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Willow Smith: Justin Bieber Concert Appearance!

Willow Smith: Justin Bieber Concert Appearance!

Kid superstar Willow Smith joined teen sensation Justin Bieber on stage during his sold-out concert on Monday night (October 25) at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Girl’s got so much swagger. Watch below!!!

Justin tweeted after the concert, “LA TONIGHT WAS CRAZY!!!! USHER, JADEN [SMITH], SEAN [KINGSTON], and even my lil sis WILLOW SMITH!!!! WE SHUT LA DOWN!!!!!!!! LOVE YA’LL.”

Willow‘s “Whip My Hair” video has only been out for a week and it’s already racked up at 8 million views. Amazing!!!

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith will participate in a LIVE chat tonight at 7:30pm ET on UStream. Tune in!

FYI: Pictured here is Justin over the weekend in a plaid G-Star shirt at Variety‘s 4th Annual Power of Youth event.

Willow Smith: Justin Bieber Concert Appearance!
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Cristobal

    She is too cute and he is…um…yeah….there.

  • Dan

    Why did you post this after I just recently posted a comment saying we were thankful Willow Smith hasn’t been on JJ for a bit.

    Willow Smith is not Justin Bieber’s “little sister”, although his tweet seems to question the genetic pool.

    This definitely belongs on Just Jared Jr. We’re adults here, we want to see information on interesting celebrities, not over-exposed child stars that are only famous due to their cult following of horny adolescent teen girls.

  • Alaia

    Whose hair is douchier?

  • Carla


    because JustJared is not managed, structured, arranged or suited according to whatever you want or do not want.

    If you don’t like what or who is posted about on JustJared, go somewhere else. It really is that simple, douche.

  • Carla


    because JustJared is not managed, structured, arranged or tailor-made according to whatever you want or do not want.

    If you don’t like what or who is posted about on JustJared, go somewhere else. It really is that simple, douche.

  • Annie

    I used to quite like the Smiths, but this constant pimping of their preteen kids has caused my opinion to do a 180.

  • nice,

    @Alaia: Bashing a 9 year old and a 16 year old child. CLASSY. You don’t sound douchy at alll.

  • lol :)

    so cute and talented, both of them.







    (gasp, forgive me willow)

  • sillyme

    Whoever that was that was screaming, that was real scary. I hope it wasn’t an adult screaming like that over two little kids. Even if it was a teenager, it would be kind of creepy.

    Will and Jada really are pimping their kids out big time aren’t they. Makes me feel bad that my little kid isn’t out there on stage. I must not be a good parent since I’m somehow holding my son back from his dream.

  • Iffy Miffy

    She really can’t dance … ouch.

  • ajax360

    written on the black board in Willow’s Video:

    Pledge to be brave
    Pledge to always give my best
    Pledge to respect myself and all those around me
    Pledge to be willing to learn and experience new things
    Pledge to not be afraid to dream big and go far
    Pledge to be a warriorette

  • laverdadduele

    Great, the two most annoying girls in the US together in concert.

  • James

    Justin Bieber is very talented indeed!

  • N.

    I think my PC is going to die because you posted about these two in the same post.

    I’ve gotta agree with Dan on this one. Adults like Jackson Rathbone, who is 25, can’t get a post anywhere but on the kiddie site, yet these children are forced onto people on the adult site. Not getting the logic here.

  • RuPaul


  • http://www. ok but

    that video was short and kinda pointless..

  • GTFO

    @N.: Rathbone is a complete douche.

  • Dan

    @Carla: You should take your own advice, this site is open for comments, if you don’t like my comment, you can “go somewhere else”. And I’ve learned that those who call others a douche usually have no concept of the definition. I never asked for JJ to be suited for my needs, go to the archives and look at all of the recent Willow Smith articles, there are more negative comments than positive, so take your support for the overly exposed teen-wannabe-sensation elsewhere.

    Willow Smith might be talented, but the over-exposure is overshadowing any signs of talent and all I feel is resentment toward her parents for letting their children take part in such chaos.

