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Kanye West's 'Runaway' Film Premiere!

Kanye West's 'Runaway' Film Premiere!

Check out Kanye West‘s film, Runaway, which tells the story of a phoenix (a metaphor for his return to the spotlight).

The 34-minute film features Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks as The Phoenix. And she’s soooooo hot!!!

During the NY premiere earlier this week, Kanye talked about why he created film and the backlash he received after the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

“The next day I wake up and people are saying, ‘die n-gga die,’ only cause you tried to make a change,” Kanye said. “I lost my tour, I lost my clothing line, my mother passed… Even this film was shot down, but we’re rockstars — f–k your opinion. My swag is so one hundred million trillion.”

Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ Film — WATCH NOW!
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  • annie

    Scorching hot and genius!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Kanye should share what he is smoking. Selita is flawless. Some of the images are great and others are huh?!

  • Traci

    Selita is my favorite Victoria’s Secret Angel. I have the biggest girl crush on her! So Sexy!

  • julie

    go kanye! do your own thing, be creative, make that change, the truth always hurt. there is always consequences for being out spoken,

  • nirvanic

    anyone noticed the servers in the dinner table were white.. LOL.

  • DeeDot

    Only thing I liked about this was the imagery..

  • Dion-Ish

    Lady Gaga need take notes from Kanye. If your gonna have me sit through a video for more than 10 minutes it must have substance

  • kim

    Re: Kanye’s comments – he is still such a jerk and obviously didnt mean any of the apologies he allegedly made to Taylor. How does being mean to a Teenage girl in front of millions of people around the world help him “make a change” ?

  • Sara Z

    He’s still a dick.

  • Dan

    “I lost my tour, I lost my clothing line, my mother passed… Even this film was shot down, but we’re rockstars — f–k your opinion. My swag is so one hundred million trillion.”

    Well, that’s ignorant to say. If he doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, why did he let the repercussions of the VMAs dictate his life afterward. Also, his apologies meant nothing then…

    And with respect to his mother’s death in mind (RIP), she was warned that cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation was not recommended due to complications, yet she went through with it and passed away. That sounds as bad as a drug overdose (again, not trying to be disrespectful) as it could’ve been prevented.

    And I’m not sure how he lost his clothing line… he must’ve done something wrong…

    I don’t hate him because of the VMAs, I just dislike his attitude and his state of mind. It’s so contradicting and it seems that he puts on a different face for the media when he needs to, but inside he’s malicious and condescending.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I can’t believe someone is here attacking a woman who died after surgery. How sick is that? His mother’s death should be off the table. And Taylor Swift needs to send thank you notes to Kanye every day. Without him, she’d be an irrelevant girl singing songs that sound like cereal commercials.

  • Sally

    Dan- well said.

    I also noticed that ALL the servers were Caucasian and ALL the people at the table were dark-skinned. What was Kayne trying to say there? We’re in the 21century man, it’s all about diversity- stop promoting segregation.

    Can’t deny the imagery was fantastic. Great to watch. However, the message was confusing. If I didn’t know about Kayne and his drama, I wouldn’t know what he was trying to say from this film. Which I still don’t know the overall message. There were various themes in the film, but none of them really fully connected to each other.

    Selita Banks was the only part that kept me 100% engaged. Love her.

  • rodabegonia

    For years, Kanye has been in the news. I never really listened to his music. Tonight I watched this “movie” and my response is a resounding …meh. I don’t get it. He’s average in talent and way over hyped, mostly by himself. I guess that’s how you be an only so-so artist and still get press.

    Odd film. Some parts interesting, but mostly just weird. What was with the KKK in red and burning Michael Jacksons head?? Is that art?

  • Cami

    That was really good. He put a lot of thought in every part. Very talented man. I can’t wait to buy the CD.

  • Dan

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Please read what I actually wrote before criticizing. And there’s a reason Taylor Swift was receiving a VMA in the first place, the whole “he made her famous” is dumb. Had she not been handed an award, the argument would make sense.

    And his mother’s death isn’t off the table since Kayne West thinks he can continuously use it as a trump card whenever he’s in a dilemma.

