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Christina Aguilera: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Christina Aguilera: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Christina Aguilera takes her 2-year-old son Max shopping at La La Ling children’s boutique on Wednesday (October 27) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer, who was spotted leaving an office building earlier in the day, showed off her newly single status with a shirt that had “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” printed across the front!

Yesterday, Christina and Max checked out of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Samantha Ronson recently shot down rumors Christina ended her marriage to Jordan Bratman so she could date the celeb DJ.

15+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera and Max shopping at La La Ling…

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  • Keisha

    Sorry but…. Flop.

  • Hello

    Omg! It’s Floptina! I <3 her!

  • jamie

    she looks cute. love her

  • fat GAY queenie

    B i t c h please!!!!

  • Pola

    Same bowlegs as leighton meester

  • 3jell

    @Pola: at least christina has talent lol

  • Jessica

    Everyone buy her album Floponic! In stores now! Lol, yes she came out w/ an album recently….

  • Milo

    The Legendary Miss Britney Spears Queen of Pop!

  • river

    @Hello: her albums may flop but what does selling records have to do with good music? i mean soulja boy went 3 times platinum…

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    “Floptina”, “Eviltina”, “Makeuptina” “Whatevertina”, “Etc-tina”, whatnot is my favorite artist of all time!

    The best singer worldwide! Best vocal style! Most powerful voice! Just epic. Best lyrics, best songs, best pop star.

    lol poor haters, they can’t take such epicness.

    Christina Amazinglera! Excuse me while I applaud now! lol
    Can’t wait to buy that EPIC burlesque soundtrack! :)

  • abbeylee

    Her support for the gay community from the beginning is inspiring. Too bad fans will drop you in a snap for artists who kiss ass to the gay community to sell records.

  • SexyLOVE

    Stunning, love her style.

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    @ river

    Do NOT bother arguing with these INSANE Xtina haters. They are plain crazy and make NO F*CKING SENSE. CLEARLY, it is absolutely pointless to argue with a crazy person. Let them whine about flops.

    Fans of Xtina do no care about charts, they care about the actual music and the talent. This is a concept that an insane, deranged hater will never understand. Don’t bother explain.

    Xtina is great. Many NORMAL, SANE, TALENTED people now this already and that’s all that matters. lol

  • imthebest

    her voice is so bad. she cant carry a tune lol. lady gagas voice is legendary..her range is amazing. even britney spears has a better voice than christina.

  • SexyLOVE

    She has sold over 30 million albums which is more than RIhanna, Beyonce, and other pop stars flop my bottom.

  • river

    @Xtina_Amazinglera: lol you’re right. christina may not make the best choices with her songs and makeup but her talent is undeniable

  • SexyLOVE

    #18 thats because it isn’t true. They’re still not even official dicvorced which means it wasn’t a messy breakup.

  • jay

    Haters have your fun now!

    Love her!!!

  • Supastar

    So pretty I want the shades.

  • ko

    Shouldn’t she be at home taking care of her son? I can’t buy her ‘ It’s so hard to get out of bed, woe is me’ BS she is spewing. If she really wanted to fix her life and marriage, she would make a better effort to do so.

  • SexyLOVE

    #22 Look at the top right the other pics she hanged with her son all day.

  • DFDS

    SOO CUTE :)

  • abraham

    @WOW: You are correct. I’m jewish but even I admit my people are not always right, but they will never admit to anything. Jews own the media and that is why nobody dares defy them.

  • RajibDavid

    Legendtina looking hot! Lol at the first bad comments from the same person. #Sad

  • annab

    Max has turned into such a cutie….

  • Dooley

    Leather Jacket and Flip Flops??That’s something Britney would wear when she forgets to take her medicine.

  • L

    she looks like a weight has been lifted from her…. Just be your happy self x tina ………. Your rich …..Enjoy !!!

  • dikoy

    No contest. The best vocalist of this generation. :)

  • Josh

    I love seeing these two together!
    Max is always SO adorable and Christina of course is fabulous in every way!

    I absolutely LOVE her and her music.

    Godtina, ignore the haters <3

    Love yaa!!

  • Lalalove

    She looks like she gained weight. As soon as Chris gains weight it goes right to her face.
    CUTEEEEE nonetheless

  • Samantha

    psht. god. you obviously need a hearing aid. ;)

    im sick of peoplee saying Xtina copied gaga. Where were all the christina fans when Britney came out with her circus album? She copied Christina Aguilera. :)

  • Emme

    Max so porgoues

  • Kaz

    Omg! Max beautful child!!

  • R- trus

    Sooooooo beautiful baby max i ever seen

  • Cory

    Her son looks like a little old man. I bet his nickname is POPS haha

  • Floptina

    Poor kid! A clown face circus freak with rickets for a mom. Then again maybe she’s not his mom because he is Adam Sandler’s son.



  • Billboard

    The best copy cat, wannabe singer of this generation. A total flop compared to Celine, Mariah, Whitney, Duffy, Amy Winehouse. Xtina will never be the REAL THING she will always be the parrot who tried too hard.

  • ChristinaAlwaysWins

    @ Billboard

    Copycat? Trying to hard? How exactly? Your comment = Nonsense.

    I think you’re the one that TRIES TOOOOOOO HARD to bring Xtina down.

    You ALL FAIL haters.

    Your ret@rded hate is not hurting Xtina. Xtina is an epic talented fighter. Get used to it. LMAO. You foolish insane haters.

  • waffle bowl

    @Billboard: Whitney? Her voice is gone. She smoked and snorted it away. Amy Winehouse? Same thing. At this point, most people are wondering if she will even make it to 30. Mariah? Again, she once HAD the voice, but now not so much. And she’d rather make music that appeals to teenagers and dress like one rather than accept that she is a 40-year-old woman and needs to ACT like it. Celine? Nobody takes her seriously, lol! You see how all the women you named have their share of flaws, too? Some worse than Christina’s. So don’t even ATTEMPT to go there.

    Oh, and to the idiot who said that Britney Spears is a better singer than Christina, all I have to say to you is to please stop smoking crack. It’s making you say stupid things.

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is an icon!!!

    Haters what an idiots !!! You want to be xtina her fame , talent , millions $$$$$$$, and more than anything alse her amazing voice .. You are such a gay donm ass$&)holes,,, haha you haeters can. Died now:(

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is an icon!!!

    Haeters jealoussy ???? SUC&()CK IT… Xtina 46.000.000 album sold!!! 3 sold out world tours45.000.000)(117.000.000)(98.000.000) plus bionic& burlesque world tour is coming up next year!!! Sorry loser but eat your own Shi&@t. .. Jealouss..

  • Jamba

    Meet the new Britney, same as the old Britney

  • Jamba

    Oh, and @”Xtina is an icon!!!” ….. here’s a nice resource for you:

  • Jamba

    Teeny bopper set? check …. Little girl goes soft porn? check … “Classics” album? check … Lesbian trysts? check ….. Meh … now I know what Joe Strummer meant when he sang “I’m So Bored With The USA”, ’cause all you drones keep this emptiness going. Pathetic really. Oh, and @”Xtina is an icon!!!” — trysts means affairs