  • Annie

    I agree Dan. The main point of JJ is the comments anyway.

  • J


  • ko

    @HATERS STAY BALD!: How dare you compare these two untalented kids to the GREAT MICHAEL JACKSON!?!? You must be at least twelve years old.

  • expensereport

    Aww she dougies too cute. justin is a qt too. i love this.

  • boston61

    Willow = Nepotism


  • Kristina

    I love Willow but i’m not a fan of Bieber….sorry :/

  • BigD

    I now hate my friend for posting this link in an e-mail. I actually threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • maria

    First of all, this should NOT be on JJ; second, these two are just SO overexposed right now. Shame on the Smiths for taking away this LITTLE girl’s childhood; she has NO business in the entertainment world at this point. She will be pimped out and sold for any purpose just to make a buck. It’s completely disgusting. I DON’t care if she is talented; she should be older when she can handle the ugliness that comes with that world.

    And Bieber, well, his appeal is beyond my comprehension. He looks like a little GIRL, and his hair is RIDICULOUS. It looks like he’s 70 doing a “comb-over” to cover a bald spot. AND, he has an ego and attitude that he has no business having at his age.

  • Dan

    @maria: Maria, you and I see eye-to-eye on many things, you are more amazing than Willow Smith, Justin Bieber, and the Powder Puff Girls. :)

  • positivity

    FOR THE RECORD….no one is pimping anybody out. There children are unique talents that are very rare. They are allowing them the freedom to be creative and express themselves. They are very supportive and protective parents and are surrounded by people who love them for themselves. And most of all…..they are having so much fun!
    People shouldn’t compare themselves or JUDGE. Maybe you should think about the statement you make and what you may project onto others and how that may effect your own child’s development.
    Allow people to be individuals and be free. The Smith’s nor the children are hurting anyone. How may think about how your words can affect others. I’m sure if they read what you wrote all parties involved would be extremely hurt.

  • JR

    Surely the coming together of these two frightening children is some sort of apocalyptic sign of the end of days.

    I cannot believe this is what the music world has devolved to.

    My generation had Kurt Cobain…this generation has Willow and Biebler.

    Dear lord, make it stop.

  • Pepek Nonok

    Which monkey screams like that?

  • escape

    Thought I inadvertanly logged onto JJ junior. My 13 year old niece doesn’t even have interest in this little girl.

  • Family Lawyers Melbourne

    That would be an awesome concert.

  • Fabienne

    Haha bless. She looks and dances like Will Smith. Reminds me of Fresh Price of Bel Air, what a show!

  • willow smith cant sing

    ok just listening to “superstar” Willow sing live (for barely a verse) during the JB concert… lol i think the hype that her wonderfully insane parents have micro-managed and created for of their clueless 9 yr old child will quickly dissolve as soon as the public hear this kid TRY to sing.

    she can’t sing live to save herself… it’s a whole lot of expensive smoke and mirrors from a fancy stylist and rich parents. kuddos its worked a charm up until now!

  • Thai

    2 showbiz industry slaves. In a few years noone will remember them.

  • daxina

    Justin & Willow together looks great !!!!!!!
    Justin has a great voice. One can say that Justin bieber is a 16-years old “callow”, but fact is that at the of 16, one’s life couldn’t get anything better. This teenager is enjoying the kind of luxury most of us can only dream off. If you also want to admire Justin, have a custom home page of your real star, then we uploaded tons of themes of Justin, just for you. Just click on… and

  • Pete O’Fael

    ko, no need to be upset. Michael Jackson would have LOVED Justin Bieber. I’m talking $20 million sleepover lick my speckles and don’t talk to the cops love. Whip that pubic hair!

  • Benjamin Novak


    Listen. Im a kid. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON! How dare you EVER compare these WANNABEES to MJ?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?! Clearly, you dont understand the concept of LEGENDS. Dan, I agree. You have a point about the exposure. Why don’t more people see this kind of logic?

  • tuğçe

    ı love you justin bieber. with love you.ı am thing of you.ı am turkey and love.willow smith like