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Rachel Bilson: Gelson Market Food Shopper

Rachel Bilson: Gelson Market Food Shopper

Rachel Bilson shops for some groceries with a pal at the Gelson Market on Thursday (October 21) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress was as the same supermarket on Tuesday (October 19) after a trip to the dentist’s office. She must have forgotten some items as she was back pretty quick!

Earlier this week, Rachel read over the script for her upcoming flick BFF & Baby with her co-star Kate Bosworth. The film begins shooting at the end of the month.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a “Patti” tee by Market and carrying a limited edition Totes for a Cause tote by Urban Behavior.

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rachel bilson gelson market food shopper 02
rachel bilson gelson market food shopper 03
rachel bilson gelson market food shopper 04
rachel bilson gelson market food shopper 05
rachel bilson gelson market food shopper 06

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  • vinha

    So interesting.. :\

  • Thai

    Another nobody…

  • joyce


  • ida

    her unempoyment explains the clothes she wears.. :P

  • SugarMagnolia

    Notice how posts of other celebrities are of an event they attended or a new job or a new magazine cover. Rachel’s are always about how she went to a store to buy something, etc.

  • max

    when the pics come out of them filming this straight to dvd movie jared is going to get PAIIDDDD to post them

  • Annie

    Soooo? JJ? Did she pick her nose or scratch her butt while she was there? I can’t wait to know all the deets,

  • hdfhfg

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  • M

    Boho look? More like hobo look! Where’s the fashionista she purports to be? I wonder if she forgot those items on purpose…

  • Hannah

    She looks like that homeless guy that always sits on the corner of the street where I work. Yes, Rachel, WORK! I actually got work!

  • SOS

    The boho look is starting to annoy me.

    First Olsen, then Bilson, then Kate Moss, than Bilson again. UGH!

  • the truth

    jJJ she didn’t forget aything she she just wanted to be seem . And why we don’t see her with guys anymore ? Its always with a gal pal or her mom. She don’t attend charities events like others do What she has on is awful and that pair are jeans is not for her age . Could have wore a better pair. Don’t need to down now. No one care anymore.Next time have a guy come with you. It would be better than having gal pals all the time.

  • Elisilla

    Rachel Bilson doing nothing as usual…

  • ari

    Must be tiring for her brain cells to be doing nothing all the time

  • http://Justjared strawberry snow


    I’ll say this much JJ, your unwavering loyalty to Bilson is heartwarming…she’s virtually extinct in Hollyworld & yet you continue to post these random, inane shots.

    Meanwhile, she gets ZERO press anywhere else!

  • Lake

    What brain cells?

  • autumn

    Her friend must go the same hair stylist. Same fried, two toned mess.

  • http://MELGIBSON bitchback

    amazing how you know what clothes she is wearing

  • Maria


    No. It was Kate Moss who “started” the whole boho thing when no one else was dressing that way. Then the Olsens took it to another level, then Sienna put her spin on it. Rachel is just following their lead. She doesn’t start trends, she follows them. And that’s her stylist Nicole Chavez.

  • Brightside

    She shops there a lot! How do we know this? Because JJ puts a post on every freaking time….every freaking, fcuking time! Shopping for groceries at Gelson’s! I know a body’s got to eat but does JJ have to follow her to the supermarket every sodding time? IMO she looks like she should be panhandling outside dressed like that!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Is this that new “eclectic, bohemian, sophisticated” look we’ve been hearing about?? Maybe she’s hoping if she looks broke and homeless someone will take pity on her and give her a job.
    Hey Brightside – she wouldn’t do that – that would be WORK!! LOL!!

  • sussy

    i seem everybody her is complaining about how she dress but i like it.

  • Taylor

    loooove her jacket.

    and to everyone dissing the look, have you guys ever had a day you just want to wear lounging clothes? she looks comfy and cute. the only thing i don’t like is the hat, but it’s just personal preference.

    and why is everyone ragging on her saying she doesn’t work? she took time off from acting, she writes an column for a magazine, a blog for a company, now is part of a show that has a contract for a pilot , a part in a movie, she was in an indie film that was in festivals and is coming to theaters next year and all this done by a girl that has enough money to not give a shit and do exactly what you guys accuse her of. being spoiled. and i’d like to say that every single one of you would just laze about and shop all day too if you didn’t have to go to your miserable jobs in your miserable lives.


