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Kate Bosworth & Jennifer Connelly: Night of Stars in NYC!

Kate Bosworth & Jennifer Connelly: Night of Stars in NYC!

Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Connelly step out in style at the 27th Annual Night of Stars held at Cipriani, Wall Street on Thursday (October 28) in New York City.

Jennifer, 39, presented Balenciaga‘s Nicolas Ghesquiere with the evening’s Superstar Award. Also celebrated were Proenza Schouler design duo Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. Both celebs wore pieces from the designers they honored!

Jennifer was joined by her husband, Paul Bettany!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Connelly at the Night of Stars in NYC…

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • Lovekate

    Kate looks gorgeous

  • Pro healthy eating

    Kate Bosworth is so terrible, that I don’t know if cry or laught!
    So unhealthy. She is a terrible model!

  • Healthy Eater

    Kate looks hight!!! that can’t be her natural smile, at least the rumors are true and she’s fans of hard drugs.

  • cute

    they are both so beautiful

  • C’MON

    Kate Bosworth is not an actress, she is a professional prostitute.
    It’s funny how everybody, even JJ, knows that.

  • http://j ivanka

    woah, whats wrong with kate’s eyes?

  • Anne Marie Española

    Jennifer Connelly is such a beatiful lady!! Love, love her pics.
    Who is the blonde?, I really don’r remember her… it looks likes like Lindsay Lohan, ew, dirty.

  • TrueBlade

    The TALENTED ACTRESS Jennifer Connelly and her man( Paul Bettany) who is proud to be seen with her, looks fabulous.

    The only place I want to see Boswaste’s face is on a milk carton.

  • okay

    @ivanka: she is as high as groceries that’s what’s wrong with her eyes! LOL

  • C’MON

    Kate Bosworth = Escort

  • okay

    Jennifer was joined by her husband!……. to say silently Kate is left to the greenroom, JJ is a trip, I am beginning to think he is in on the joke


    Alexander Skarsgard is something of this awful women.

    He is a famewhore too.

    why the fans are so blind?

  • Just Kidding

    This is more of a post about Jennifer Connelly, not KB. Why? Has the check KB sent you bounced, or she is paying less now, JJ?

  • Lurker

    What in the hell is that scrawny girl in orange wearing? She looks like a tween that raided her momma’s closet. Except her face looks too old to be a tween. Jennifer Connelly looks lovely, as always.

  • Sun

    Kate is a pretty girl but she needs to practice posing without looking smug

  • ozangle

    What is wrong with KB? Is she wasted? Or did she just get out of bed & get ready in the car?

  • AussieTBfan

    Kate looks strung out – at best, tired. Jennifer Connolly looks radiant.

  • TrueBlade


    She’s a prematurely aging, past her 15 minutes celebutard that needs to practice posing without looking DRUGGED.

  • Raven

    Is KHo’s dress from Walmart’s Halloween collection? Fug. Jennifer’s dress is dumb, too, but she looks happy and gorgeous. Plus she’s got Paul Bettany as an accessory. She’s 10+ years older then KBlow, and looks 10 years younger.

  • nicole

    Kate looks so high!! MESS!!! What a hot mess!!! And that dress, and that posing hard!! Give it up Kate!!!
    Did you guys see that Ryan Kwanten is going to be doing the new Manson pic with Brad Anderson!! Now that should be something AWESOME!! Too bad for ASkars!! He could have been seen as something great and talented and worthwhile however he got labeled a famewh*re and KB’s boy toy. Now he is just Hollywood and Tabloid fodder. NOT TO BE TAKEN AS A SERIOUS ACTOR AT ALL!!! Alex, you really screwed up!!! Ryan, on the other hand, is known as the hardest working actor on TB along with Anna Paquin. And completely devoted to his craft. He is going to be taken VERY seriously!!
    Even Alex’s friend Joel Kinnaman has a better chance at prestigious and wide ranging roles than Alex now. Snabba Cash was awesome!!!
    Funny how when Alex was asked about recent Swedish films worth seeing he said Let the Right One In which came out a couple of years ago. His “friend’s” film Snabba Cash came out THIS YEAR and was a huge success BUT Alex didn’t ‘think” to mention that one. Yeah, looks like Alex is just a little jealous!!! He and Kate are perfect together. Limited acting range, stiff faces and bodies, famewh*res, pap calling, tabloid fodder…yep..I’d say perfect!!! He should start modeling her Tackymint jewelry along with Kate and that would be just swell. Hahahahaha….
    While Evan Rachel Wood just got signed to do the new George Clooney directed flick!! Wow she just finished working with Robert Redford, then did Mildred Pierce, will be MJ on broadway’s Spiderman, and now Clooney!! Yep, Alex I’d say you picked the right girl to get you all the perfect connections in Hollywood!!! Love watching this trainwreck!!!

