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James Cameron: 'Avatar 2' AND 'Avatar 3' Are on the Way!

James Cameron: 'Avatar 2' AND 'Avatar 3' Are on the Way!

James Cameron has signed on to make Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 his next projects!

“Our goal is to meet and exceed the global audience’s expectations for the richness of Avatar‘s visual world and the power of the storytelling,” the Oscar-winning director said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to returning to Pandora, a world where our imaginations can run wild.”

Both sequels to highest-grossing movie of all time will tie up James until December 2015, which has forced him to withdraw from the upcoming Cleopatra film with Angelina Jolie, according to Deadline.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Avatar 2 and Avatar 3?

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  • ida

    i am not excited..i dont think he needed to make sequels but whatever…

  • Sadie

    Avatar is so overrated…

  • ida

    you know what, avatar might be the highest money crossing film, but who is it going to remember it after 20 or 10 years? titanic and star wars are more epic than this. do u even remember a quote from avatar?titanic:Jack! I am flying!
    star wars:…so many quotes!like, may the Force be with you
    whatever, just selling..

  • Catchy

    power of the storytelling? avatar is plain and boring, also very overrated.
    i’m not excited at all.

  • ck_always

    He looks like Jigsaw in that picture, lol. Movies will still be good and make hundreds of millions as long as they’re as visually stunning as the first.

  • NativeNYker

    Wow! That is some endeavor. Sad that he wont be remaking Cleopatra. He would do an amazing job with that.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • zzz$$$zzzz$$$zzzzz

    how corporate of you

  • Kaz

    Good morring folks

  • The Doctor Is In

    Two more films of his that I won’t be seeing.

  • Eonad guy


  • Butter_Fly

    Good God! No! Just kidding…it was just alright. It isn’t as great as Hollywood is making it out to be.

  • Better_Off

    I hear the Blue Man Group will make a cameo appearance, but seriously. James Cameron makes some great visual films and there’s no denying that. When the 2nd comes out I’ll pay — story aside of course, but the audio/visual wow factor alone will do it for me.

  • Dianna Knows Best

    So hoping to copy Pocahontas 2 and 3?

  • rhymes

    I’ll be watching and quite frankly I’m sure he’ll do fine with these sequels world-wide. Sorry haters!

  • avatar

    I havent seen avatar 1 yet

  • ozzie

    Avatar was ok … the 3d was gimmicky at best … no sequels needed

  • Troll

    Please don’t ruin a brilliant franchise by having unneeded sequels! they’re not needed! >_<

  • Ana

    No, I’m not excited. I wasn’t excited sitting for 3 hours watching smurfs with steroids fly around, won’t be excited for watching 6 additional hours of that.

  • Ann_Howard

    If he’s dropping out of Cleopatra because of the sequels, that is REALLY too bad. I would love to see a Cameron/Jolie masterpiece. It should be interesting – for lack of a better word – to see how he moves forward with Avatar.

  • Olly

    LAME! Cameron needs to get over himself…..

  • Dan

    The comments here are so stupid haha… why are you guys so upset that Cameron is trying to make Avatar into a franchise? He already planned to long before this signing even happened. Avatar was a huge huge huge success, broke records, even the DVD sales broke records. Just because you guys didn’t enjoy it doesn’t make the records any less relevant, and of course Avatar “doesn’t need a sequel” because the first one is so great it could stand alone. I don’t see anyone whining about Christopher Nolan making another Batman film (which is awesome as well). I’ll definitely be watching both in theatres.

  • jaye

    How can he ‘withdraw’ from Cleopatra if he was only ‘talking’ about it. He never said he’d do Cleopatra in the first place. From his early comment, I didn’t think he would be doing it anyway. He said something like, ‘regardless who’s directing
    (Cleopatra), it’ll be a great movie’. He had to know at the time that he would be doing Avatar 2 and 3 even if it wasn’t announced. I think being in talks for Cleopatra was just another feed for his too big ego.
    As for Avatar, he has a built in audience because of the success of the first one. I don’t think his ego could take failure, so it’s better for him to work on something he knows will bring in the big box office numbers. Because of the success of the original, he can tie down a larger upfront salary and percentage. I bet he’s still p*issed off about not getting the Oscar. It doesn’t matter that many people who actually saw Avatar thought it was over-rated and even some thought it wasn’t very good except for the special effects, most of them will see the second and the third one..
    I didn’t see the first one and don’t plan on seeing the other two; heck, I didn’t even see Titanic. lol. The blue people creep me out and visually, too much blue gives me a headache. Frankly, even if the people were pink I don’t think I’d be interested in the movie.

