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Willow & Jaden Smith: Buy Life!

Willow & Jaden Smith: Buy Life!

Willow and Jaden Smith pose together to support the star-studded campaign for Keep a Child Alive.

The charity, which was co-founded by Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz, provides care and support for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

Earlier this month, Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Usher, and Jay Sean lent their support to the cause. Tennis superstar Serena Williams has also joined the others in helping the families in Africa and India.

To join in on the cause, download the StickyBits or WiMO app and scan Willow‘s shirt. You can also text “WILLOW” (or the names of the other celebs participating) to 90999 to make a $5 donation.

FYI: A few thousand people tuned in to watch Willow‘s live chat yesterday. Check it out inside!

Willow Smith’s Live Chat, 10/26
Just Jared on Facebook

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  • Kelly

    Why are will and Jada pimping out their kids all the time now? Are their careers tanking? Next they will have a reality show…..

  • mark

    I didn’t know who was Jaden and who was Willow at a first glance haha

  • She-whom-shall-not-be-named

    JJARED PLEEASE! Can you knock it of and disable “automatic play” on Willow’s video ? Christ, i have no time for a kid and I came for adult news w/o having to constantly hear Willow’s voice talking without my permission each time I refresh the page!


    Willow has her Mama’s eyes and her Daddy’s ears!

  • Gabi

    Not sure about these two…………

  • Annie

    automatic play? This aggressive marketing campaign is really getting out of control.

  • hezzieboy

    Glad they’re raising another ego-maniac for the world to enjoy.

  • anita

    Why do those Smith chidren annoy me so much,……wish their parents would stop pimping them

  • Jasmine

    Gorgeous children…

    I can’t believe there are people hating on KIDS. They seem to have grounded parents. That’s much more than many child stars have. Let them be, damn you people.

  • bigapple

    Every time I visit a site that has some stupid-ass Autoplay shit, I refuse to come back for at least a week (sometimes forever). Annoying your visitors does NOT translate to more traffic…

  • Annie

    EEEEww at Andy Dick!

  • um

    Im just laughing at the thought of how many girls and women are jealous of Jadens hair

  • Iffy Miffy

    Willow seems to have problems with reading … she sure is full of herself though. I don’t blame the kids, they’re kids. The parents though … disaster.

  • Stella9

    Willow is NINE and can barely read. Typical scientological “anything goes” parenting.

  • brr

    the photographer has a little problem with the photoshop, look at their arms, they dont match where they’re crossed

  • S*8hallo

    The only difference between Jada/Will and Justin Beiber’s Mom is what?

    Jada/Will have money and contacts and they’re already in showbiz and for some reason people seem jealous..shocked/surprised their kids are doing the same and want the same. Yes…Willow is on “JJ” alot …question him about it if you don’t like it.

    Jada said in an article that her kids want to do this and aked them …so she gave birth to them they can do whatever they want.

    Folks being raised by parents in the entertainment industry is not the same as the average family. They’re surrounded by this stuff 24/7.

    Willow and her brother do not bother me.

  • Garrett

    you guys know that is prolly getting a hefty sum from the smiths to throw their children in our face on a daily basis…… thats why their always on this page daily, when they really do nothing

  • aw :)

    They look so alike.

  • Jason

    Great cause.

  • Just Beautiful

    Willow is Gorgeous! Even with those ears ;-)

    Love this pic!

  • Hyoid

    OMG they look like twins!!!!

  • anya 777

    she is going to be BEAUTIFUL. look at those features. jealous.

  • Dan

    This confirms the “desperate for attention” theory. Although it’s fantastic they’re supporting a cause, it seems desperate to do it AFTER they released new music and are trying to peak their fame. I’m not into humanitarian work just to raise your status.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @anya 777: And? Being beautiful means nothing when you can’t read …

  • tamandat

    Is it me or does willow looks like those blue people in avatar..

  • Sam

    Smile children, I promise it won’t hurt. You might even feel better for it! Come on kids, give it a try!!! :)

  • expensereport

    OMG they are so gorgeous. Haters still burnt I see.