    AWWWWWW BRIGHTSIDE sounds like a neve got snapped you sound so upset i told you get used to seeing her here allllllllllllllll the time she is loved enough said and she still looks adorable the girl can do no wrong i guess when you have it you just have it and RB has it baby deal and dont get to upset

  • Brightside


    Why can’t you spell? What’s wrong with you that your spelling is worse than a nine year old? My cousin has a more extensive vocabulary and far better spelling skills and grammar than you and she’s only seven! Didn’t you go to school? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, so please listen! There are adult education classes for people such as yourself who lack a basic skill in reading and writing. I would think that they are not too expensive (though I have no personal knowledge of how much they charge) so it’s worth your while to check them out. Please do as it’s annoying having to read the rather retarded posts of an illiterate!

    FYI there are many adorable and talented actresses out there but, unfortunately Rachel Bilson is nowhere near the top of the list. Somewhere near the bottom, along with her IQ and her acting ability. She is d-list, or maybe e-list, or maybe even z-list. Not a patch on Anne Hathaway or any other beautiful, successful actress out there…of which there are so many. Rank, honey, rank, appearance and talent and Bilson has shown no signs of having any of the three. That’s how it is! That’s her life….so suck it up and get over it because it isn’t changing any time soon. She will always be the last cast in a turkey!

  • MissAnthropica

    First and foremost. What a boring post.
    Now that, that is out of the way and has been said I can say this….
    What the holyhell is she wearing? lol
    She is trying to wear too many trends at once, ripped jeans ( trend one), boots with sheerling for fur trim (trend two), green( trend three), military jacket (trend four), nactical stripes( trend five), mixing patterns( trend six mixing patterns with the shirt and the herendous bag she is carrying).
    She is trying wayyyy too hard to look like she isnt trying at all. Kind of obvious and looks more like a fashion victim trying to be “hip” and in the moment then a girl with her “own” fashion sense. Just saying people.
    Of course then again she could be going the Mischa Barton route, if Rachel dresses like a street begger then more people will pay attention to her and put her on the ” what not to wear lists”. Like what Barton does for attention.Well since they were both once on the OC the fact that they would both use the same methods for attention doesnt surprise me in the least.

    I gave JJ a break for awhile because it was getting boring and wanted to see if the posts got any better.
    Well it didnt. Same things as usual. Another useless Rachel Bilson post.
    What really made me giggle was the post I noticed from yesturday where Rachel was also shopping at Gelson’s.
    The fact that JJ actually knew what she bought, made it beyond obvious once and for all that……… RACHEL CALLS THE PAPS AND STAGES THE PHOTOS AND PAYS FOR POSTS.
    So obvious.
    Now the fact she went shopping at the same exact grocery store again the very next day where she got papped before is laughable to say the least. There is no way she eats that much that a single woman living by herself needs to shop for groceries every freaking day.
    I mean come on people. No way.
    The only way she could be eating that much and still slimming down from the much curvier figure she had before is if she is tossing it all back up the second she finishes eating. Some actresses do that of course but I doubt Rachel does.
    So riddle me this……. why would an former actress shop for groceries so much?
    Answer: Because she couldnt come up with a better scheme to get her picture taken today and was planning on shopping for clothes or shoes tomarrow so she couldnt use that.
    Sad but simple.
    I will say yesturdays outfit was alot better although these boots would of gone better with that outfit….. and todays oufit? It should be burned or atleast not all worn together on the same day at the same time ever again.
    I dont hate Rachel but damn its always the same old same old with her and the posts about her on this site.
    Boring and YAWN.
    I hope JJ is paided well by her people atleast I really do so there is some positive thing that comes out of these endless and pointless posts about her because they dont do much for anyone else.
    Rant done.

  • Shy

    Someone please tell her that she looks like an idiot when she hires personal photographer and then looks like she is “surprised by paparazzi”. That beyond pathetic and is offense to all the real celebrities who gets papped every day.

