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Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: Budapest Babies

Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: Budapest Babies

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt go for a walk with their nannies on Sunday (October 24) near their home in Budapest, Hungary.

The 2-year-old twins were on the move, walking with only a little bit of help from their nannies. Vivienne held onto her blankie tightly, while Knox seemed more interested in exploring the outdoors.

The entire Jolie-Pitt family is in Budapest while mama Angelina directs a still untitled project about a couple falling in love during the Bosnian war.

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    Finally some great pictures of the Jolie-Pitt twins. The beginning of a great week for the fans.

  • boston61

    Vivian = Downs Syndrom IMO

  • fernanda

    So beautiful!!!

  • first and last post

    am I first??

  • brad luvr


  • Sammy


  • sakura

    adorable… adorable babies… they’ve grown so fast!

  • miapocca

    they look like they have downs syndrome

  • first and last post

    oh well fourth isn’t so bad.

  • Katy

    I think the lady is pulling Viv’s hand way too hard…

  • Alissa

    Now, which of those nannies is the one Brad is poking?

  • someone

    boston61..I have to agree with you..knox is a cute kid…but poor little Vivian appears to have a problem…

  • aeon

    boston61 @ 10/24/2010 at 1:05 pm

    who the hell asked for your opinion you jerk.

    VIV is a beautiful healthy baby.

  • aeon

    I think Kathy you have x-ray vision or blindness to be able to see that.

    I don’t see that at all.

    The twins are adorable.

  • Lara

    Both of them are adorable. Hello all J-P fans.

  • first and last post

    Since I’m posting
    Hi to vickifromtexas…glad to see you posting every now and then.
    To my dear neleh,
    feeling better sunshine? miss your happiness.
    hey champ…post more…
    greetings to the menage…I know you’re peaking every now and then.
    Also to the lovely dina #1, saw your post a few threads ago, pop in more often…you are missed…
    ditto groundcontrol and lylian…where are you two??
    Go Giants.

  • aeon


    and from where I am sitting at home I can see you have one of those social disease (VD). Your name alone could be one.

  • Mona

    gorgeous family


    I am still hoping the family takes the kids to the Meagamind premiere next Saturday. But it doesn’t look like it will happen. I will have to wait for the Tourist premiere to see Brad and Angie.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh my word! They are so beautiful. Love Viv’s coat, very chic!
    BTW is Knox’ hair reddish or is it me?

  • aeon

    and how would you know that phoebees are you the poker itself?

  • Anna

    Why is that nanny dressed just like a hooker?

  • Salt

    I love the J-Ps family but I must say, when I saw Viv in these pics, she does look like she has a Down’s syndrome. I used to work with disabled children. Viv is adorable though, beautiful.

  • aeon

    Seriously, is that the best you can come up with? Idiot.

  • 3ee

    Twin girl a down syndrome child ?

  • XYZ

    Ugly kids so far.

  • jennifer

    These jerks said the same thing about Shiloh, that she had downs syndrome.

  • dianad1968

    Why do fans even acknowledge idiots like boston61 and her aliases? IF you feel a need to respond to them, RIDICULE them, but there is NO NEED to defend the JPs children.

  • bdj

    The twins are cute. Whiny hens are in deep denial, whine all the time and find fault with everything. I guess that is why Norman, the dog is depressed.

  • Drainbreath


  • bdj

    The 8 celebs with real power

    Angelina Jolie

    Movie stars love a good photo op, but if this Academy Award-winning actress were not truly committed to her raft of causes, she likely would have quit long ago. Jolie exemplifies the change celebrities can effect when attaching themselves to causes, such as her work with refugees on behalf of the United Nations, among dozens of other crusades.

    Jolie is not as overtly political as some other celebrities, but her influence is undeniable because the media cover her (and her famous partner’s) every move. Whether’s she rubbing elbows with White House cabinet members, donating millions to various charities or pushing for legislation to aid Third World children, Jolie has arguably accomplished more with her celebrity than many politicians do with endless meetings and back-room deals.

    Self-appointed role: Humanitarian activist

    Quotable (on “Charlie Rose” in 2007): “Anything you work on somehow at the end of the day connects back to kids, whether it be projects in Cambodia

  • aeon

    Hey dianad1968,

    How are you? Long time since I last posted here.

    You are right why bother acknowledging those idiots. But couldn’t resits. Forgive me.

