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Justin Timberlake Cheats on Jessica Biel?

Justin Timberlake Cheats on Jessica Biel?

The new issue of US Weekly is reporting that Justin Timberlake cheated on Jessica Biel.

JT, 29, and JB, 28, hadn’t been photographed together in three months (since July while biking in NYC). And just two days before this story broke, they were spotted together at Jessica‘s directorial debut at Glamour Reel Moments.

Sparks reportedly began to fly between The Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn and Justin when she interviewed him for his new film, The Social Network, on Sunday (Sept. 26).

The mag reports that Olivia resisted his advances, telling him it was a no-go if he was still with Jessica. Justin “has been telling people it’s over with Jessica, even though the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.”

Believing he had left Jessica and that her relationship with Justin might develop into something serious, they reportedly got affectionate at Avenue nightclub the following night. “At one point, Olivia did a seductive little dance with Justin,” a source reveals. “Then, while he was dancing, she came up behind him and he held her hand behind his back.”

Olivia has been linked to actors Chris Pine and Bryan Greenberg while Justin famously dated Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears.

DO YOU THINK Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are really on the outs?

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  • Someone

    NO WAY,not him!

  • Thai

    Big deal! The guy got bored, understand him! Men are men after all…

  • Jessica

    “men are men” is one of the dumbest excuses to justify men cheating. Be a man and have the balls to break up with your gf if you’re not into it anymore.

    Anyway, I’m highly doubting this story.

  • From Paris with Love

    Maybe true maybe not but didn’t he cheat on cameron diaz with jessica biel ? men are dogs and women are their own worst enemy… what goes around goes around goes around lalalala

  • Karm

    Well this explains the PDA last nite, JT would of known this cover was coming out!

    I honestly think JT and Biel are more friends with benefits now. Hes been reported to be with several other women over the last several years including Rihanna and Lilo. Its not cheating when theres an agreement!

  • betsy


  • Kimberly

    @Karm I agree. I think they are more friends with benefits as well. But why her. Haven’t they dated 4 years now. If so, that was the same amount of time between he and Britney and he and Cameron. He seems to be the kind that gets bored easily.

    I think he knew this was coming out and that’s why all the PDA. Seems to me that when the were last seen together in July they were off with each other and he did it in September. But Olivia Munn is a opprotunity whore.

  • betsy

    Now this IS relevant…Jared

  • Butter_Fly

    I agree #3. I can’t stand when people say that! Don’t know if this story is true or not but if it is, wow, she sure is making her rounds! lol. I just don’t understand how celebrities (or anyone in general) can be so open to so many people. They probably have every STD known to man. Nasty.

  • miss infamous

    Jessica ans Justin look so bored together.

  • sfingaaa


    well done Jessica, I love your comment!

  • mari

    So, Olivia Munn trying to get recognized through who she is or is not dating AGAIN? No matter what happens she is always the saint in her own opinion. Chris Pine is an egomaniac who didn’t want her to have fun and now Justin Timberlake was throwing himself at her but SHE turned him down because he is in a relationship? That was never a problem for her in the past. This woman just rubs me the wrong way and I am not even a fan of Justin Timberlake. She is probably just trying to make the most of one dance she has had with somebody famous.

  • Kimberly

    Apparently she is on a radio tour for The Daily Show for the upcoming rally. She was asked about this and she said what mari echoed. That she didn’t do anythig with Justin because he has a girlfriend. So, she is debunking this herself.

    I swear this woman is ruining her own career.

  • Sean

    No surprise here. Olivia has been trying to bang her way into the spotlight for years

  • lake86

    didn’t lindsay lohan twitter about him cheating on her like 2 years ago. maybe she wasn’t in a coked out stooper after all.

  • NativeNYker

    appears that what comes around goes around….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Brayton

    I can tell you that people within Olivia’s camp are talking. They are the ones that gave them this story to Us Weekly. Olivia has since found out that Justin has not broken it off with Jessica. Apparently Olivia is devastated because she thought he was telling her the truth.

    We’ll see in the upcoming days if there is a report of split between the two.

  • Butter_Fly


    Haha! I can’t believe CP was actually with this girl. Yuck.

  • Brayton

    @lake86 He’s cheated on her more than that. Jessica knows that this is the only way she can stay in the spotlight.

  • Brayton

    @Butter_fly Now you know why he dumped her.

  • luke

    yeah i remember that lohan story as well

  • Dee

    My God! …. Who believes that? …. LOL … Don’t worry Jessica !…. The “Lady” just try !…… HAHAHAHAHA !…. I think Justin also has a sixth sense alert! … LOL!
    OMG! Let me out of here …. I’m in the wrong post! …. HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Dee

    Did you see that CP spoke on “Eonline” about his first meeting with a lot of papz …. and the lady was ???….. Yes! ..LOL …

  • sillyme

    Men are men. I don’t mean that in a negative way or to bash men, but it’s the truth. Justin has this pattern of staying with a woman for 3-4 years and then leaving. Probably time for him to move on.