  • Dan

    @Sally: Thanks and I honestly don’t know what his point was with the servers. Had it been the other way around, there would’ve been racial issues (granted it was a white singer instead). Honestly, I felt like he was trying to say that white people serve him and he only confides in black people. I think he thought it’d be artistic and creative, but I agree with you, the segregation is such a lame tactic.

  • Anne

    @rodabegonia: only in the us is that considered the KKK, in other countries, it’s religious. since he filmed this God only knows where, I’m going with religious.

  • Anne

    I disagree with all this thought everyone is putting into the servers aspect of the video-puh-lease. If that’s the case, most of the dancers looked bi racial, was that a sign that the servers and the guests got together and made dancer babies? Ug. Did anyone look at the servers? They had the same kind of hair as a lot of Roman or Grecian statues (rip me a new one here folks, I don’t really care). Maybe it was his way of agreeing with the phoenix subliminally that this world is just messed up.

    Great imagery, nice colors. However, to me this felt like a 34 minute promo piece for his album. Yet, I’d watch this over Lil Wayne or Drake any doggone day.

  • Tiph

    Great messages with beautiful music and images!!! Selita and Kanye rocks! People need all other drama go.

  • Allie

    I thought it was a good short film. I didn’t see so much of the Taylor Swift/Kanye West stuff as I saw it being a progression of his relationship with Amber Rose. It seemed to follow their relationship from start to finish with him being ashamed of Amber Rose and her getting tired of being his embarrassment and returning her own world of “groupies.” Then he realizes he’s okay with her being a groupie and he’s not ashamed anymore, but by then it’s too late. She’s already “burned” and left him for good and there’s no way of him getting her back. Any other message in this film is a lie.
    And it was awesome to watch too. Great cinematography!

  • Allie

    @Anne: I agree. I think he was pulling from statues. The servers looked like something you would find in a book of Greek Mythology. I don’t think it was a race thing; it was an art thing.

  • Paul

    This completely reeks of illuminati/devil worshipping garbage. The white servers were also not a coincidence. The film made absolutely no sense and what was with the Michael Jackson head surrounded by red hooded KKK members? BUT for a music video the cinematography was amazing.

  • Maddie

    @nirvanic: LOL yeh, I did. I was like ums… sending a message there? :P

  • Claire

    Sooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Such a piece of splendid and delicated work!

  • Alexi

    It’s hilarious how the white people are so offended by the dinner scene LOL! Black people served whites for a loooong time. Afraid that the tables are turning??? hmmmm…lol

  • kiim

    he’s a piece of ****

  • laeni

    Selita and the video are gorgeous, didn’t care for the music.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    #15: Kanye talking about his dead mother does not give anyone the rights to applaud the death of a woman during surgery. That is sadistic. Why would anyone applaud such a thing? She died. Leave it alone and let her rest in peace. Kanye: yes you can pick on him all day but his dead mom? Get some morals, why don’t you. Regarding Taylor, I will say it again, her songs sound like she is selling the next new and improved apple jack cereal or the new brand of tampons. She is mediocre at best. Her PR people know a good story when they hear one. It sells records. If it did not, why would she rehash the Kanye story befor eher MTV performance a year later? lol. Ridiculous.

  • reba

    I swear, this idiot is bi-polar or something. He is mentally ill one-hundred million trillion percent.

  • Not impressed

    I want my 30 mins back..

  • N*

    I’m from Africa, and i must say that Kanye West is super talented. But with all of that said, it breaks my heart that he admitted to selling his soul to the devil. If only he knew that this talent of his is Gods talent and we all felt blessed by his work.

    Now he just feels to me like a talented lost soul. I pray that someday he sees the light and breaks away from people like Jay Z. Who worship a new world order and illuminati.

    *Kanye when God created u, he knew were going to influence and inspire so many. The devil knew that too and tried everything to get ur soul and sadly he has. The devil has taken one of my fav. artist.

    But like Tupac said we gotta “KILLUMINATI”

  • Mary

    I’d watch it, but that’s too long

  • Luuiza

    I Love it!!!!

    It’s hilarious how the white people are so offended by the dinner scene LOL! Black people served whites for a loooong time (2)

  • Dan

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Are you seriously that stupid? PLEASE read before bashing the comments. I never said she deserved to die, I said in all respects to her, she knew the risks. I would never say a drug overdosed person deserved to die, but it was their fault. That’s like saying a drunk driver’s death is just as tragic as the person he killed. WRONG, the drunk driver’s fault.

