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Celine Dion's Twins: Nelson & Eddy!

Celine Dion's Twins: Nelson & Eddy!

Celine Dion and Rene Angelil have announced the names of their newborn sons!

The fraternal twin boys, born on Saturday (October 23) are named Nelson and Eddy, after Nelson Mandela and songwriter Eddy Marnay.

“They do look alike,” Rene shared with Etalk earlier this week. “But maybe they won’t look alike in a few months because they are not identical twins.”

Nelson and Eddy join big brother Rene Charles, 9.

The couple announced the happy news on a telecast on Quebec’s television network TVA.

Congratulations to the happy family – can’t wait to see photos of Nelson and Eddy!

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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Sam

    Over 15,000 names and they choose Nelson and Eddy? Oh, Celine, my fellow Canadian, what are you thinking??? s’il vous plait reexaminer, s’il vous plait – - rapide!!!!

  • annab

    Somehow these names don’t fit for them. I can sure think of many that are better. Kinda disappointing.

  • Elisilla

    I don’t like the names… :(

  • asha

    It took her almost a week to come up with names for these kids and all she could come up with is Nelson and Eddy???? Really…Really!!!!!! She could have at least gave the one kid the full name of Edward.

  • From Paris with Love

    Well I wouldn’t chose those for my kid but i think they are ok names and i like the fact that they are totally normal. O_o Brooklyn, Cruz, Bronx, Pax, Maddox, Knox, Zuma Nesta, Kingston, Egypt LMAO
    Plus they work both in english and french. The only thing odd is that the big bother René Charles has such a classical old fashioned name compared to the twins, hopefully they call him charlie lol

  • Alex


    Wow, where did you learn you French, fellow faker? I bet you google in the automatic translator, il aurait fallu lire: au plus vite, ostie d’épais!

    To get back to the topic, Celine said she named her twins Eddy because of Eddy Marnay, one of her favorite singer. And then Nelson is for Nelson Mandela, who really inspired Céline when she met him in South Africa during her Taking Chances Tour.

    I bet nobody at Just jared actually speak french, they just checked quickly in twitter. Bande de cons, arrêtez d’être centrés sur vous-mêmes un peu les Américains et essayez d’apprendre une autre langue… But i’m asking too much! ahah!

  • not sexy

    Lol…..they’re very prim and proper.

  • DarkEmpress

    @From Paris with Love:

    Reading your comment, I just realized that “Bronx, Pax, Maddox, Knox” ended with X. That’s how you can tell that hollywood names are so unusual that a majority of them end in X of all letters. I wonder if Angelina and Brad were trying to make all the names of their boys end with an X

    I wish Celine had chosen french name for her boys. I like Guillome and Jean-Phillipe

  • Beamie

    @Alex: Ouain, t’es pas l’seul à penser ca… à chaque fois qu’il y a quelque chose de relié au francais, on dirait que tout le monde sait parler francais, mais quand t’es rendu à les lire, t’es comme “ok, ca, ca vient de google traduction!” Perso, j’trouve que ces prénoms fit beaucoup moins en francais… on dirait que le québécois a été délaissé de ce côté!

    I can’t picture babies when i read those names… plus, fits well in english but not that much in french, compared to René-Charles. the inspiration behind them was sure different…!

  • Sam

    ‘Alex’ mauvaix, mon petit tou tou! But I’m sure you got all of your enlightning Celine information from her personally? Maybe Rene told you? Oh wait, perhaps vous avez regarde sur google (no capital on the google, bien!!) imaginer!!

  • Sam

    ‘Beamie’ – funny funny funny! Don’t agree about the religious part though, this post has nothing to do with religion! I am Canadian, I speak both our official languages et je suis fier!

    I agree with your comment on the names – doesn’t fit as well as their first son’s name. Not what I expeceted either. Perhaps Sebastien et Phillipe??

