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Taylor Momsen: Tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Launch Lady

Taylor Momsen: Tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Launch Lady

Taylor Momsen hosts the Tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Sneaker collaboration launch party on Wednesday (October 26) at The Roxy in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 17-year-old Gossip Girl star, who wore the same pair of buckled boots like she did earlier this month, performed at the bash with her band, The Pretty Reckless while guests snacked on Sprinkles cupcakes!

Earlier in the day, Taylor and a friend stopped by Le Petit Four with a friend for lunch.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen at the Tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Sneaker launch party…

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56 Responses to “Taylor Momsen: Tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger Launch Lady”

  1. 1
    vinha Says:

    She is ridiculous!

  2. 2
    ka-blamo Says:

    She is soooooooo in love with herself.

  3. 3
    bitchback Says:

    she is a hottie

  4. 4
    Asama Says:

    I’m sure she’ going to be herself for halloween. is this her halloween costume?

  5. 5
    Sophie Says:

    LMAO I died laughing when I saw that picture. And the most hysterical part of it is that she takes herself soooo seriously.

  6. 6
    angie Says:

    ding dong the *****/with is there

  7. 7
    Kate Says:

    she would be soo pretty without all of that makeup & the creepy outfits she wears!

  8. 8
    Crittle Says:

    Good job Taylor, I’m sure the undead zombie look will really catch on with all the young Hollywood stars. I predict Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan ect are going to be all over this look! And why shouldn’t they? Its completely flattering

  9. 9
    mary Says:

    someone’s excited for halloween..

  10. 10
    SarahC Says:

    It looks like she has some kind of disease…unless this is her idea of a Halloween costume. If that’s the case she should wear what she usually wears. Because her fashion definitely scares me.

  11. 11
    Jonte Says:

    Yknow, I wouldn’t mind her at all if she didn’t have such an annoying personality.

    She so f***ing bratty and cliched you forget she’s actually a good singer.

  12. 12
    TheBishIsBack Says:

    She is an abomination, yes…that’s an appropriate word for her.
    I still can’t get over how much she’s changed in ONE year, from a bubbly teenage girl to a mega s.l.u.t overnight.
    I once had respect for her, but not anymore. She needs to put some pants on and stop thinking she’s a rock chick…because she is not. She’s the most arrogant person ever, maybe if she had talent then there would be an excuse for her arrogance, but nope she has none.
    Attention seeker.
    And what’s with the red eye makeup? aw she get tired of wearing the black? :(

  13. 13
    lokju Says:

    looks like i want attention!!!she is just 17 i mean she is a kid…looks weird i dont like people when they are doing this crap…

  14. 14
    V Says:

    I was just reading the other day how her father was allegedly a huge douchebag and neglected her.

    Kinda makes sense she’s looking so hard for attention since he never gave her any.

  15. 15
    spoiltrichgirl Says:

    Courtney Love wannabe without the passion.

  16. 16
    [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L] Says:

    …taylor momsen’s a little girl playing dress up.

  17. 17
    Jasminnn Says:

    Lol, ewww.

  18. 18
    Vanessa Says:

    Look at this video ..she seems like a happy teenager here (posted last year!) :
    I believe she’s going through this “rebel phase”
    She’s taking it to the extreme. Maybe we might take her seriously if she didn’t dress like a bride of Frankenstein.
    I don’t believe in the whole “my mommy and daddy neglected” she seems spoiled to me.

  19. 19
    whatever Says:

    @16 it’s more than that. I swear she gets more and more out of hand every day…

  20. 20
    fat GAY queenie Says:

    B i t c h please! Is she a baby vampire prostitute now? Girl don’t get me started.

  21. 21
    tinkerbell Says:

    She just looks stupid to me! her whole outfit and makeup is just wrong! and the fact she only just turned Seventeen is even more sad. why does she need to dress like this? I use to look up to her on Gossip Girl, she was a real mellow and down to earth girl and that made her unique! now she’s like the typical angsty teenager! I am disappointed in her, and so is all her other fans.
    This isn’t the real her.

  22. 22
    Jasmine Says:

    Why do people give this rat any attention?

  23. 23
    J12003 Says:

    That makeup looks REALLY bad. That color lipstick on her, sucks… big time.

  24. 24
    April Says:

    I just want to no where her parents are while she is wearing and doing all this crazy stuff because she clearly needs so limits here

  25. 25
    michael Says:

    Looks like a alcoholic version of Hannah Montana

  26. 26
    Nani Says:

    There’s only one word to describe her: Ridiculous.

  27. 27
    Jordan Says:

    they need to fire her from gossip girl

  28. 28
    emma Says:

    @April: Have you seen pics of her mom? She dresses the same as her haha (she has black hair though).

  29. 29
    rocky Says:


  30. 30

    For Halloween she’ll wear jeans and a t-shirt. Should be interesting.

  31. 31
    Cora Says:

    she looks so angelic and pretty

  32. 32
    danielle Says:

    I wonder if she has any idea how truly awful she looks?

  33. 33
    Lalalove Says:


  34. 34
    courtney Says:

    What I don’t understand is WHY she would do this to herself. It’s like she knows how naturally beautiful she is, so she’s purposefully trying to make herself look rougher and uglier. Lose the trashy clothes, lose 99% of the eye makeup, Lose the hair extensions, and then we have beautiful Taylor back. I would give anything to be her, yet she’s wasting it. It sucks because she’s such an idiot so that I want to hate her, but I really love her music.

