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Miley Cyrus' Parents File For Divorce

Miley Cyrus' Parents File For Divorce

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have split.

The couple, married for 17 years, told People, “As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family. We are trying to work through some personal matters. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

Billy Ray and Tish have five children, including pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

The couple cited irreconcilable differences in divorce papers filed on Wednesday (October 27) in Tennessee.

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  • K

    Damn so many splits!

  • L

    He’s probably divorcing her to make room for Miley

  • ck

    She broke his heart. His Achy Breaky Heart

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …another one bites the dust! ahahahahahahaha …i’m looking forward to see who’s next.

  • Jewel

    It really was a matter of time… Didn’t come as a shocker to me, obviously :/

  • Sophie

    Aww, I feel bad for the children. It’s always very sad when parents divorce.
    People, please try to stay nice. I’m not a Cyrus fan either but now is not the time to attack this family.

  • MOO

    Wow i’m a bit shocked! :O I thought these two were very strong…
    Though we don’t see them together that you would agree with me…

    and they have 3 children together by the way. Tish had 2 kids (Brandi and Trace) from a previous mariage

  • truth

    I blame theyre herpes infected sl utt hoe Miley for their break up. Stupid b itch ruins everything.

  • truth

    omg i bet miley was sleeping with her father and caused the break up!!!

  • faith

    i always thought there was something odd about this couple. billy ray seems so down to earth and wise, and his wife seems the polar opposite. pushy stage mom, former rock star groupie with 2 kids before she met billy ray. then she got knocked up, and while billy ray had another woman knocked up…and he chose to stay with this broad. i hear she’s controlling and gets what she wants…but not in a good way. why am i calling her a broad? because she is miley’s manager and she is behind everything miley does. she is producing her movies, her show, her career choices, her music, etc. notice how when hannah montanna had just started miley and her dad were very close? as she grew up and started to become more reckless in her personal choices and ‘sexy’, she hasn’t been as solid with her father. its because her mother has been influencing her. something tells me her mother is not a very good rolemodel. she looks like she’s had some plastic surgery, is obsessed with her youth, and is living vicariously through her daughter. i’m not sure if miley knew this was coming, but the reason they lasted this long in a marriage is because they were hardly together. with tish and miley always on tour or on location together, and billy ray persuing his career.

    divorce is always difficult on children, even on the older ones. but i feel bad for the 10 year old and miley. for some reason people think 18 is automatically an adult, but thats far from true. you’re still developing and finding out who you are as a person. since she hasn’t been making the best choices lately…i hope this doesn’t further the trend. i hope she remains on good terms with both of her parents and maybe finds more maturity and strength from it. :).

  • MOO


    Very true

  • Kirsten

    I am not a big fan of Tish but I feel for the kids. They were together for a long time.

  • emily

    it’s the season of the splits!

  • Krista

    i am sooooooo suprised! my jaw dropped when i saw this. but i wish them the best.

  • Lisa

    Miley’s recent antics: cause or effect?

  • Brooklyn

    So sad.

  • Rockstar

    To all the commenters who think incest is what caused this divorce: Are you serious? Look, I think Miley Cyrus is completely obnoxious and I wish she would step out of the spotlight and get an education, but to insinuate that she is having sex with her father is heinous. If you think this teenage girl has dressed inappropriately in the past because she is sleeping with her father, please go take a walk through any high school during school hours, or go to the movie theater on a Friday night, or look on facebook – I think you’ll see it is not uncommon for young girls to try to push the limits with what they wear. Not to seduce their fathers (eww), but in an effort to look sexy and grown-up to their peers. Not saying it’s right, just saying Miley Cyrus is not the first teenager to dress in revealing clothing. So, please consider this and also consider how distasteful it is to say that Miley and her father have an incestuous relationship.

  • mika_says_hi

    oh my god. so many breakups!!! i feel bad for their children

  • Koree

    i love celebrities seem to have these weird trends: first it was the cheating husbands and now its married couples getting divorces. wonder who’s next…..

  • Dan

    Unfortunate, but understandable. I suppose we could all aptly assume that Miley Cyrus was the cause, not because of incest, but because of her fame. @faith: I agree with the polar opposite comment and @Rockstar: I agree with the incest remarks being heinous and repulsive.

    Another divorce, but the only difference is that it’s in the spotlight. Divorce rates are extremely high in America, and Hollywood is not an exception.

  • faith

    miley’s been photographed going out without bras wearing white tshirts with huge gaping holes in them. i’m sure as miley’s manager, the fact that tish has been ignoring, if not encouring this type of behavior has caused a strain on the marriage. we’ve seen this in all of the popstars/actresses with ‘momagers’. britney spears, lindsay lohan, etc. you’re just NOT suppose to mix parenting with management. she’s paying her mom as her manager, and the distinction between PARENT and friend/manager becomes blurred. she gets encouragement and people enabling her, when her mother’s job is suppose to tell her NO. i’m not sure if billy ray has been more of a parent to miley ,since he is the one that introduced the 20 year old underwear model to her….but most fathers who are protective do not like to see their daughters acting the way she has lately. seeing as how he is a veteran of a business which sucks you dry and spits you out…..i think billy ray doesn’t approve of the direction miley is taking both in her career and her personal life. like it or not, miley’s mom has dealt a large hand in that.

    if there is anything that led to their marriage dissolution beyond their children, business, etc….. im going to wager that her mother is a cougar. she just has that vibe lool.

