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Neve Campbell: Hawaii Bikini Babe!

Neve Campbell: Hawaii Bikini Babe!

Neve Campbell steps out of the water after going for a swim on Thursday (October 21) in Hawaii.

The 37-year-old actress went out to the beach with a female friend.

Neve recently filled EW in on what to expect from her character, Sidney, in Scream 4 – and dishes that her character has written a self-help book! “She ends the book tour with going to Woodsboro and there she finds her cousin and her aunt and some friends and trouble ensues,” Neve explained.

Scream 4 hits theaters on April 15, 2011!

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  • x-jaquelineworld

    Ugly body :/

  • British Latin American

    Neve is letting herself go! Too bad.

  • Dan

    I’m glad she’s not afraid to be herself and not worry about what other people will think. Anyone who says that body is ugly probably isn’t into girls, is bulimic/anorexic, or is jealous. She’s not the average twig, which is beautiful, good for her! She looks great

  • Becca

    I think she looks brill, so what she isn’t a size 6 or a size 0 in America, I am glad she isnt ashamed of her body, and besides looks aren’t everything in a person. I love her for being herself and not being influenced by other people.

  • butterfly

    She looks great!!

  • lisa

    neve looks natural and verry pretty i am so glad she is not like all these other anorexic looking actresses that are so thin they make the rest of us normal size wemen 12 0r 11 feel fat not to be that size she looks normal and healthy! and i am excited that they are making a scream 4 i cant wait!

  • Alan

    She looks fantastic!

  • anirac

    Thank God for a normal, healthy looking woman! Go Neve!

  • angie

    agree with Dan
    2 first comments are very stupid


    She should not wear a bikini no fat chicks should.

  • à paris

    fat or skinny doesnt matter, she has no appeal at all.

  • NO


    agreed. if you weigh over 135 and you’re not 5’8″ +




    it’s unfortunate that a size 10/12 is deemed “normal” in america. that’s big.

  • Someone

    I Love her!

  • Manipulated by the Media

    Have we become so blinded by the anorexic, bobblehead, Hollywood barbies, we can’t even appreciate a normal, healthy 37 year old woman? Granted, you can’t do laundry on her abs but she’s certainly far from fat. The only thing I think she’s guilty of is wearing a nonflattering bathing suit. However, Neve strikes me as a woman who could give a rats a$$ what anyone else thinks and good for her!

  • MlleF

    People who find her not OK are stupid morrons.

    That’s how people get crazy and goes bulimic or anorexic, that’s what happen to me when I was younger.

    She’s gorgeous as hell, and you should go see your stupid face in the mirror before talking

  • Robyn

    There’s nothing wrong with her weight. There is something wrong with her obvious lack of fitness. The exact same weight with greater muscle tone would look great, but she is extremely soft.

  • anon


    Sorry mate, for some of us the look of our bodies is irrelevant to our chosen careers. But if you are a screen actress under the age of 40 you bet you better keep that tone up unless of course she just isn’t interested in working anymore. Funny how she used to be a dancer; the most beautiful bodies in the world.

  • tinkerbell

    You people make me sick. she’s not fat.
    Would u rather see a bag of bones parading herself on the beach? i wouldn’t.
    Shame on you all.

  • Camila

    No celulite. Good!

  • Mari

    No celulite. Good!

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]


  • facts

    She’s beautiful. The ppl complaining are FAT lesbos who’s mothers were born with cocks.

  • tubs


  • D

    There’s nothing wrong with her body, she’s 37 for gods sake you can’t expect her to have this tiny toned body of a 20 year old, I think she looks great, and good on her for showing off her body proudly.

  • D

    There’s nothing wrong with her body, she’s 37 for gods sake you can’t expect her to have this tiny toned body of a 20 year old, I think she looks great, and good on her for showing off her body proudly!

  • Elisilla

    I think she looks normal… what’s wrong with that?

  • elizabeth marinas

    i think she’s nomal too what’s wrong with looking normal for her age i think she looks beautiful

  • http://MELGIBSON bitchback

    not attractive, too pudgy for me

  • McDonald’s generation

    LOL – just the sort of comments you’d expect from all the overweight “plus sizers” bred and raised on McDonald’s “Super Size Me” meals and diets loaded with carbs and saturated fats. Don’t care that she’s 37 – plenty of women that age, and older, still manage to keep their figures trim AND toned. Sorry, the woman is definitely out of shape.

  • epicfail

    not attractive, one piece bikini would be a better option for that body

  • family lawyers melbourne

    sexy black bikini, she looks great

  • Dino

    When you guys are saying good on her for showing off her body proudly YOU ARE saying she’s fat.
    You wouldn’t say that about someone with a good body

  • No excuse

    Age is not an excuse for letting your body go. Thirty-seven is not old. She definitely needs to hit the gym.

  • lilac

    She looks just a like any other regular out of shape women we constantly see on the beach which is not something we normally expect from a famous actress.
    I agree she’s far from fat, but kinda outta shape and that swimsuit is def. unflattering. But it’s great she seems not to care about what midia will say.
    But she should work out a little and maybe buy a new swimsuit?

  • Better in a one-piece

    Has she had kids? If so that could explain her somewhat thick midsection. Her legs honestly aren’t too bad though. She’d probably look better in a more form-fitting one-piece that held her in a little more.

  • Annie

    She’s certainly not fat and she’s lucky to have a very youthful looking face…but she doesn’t have much a a waist.

  • bb

    i’d say slightly chunky,nice face

  • Not the type

    Wrong bathing suit for that kind of figure. She has a cute face but needs to lose around 10 lbs. and firm up. I’m always amazed at the women who think they can wear a bikini whether they’re on the chunky side or too skinny (I don’t think either type should wear them). It takes a really nicely-toned body to look good in one IMHO.

  • CW

    LOL at you media-brainwashed virgins saying she’s “fat.” She’s just not toned, but has a perfectly healthy and attractive body. She’s cute as a button and hasn’t aged a bit. Probably because she doesn’t mess up her figure or skin by starving herself or tanning herself orange.

    She’s beautiful and refreshing at that.

  • Nate

    Yes, she has thickened a bit but as said, she is 37 and looks pretty darn good. That suit IS fine on her. Any venal idiot who thinks otherwise – well, how about when YOU’RE that age and then we all viciously pick YOU apart – moron.

  • Chuck B

    I love you neve I think your great show that body girl you look sexy and

  • william

    Who knew that Neve Campbell had such a ‘Luscious’ body!!!
    I love the pics, any Topless?
    I will be useing the pics the next time am strokeing my cock,
    and shoot some cum for Neve…

  • Thomas

    I think she looks great!

  • I love Neve

    She’s been my childhood crush since I was like 14 years old, and she’s still sexy. I just saw her on Jay and she was the only reason I watched his worthless show. Neve, your husband is a lucky man. Please clone yourself and send her my way!

  • Lídia

    I hope I look that good when I’m 37.