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Carey Mulligan & Tom Sturridge: Hollywood Awards Gala Exit!

Carey Mulligan & Tom Sturridge: Hollywood Awards Gala Exit!

Carey Mulligan keeps her head down as she heads home in a taxi with rumored boyfriend Tom Sturridge after the 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (October 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Carey and Tom (both 25) have also been spotted together at the low-budget hotel, Best Western, where she’s been staying while shooting her new movie Drive.

“I don’t know why people are so down on the Best Western,” Carey joked. “They have the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.”

Watch the video of Tom hopping into the cab with Carey!

Carey Mulligan & Tom Sturridge: Hollywood Awards Gala Exit!
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64 Responses to “Carey Mulligan & Tom Sturridge: Hollywood Awards Gala Exit!”

  1. 1
    Pili Says:

    most boring couple in the world, just thinking of them makes me yawn…

  2. 2
    DizzyMissLizzie Says:

    I approve SO!!!!

  3. 3
    vanessa Says:

    I thought she was with Shia?!

  4. 4
    Jane Says:

    I will approve of this pairing once he shaves.

  5. 5
    LOL. Says:

    she looks like a prepubescent boy and he looks like a smelly tramp.

    shia was king of fugly douches though so this is still a step up.

  6. 6
    Helena Says:

    I was looking at the comments on the other topic about them and I just think to myself…how old are you people?

    “He’s ugly! He doesn’t deserve her!”
    “She’s ugly! She doesn’t deserve him! OH MY GOD HE IS SO HOT! I’M GONNA BASH HER TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL BETTER!”
    “So plain!”
    “They’re both ugly, they deserve each other!”

    Maybe when you tweens grow up, you will realise that there is more to life than just looks!

    Then there are the cynics calling out on Carey’s alleged PR work. Sorry, I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t Kim Kartrashian. She doesn’t need press to maintain her career. She is an actress.

    …and the most boring couple ever? You don’t even know them, what the–? Carey Mulligan is anything but boring. She is refreshing.

  7. 7
    [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L] Says:

    …i like her w/ shia only.

  8. 8
    Flo Says:

    Does she seem kinda… wasted?

  9. 9
    D Says:

    she must be so desperate. her publicist chose the s/utty road for her. LOL wh*re

  10. 10
    truth Says:

    She’s a wh*re. And wh*res always have a ‘back-up’ before they have the ‘balls’ to leave their current wallet. They’re like monkeys. They won’t leave one tree, until they have another tree to jump to. Shia can easily find himself a new *** bucket.

  11. 11
    Liz Says:

    Girl moves on pretty fast.

  12. 12
    truth Says:

    carey, give up. you’re a talentless, ugly, boring s/ut. you’ll never be big in hollywood. wearing everyone’s t-shirt won’t make you a good actress.

  13. 13
    salma Says:

    white trash
    disgusting people
    scum of the world

  14. 14
    truth Says:

    she’s dating Tom Mison.

  15. 15
    truth Says:

    spreading your legs for trashy actors won’t make you a good actress either.

  16. 16
    Hey Girl Says:

    Get over yourself.
    You’re not that hot or talented.

  17. 17
    absofsteel Says:

    what a complete sloot and he is no better either. How can anyone move on so quickly? cold hearted ********. I hope it ruins both their careers although this tom bloke seems to do more sleazing about than acting

  18. 18
    Julles Says:

    That guy is UGLY and why is he trying to hide his head like anyone knows or cares who he is (besides Robert Pattinson’s friend) Loser! She is Ugly as well.