  35. 35

    Where are this Childs parents? She makes Miley Cyrus look like a nun. Doesn’t she smoke too? CPS should check out her family. Something seems seriously wrong with this child. How can the parents allow her to dress sooo trashy? It’s sick and she needs help.

  36. 36
    Samantha Says:

    exactly! cut her hair a little shorter too and she’d be pretty as. She’s such a ***** though.

  37. 37

    damn she is definetly in the hollowen mood! it’s a good custome SHE SCARED ME!!

  38. 38
    kendra Says:

    what kind of a creature is this…

  39. 39
    hana Says:


    oh my God.. i did see the video!! what happend to that happy girl?? i dont think it is a rebel phase, it is a crazy phase!!

  40. 40
    Sheigh Says:

    She really needs to go out of Hollywood and rest some times in a psychiatry center. Craziness is all around her and sucks her brain!
    Poor little girl!

  41. 41
    me me me Says:

    when ever i see her it’s kind of disturbing. she seems quite miserable to me under all that makeup, and troubled. reminds me of cherry from the runaways.

  42. 42
    Britt Says:

    She needs to cover up. I can’t believe it’s not illegal to dress like that since she’s a minor. Where are her parents at? I understand letting your child do their thing and having their own stuff going on but c’mon!! Cover your child up!! This is truly disgusting and the fact that she’s just as naked on the cover of that gun magazine and talking about orgasms or porn or whatever the hell it was, is completely inappropriate. Seriously there’s no law aganist this?

    Someone needs to find her parents and smack some common sense into them so that they can take control of their child. She’s not 18 yet. It’s as if hollywood parents stop parenting when their child is 17…just look at how Miley Cyrus is acting and dressing….so disgusting!!

  43. 43
    Fax Says:

    Man oh man is this the picture of insanity?! What the heck is going on with the outfit?! She’s 17 and is walking around pant-less in underwear… Attention- seeker and some. Taylor Momsen get over yourself! Stop being too eager to grow up!

  44. 44
    lola Says:

    Not sure what she tries, i belive she likes punk/rock but still something seems fake. Feels like she wants to be something different than any star now but its just that everyone tries that now. Lookslike she wants to be queen of rock or metal or what it the is but it`s just that those things have been done alredy, she isnt doing enything new or different, janis joplin, joan jett, queen, black sabbath, slayer, jimi hendrix…all these bands and icons, hard rock, trash, metal…exists alredy times of rock have been created alredy, i feel like she tries to bring something back but in a way that shes something new now and different now, when shes not. Stars should respect older artists and if they would they would not copy them. That just annoying! hate it.

  45. 45
    lola Says:

    hate when everyone is so selfish that wants to be `different` =best.
    they dont respect old artists like hendrix, janis joplin, joan jett, iron maiden, gunsnroses, black sabbath, beatles..if they would they would just be shut up.
    they just want that icon thing that those have. They cant, those things are done alredy, if they want to be icons or something they should just do things naturally and for real, then they come icons if they do. you cant have 60s or 80s back! its done! annoying.

  46. 46
    opp Says:

    The iconic singers and bans exists alredy, she cant be the new joan jett or the new iron maiden, if she really would like and respect them she wouldnt shout it out loud, and yes they did back in the 60-80s dress like that but its done and was great but if someone tries to be that again its stupid and selfish..real respect people!

  47. 47
    Frida Says:

    She looks freaking ridiculous!

  48. 48
    Aleja Says:

    I just have one thing to say ” where are her PARENTS??”…i guess they desappeared as her clothes…

  49. 49
    Calico Says:

    Oh dear God… this is the most terrifying thing I will see for Halloween by far.

  50. 50
    Jokergurl Says:

    Teenage rebellion or early Halloween only the therapist knows for sure. Who knows, but at 17 (unless it’s Halloween) she shouldn’t be dressed like Dracula’s hooker.

  51. 51
    brenda Says:

    OMG…Taylor is ridiculous…she is a good girl trying to look like a bad girl.! Mmm….hey… you are not Lady gaga!

  52. 52

    FUC**ING! MILEY FANS They do here?!
    Oh!. I know! I KNOW! come to insult Taylor Momsen, okok she can be ridiculous! And so what? She is a Rockstar girl she has a good music and Good style for a Rockstar and Scary Girl. and did not like but so what? is the opnion of her leave her alone!! If you do not like do not come to disturb.fuc**k all haters!! SHE IS A GOOD ACTRESS, GOOD SING AND WHY?! because she is a girl She do not need to DISNEY AND THE FATHER AND And have the style of a *******! She gives the music No se**x ! GOOO TAYLOR destroy all the haters! miley sorry but your fans can be stupids ;) bye bye

  53. 53
    oy Says:

    It’s like Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love had a child.

  54. 54
    michelle Says:

    her mole is distracting.

  55. 55
    mm.. Says:

    seems fake.., she cant sing and has no rock star carisma, she would be great in rock chick role but not a real one, poor girl making herself a joke in front of the world:/

  56. 56
    Ismail Says:

    Can’t believe her Halloween costume was better than mine!

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