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Rihanna Covers 'Marie Claire UK' December 2010

Rihanna Covers 'Marie Claire UK' December 2010

Rihanna is glitzy and glamorous in a Mark Fast dress as she graces the cover of Marie Claire UK‘s December 2010 issue!

The 22-year-old Loud singer accessorized with Solange Azagury-Partridge earrings for the sexy shoot. Marie Claire UK‘s new issue comes out on Thursday (October 28)!

WATCH: Who’s That Chick? Video Premiere

Over the weekend, a snippet of Kanye West‘s new track, “All of the Lights,” was released!

Ri sings on the cut, which should be included on Kanye‘s new record, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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  • http://www. 24 7

    so f****ing gorgeous.

  • Dan

    Why is she all over the place? New album work, magazine cover, business launch, Kodak advertisement, etc. We get it, she’s talented, but she needs to not shove herself down our throats.

  • Cristobal

    She is not talented just being marketed too much.


    @Dan:She’s always working and she’s hot. Paps and blogs aren’t just going to ignore her lol.

    Even her haters or just people who are tired of her ‘overexposure’ continue to click on her posts (not just on this site, everywhere) thus keep helping her to stay relevant :)


    Shes supposed to be all over the place–that what she does…she IS a celebrity….have to stay relevant….BTW–SHE IS BANGING ON THAT COVER…GOTTA HAVE THAT ISSUE. SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL.

  • Sarah

    @Cristobal: How is she not talented?

  • http://www. V

    RATED R was her best work yet. The best album of the year, even better The Fame Monster even though Speechless is still one of my fave. modernday ballads ever.

    Every track was srsly solid. I hope Loud is on par with RR but I doubt it will be. Still hyped though.

  • Ben

    @Dan: Let me think… might be because she’s a CELEBRITY and RELEVANT. JUST A GUESS.

    Where else is she supposed to be ? Lmfao. This is her job.

  • leila

    so cute and sexy <3

  • Lexus

    You made absolutely no sense.

    This picture is amazing though. I get happy, sexy, fierce, soft and feminine all at the same time.
    Go RiRi! God Bless You!

  • come again

    @Dan: Wait, WHAT?

  • dieter

    She looks like a dude with tits.

  • swedie

    @Dan: Agree except for the talented part. She’s cute but not very talented.

  • Free People

    Great smile but the ugly wig ruins the picture.

  • XXXO

    LOVE MY GIRL but I’ve always wondered why Rihanna ( and a lot of other artists actually ) release the more generic, weaker songs from their albums when they have stronger better potential singles.

    Q. Are What’s My Name & Who’s That Chick getting an official release like Only Girl or are they merely accessible online? :/

  • Broadway Babe

    @BECAUSE: They click to complain because this blog apparently gets paid to post about her every day.

    Most other blogs don’t cover her like this one so you know there’s some sort of arrangement going on.

  • TT

    unpopular(?) opinion: i LOVELOVELOVE rihanna’s voice. she has that rich tone that sounds so good on songs like rude boy, OGITW and that hot accent that comes through in songs like If It’s Lovin That You Want and WMN.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • kelis



    @mickey: You sound fat and ugly.

  • ha!

    The funny part is she’s bald as a baby’s bare ass under that wig.

  • ko

    Some of Rihanna’s fans seem to forget that this is a BLOG, that means people are supposed to share their OPINIONS about celebritites, whether positive or negative. Until this site becomes a ‘Rihanna Fans only’ site, people WILL comment. On a side note, she looks refreshingly tasteful here!!!

  • G


  • G


  • Markus

    @Broadway Babe: Who cares if they do or dont? Really? A ton of ppls PRs pay blogs to post about them so theyre always on the public radar meaning more $ALES, thats business. People I hate like the LRimes and Wentz family are posted here all the time but I dont give them any comments cos I cant frkn stand them. Yall are just giving Rihanna more comments thus keeping her on top.

    Jared is makin a living, Rihanna and her team are making a living, I suggest people who only click on posts to whine get a life as well.

  • North

    @LOOOOL: I see the same nutty name changing stan is here again. You can tell what people look like through a computer screen?

    IA — the weave/wig really ruins the look.

  • OH PLZ

    @ko: There’s ‘sharing your opinion’ like a sane person and then there’s trolling with the same tired immature comments constantly.

  • oh na na whats my name

    Best skin and body in the business :)

  • ko

    @OH PLZ: Are you saying that I’m one of those trolls, because I make my points on why I don’t have a particular likng for Rihanna, but I DO NOT hate her, or refer to her as a ‘tranny’ or whatever names people call her.

  • jdkw

    @Markus: The Wentz family is not posted about that often. Comments have nothing to do with how often Rihanna’s posted about. She doesn’t get nearly as many comments as Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt and she’s still the most posted about celebrity on this blog. Even Leann Rimes gets more comments than Rihanna (usually over 100) and she’s still not featured as often.

    If you don’t wish to comment about a particular celebrity that’s fine but don’t tell everyone else where they can and cannot post. This is not a fan site so everyone can share their opinion whether it be about the celebrity or the bias of the site itself.

  • Lexus

    If you’re tired of Rihanna only hope for you is to go hide somewhere cos that Rihanna reign ain’t letting up any time soon!

  • Top Gun

    Best skin in the business.

  • Top Gun

    Now time for some Rogaine. You’re too young to be going bald, Rihanna.

  • Pook

    @ko: She does look like a tranny..

  • ko

    @Pook: That’s your opinion and I have nothing to say to that. I am just tired of her fans lumping the observers and the true ‘haters’ into one lump.

  • http://www. Marie Claire
  • http://www. Marie Claire
  • http://www. Marie Claire
  • Yasmin

    Lovely, as always.

  • aisha

    yes she is talented. she has come a long way up to this point. so you negative idiots let her enjoy what she works for. Keep rocking rihanna! we love you :D

  • saw it

    i love the dress!!! she looks great!

    fantastic body but um…she is an air head!…in interviews she doesn’t know what 2 say!…and she invited 100 songwriters for LOUD!

    Tip; Learn 2 write HIT songz Rihanna maybe u will save MONEY Ne-yo charges $100,000 dollars!!! (Beyonce paid him that amount for “irreplacable”)

  • bajan


  • Cristobal

    @Sarah: She can’t sing live, her voice sounds decent, at best, recorded, write music, play an instrument, have a visual outlook, produce, etc… She is just everywhere because other people are looking out for her since her…um…incident with Chris which is beyond played out now. Songs every other day, videos every two days. Geesh. At least when Beyonce was doing it there was major talent behind it. She needs to just relax for a minute. Overexposed for nothing.

  • poo

    @XXXO: The label probably likes to play it safe as they generally pick the singles.

  • Family Lawyers Melbourne

    She looks amazing, can’t wait to see her in March

  • 1 Gods Words Heal


  • iamAWESOME

    Jared how much is she paying you to keep her relevant?

  • POM


    i wanna know too

  • Thai

    Viva Photoshop!

  • yo sista