  • siennagold

    Nelson and Eddy? Very boring names.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    @Alex: LMAO!!!!! Non, non, t’es pas le seul Français. C’est pas parce qu’on parle Anglais la plupart du temps qu’on est tous des fakers. Mais bon, j’suis d’accord avec toi, j’aurai pu avaler le Français de Sam si ce n’est ce “rapide!!!!” qui fait trop “fast!!!!” :)

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I don’t like those names either. Especially Eddy. But oh well, whatever floats their boat. It’s their kids after all.

  • pinkoch

    Neslon Angelil and Eddy Angelil….pretty cool

  • Annie

    Hmm those names are a bit…boring. I was expecting French names!

  • Annie

    And I hope Eddy is short for Edward. Because just Eddy kind of sucks, sorry.

  • Melly

    I actually think Marnay sounds nicer than Eddy. :/

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Why not name them Mandela and Marnay to make it more hip? But cool they were named after men of great standing. Cool.

  • Butter_Fly

    I don’t really care for the names Nelson and Eddy (don’t really care for the spelling either). I’m more into uncommon names but not where it’s borderline stupid, like Apple. I already have my son’s name (if I ever have any kids lol) picked out after looking through a family book. It’s definitely original. But it’s all up to the parents, just go with what feels right.

  • Sam

    ‘Lilakoi Moon’ LOL! I meant FAST, very FAST. Those names are not right for those babies (yes I know they are their babies). Guess young ReneCharles got to help, they did say he wanted ‘American’ sounding names’. Hmmmmmm). Yes I can speak/write French, not as well as
    I do my first language which is English but I work in at a bilingual job and after 18 years at the same job, not one complaint au sujet de mon francaise. merci

  • jaye

    lol@ Nelson and Eddy. I’m so sorry, but those names are just so , so.. hell I can’t eveb find the word for it lol. Nelson Eddy was a singer and movie star from the 30′ and 40′s.

  • calamity

    Tu as raison. Je pense comme toi!!!!

  • dani

    @From Paris with Love:

    If I may point out at least Pax and Maddox are from Asian countries and their names were chosen to reflect their heritage. Knox is a fine southern name and having lived in the south I know several Knox”s.

    Nelson and Eddy while boring and dated are hardly weird. They are more nerdish than anything. If the kids were “normal” kids born to “normal” couples, no doubt they might be teased in school for their names. But they are going to join to the Zuma’s and Egypts in their private, exclusive, very posh schools.

  • waycross48

    EDDY ANGELIL!!! Just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Nelson isn’t quite as bad and I do understand why she chose both names – they each mean a lot to Celine personally, especially Eddy. But, it’s the kids who will have to live with those names, especially poor Eddy!!! I wish people would THINK about how names will affect children later in life. Of course, these don’t measure up to Apple, or Budweiser – those are the REAL winners. Seriously, considering Celine and Rene’s French roots, Eddy really just does not fit. Rene Charles is a lovely name = goes great with Angelil but these names just don’t fit with the family name. Sorry , that’s how I feel. But, they are not my babies – they are hers and she obviously can name them whatever she chooses. Just wish she had thought more about how they sound.

  • zee451

    You people are being ridiculous. Who do you think you are to choose for someone on what names to call their children. Really get lives and grow up! the sooner the better.

  • kelsey

    if celine and rene want there sons to be called eddy and nelson then thats there choice… no need to say i dont like those names..those names are boring…they’re not your kids!!

  • stopthedissin

    guys, stop dissing the names. Ya their not the best namesd in the world but she chose them BECAUSE Eddy was the name of a canadian guy who helped her during her career, and Nelson after Nelson Mandella. She was inspired by these people. Your dissing the names, havent u noticed her husband is 20 yrs older than her and she lets her kid grow his hair 10 ft long !!!!??? Shes doing it all out of love, shes being herself. I LOVE YOU CELINE!!!!!

  • http://sydneyflowershops Donnie Glawson

    I agree with you, but i can’t understand your conclusion. Can you explain it, please?