  • Ih8Posers

    Why do fame wh0res get more comments than other REAL celebs on here?
    You’re all giving her attention.

  • gilmorie

    Wow Rachel Bilson is really hitting rock bottom. After failing to secure a husband when her engagement to actor Hayden Christensen fell through, Rachel has been left to fend for herself……….
    “So Accurately True”.

  • @ all adrianas jealous fans

    @31 CELE JIHAD you cannot be normal if you read this website you talk about ppl that cant write or might miss a letter here and there but you go to this website whose the sc-m here now and @27 yo are missing the whole picture obviously just cant stand that rachel is here all the time wheres anne hathaway she isnt here half of the times rachel is rb gets 2 3 posts a day you just cant stand it and its killing you just like youre sickly jealous of BAR R. the same as for RACHEL BILSON also gorgeous and loved and youre a sick jealous loser that has nothing to do all day then type away as alias and post all day and night you have no life doesnt surprise us who the hell would want to be with you i would rather be dead

  • Too funny

    Hey JJ…are they back together?

    From Newspusher Celebrities Facebook page:

    Newspusher – EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen putting their groceries and their pumpkin into their car after shopping at Ralphs in Studio City, CA – California, United States (USA). Human interest, People, Celebrity.
    Yesterday at 8:12pm · Share · Flag

  • fan

    @33 and why do you care with your sarcastic pathetic remarks get lost BRIGHTSIDE

  • @fan

    I am not Brightside.

    I care b/c I happen to think they are a sweet couple and am hoping they can be happy together!

  • lou

    @ too funny I saw that comment on Twitter from Newspushe last night about them, and I have been wondering the same thing. If they are back together, there will be alot more comments about them on here before long, lol!

  • Viper

    I’m more then sure if she was back with HC there would be at least one visible picture of the two of them at this store. Until proven I claim it as some rumor. This seems to always happen when she ups and disappears along with HC everyone assumes they are with each other.

  • MissAnthropica

    Dont you think if they were back together tabloids , gossip sites would of jumped on it besides freaking a Twitter sighting?
    There would also be pictures FOR SURE and there arent any.
    Rachel was papped at the grocery store atleast twice in the past week. First why would she need to grocery shop yet again?
    Second if she did and he was there (which he wasnt most likely) dont you think the paps would of snapped it for sure?
    They get pictures of her boring daily shopping outings but not her and her ” EX” together again.
    I think not and call BS on that rumor.
    These rumors always seem to pop up like Viper said whenever Rachel isnt papped doing completely nothing every single day like normal for her. These types of rumors you dont see with other “ex” showmances or whatever just because both people vanish which makes me think these rumors are driven by PR people possibly working for Rachel herself or someone. Now that the story of their split is long since very old forgettable news to the main entertainment media.

    Hayden actually has been out of sight since Sept 28th atleast of last month while Rachel has been seen all over the place in La and never once was he seen
    .Most likely Hayden is up chilling on his farm or on vacation again.
    I remember there were rumors of Rachel and Hayden together before the split was announced and people lied and claimed on Twitter they were together and “just fine” and then everyone found out they were over and the twitter sightings were false.
    So this is for sure false as well.
    Most likely this is Rachel Bilsons pr people once more trying to help their girl out with the rumor.
    Because Jake Gyhlennhal was just seen out with Taylor Swift in NYC and at Saturday Night Live with her. So Jake G went with Taylor Swift and not Rachel. Which doesnt make Rachel look too good after her people tryed to start a rumor about her and him that Jake’s ppl laughed their a$$es off at.
    Kind of funny though dont you think?
    Rachel and Taylor went to several fashion events in Paris recently and were seen together but then Taylor Swift gets Jake G and Rachel doesnt.
    Ouch. Cold .

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Well Jake G. simply has “better taste” in women – - – “preferring” a tall, smart, naturally blonde (& not a fake & dried ombre hair) & w/ a supestar career like Taylor S. (no matter what others would say; she is simply “popular & rich”) -over- that JJ’s fave tabloid/zlister pet.