  • briana

    i totally saw this coming, i mean come on! tish and miley are living in LA when billy lives in tennesse! ugh hello is that not weird? face it this family is not and has never been your “normal” family. before mileys fame, billy was touring 24/7, with tish and the kids at home. then miley got famous, and she toured with tish, leaving billy home. now they feel like theyve spent so much time apart they dont even know eachother, and there you a divorce. its pretty simple if you think about it

  • Midz

    Their like the new Lohan family!

  • http://j ivanka

    maybe that’s hy miley is so crazy and not acting in a good way, the divorce or the problems of her parents are affecting her and that’s how she shows she needs attention.

  • Shawna

    So which one of them will get custody of their 10 year old so they can continue to turn her into a prosti-tot? Hopefully there will be a guardian ad litem to determine who out of the two of them can actually PARENT their children, rather than pimp them out.

  • kami

    no surprise here. she has been living through miley for many years as her mom-manager. no time for a husband when you’re doing that. i never thought they had a strong marriage. he cheated on her years ago while touring and had trace with some other woman.

  • annie

    Arquette and Cox
    Aguilera and her husband
    Lively and Badgley
    So many others and now them…
    Damn, what’s up with all those splits this month? o_0.

  • Hollywood destroy lives

    This is sad to see their marriage being destroy thanks to Hollywood. They were a good christian couple. No wonder Mily has lost her way. Hopefully, she will not end up like Britney and Lindsay. Hopefully, they will work together and raise their Kids. The mom seem to allow Miley to do whatever she wants to do. she is more like her sister than mom while Billy is stright foward.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Thanks faith.

  • http://www./ Ashley

    I can’t believe that happned poor miley was must be going though a rough time with that

  • jaye

    No one should be surprised by divorce. The only surprise I had was that it lasted this long. Who knows if they’ve really been ‘together’ all these years.

  • Stan

    @Faith, I think you hit the nail on the head. Tish started out as the strick parent while Billy Ray was more laid back. But in the last couple of years it appears that Tish has been acting like more of Miley buddy than her mother while Billy Ray is rarely seen together with Miley anymore. I think Tish is having a mid life crisis, and wants to be young again and is using Miley to get her goals. Noah made a lot of news last winter then she disappear. No more audiitions or anything, just horse back riding with her dad. Then in the last month Noah is back in the news, going to auditions again. I think Billy want to leave the LA life behind but Tish doesn’t. He smart. Divorce rate amoung stars living in Nashville are a lot lower than those in LA because there is less temptation.

  • fat GAY queenie

    Redneck Singles has two new members!!!

  • Leila

    ahh : /

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Rockstar: What’s new, some people are absolute morons. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the same person who claimed the other day here on JJ that Jolie’s kids were fathered by her brother not Pitt.
    Anyway, best of luck to all, especially the kids. Divorce is always so hard on the children.

  • is that you,

    @fat GAY queenie: Perez?

  • M

    As sad as this is, it’s almost even more sad the way people automatically blame Miley. Sure she’s made a lot of mistakes, but all teenagers do. she’s still a person and this is obviously a very difficult time in her life. some of you people are disgusting saying that she screwed everything up with her career, her controversial behavior or even by incest. you don’t know anything about this family for sure, you don’t know anything about ANYONE in Hollywood for sure unless you know them personally. i highly doubt that Miley was the reason for her parents’ divorce…maybe her career put a strain on the marriage, but i’m pretty sure it wasn’t the only reason. i’m not exactly a Miley fan but I feel so sorry for her…i think she was already going through a lot of personal struggles with her amount of haters at an all time high, and this will probably only make things worse. NO ONE deserves to have their parents divorce and they definitely don’t deserve to be blamed for it. so many people are saying so many cruel things about miley…would it kill you to leave her alone at least for a little while during this hard time?
    I truly feel bad for those kids, especially Miley and little Noah. I’m praying for all of them…

  • Ben

    Oh well.

  • amy

    I’m frankly not shocked because they were not seen together in a very long time. It is sad, especially when there are kids involved. I am appalled at the disgusting comments here about Miley & her father. WTF is wrong with people? We don’t know them personally & even if we did, it is not anyone’s place to pass judgement or make disgusting remarks. I feel sorry for all the kids, and they will probably read these disgusting remarks, which is even worse. Most of the idiots who wrote comments above are animals, not humans. If you have ever even known a family that has gone through a divorce you know that the kids suffer alot no matter how the parents work things out or get along for the kids sakes. My heart is broken for Miley, Braison, Noah, Brandi & Trace & my prayers go out for this family.

  • tinkerbell

    N0w Miley is g0nna go 0ff the rails and get drunk and d0 drugs and will 0f c0urse blame her parents div0urce.

  • Lisa

    Okay, I have two more things to add:

    1. I decided to look up Noah’s twitter and discovered she now goes by “Noah Lindsey” rather than Noah Cyrus. My guess is Mommy Tish, who is closer to her based on some of the recent pictures, has had something to do with it.

    2. Does anyone else not see Miley Cyrus in 10 years talking on E! about how her parent’s relationship at this moment was part of the reason she decided to stop wearing pants and to end her first “real” relationship? I totally do.

  • LollipopGurl

    Lindsay Lohan in the making.

  • ozzie

    wow … what a bunch of mean comments

  • Nanuuk

    Billy Ray’s been trolling for extra-curricular activities for years….. hit on a friend here in Vancouver. No big woop.

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