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Chris Brown Pays Tribute To The Beatles

Chris Brown Pays Tribute To The Beatles

Chris Brown goes to opening night of the Broadway production of Rain – A Tribute to The Beatles at the Neil Simon Theatre on Tuesday (October 26) in New York City.

The 21-year-old singer’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna shared about their troubles in Marie Claire UK’s December 2010 issue. “God has a crazy way of working, and sometimes when stuff happens you feel like, What did I do to deserve this? Why was it backfiring on me?,” she said. “But I needed that wake-up call in my life. I needed a turning point, and that’s what God was giving to me,” she added.

“All this terrible stuff they say to you, it breaks you down. [But] once you’re back on your feet — if you ever make it back on your feet that’s the ultimate achievement,” Rihanna said.

FYI: Chris is wearing head to toe Dolce & Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown paying tribute to the Beatles…

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chris brown pays tribute to the beatles 02
chris brown pays tribute to the beatles 03
chris brown pays tribute to the beatles 04
chris brown pays tribute to the beatles 05
chris brown pays tribute to the beatles 06
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Credit: Joseph Marzullo; Photos: WENN
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  • lee

    ******* PIECE OF **** !!!!!!!

  • lee

    F C U K I N G piece of S H ! T

  • http://www. i agree :x

    i hope someone beats the cr@p out of him so his face is deformed swollen, bruised and bloody like what he did to rihanna

  • yhtak

    ok nice, but what does him going to the Beattle’s broadway show have to do with his ex’s interview, stop putting them together, there is no need to bring up what happened so long ago… its old

  • J.P.

    Both have moved on. No need to call out nasty names

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …isn’t he so tough looking?!? …he likes to ball his fist and punch women in the face repeatedly, how cool is he?!

  • LaTanya

    This post was suppose to be about Chris yet all you did was talk about Rihanna. Why even post his picture if that’s all you were going to do?

  • youranidiot

    ok, what does him performing have to do with Rihanna? you guys are idiots why put her stuff in a post about him? #carbomb

  • sundie

    just jared u are working hard for your money,since u dislike chris why put him on a post,oh orders from your boss,mr.Jay-z. most people can see what u are doing what did one story have to do with the other.


    @lee: —I see you guys still remain to be idiots…if you dont like him—STAY THE PHUK OFF THE POST..BITCH

  • me

    B***** with negative comments grow up and get a life! Its over and maybe she should to. I thought she moved on with a new man. Why is she still talking about it!!

  • Ashley


    So Chris Brown fans are dumb AND homophobic. Good to know.
    Gives me another reason to hate this dbag.

  • Chrianna


  • Ashley

    I’m talking about this-


  • Maya

    He is so cute! Don’t worry Chris, the right girl is out there. I’m sorry you beat the crap out of Rihanna but you were never meant to be together.

    You can rise above that and go on to be the great artist you were born to be. I believe in you and I am pulling for you. Everybody deserves a second chance. Stay strong my friend.

  • gia

    Wow, just lost alot of respect for JustJared after this post.


    @Ashley: ////Oh…ok..sorry..I take it back…lmaooo

  • Dan

    Why do people always have to interject with their thoughts on how people should react to a story? Obviously a story about Chris Brown is going to bring resentment due to his involvement with Rihanna. Sure it might be in the past, but so is 9/11, not saying they’re equally as tragic, but that the past is written, so people have every right to bring it up.

    Chris Brown is obviously a douche, if anyone defends him by saying “it was the past”, well, I suppose you should start making a website promoting domestic abuse toward women since it’s no big deal apparently.

    Everyone who supports Chris Brown is in dire need of attention, they think they obtain high status for defending someone famous, but in reality, your own life is sadistic and pessimistic for supporting domestic abuse of a female from another male.

  • Phunky Phresh

    Love you Chris!
    Everyone buy ‘Yeah 3X” on iTunes right now! :-)

  • supporter

    Chris looks great. It’s really sad that the media has to interject their own hidden agendas into an article. We clearly know that Just Jared is a Rihanna supporter and will do whatever they can to lift her up and put Chris down. If we wanted to read about Rihanna’s troubles we would have visited a post about Rihanna.

