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Adam Lambert: Acoustic Album in the Works!

Adam Lambert: Acoustic Album in the Works!

Adam Lambert is planning to release an acoustic album for the holiday season!

The 28-year-old entertainer dished to Aussie TV presenter Dylan Lewis that he’s hoping to have the record out soon – “Probably around Thanksgiving time,” Adam dished, “November, December.”

“We went around Europe in the earlier part of this year…and we did a lot of promo, so I had Monte, my guitar player, and my drummer at the time,” Adam explained. “We just did very stripped-back versions of the songs. We got our hands on some of those recordings. Then we also recorded some of the stuff from the actual Glam Nation Tour, so it’s going to be a mix of both.”

Adam also said that a second album is on the way – he hopes it’ll be out by spring or summer of next year!

UPDATE: Adam tweeted, “Oh and just to clear up a bit of a misunderstanding, I’m not releasing a full acoustic album. An EP. 3-5 tunes. :)”

Adam Lambert Chats with Dylan Lewis
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97 Responses to “Adam Lambert: Acoustic Album in the Works!”

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  1. 51
    Ava Says:

    I’m really excited about this! As much as I like some of the songs on his debut, I was sorry so much of his voice got buried by the music.

  2. 52
    iloveLaraStone Says:

    @sillyme: LOL!

    O lord :3 If Monte reads that he would piss himself laughing and tease Adam about it for the rest of his life.

    @XXXO: I like how you put Justin in the same category as all dem females LMAO.

    Anyways, I’m hyped for this but I wish they’d get in the studio to record new unplugged stuff instead of putting the live acoustics together. Cause I’ve seen most of those and saved them to my laptop…..oops.

  3. 53
    selita Says:

    jared it’s cute how you put glambert’s post next to his girl kesha’s

    i wonder how many ppl would buy her acoustic album roflmao

    bahhh, i’m only jokin ;p kesha’s a cool chick. love what she said about adam

  4. 54
    Dan Says:

    In all honesty, I was just curious as to how fast my comment would get buried in thumbs down since I always see so much support for Adam Lambert.

    Although his music, nor his image, appeal to me, I am in no way a part of the “old generation”. I’m 21 and it’s not his sexuality that bothers me. I used to like what Lady GaGa put out until she became too much of a show, which I have nothing against, but both her and Adam Lambert bury themselves in what they stand for, so deep it’s hard to tell if it’s natural or heavily disguised.

    If Adam Lambert came up in front of me and made out with some dude, I wouldn’t care, it’s not his sexuality that bothers me. I suppose I’m just used to simpler times, when someone wasn’t as famous as the make-up on their face or the cloth on their skin.

    But to those who enjoy his music, by all means enjoy it, don’t get so offended by what one person says. If it weren’t for people such as Adam Lambert, the industry would be painted plainly. If you enjoy his work, more power to you.

  5. 55
    Jack Says:

    @Dan: It’s only “hard to tell” if you’re so focused on 1 thing.

    If you can’t see the bigger picture, that’s not his issue.
    For example I don’t give a cr@p about Gaga’s outfits, I enjoy her voice, musicianship and music though. I have no idea why so many people are obsessed with her image.

    This comment of yours was actually rational, but the comment you left at @20 was pure ignorance. “Actually his sexuality…..” “is fame was boosted…..”

    No facts in your comment, just false assumptions. I have yet to see you post a similar comment about sexual and free females you praise on this site.

  6. 56
    Jack Says:

    ETA: ‘is’ should read ‘his’

  7. 57
    QUEENB Says:

    GODBERT haha aww

    he is cute and talented but did u know this nickname came from brit fans originally? ;-)

    GODNEY came first (we made it up!!!)
    then the gaga stans started calling gaga GODGA
    and so forth.

  8. 58
    QUEENB Says:



  9. 59
    Mari Guerra Says:

    OMG I cant wait!!

  10. 60
    amelle Says:


  11. 61
    cindy Says:

    ewww. i think i’ll pass. i don’t like this tranny.

  12. 62
    RuPaul Says:

    @cindy: Transphobia is not clever or funny, it’s WHACK.

  13. 63
    RuPaul Says:

    @:D: LOL. I was just gonna say he uses this same old pic every time.

  14. 64
    cindy Says:

    @RuPaul: Don’t get me wrong, RuPaul. I have no problem with trannies in general…something about this one just rubs me the wrong way. I love you though. :)

  15. 65
    lmfao Says:

    @cindy: ewwww why are you still here?