  • the truth

    To say that again about them. Well i can say is the i like Olivia Mum. She is a smart talented lady and funny too.If justin cheated it all jessica fault.She don’t do nothing with herself but cling on to justin no matter what he do.He has been with women in hotel parties with his friends and she take him back like there are no else to treated her nice.That’s why she dyed her hair black it wasn’t black before.If its true then jessica need to leave him before something else comes out justin and another girl.This can only get worse as time goes along.I don’t think Olivia munn would mess with anyone’s boyfriend. Its takes two people to tangle.

  • Brayton

    Well according to people Olivia and Justin didn’t have sex and they haven’t been seen together since. The other day she did link on her blog about his charity which i thought was odd. Does Justin leave in New York or LA?

  • Butter_Fly


    Yeah, it looked like he was holding his tongue! lol.

  • From Paris with Love

    men are men because women allow them ! i mean how hard is it NOT to mess with other girls’ boyfriends/husbands ? you know he has a woman you keep walkin’ ! and if you really fall for the guy just wait till he is honest with his girl and breaks up, i mean if he loves you can’t he wait at least 24h hours to get into your pants ?
    women often disgust me more than men because at least guys have the excuse to think with their d*ck but women are just consciously and willingly their own gender worst enemy.

    if he did it with you he’ll do it to you :D

  • blahblah

    no surprised there. after all these years he wanted to be with a woman who actually looks like a woman and not a dead fish. both leo and justing need to get rid of their dead-weight girlfriends…

  • TMNox

    Nothing lasts forever – it was going to happen eventually…

  • Melissa

    Olivia Munn’s true colors come out. She’s a fame whore…social climber. I’m sure she leaked this story to the press. She’ll do whatever she can to get in a magazine. This girl is bad news.

  • licaro

    ew! olivia munn is freakin ugly!

  • Brayton


    I think she leaked the story as well. Jessica and Justin were seen on the 25th hugging and stuff. He knew this story was coming out. From what I’ve heard. Olivia has a direct line to Jared Ing.

  • moula

    JT is ugly and a douchebag!!! He has money so he gets women.

  • ace11

    Lets be honest…it didn’t help that she BEGS him to get married

    JT is a player….Just dump Biel and move on

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    LOL Now we know why they get photographed left and right now days they always do this Justin is out there living it up as a single guy so stories of him breaking up with his “girlfriend” get out there = they always get pictured for 3 days in a row together to go back to not seeing each other for moths what is new?

  • GWB5

    This news MESSES me right up! My entire world is crumbling.

  • ewelllle

    he is a cheater. but that’s not new.

  • Sammi

    he always cheats and she always stays with him. he’s her claim to fame.

  • Brayton

    True. A sight is reporting that a few days ago Munn confonted JT and broke it off.

  • nata

    I don’t know. US is not the most reliable source. Only time will tell…

  • idocare

    Eh…..I’m sorry, but everybody knows Olivia Munn is a fame whore and has consistantly leeked information about who she’s “dating”.
    There is no doubt she planted this herself….when will men learn to rather pay someone for sex than cheat with some mediocre looking Playboy model past her prime ?

  • Halfu

    Ew. He couldve picked any other gal beside that butterface attention whore olivia munn. Like ew she probably smells like nerd sweat and cum. And fish. I hate Olivia munn

  • Hajaha

    Obviously this story was eaked by Munn. Sad the only way this bitch gets her name out is by leaking stories involving her personal life. Honestly, every article about her refers to her as an “actress”. Her desperate need for fame disgusts me.

    The article also says the sex was “amazing” and makes it seem like she had no idea they were still together–making her seem like an innocent sex symbol.

    Also funny how all of her photoshoots are her in lingerie. Desperate wh0re

  • http://MELGIBSON bitchback

    Olivia is Hollywood’s mattress so I believe it

  • natalie

    Justin TImberlake is an UGLY, overrated, piece of s.h.i.t. Remind me why anybody would fight over him again.

  • Lulu

    This is so humilliating. To be cheated on with a sl*t

  • Daniel Tang


    True!!! I don’t see why the beautiful Jessica stays with him. Maybe he is nice to her. Maybe they love each other. Besides, in Hollywood, if you even get photographed with another person who is not your partner, that’s considered cheating.

  • Brayton

    Is there a pic of he and Olivia Munn?

  • GG

    It’s funny how he dumped Britney for cheating on him when he’s no better himself. Hypocrite much?