  19. 19
    tomcarsluts Says:

    foul disgusting behaviour. if you are going to move on so fast could you keep it to yourselves instead of spreading your germs all over hollywood. these two obviously have drugs in common. tom is turning into a paris hilton type celebrity. photographed for who he is friends with or ********.his family must be so proud. white trash behviour from two pasty british rich kids. Never thought i would say this but it’s interesting that shia is coming off looking better out of this. And what about toms’s supposed english girlfriend? pathetic way to treat people and getting yourself photographed just screams that you don’t care who you hurt. selfish

  20. 20
    tomcarsluts Says:

    also all the people saying they are a nice couple well they would be if they were not acting like this. I used to like carey. talented and smart and if these two eventually had of got together well that would have been lovely. However, this reeks of a revenge attack on shia or some sordid cheap fookfest. You would think they could clean their act up. I know some people will tell me to get over it but I truly thought Tom was destined for a good solid career and I thought he was a nice person. These actions just prove he is another jaded ****

  21. 21
    Jane Says:

    Y’all do realize Shia’s been spotted all over town with another woman. Hope you’re saving some of your vitriol for him.
    THEY BROKE UP. It happens. Who knows how long ago they really called it quits. People need to stop being so creepy and judgemental.

  22. 22
    tomcarsluts Says:

    you do realise that there is nothing creepy in thinking that people you admire etc might do the right thing. I think by all accounts they called it quits only a month ago. I hope it does ruin tom’s career. i hope he is only seen now as a homewrecker cause that is all he deserves. And where are these pics of shia with another woman??? i don’t see him flaunting that in the media

  23. 23
    tommy Says:

    go tom!!!!!! saw a pic of his english chick and she is hawt and now a bit of carey. this guy is my new hero

  24. 24
    uglycarey Says:

    she is not what you would expect to be with sturridge. Expecting some hussy model draping off his arm but instead we get some wh*re actress

  25. 25
    Celia Says:

    Seriously. I don’t understand this at all. Couples break up all the time, but why the hell would she move on so fast and with this (WHO THE CRAP IS THIS) guy.

    I still like Carey, but not as much as I used to. It’s not right.

  26. 26
    duh Says:

    LOL, reading this thread is like going for a trip to the zoo! I think some of you guys need some mental help. No wait, looks like one person only, really, posting again and again!

  27. 27
    forreals Says:

    yeah it’s probably shia posting again and again

  28. 28
    Music 101 Says:

    @duh: Exactly. Its the same Shia obsessed stalker who hates Carey because she was with Shia. Its people like that poster that made me stop being a fan of his.

  29. 29
    cali Says:

    lol, you guys are idiots. NONE OF YOU KNOW WHEN SHIA AND CAREY aCTUALLY BROKE UP. So stop acting like school marms about it. Tom is hot and carey is lovely.

  30. 30
    forreals Says:

    yeah Shia get off this message board and go find a new woman

  31. 31
    lea Says:

    all people who defense tom are robpattinsonfans because he is close friend of rob. this guy love celebrites. i remember when rob and emilie de ravin was filming in Ny he has tried to be with emilie de ravin but emilie is very smart, she has rejected him.

  32. 32
    gabbies Says:

    they didn’t seem together at the wall street premiere but who really cares? go make ugly crack babies tom and carey

  33. 33
    Jacinta Says:


    He seems like a celebrity tag along/lurker. It didn’t always used to be like that though, he seemed like such an intelligent guy who was careful about his privacy and film roles so this new side of him is just sad really. I don’t really care anymore. Good luck to them but good riddance to any credibility Tom has left though which is sad. Better luck to the people they have obviously hurt by moving on so quickly. Hollywood hey? so vain and so shallow

  34. 34
    Are you guys serious Says:

    Shia ABUSED and CHEATED on poor Carey. So why the fu ck shouldn’t see move on! After being with that douc h for a year its nice to see that she actually has a chance of being in a normal relationship.

  35. 35
    bitchback Says:

    @Are you guys serious: No their relationship was fake it was PR for their movie

  36. 36
    xxx Says:

    LOL Why are people carrying on so much?
    Is there an set amount of time somebody needs to wait before starting a new relationship? They’re been over for a couple months….. who cares????/ Seriously!!!!!
    And it’s not like they’re kissing or doing it in the bloody car !!! They’re just sitting together????