  • Louise

    Both Kate and Jennifer are beautiful women. I like the dress Kate’s wearing – perfect for fall – but I don’t like Jennifer’s outfit.

  • Ultra

    What’s up with Bosworth? Her legs look brittle.
    Is she sick?

  • lovely

    They are both wearing ugly dresses. KB’s looks like something a grandma would wear.

  • okay

    @nicole: nicole tell us how you really feel and don’t hold back LOL, love your rants :)

  • mickey

    Jennifer Connelly: Still pretty.
    Kate Bosworth: Ugly chick with bird legs.

  • Hazmat
  • Clue
  • cbabe

    Kate’s dressed for Halloween! How can a self-proclaimed “fashion icon” (I wouldn’t blame Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn rising from their graves) pair orange and black together?

    She isn’t a good actress. She has no right to call herself an actress! Totally ruined Superman for me.

  • OU812!?
  • aka

    REEEEEAAATTTT Kate. eat a sammich

  • huh

    really Kate?
    pink lipstick with an orange dominant dress?
    and what in the sam hill have you done to your hair?
    what’s left of it, I mean

  • clue

    They have to wear the clothes of the designers being honored. I’m pretty sure that the designers picked out the clothes that both of these women are wearing. All you JJ readers should know this by now as this is how all these fashion events are run.

  • @33

    No, that’s now how it works.
    Any celeb who is going to be dressed by a designer for an event is given a selection to choose from. They aren’t told what they have to wear, it’s their choice. As long as they don’t pick a dress already chosen by someone else, they can wear anything they want, from any season they want.
    If you knew anything about how fashion events were run, you would have known this.
    Jennifer is famous for her ‘out there’ risk taking in fashion. And Kate is famous for having no taste.
    They (or their stylists) chose the dresses, no one else is to blame.

  • OK

    Nice Cheese Cloth dress Kate. Next time eat the cheese, or hell cut the cheese if you want, just keep your try-hard bony a$s at home.

  • OMG

    I give cedit to Kate for picking clothes that hide her anorexic body…one cannot see her disgusting concave boney chest. Ashley Olsen does the same thing she dresses herself in nonr evealing baggy clothes to deflect that she is anorexic. Please some help this chick out ,her legs are soo thin that they look like they could snap in half….and she looks like a bobble head!!! All head no body …sad!!!

  • Really

    I give Kate credit for wearing clothes that hide her anorexic body ..esp her concave boney chest. Ashley Olsen does the same thing, she wears non revealing beggy clothes to hide her body. Kate needs to get some help…sad

  • OMG

    Ugly chick

  • Malanna

    I give Kate credit for wearing clothes that hide her anorexic body..esp her boney concave chest. Asahley Olsen does the same thing by wearing baggy non revealing clothes..Kate needs help..SAD!!

  • christy

    I give Kate credit for wearing clothes that hide her anorexic body esp her boney concave chest!!!

  • uhmmmmm

    37, 38, 40 and 41…..
    if you want to be a sock puppet, you have to change your name AND your message.
    That was a really pathetic attempt.

  • christy


  • John Doe

    You are all jealous fangurls, Kate could wear a bag and still be GORGOEUS be gone withches…I’d take her anorexic looking body any day!!!

  • @uhmmm.

    Not really ,seems JJ was censoring my comments so I changed my post names to see I could get thriugh! ..and then JJ for some reason then posted all of them lol…I quess they want no one mentioning that Kate has starving looking body…

  • GG

    About Askars… who someone supposedly dates SHOULD not affect their career. Yeah I’m no Bosworth fan but I will judge him for his acting and I think he’s a good actor regardless.

  • OU812!?

    @John Doe:

    “I’d take her anorexic looking body any day!!!”

    Please do. Dogs need bones to play with.

  • OU812!?


    But it does. Wh*res of a feather flock together.

  • GG


    Besides being with her I don’t hear about him doing anything crazy like Andy Dick or Charlie Sheen. Still a fan.

  • AussieTBfan

    I agree it SHOULDNT matter who he dates, but its this obvious paparazzi whoring that has got his fans in a lather. Also, who someone dates says a great deal about that person, fair judgement or not. Of course he’s not in the same league as Charlie Sheen. Its not just his fans that are noticing either by the way, his new paparazzi loving ways. Ted C commented today. Wake up Askars!!!!