looking long in the tooth…like a Sabertooth!

  • save a prayer

    She’s needs a lot more than retail therapy. The poor girl hasn’t had sex in 5 and a half years!!! Bad Karma, Katie. It will bite you in the ass!

  • Speak Now

    @save a prayer:

    And you’re obsessed with Katie’s sex life because?

  • save a prayer

    @Speak Now:
    I feel bad for the girl being used buy a freak who is ashamed to admit that he is gay and instead lies and lies and lies and THEN has the audacity to preach to the masses like he is second coming of Christ.
    If you consider that to be obsession with her sex life then you are just about as backwoods and twisted as the almighty Tom Cruise.
    She’s 31, looks like crap and it’s pretty clear that she needs some professional mental health care. Who the hell is going to want her, in any capacity, once she finally gets out of the marriage contract? Good thing she’s getting paid by Mr. Cruise for her part in the show. It’s just a shame that Suri is an innocent victim in this.

  • ———–

    @save a prayer:
    wow you need to get laid. what a weirdo



    The guy is a dead ringer for Cruise, minus the hairplugs and hair dye. Same body too.

    What Cruise would look like without surgery, hair, and make-up.

  • save a prayer

    Thanks for caring. I plan on having lots of sex because I am fortunately married to a heterosexual and not a gay man.
    I’m confused about the wierdo part. I’m a consenting adult and not into anything kinky. You’re just being silly, aren’t you?

  • ck

    Just kinda sad that she hardly ever seems to be smiling. Is either by herself, or with Suri. Rarely see her with girlfriends out doing fun stuff.

  • Dan

    @save a prayer: Why are you so obsessed with trying to out closeted homosexuals and Katie Holmes’ sex life? Please don’t tell me you’re going on different IPs to thumbs up your own comments.

  • ———–

    it’s obvious that;s what she does. that b^tch has no life. she’s stalking katie holmes and her family on all these blogs. she’s an obsessed lunatic who needs to stop living in her fanatsy world. it’s sad really. you gotta feel sorry for her.

  • zzzz

    I have to agree that the poor girl likely doesn’t have any romance in her life. I don’t think this mens that I, or anyone else is obsessed with anything. It’s just an opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

  • mandy

    The thing is it is probably true that Katie hasn’t had sex since That Day it was “Love at First Sight” with Tom Cruise. Or maybe he threw her a few bones once in a while, at the beginning, to keep her hoping something would happen after the “marriage”… but Tom Cruise is not interested into heterosexual sex. It is common knowledge in Tinseltown. Worst kept secret since 25 years he’s been living there.

  • save a prayer

    Aw crap! You figured me out. First I commented on my home computer. Then I went down to my office so that I could use the computer at work. Then I went to a Kinko’s. I used each of the computers and now I need to go and find another Kinko’s. Darnit! The library is closed. If they were open I would have like 20 computers to rotate between. Well, let me run by Kroger and pick up a 12 pack of Monster so that I can keep going. I don’t want to let you down since you are convinced that I am the only person that doesn’t like Katie and Tom and I am obsessed with outing all of the closeted homosexuals. Living in Atlanta has spoiled me. I’m used to dealing with people who are proud of whoever they are, including their sexual orientation. I must go now and provide the public service of outing all of the homosexuals with spouses of the opposite sex. I don’t want to disappoint you.

  • save a prayer

    Mandy. Who are you trying to fool? You are me. I am the only one that says such things and I’m stalking Katie and I’m obsessed with her sex life. I must have momentarily lost conciousness in my frenzy to out Tom and I posted as Mandy, and ZZZZ, and Tim Gunn, and and and …..this is exhausting. Thank goodness for people like Dan trying to shame me into changing my ways.

  • mandy

    @save a prayer: ;) Yes my dear, I am you. And I am changing my IP (yes, for real, I can do that) every minutes to give you/me thumbs up. I/you am/are “Katie hater” doing all, monitoring the thumbs up and down with black magic tricks.

  • zzzz

    Haha, if anyone is trying to pull a fast one here, it’s Starfox, who is lurking in the shadows and shall appear with with a vengeance in 5,4,3,2,….!

  • lane

    @save a prayer:
    To funny!! Love your humor!!

  • save a prayer

    yeahhh…but in re-reading one of my posts I realized that I’m not a very good liar. I don’t think they make 12 packs of Monster, and I don’t think there are Kinko’s anymore…It’s FedEx Office now. How doesTom keep up with all of the lies? I need some training.
    Sorry to be such a blog-hog tonight, everyone. Those hypocritical TC minions just really ticked me off.

  • annie

    I think Katie looks very attractive and healthy looking. Liking her longer hair….she looks like the Katie of old, actually I think it’s the hair, because she’s def a long hair kinda girl. Very cute actually!

  • Speak Now

    @save a prayer:

    If anyone needs mental health care, that’s you.

  • Kayla

    I don’t think she looks healthy at all. She looks old in the face. She carries herself as if she were sinking inward. She does not look 31; she looks like a well preserved 40. But more importantly, I agree with the comments about the handlers. It must be suffocating. Has she no girlfriends whatsoever? Not one friend?

  • LJ

    LOL you guys are cracking me up :)

  • scientology freak

    @ save a prayer – don’t be provoked with their nonsense, they’re all scientology freak member.
    All people in their business made joke about this couple (tomkat), because people are not blind & nor stupid, that’s all.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude


  • Ginny

    First I want to say YUCK! Having said that, be careful. The TC freaks will label you as a stalker obsessed with Katie’s sex life for making such comments.

  • woogie

    who cares about her sex life? SHE is the one that make that choice to marry Tom. Period.

    She gets exactly what she wished and asked for.

    Usually people like her are called Idiots

  • kate

    I do not understand why anyone would bring up her sex life.
    That seems silly to me.
    IMHO she looks great.

  • little lucy

    because she is a presumably straight woman who is married to a gay man? the topic makes perfect sense to me. why are you confused?

  • kate

    How do you know he is gay?

  • Torino

    She looks very nice, casual, simple, very pretty.