  16. 66
    amelle Says:

    @cindy: you’re that annoying tokio hotel fangirl, amirite? yall are so lame

  17. 67
    amelle Says:


    rupaul LOVES adam.

    i don’t think there’s ONE person (actually there IS one but he is homophobic so he can STFD) in the industry who hasn’t gushed about adam yet. from normal popstars to legends. i mean GUSHED.

    it’s somethin about his aura i guess.
    ps. keep adding comments and bumping up his post lol

  18. 68
    $$$ Says:

    @cindy: Thanks for sharing. We can all finally sleep in peace tonight.

    I don’t think Adam cares for people like you much either.

  19. 69
    RuPaul Says:

    @cindy: Don’t get me wrong, Cindy. I have nothing against blacks and Muslims…but something about this black Muslim rubs me up the wrong way.

    “Any time a person’s orientation is the target, punchline or focus, it’s a form of phobia and/or discrimation.”

  20. 70
    amelle Says:

    @RuPaul: you. are a fierce <3 <3 <3

  21. 71
    Dan Says:

    @Jack: Since you took the time to read the entire comment, I’ll take the time to review the old post I don’t even remember…

    All I meant to say was that the kiss was used to boost his popularity and fame, I didn’t mean it was wrong that it was with another man, not at all. I took it as a massive publicity stunt.

    And by the comment of change is good, I don’t mean he needs to stop being sexual or attracted to men, all I meant was that with his fame, he could’ve been taken a bit more series if he didn’t shove it in your face. I don’t mind homosexuals at all, but I don’t want to listen to music and think about flamboyant men, there’s a difference between homophobia and preferences.

    That’s just my opinion, again, if you enjoy his work, more power to you. Although I am a fan of Lady GaGa’s work and her costumes, just sometimes it’s hard to tell who she really is, kind of like Stephen Colbert who is ALWAYS in character.

  22. 72
    Tyler Says:

    @Dan: You are way off. AGAIN.

    That kiss, was not planned or rehearsed OR anything of the sort. TJ didn’t know about it, the band didn’t, the crew didn’t, hell Adam didn’t know he was going to do it until he did. UNLIKE the Madonna/Britney/Xtina kiss that was SCRIPTED, Adam’s 3 second frenchkiss was a result of his adrenaline rush and him getting carried away with it — in the best way possible. Google ‘adrenaline’ and see what it does to you.

    So your logic makes no sense — it’s all in your head. You may live your life by a ruler and rulebook but some of us despise that. Some people like Adam and his entire band/dancers fly by the seat of their pants. Most good entertainers thrive on trill-seeking. I’ve been following this dude’s career for a while now and he really is just as spontaneous offstage.

    You already admitted you are more old fashioned when it comes to music. I’m not sure why you continue bringing up this gaygaygay when people are trying to talk about something else to you.

    “by the comment of change is good, I don’t mean he needs to stop being sexual or attracted to men, all I meant was….”

    But you DID mean he needs to stop being sexual. YOU clearly stated that! You can not and will not be able to mold him to fit a norm, to make you more comfortable, to make him more safe and universal. The fact that he is in your face and sexual and does whatever the FUXK he wants AND somehow manages to get away with it, is PART of his appeal. He does things most of us want to do but can’t cause we’re not entertainers or rockstars or fierce/talented/smart enough.

    As I said, it is PART of his appeal. Imagine a female you find sexy or badass, that’s how a lot of his fans see him. Of course he has fans (eg. straight male dudes) who don’t see him that way but still think he’s dope because he’s real, fun, doesn’t give a sh*t and has talent.

    Asking him to stop being himself to please people or whatever is insane. It’s basically erasing part of his appeal.

    Not sure whether you’ve gathered this yet but Adam Lambert is a rebel. He may be nice be he is still very much a rebel who likes to be in control. Comments like yours pis.s him off so much I can see him going out of his way to put on an even wilder show next tour stop.

    “I don’t mind homosexuals”


    I just don’t understand why people like you who waste time and energy typing about something so insignificant, don’t channel that into talking about something that actually threatens society like violence.

  23. 73
    cindy Says:


    I didn’t know Adam is black and muslim. You shouldn’t dislike him for that though. :( That’s not right.

  24. 74
    reggie Says:

    @Dan why are you still here?

  25. 75
    Dan Says:

    @Tyler: @reggie: Why are you both so angry? haha. Sorry I made fun of your boyfriend

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