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LeAnn Rimes: Who Has Stinky Feet on My Flight?!

LeAnn Rimes: Who Has Stinky Feet on My Flight?!

LeAnn Rimes touches down at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday (October 23).

The 28-year-old singer flew in from Canada, where she performed two concerts in Niagara Falls.

“Um, so excited that I have a seat that makes out into a bed on my flight!!!” LeAnn tweeted.

“I am not excited however about whomever it is that has stinky feet on my flight,” she added.

LeAnn has a break from her tour for a few days, before getting back on the road next week for shows in Georgia and North Carolina!

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  • Stephy Dianne

    Stunningly gorgeous!

  • 1a2b3c

    THANKS JARED for more of my favorite country star

  • Gifted LeLe

    Better than ever


    The stinky feet reference is hysterical. I dislike flying, better bring a nose plug next time I do.

  • blair

    They’re probably your stinky feet, wewe.

  • Irish Mac

    Thx JJ!!! Beautiful snaps.

  • games on

    Love the outfit, she’s very toned and fit herself. Lovely!

  • lily

    totally get why eddie couldn’t resist-beauty, voice and great personality

  • huggief

    Prettier every day.

  • blair

    …and a cheater, just like him

  • Always a fan

    Been an unwavering fan from the beginning. Luv this girl’s spirit, energy and talent.

  • Jack J

    The ex wife dumped troll & he can’t get over it Le and Ed make a good couple

  • Dieter

    I wanna lick the pooper of her’s – stinky or not !!!!

  • Nina

    THIS is “beauty” ??!!! guys really have lowered your expectations.

    this is a horse faced average ok looking girl.

  • McBaldwin

    Love LeAnn and Eddie. Happy Eddie got away from the ex. LeAnn seems like wonderful wife material.

  • pa macdougal





  • Jason

    @Nina: What do you expect from her 2 deaf, blind stans reposting positive comments over and over again LOL. They’re pathetic and DELUSIONAL.

  • Better than the EX

    Eddie struck gold this time around. For some reason he was no longer in love with the ex. LeAnn is better for Eddie.

  • ew,

    There’s no one I want to smack around the head more. Maybe George Bush.

  • rhonda

    some of you people need glasses, asap!

  • molly my gal

    Golden couple. Eddie deserved better and found it.

  • Tab

    She genuinely thinks she looks good HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  • Troll never left

    Jason has been here all along under multiple akas. bwahahaaaaaaaa


  • Troll never left

    What are you paid troll? Health ins. come with the job or are you confined to home and bored. Pobre!!



  • blair

    @troll never left +molly+better, etc.=racy

  • umm

    jared posting comments for their paying celebrities; definitely a new low…

  • Mona

    fugly stinky w.h.o.r.e

  • silo

    I like her, she seems cute and funny.

  • shoegal

    did she not realize the smell was probably from her stinky soul?

  • Steve

    LeAnn is showing her age to not recognize that odor, her memory is failing. She forgot that she didn’t bring her douche bag with her this trip!

  • limit out

    Twollie having a melt down b/c Eddie LOVES leAnn

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    C’mon JJ !!! Is Leann this desperate for attention? A thread about stinky feet.? She has bucks she should have chartered a plane. On Southwest you take it as it comes. You can tell Leann is paying for this who else would bother with this drivel. Just shows her immaturity.

  • Beautiful Le

    shush ya pretend ole crone.. We LOVE all and any news of LeAnn and Eddie. Just b/c you’re green with envy doesn’t mean everyone else is.

  • Raquel

    Ravishing and THANKS to JUST JARED again and always for LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian coverage.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Beautiful Le Envious of what? If I was envious of anyone it would be Beyonce,Taylor or Carrie they all are all young talented have fame and class. Leann has a sagging career a gigolo with kids for a boyfriend and no class/Envious, I think,NOT!!!. Young or old I would never be this desperate for attention.

  • King of Ireland’s Son



    Gawd, I love this woman. Her voice sends me into space.

  • she looks hot!!

    Cute dress! She’s been looking really good lately. I never used to pay much attention to her but the last few months she has really stepped it up. She has never looked better.

  • j

    she looks incredibly stuck up..since her whoring ways Im not a fan of either of them

  • lol

    @limit out:
    says who? i have NEVER heard eddie say he loves leann..but ive heard leann say it a bazillion times..must suck that ur unemployed serial cheater gigolo is a to all these “new” fans popping up on jj..if u guys mattered wewe’s single wouldnt have tanked, her concerts wouldnt be cancelled, her twitter followers would be more than kardashians youngest sister, and her album which was ready early this year wouldnt have been pushed tell me fans how come ur idols career is tanking and her user lover is still unemployed plus he NEVER does shiit in the house.cant even order dinner after wewe is in the hospital all day..what a man ;)

  • Jealous?

    what im trying to wrap my brain around is what exaclty do leanns fans mean when they say we are jealous…what the heck is there to be jealous tell, im dying to know..yea because if there was one “celebrity” id be jealous of its def leann rimes..she has it all..her career is doing awesome and she has a faithful boyfriend that will def be with her FOREVER and will never ever cheat in his life again…lol..who cares if most cheaters end up cheating again..wewe’s case is true luv..remnd me to come back and laugh at these fans when the NE catches eddie cheating again..actually eddie is such a zlist celebrity i doubt NE will even waste paper talkin about him

  • http://Twitter Isadora Duncan

    Hey EW you need a big back slap on your head….lol….hater jerk

  • bobbi

    Yeah I love how the first section of comments were all posted within minutes of one another.

    Few like this skank…very small fan base

  • bri

    @lol Don’t talk about “new fans popping up” when you just posted under 2 different names, “lol” and “Jealous?”. Why did you just change your name when you accuse others of doing it?

  • blair

    Wewe has to pay for everything….her gigolo boyfriend & his children, her lame photo ops, even these fake posters (“stunningly gorgeous”, “so fit & toned”…lol). She better keep making money, she has an army of parasites to feed.

  • Harrison

    Whoa Leanns publicists are all over this one. It’s so phony and fake. Lol. They are trying to save their job

  • lol

    its more plausible that pro leann people are few and posting multiple times.if you look at her twitter the same people tweet her AND she has an extrmeley low fan base..HELLO her album was pushed back AND her tix sales are doin fact look back at a leann post pre-affair and see how many comments she got from these suposed “fans”

  • miapocca

    she needs botox to fix that SIMLE into place, because her boyfriends career tanked adn she will be paying child support to the wife she wronged….karma is not even started yet…brandy will be living like a queen off of her money ahahahhah…yes sile little ho, this is what you get…may next time call jolie on how to clam for taken men, at least hers did nto come with children and child support.ahahahha…

  • miapocca

    just jared is now a pathetic site to publicize and uplift those foolish celebs!1 long live dlisted!!