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Tom Cruise & Taylor Swift Teaming Up for 'Rock of Ages?'

Tom Cruise & Taylor Swift Teaming Up for 'Rock of Ages?'

Tom Cruise has been offered a supporting role in the big screen version of the Broadway hit Rock of Ages, according to Access Hollywood.

If he signs on for the project, the 48-year-old star would most likely play a bartender who gets the chance to sing some ’80s rock classics.

Taylor Swift will reportedly star as Sherrie Christian in the flick, which follows a young rocker and a small town girl chasing their dreams in L.A.

Production on the project is scheduled to begin in January.

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Tom Cruise in the Rock of Ages film?

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  • oheneba1

    I am soo happy for taylor such a sweet girl met her in nyc she was really sweet 2 us..(tom re u still wierd?)

  • kristin

    No and no.

  • Kylie

    …i like tom cruise”without the crazy”….i wish he makes a come back.
    ..n i wish people stop judging him for his religion….I mean let the man do wat he wants!!…

    Plz dont start explainin scientiology here…i know what it is…i dont follow it…i just like tom cruise

  • Dan

    People act as if the personality of an actor really makes a difference toward the quality of a film. Tom Cruise is a great actor, I don’t care how quirky he is or what his beliefs are, as long as he isn’t a pedophile or necrophiliac, he is cool in my book.

  • Kylie

    @Dan: …exactly dan!! my thoughts!

  • zzzz

    Nope, I don’t want to see any movie with Tom Cruise in it.

  • to ZZZZ

    well, no one is forcing you to. So there. Shove that in your carcinogenic pipe and smoke the hell out of it. But, then again, I guess nowadays its COOL to deride on Tom Cruise.

  • peggy

    Having seen R of A what I don’t want is to see can’t sing Taylor in it – she can write but singing is not her strong suite.

    Even Miley sings better

  • sylvian

    Looks like Tom star power is really going down, supporting now a manufactured (fake) talent like TS?!

  • http://MELGIBSON bitchback

    the more Tom the better

  • me

    yes to taylor no to tom.

  • Troll

    1. Tom Cruise had his day. He is not “cool” anymore.
    2. Taylor Swift can’t act. Anyone see Valentine’s Day? she was so cringeworthy and horrible.
    3. Why put her as lead in a movie when she sucks? .. well we have Ms Kristen Stewart as lead in Twilight…so anything is possible these days.

  • @dan and kylie

    Exactly how is he a great actor? He shines in movies where he plays himself–over-the-top roles like Jerry McGuire etc. He su$cked big time in the dramas like 4th of July, Few Good Men etc. He was definitely the weak one in A Few Good Men. Compared to Nicholsen he was a novice. He was so unbelievable in 4th of July that he was laughable.

    Unfortunately he has enjoyed being a “star” so much that his personality now interferes with any roles he takes on. Unlike Brando, Nicholsen, Pacino, DeNiro and a host of others, he is not talented enough to overcome his off screen persona and when people go to his movies they see Tom Cruise and not the character. That is why he is not a good actor. Marlon Brando was a jerk with a bad personal life, but you didn’t see Brando in Last Tango. And he became the Godfather. Tom is unable to become a believable character. His movies sell because he is the movie star Tom Cruise, not because he an actor of quality.

  • SoulFly

    @@dan and kylie:

    Wow, you should consider being a movie critic. I agree with everything you said…

  • SoulFly

    @@dan and kylie:

    Wow, you should consider being a movie critic. I agree with everything you said…

  • hmmm

    Tom doing supporting roles?? I guess he has to do what it takes to keep Suri in $3,000 dresses…

  • No More Tom

    PLEASE no more Tom. He is like Jennifer Aniston forcing himself into as many movies as humanly possible. Why are we being tortured by these has-beens? Problem is, they are trying sooooo hard and come across as desperate for attention, not appealing.

  • jeri

    I didn’t know Tom Cruise could sing.

  • cd

    I have no words about Tom. Just no. And no way can Taylor pull off the vocals needed for Sherrie. Can’t see Taylor playing a stripper.

  • eva

    @dan & kyle, I see what you mean, I agree Tom is no Marlon Brando, but having said that, I think he is an ok actor, and as longs as he s given a rle that is not too intense, he can pull it off. As for Taylor, she can’t even act in her cheesy song videos, forget about a real movie!

  • Olly

    Ewwww!!!! Stay away Taylor!! Don’t go near that crazy old man!!
    He is sooooo friggin creepy!

  • Lucy

    Tom’s only good movie was “The Outsiders” and only cause he was hardly in it, He was just a pretty face (when he WAS a pretty face)
    Now all I see is crazy.

  • Mayanktaker

    No Comments >: )

  • Fcuk NO!

    Tiny Tom should get back in his spaceship and go to Xenu rather than torturing us with his attempts to sing. He needs to STFU and go change the microchip in his wife’s head. He ruined his career when he jumped on that couch. It’s a good thing Oprah is filthy rich & does not give a fcuk but if Tiny Tom jumped on my leather couch I would beat the cra.p out of him!

  • Star Fox

    Go, #7!

    Big actors play supporting roles all the time, #16.

    Also, you critics seem to be contradicting yourselves. He’s either too arrogant to play supporting roles or his career is so low that he HAS to take supporting roles. Which is it?

    Tom Cruise is one of the least prolific actors in Hollywood, #17.

  • Brooke

    Ugh, Taylor you’re not an actress…. QUIT TRYING TO BE!

  • ANNA Katz

    taylor cant sing! she is going to be in a rock musical? what/?

  • oy

    First Kanye. Now this. Hasn’t she suffered enough?

  • to theresa

    i have a question here. can tom cruise even sing??

  • Rick999

    Can you believe Tom Cruise is considering doing Top Gun 2 — 24 years later.

  • Tianna

    Never seen Rock Of Ages but considering the title has the word ROCK and its about music why the F.U.C.K. is taylor “I think I can sing” swift going to be in it. Oh did I mention shes a GOODY TWO-SHOES COUNTRY singer. MORONS! just sayin!

  • shawn

    I’ve seen Rock of Ages and the musical is FANTASTIC!!! I’m not worred about Tom Cruise. I think he can pull it off just fine and Mary J Blige too, but WHAT THE HELL is taylor swift doing in this? she wasn’t even born in the 80′s, so what would she even know about it? taylor can write her own material, i’ll give her that, but she can’t sing for shit. i also heard rumors about will farrell and miley cyrus as well. COME ON! have the directors even seen the musical?? you people are gonna ruin this movie. i’d rather have no names that are GREAT verses a bunch of big names that won’t do ROA justice. taylor is bad enough but miley, THAT had better be a rumor!

  • M

    @peggy: I agree let her write but not sing…..I saw the broadway play and man the voices were great….leave Swift out!!!!

  • sharon

    I have always loved Tom Cruise. But can’t see Taylor Swift acting or singing. We need better voice than hers.

  • Joy McBride

    I love Tom but the last I heard Julianne Hough was going to play the lead, she would be 10 times better than Taylor. And much prettier and she can dance.