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Taylor Momsen: Paper Magazine Party Performance

Taylor Momsen: Paper Magazine Party Performance

Taylor Momsen performs with her band The Pretty Reckless at the Paper Magazine and Express fashion show after-party on Thursday (October 21) in New York.

The 17-year-old entertainer rocked out to her songs “Make Me Wanna Die” and “Nothing Left to Lose” during her 40 minute set.

Earlier this week, Taylor took a cancer stick break in between shooting scenes for Gossip Girl. She recently told Bullet magazine how she thinks of herself as “totally insane.”

15+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen rocking out in New York…

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momsen paper party 01
momsen paper party 02
momsen paper party 03
momsen paper party 04
momsen paper party 05
momsen paper party 06
momsen paper party 07
momsen paper party 08
momsen paper party 09
momsen paper party 10
momsen paper party 11
momsen paper party 12
momsen paper party 13

Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • Leni

    Okey then, so clearly she’s morphing into a corpse? Lovely…

  • annie

    You didn’t mention that she flashed her boobs while “performing”

  • annie

    I think its cause of Halloween :D :D :D

  • angie

    It’s already halloween??? Always the same look!!

  • lola
  • lola

    Did someone kidnap the real Taylor Momsen or what!?
    What the hell happened to her… !? look at her in that video- Its so scary how much she has changed and her parents are allowing their daughter to do stuff like this.. :( Now she is like a shell of her old self..

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! She should win some sort of award for best halloween costume!

  • caleb

    How funny the pics on egotastic show that they are covered with tape. EVen her phony attempt at being shocking wasn’t even fully executed. Her fake persona will overshadow any chance she has of people paying attention to her music.

  • caleb

    How funny the pics on egotastic show that they are covered with tape. EVen her phony attempt at being shocking wasn’t even fully executed. Her fake persona will overshadow any chance she has of people paying attention to her music.

  • fise

    Resident evil : Taylor Momsen turns to a zombie

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    She looks like the RIff Raff character from the movie, Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • Grace

    If you have to constantly tell or show people how much of a rebel you are, then you really aren’t.She is just a normal confused 17 year old who wants to seem cool and older than she really is.She might impress 13 year old girls, but to the rest of us she’s just an annoying pathetic little girl trying to impress adults (she may thinks she’s impressing adults but in reality we just see her as a little girl playing dress up,a pathetic girl at that)

  • Babysealz

    She’s has more vocal and writing ability then half of the shitty ass pop stars these days. The girl can really sing, she even sounds great live! So in my eyes, she can look and act however she feels. She has to work on performing,though. Because usually she just kinda stands there looking all zombie-like. I get it’s post-grudge, but you have to have SOME energy while performing!

  • Jessica

    Absolutely horrific.

  • JustMe!!:

    She’s disgusting! I pity any girls who consider this poser as a role model. She is SO FAKE!
    I can’t understand why Miley gets hated on more when this poser just turned 17.

  • Kelly

    I want to scratch her face out. It’s hideous to look at.


    She is vocally talented – too bad her her looks, her personality, her style, etc, etc ruin it for her.

    Stop behaving like an idiot, Tay-tay, and people might actually start listening to your music.

  • Ih8Posers

    Who does she think she is? Courtney Love? HAHAHAHAHA!
    She must know everyone is laughing at her, but some damn pants on you trashy betch.

  • GG


  • Elisilla

    Is that her halloween costume?

    She’s so funny, nobody believes her “style”.

  • http://MELGIBSON bitchback

    she is sick, her parents should be in jail for neglect

  • Sheigh

    She was pretty, now she’s ugly and silly!
    Plizz, T leave the showbizz!

  • drooth

    oh girl we get it… u a bad girl … but also a bad actress… come play with your barbie and let real good actress like kaya scodelario ( play Effy in Skins ) play the bad girl better than u ever will be….

  • Arianouille

    @annie: It’s a fake, I’ve got the real picture, she didn’t do that !

    Everybody stop to diss her, I met her when she was in Paris. The show was f*cking great and she’s the most adorable person ever. She made this day the most wonderful of my life… She’s amazing ! Met her before saying all this horrible things…

  • Arianouille

    @Ih8Posers: Not everyone. I don’t.

  • roguee

    just… gross… really…

  • silo

    She is so tragic….on so many levels… Poor Taylor, she totally reminds me of Angelina’s character in Girl Interrupted – narcissistic, self destructive and completely delusional.

  • anna

    Is this for halloween already??? she sure looks dead.

  • Vanessa

    I think she isooo ZzZzZzZzZz

  • yo sista

    What a talentless phony bish. NEXT!

  • Marie

    Flashing her breasts at 17, what’s next ?
    Probably an overdose when she turns 20.

  • JustAGirl

    @Grace I’m a 13-year-old girl, and she’s not even impressing me (that’s pretty easy to do).

    She can sing, but I prefer Cindy-Lou Who (who she played) to “OMG look at me, I’m such a rebel, I’m totally insane!”.

  • Jaded

    Did she run out of eyeliner and had to use her lipstick for her raccoon face?
    It’s a shame that she’s so insecure in her talent that she has to make a spectacle of herself. That way when people dog on her it’s all about her look and not her talent and she can say they don’t get me. She actually could just ride on the talent alone and do very well.
    Also the problem is being shocking isn’t very shocking anymore. Madonna and Courtney Love have already done it. Taylor and Gaga are just cheap copies of true (albeit crazy) genius.

  • Louise

    She definitely looks like Tiffany, the Chucky’s bride o_o

  • pp

    please stop paying attention to this poser, that is all she wants. she doesn’t have a single original idea of her own. all she does is mimic other rock stars and pretend to be someone she isn’t. this girl grew up in hollywood as an actress/model and stars in gossip girl…so it’s incredibly funny that she is pretending to be some tough “rocker” with the easy pampered life she’s lived. its pathetic.

  • MJ

    she looks like a “Living Dead Doll” o.O

  • Botox Melbourne

    What a poser

  • Kristina

    Pure uglyness.