  • Anna

    No I’m definitely not =/

  • Mary

    I bet they’ll suck. You cant’ get any better than the first one

  • Jokergurl

    I still haven’t seen Avatar, it just looks so cheesy and Sam Worthington just doesn’t do it for me at all, put Johnny Depp in one and I will watch it.

  • matti

    Avatar without the effects would be a pretty unremarkable movie. I won’t see the sequels…would have seen Cleopatra but.

  • AE

    @ida: Well I enjoyed Star Wars and not so much the Titantic, but Avatar was an AWESOME movie and line I remember the most is “I see you” maybe the movie was to deep for you.

  • AE

    I enjoyed Star Wars and the episodes, great movies, but I didn’t enjoyed the Titantic : ( Avatar will be as legendary as Star Wars was and is. I think that is may have been too deep for some of you, relying only on your eye for the enjoyment of the movie. “I see you” is a quote from the movie that I remember, but maybe you don’t understand that either.

  • M

    @ida: Avatar: “Your like a baby! An ignorant baby!!”

  • Max

    @Ana: dont watch it then u idiot


    All the Best.

  • GKW

    @Sadie: WTF did you give it your best I thought it was great.

  • pranav ramhota

    yeah am very exited about his nxt film!!wana buy a 3d tv!!! it will be a hit those 2 film

  • LAL

    If some one other will make the film AVATAR -2 & 3. What u`ll be think Guys…….lets make competition………….!

  • Mike

    I really enjoyed the visuals of Avatar, unlike any other movie I have seen. Being a fan of Star Wars, I Still like to spread out and enjoy other storylines. But I am really looking forward to what James puts out for us next, after seeing his work with Avatar. Being Avatar 2 or some other Sci-fi fantasy film we could all expect to have great visual quality. Most importantly, I hope James is doing what he wanted to create for the public.

  • SurfnWally

    I agree. The original Star Wars, now known as Episode IV, is still the greatest motion picture release of all time. Forget about box office and aftermarket records, which Star Wars may still hold when adjusted to inflation and population. Star Wars first run in the theaters was for well over a year. A WHOLE YEAR! Edwards Theaters ran Star Wars for more than 18 months from the movies debute in some of its theaters, like the massive Edwards Newport; and then a few years later it was re-released in theaters. Name one other movie that has come close to those numberswith that kind of impact. None. Avatar was a fun “Dances with Wolves meets The Matrix” kind of movie, but it is and will never be as important as Star Wars… no mater how many dollars or statues it collects. Avatar was just last decades leftovers with a new layer of melted cheese on top. Yummy, but don’t block the bathroom door becasue it might come back up.

  • http://facebook MEGAmind

    I can’t wait for Avatar 2 I have plenty of ideas for it but don’t know how to contact James Cameron

  • eber hart

    —I was an AVATA fan —UNTIL I caught that documentary
    ‘Endgame’ on Google video.

    CHECK IT OUT ——ESP. the second half.


  • eber hart

    —AS it comes to light just weeks ago that the UN World ‘Health’ Organization ‘accidentally’ infected some 2 BILLION (!!!!) worldwide with ultra-contagious, chronic hepatitus B via Bill Gates-style ‘stealth’
    vaccines —-the LONG RICH techno-worshipping, ECO you-genocide
    championing Jams Cameron continues to show NO
    sign of consciousness, much less repentance…

  • chris

    but with avatar,we all know and remember fondly things in the movie,hometree, the tree of souls, the floating seeds of the sacred tree, pandora the planet, the na’vi, ,this movie is in a league of our own, and if all human kind wasnt so blind, they would see the true meaning behind this movie, that we do not need posessions to be entirely happy.
    we should thank and give thanks, that this movie is a escape from all the bullshit that is on the films at the moment.
    heres a quote for you ‘ida’ – all energy is only borrowered, and one day you have to give it back.
    why is everyone so damn negative about other peoples extraordinary talents, i couldnt fathem this kind of creativity, so i enjoy it, while we still can.

  • tyane blackwell

    !!!!!id love to star in avatar!!!! it is aweome

  • louis1988

    losers…… i loved the first one and the next two will be just as awesome… stop looking into films with massive expectations or comparing a totally new film to ones that were made YEARS ago… some people just cnt move on