  • —————-

    Atleaset one good thing- she dresses Vivian like a girl

  • bdj

    Entire article with pixs at site

    Made up of 117 islands with 409 bridges connecting them, Venice is a city like no other and offers completely unique sights and attractions. Most famous for its fascinating art, stunning architecture, a lurid history, and of course the Grand Canal (the city’s main street, which is technically a river), Venice is not your typical metropolis and it is a truly beguiling experience to tour a city built on water where cars, congestion and traffic noise are all absent. Cruising through the vast canal network, which in fact constitute Venice’s motorways, roads and streets, is a truly unique experience. A Venice gondola ride is the only way to see the city properly and your gondolier will take you wherever you wish to go and may even offer an operatic serenade to entertain you on your watery voyage. The other part of Venice’s charm also comes from its unforgettable landmarks. Not only does it have celebrated museums, soft sand beaches and stunning indigenous wildlife, but it has iconic sites like St. Peter’s Basilica. The square outside the basilica is world famous. It is a charming collection of stores and restaurants on beautiful cobblestone, and there are as many pigeons admiring its splendors as there are tourists. The beauty of Venice also has been captured in many movies including this forthcoming “The Tourist” starred the hottest duet of the year, Angelina Jolie-Johnny Depp. A comedy-drama thriller film directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck whose first feature film Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2007, “The Tourist” is actually a remake of French film titled “Anthony Zimmer”.

  • gracie

    Anuston sick fans attacking children. Shame on all of you. The twins are cute and happy. And all those wishing JP twins ill may the same fall on you.

  • bdj

    New Orleans….amazing city

    When we entered the 9th ward, there is a monument out the front on the corner of the intersection, which shows how high the water got to at various points throughout the hurricane and the height of which most houses were. It is a pretty easy visual to see how bad the houses would have flooded.

    Brad Pitt has apparently done a lot of work in working with families and architects to rebuild energy efficient houses that are built to withstand floods. Most houses are built up on stilts, with escape hatches in the roof so people can climb up in case of flood. Some of the houses are built so that if it floods again the houses won’t get swept away down the street, but rock back and forth on concrete. Our guide pointed out about a dozen or more houses that Brad Pitt helped rebuild and he also works with the families to try and secure 0% mortgages.

  • Lara

    Don’t feed the trolls! J-Ps are such a happy loving family.

  • Drainbreath

    They are both healthy looking cuties and their nannies look good too.

    As for the ‘poking’ comments I think if Brad were still with the Fame Fattened Tick he may well have fantasised about it but being with La Jolie he would have no need to look anywhere as his heart is locked on only one and who could blame him.

  • bdj

    Let’s just start off by saying that I’m major fans of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie! I am in love with them pretty much. Everyone I know knows that! What’s not to love about them? They are both great actors and have great movies. They are both humanitarians who has done so much good in the world. Brad has his Make it Right foundation He is helping rebuild the lower ninth ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit. Angelina has been a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Ambassador since 2001. She has visited over 20 countries visting internally displaced persons. Together they have donated millions of dolars each year through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. But probably their biggest endeavor they have taken on is becoming parents to six children.

    I love the fact that these pictures show that after being together for 5 1/2 years that they are still very much in love. It’s kind of funny how so many celebrity couples have been breaking up left and right lately but Brad & Angie are the ones in the tabloids each week saying they’re going to break up. They seem to not pay attention to the tabloids and they don’t care. It goes to show you that they seem to be in it for the long haul and are stronger than ever.

  • dianad1968



    LOL, It’s OK aeon, I understand the need to respond to them sometimes, but just tell them to EFF OFF. I am almost certain it’s one idiot changing names, and if there is more than one, they are owned by the JPs as they were obviously waiting with bated breath for news about the Jolie-Pitts. I NEVER know when anything is posted about Deadend, because I am NOT interested.

  • NAN

    Alissa pokinging man still waiting for the rearl sausages to poking her,but failed she got only plastic one huh? he ha he ha ha ha.
    Someone still thinking thoughts of her sin that sent her to be the BitterBiichBarrenCow and be The Spinster Grandma of HW.
    Poor Spinster Grandma still be ga ga with Fake Baby !

  • Richard P

    Knox and VIvi are cute

  • bdj

    United Nations—The Untied Nations Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR and American Movie Star Angelina Jolie has said that she was touched by the hospitality of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and his family during her recent visit to Pakistan.

    She was in Pakistan last month to see the plight and needs of the flood victims.

    She expressed impressions of her visit in a letter to the Prime Minister.

    The last visit of Jolie to Pakistan was her fourth to the country since becoming a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2001. She last visited in November 2005 following the devastating earthquake in northern Pakistan.

    Jolie has been reported expressing her unforgettable feelings

  • teri

    So adorable. Love this family.

  • aeon

    I know what you mean diana1968 and am glad you understand.

    I hear you re: deadend/ffatten tick/X whatever moniker you guys call her these day. I think she is a waste of brain energy. I never cared for her before BP, during BP and after BP, and I can guarantee you that I won’t care about her and kinds in the foreseeable future or ever.

  • mimi

    the girl looks like she has Downs. boy looks like james haven.

  • advantage

    these kids look a little ~special

  • gracie
  • dianad1968

    BTW, Viv looks just like Shi did at that age, but like Angie said, she seems very girlie. LOL. They are so adorable.

  • In Their Yard

    ummm- why do blogs insist on saying that these pics were taken as if they were walking off their property (the same verbage used with the other pics taken 2 weeks ago in their yard)? Although I’m sad that the JPs can’t have privacy in their own yard, the twins are very cute!!