  37. 37
    doh Says:

    wouldn’t mind seeing them go for it in the car ;)

  38. 38
    Family Lawyers Melbourne Says:

    He looks like a hobo

  39. 39
    Gar Says:

    Let me get this straight: she just left Shia, now she’s temporarily living with Tom Sturridge, but she’s actually dating Tom Mison? Well, girl just went and made a mess on this side of the pond now, didn’t she? She’s a talented actress and I’m sure this will all pass into tabloid history soon enough.

  40. 40
    tanga Says:

    este chico necesita salir con famosos para saber que él existe… Asi mismo fue con Pattinson y K Stewart…

  41. 41
    Talk Says:

    At least this dude does not have a crazy temper like Shia he just puts his head down when these papzzzzzzzz are snapping pix. Shia charged after them, threw coffee, made a scene, took the carera etc.
    @Are you guys serious: and this could be true too. He abused China why not Carey. Poor Carey.

  42. 42
    laurie Says:

    you can tell it’s just one freak shia fan poster commenting and commenting again. lol dear shia freak: call carey everythin you want, it doesn’t change that you are a loser who shia probably would spit on if you approached him.

  43. 43
    laurie Says:

    @truth: she dated tom mison before shia, she’s not dating him now.

  44. 44
    w Says:

    They’re both gross

  45. 45
    who Says:


  46. 46
    Nattie Says:

    Have any of you actually considered that they aren’t a couple?
    Maybe they’re just friends?
    It is possible to rely on your friends after a tough break up, even if they are of the opposite sex.

  47. 47
    Some-answer-THIS, Says:


  48. 48
    Alaia Says:

    What a bunch of idiots on this site. They broke up months ago. Who’s to say they are even together, anyway?

    And Tom is a Paris Hilton type celebrity? LOL. He just finished shooting, what, three films?

  49. 49
    ModestMouse Says:

    @bitchback: How could it have been staged if they were barely seen together. They never attended events together and they never talked about each other.

  50. 50
    Judgement day Says:

    so, how many boyfriends does Carrie have?

  51. 51
    Judgement day Says:

    I hope shia ends up in jail. thats what he deserves.

  52. 52
    jay Says:

    @Helena: Helena dear, I agree with everything you said!

  53. 53
    jay Says:

    @laurie: thanks for the info! I was like..where did that Tom Mison rumour come from?! He is good looking..getting it on with Shia after that guy was a downgrade!

  54. 54
    GirlyS Says:

    SHE’S A ***** !!!!!!! Get out in UK Carey. you’re awful girl, awful actress Shis did well to split with her.

  55. 55
    heyya Says:

    they don’t look good together!!!! it seems wrong

  56. 56
    Fiona Says:

    Now they may be spending holiday togehter with Rob and Kristen. Even plus Andrew Garfield. Paparazzi will be so happy about it. Personally I think this couple is really cute together.

  57. 57
    Thai Says:


    Refreshing? I didnt know a plain Jane/clown/rubber face can be refreshing. I’ll reconsider her.

  58. 58
    MC3 Says:

    It’s silly of celeb couples (or not) to hide their faces when they’re together. Just gives the appearance they’re ashamed to be with who they’re with, and who wants that.

  59. 59
    cyrus Says:

    Maybe she’s trying to forget Shia as quick as she’s able to. Still cant understand this kind of behaviour.

  60. 60
    M Says:

    OMG THESE COMMENTS ARE RAGE! I don’t understand why everyone is SO NEGATIVE??? after watching this video I really feel uncomfortable – this is so bizarre, who wants to watch these videos?

  61. 61
    Trisha Says:

    wow…. it’s good to see we all learned the no bullying/be nice lesson so well.

  62. 62
    lipt Says:

    who f* is tom sturidge?
    poor carey

  63. 63
    Deke Says:

    I am surprised she rebounded so fast. I think that dope Shia hurt her very bad. I don’t like him anymore.

  64. 64
    blah Says:

    do you think that shia hit carey? she had bruises before you know, don’t know if it is from shia or not but just sayin’.

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