  • expensereport

    Iffy Miffy is the biggest hater and can’t seem to stay out of any WIllow posts. an actual jealous fan i say…

  • natali

    It does not matter how much talent and looks you have but a good education is very important.Yes, their parents know that, but in my opinion they should only allow them to part take in the summer months.why, miss out on events in school and to know how to deal with thoses who are not in the business.. this will give them the heads up to know who’s their true friends who just only want to hang with them cause their status and who just are plain haters.I wish them everything life offers them and to always respect themselves and one another.

  • woogie

    She DOES look like the Avatar character- Neytiri!

    It looks like she is wearing blue contact lenses??

  • Cookie_Monster

    This is such a publicity stunt and pimping the child..anybody hears jada in the background whispering the important DATE for Willow to say—she is already getting the hang of things,trying to not look up and repeating after her mom.

  • Kristen


    “The charity, which was co-founded by Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz, provides care and support for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.”


    Fix it.

  • Shy

    Ok – where is Willow and where is Jaden? :) At first a thought that person in the left was Jayden.

  • Mikey

    @tamandat: i thot so too!

  • artist

    @brr: His arm is going down the front of her shirt and out the back. So many mistakes in the world of design these days.

  • mela

    these smith children are too phony for me. they creep me out for some reason, i can’t put my finger on it. they carry themselves like they are entitled to fame. maybe its the smug look they have on their faces?

  • jasmine

    there is a VERY good reason why people dislike them.

    there are SO MANY MUCH more talented people out there not benig able to live their dream. And YET, these children that have average talent and are only famous due to their parents are able to live the dream without working as hard as others or being talented.

    Do you get it now? EVEN IF they are children, choosing to enter Hollywood was their own choice and they chose this, they aren’t to be pitied like “THEY ARE JUST KIDS”

    there’s NO SUCH THINGS in Hollywood, Hollywood is only for the talented.

  • hsh8383

    willow looks like one of the creatures from avatar

  • chloeroberts

    its really repulsive that there are adults in here bashing on little kids, your ADULTS for crying out loud. let these kids live & instead of gossiping about them watch your own kids.

  • christa

    i agree, they look like twins.adorable kids but i think jaden needs a better hairdo.loved him in karate willow and her mom should be in a movie together. like jaden and will were.

  • DiMi

    Why are people so angry at these kids? What have they done to you? I think they are beautiful and talented. I don’t understand why people are complaining about Jaden and Willow when nobody complains about the dozens of children on Disney and Nickelodeon being in the entertainment industry. This isn’t any different. Either you are against ALL kids in entertainment or you are against none. Jaden has been in two movies, and only one as a lead. The whole family moved to China with him, and a movie can be filmed over summer vacation. Willow has released one simple song. She was probably in the studio for one or two days (a weekend), and she was probably making the video for two days (another weekend.) The promotional activities take a few hours, max. She is actually spending very little time doing this. If you added it all together, she’s probably spent a week on it. That means she has plenty of time to go to school and just being a kid.

  • vale

    @um: jealous of jaden hair you really? xd

  • vale

    @Annie: i think the same :| i hate automatic play :@

  • Anthony

    Willow Smith is so cute and her brother Jaden is growing up so fast. I think she will have a long career in music with Jay z guidance

  • http://bebo shantell

    look here bitch u need to stop making jokes because he look better than u so it don’t matter and there is one word for you HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    For people claiming bad photoshop in Willow and Jaden’s picture, that’s Willow’s shoulder and arm you’re seeing. Jaden’s arm is behind her, you cant even see his arm. Look closely. Sheesh….

    Anyway, that’s a beautiful shot of some very talented kids. Wish them all the success in the world.

  • hulda duda

    shame on u guyz
    you r not even agemate of that kidds dont be jelous such way,they r blassed .
    u dont like them rise yous then grow them on your way

  • Jenel

    I love Will and Jada to death and their kids are gorgeous and talented but I can’t help noticing that they’re a mite full of themselves. The little girl sure has quite an an attitude on her. Not to mention she seems to be sort of weak on the academic side. I hope her parents remember that the key to success is being well rounded and humble and I hope they continue to remind their kids of this everyday. I wish them all the best.

  • Janae

    For those of you who keep saying that Will and Jada are pimping their kids, you need to stop! You’re not talking about other actors or artist that kids are now entering the business. At least Will and Jada are teaching their kids that they can make their own money without depending on their parents wealth.

  • starr30

    @anita: how about u shut up!