    God Bless You All

  • Phunky Phresh

    Warning: Long ass post
    Okay Dan, you have your opinion and that’s fine, that’s your right, but as a huge Chris Brown fan and supporter I feel like I have the right to defend myself and others like me.
    I’ve been a huge Chris Brown fan for almost 2 years now and I can tell you straight up, from my heart I in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM condone Domestic Violence or Violence of any kind for that matter. Never. I hate what he did. It was a horrible, horrible, awful, tragic, unfortunate, sad, bad thing that happened! It should of NEVER happen. He has never done it before and he is taken the proper steps to make sure that it never happens again. That is the purpose of therapy/counseling/rehabilitation. People are not damned to stay the same way forever if they are willing to make a change and are eager to show the world that they can make a change. Why you are speaking as if you know every single Chris Brown fan/supporter personally, or as if you know the thought process of every single Chris Brown fan/supporter is beyond me.
    I guess everyone who watches One And A Half Men condones not only years of Domestic Violence, but also drug addiction and alcoholism. But still Charlie Sheen is one of the most highly paid actors on TV. I suppose the network should put up a “We Support Domestic Violence” website too? If I think Mike Vick deserves another chance to play football, I guess I think its okay to have dog fights. One of my friends got caught shop lifting when she like 13. It was in the past but I guess because I’m still her friend I condone theft now. Like…that type of thought process is SO absurd to me. Like if I support ANY person who has ever done anything wrong in their past, I MUST condone the wrong thing that they have done, forget about any of the good things because they don’t matter after they make a big f**k up. Why is it so hard to believe that you can despise and condemn the “ACTION”, but still love and support the “PERSON”? Still hope that the “PERSON” can learn and be better than who they were when they did whatever horrible thing they did? And I’m not just talking about Chris Brown.
    I hate when people think that because people are fans of Chris Brown still, we MUST support Domestic Violence… I’m sorry but that is complete BULLS**T!! And quite prejudice if you ask me. If you dont like Chris Brown, hey! to each its own. I love Chris Brown, that does not make me a bad person and does not mean I condone bad things.
    Now let me go and watch Yeah 3X on Vevo…I love that video! :-)

  • sunflower

    What just happened here? How does an article entitled “Chris Brown pays tribute to the Beatles” have more words about Rihanna than it does about Chris Brown? The story has approximately 146 words and 105 are about Rihanna. Its blatantly obvious that this site WORSHIPS Rihanna, but at some point doesn’t journalistic integrity come into play? Why try to incite Rihanna’s stans to riot? What a myopic and vitriolic post!!!!! SMH…….

  • da

    I love him. Wow the haters are working in overtime today. Jared I don’t like that you have to link them together constantly but I would still like to see more posts of chris on here.

  • NEXT.

    Anyone who thinks this duchecanoe has extra-ordinary talent must be BASIC as hell.

    Why does he have stans still? His face is fug, his personality is obviously just as ugly and his talent is below/borderline average. The industry didn’t suffer without him and it won’t ever do so. As far as I’m concered, he’s almost as rubbish and generic as Jason Durulo.

  • Ashley

    I dont get y the chris brown haters reading shit about him when they dont like him . yall must like him deep down inside an just dont want to admit it lol because if i dont like a celeb my ass aint gonna be all in they business see what they doing an stuff get a life and a hobby while you are at it .

  • tinkerbell

    Stop covering great singers…you ruined Michael Jackson, now The Beatles? I wanna woop his ass.

  • Whostands


    Your intelligence is lacking. Defending Chris Brown is respecting artists for their art. Defending Chris Brown is defending someone’s who’s been wrongly condemned. He’s became a poster child for domestic abusers and her interview and past life shows that they were in a fight. She was equally abusive verbally, emotionally, and abusively while he has faced the brunt of all it . People are going to defend him knowing that he receives death threats and undergoes blacklisting for ONE night. One attack means he abused her, but it would take a SECOND time to say he’s an ABUSER. It’s not been repeated so why should he be treated as a continuous criminal?

    How dare you judge his supporters and fans so harshly for seeing that there are more sides?

  • Whostands


    He has more vocal ability and dance ability then Jason Derulo. His appearance is subjective. There’s no one set definition of handsome. Obviously he can be ugly to you and not someone else. He has fans and stans because he has undeniable talent. The fact that you try to deny it is insecurity on your part.

  • FeBreezy

    awww he looks like his mom in the pic with the dimples!!

  • Jay

    Keep up the good work Chris and don’t mind the jealous haters.
    Funny how you don’t see none of the posters that cry about abusing women on Charlie Sheen post. That’s all Sheen do is beat women down but yet not one of these haters name are over on his Sheen’s post bashing him. The haters are CB’s competitors that can’t out perform him so this is the only way they think they can end his career.
    I pray the truth catch up to Rihanna one day.

  • Set Up

    I cosign with Jay, i believe that the truth will catch up with her soon…

  • the truth

    john lennon beat his 1st wife cynthia and girlfriends he had before her, fyi

  • Rattlesnake

    looks like he is ready to bite some woman’s assker ,,, jerky chicken