    His mom can’t be left alone since he keeps bringing it up whenever he wants people to feel sorry for him, and Taylor Swift is more talent than you could ever amount to.

    You’re trying to blow something out of proportion, it’s ridiculously childish.

  • Dan


    “And with respect to his mother’s death in mind (RIP), she was warned that cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation was not recommended due to complications, yet she went through with it and passed away. That sounds as bad as a drug overdose (again, not trying to be disrespectful) as it could’ve been prevented.”

    How is that in any way applauding death? Kayne needs to settle down, as well as his ass-kissing fans like you.


    O M G FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady

    “”Afraid that the tables are turning??? ”
    LOL!!! No, sweetie, because there is not a chance in a million years that they ever would. Let’s be realistic.

  • um,

    I can’t……even.

    I’m…… :’( That was the best video…………I’ve seen all f*ing YEAR.

    HELL, the best music video I’ve seen in my 23 years of life!
    Better than every MJ video I’ve seen! Blasphemy?

    Damn, I’d like to see Gaga try and beat this and I say that as a Gaga fan.
    Speechless, Kanye.

  • eatyourheartout

    I bet 90% people here praising kanye are black. His so-called talent is sampling music done before him. Taylor writes music, kanye copies it. enogh said. you dumbasses just need a a black God. and i get the feeling, he has gotten the message, by acting like one.

  • flawless music

    absolutely stunning. i want classical versions of every song used, kanye.

  • flawless music

    @eatyourheartout: I’m Asian and Muslim.

    Way to generalize and manage to be incredibly offensive whilst doing so.

  • http://@Jintrovert Jeorgina Williams

    Selita looks amazing.Kanye did an amazing job. Great marketing tactics.

  • Nicky Toto

    Kanye is great, i like his music; style, in this short runaway film Selita is great she make you keep watching the film, the ballerinas danced very nice and Kanye as usual is great too. Hell this film is very artistic. May her mom rest in peace, Amen (We don’t judge the dead)

  • Max

    Yeh i just bought his album today cos i actually really enjoy his music and i got the runaway dvd with the cd. so my thoughts are yeh i deff feel the whole amber rose thing losing her and its too late bla bla i also felt the whole dinner scene with the white servers was not a racial separation thing i think it was more of a contrast considering all the guests were black (wearing white), now that said, weren’t the guests all his family members??
    now the whole taylor swift issue, yes she should write him a thank you letter cos it really did boost her career, yes she was already famous and yes SHE was receiving the award but you cant argue that it didnt help her.
    i also deff feel this was another classic kanye west wank on how amazing and talented he is, and he is, but hey guys hes not leonardo davinci. now i know kanye obviously wanted to direct but there are only so many shots of slow mo explosions and deer before its like “ok time for something else!” did anyone not think a few extra sped up shots (aka the ballerinas and fire works) might have looked amazing and work well with the rap? but then again that would mean more time on other shots and i dont think kanye is very visually artistic for a long period of time tho i really love his other music videos, but those are 7 mins max not 35.
    this whole issue with his mom, its very sad but yeh surgery is a risk and yes lots of people have it and are fine but its still a RISK, you have to go into that knowing that there is a chance you could die and not just thinking “oh its never gonna happen to me” cos who is it gonna happen to then? it has to be someone. but yeh its time to stop using that for the ‘poor little me’ act, your not the only one who has lost love ones.
    now the bits that left you scratching your head? deff the red KKK hoods, i dont think the czech republic use them as religious worship (i might be wrong so i stand corrected) and kanye used to be religious but i dont get that vibe so much now days (again i might be wrong) but lyrically its questionable. plus the whole freemasonry/Illuminati is he isnt he thing.
    but at the end of the day its his music, his video, his money to spend how he wants and you can hate it or love it. it enjoyed it and im still a fan but hes not my Jesus like i think he wishes he was?
    oh yeh and WTF? did they screw on the roof? looked like they were inside so why did he wake up there thinking “what the hell”?

  • Max

    oh yeh and selita ebanks was STUNNING and so prefect for the role.
    and all thats missing is a cd of those classical tracks.