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Alexander Skarsgard: Behind the 'Moomins'!

Alexander Skarsgard: Behind the 'Moomins'!

Alexander Skarsgard provides insight on his voice work in this behind the scenes look at his upcoming animated flick Moomins and the Comet Chase.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor is joined in the voice cast by his dad Stellan Skarsgard!

“I grew up in Sweden and [the book's] still famous in Sweden,” Alexander said “I just thought it would be a fun thing to be apart of and the world that [illustrator and writer Tove Jansson] created is so amazing.”

Alexander describes his character Moomintroll as “a young boy and slightly naive, but very determined and brave… If you give your kids love and trust then they will feel the way Moomintroll feels when he goes out into the world.”

Alexander Skarsgard: Behind the Scenes Look at Moomins
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  • Jess

    Can I just say, before all the crazies show up and start ranting about Kate what’s her butt, that I love this man!! I think he’s a sweetie no matter what hateful comments are about to follow.

  • Jess

    Oh and JJ, thank you for at least not finding some lame ass way to to put her name in this post.

  • Love Alex

    I love Alex and his work. My mom read the Moomin books to me when I was a child. Love them and their philosophy…

    His dad is an awsome actor as well.

  • ElisaDay

    I love the Moomins, used to watch it when I was a kid, can’t wait for this :)

  • Great Actor

    Both Alex and his dad are great actors and the Moomins are iconic.

  • slanted view

    @Jess: We can only get these gifts so infrequently from JJ that we should indeed celebrate.

  • nicole

    Can’t stand him anymore!

  • Dot

    The move is really good and both Alex and Stellan does a great job :)

  • Allie

    alexander, i love you!

  • Angel

    It’s so nice to see an interview with him talking about his work. You can tell he gets so into what he’s doing. It’s cool listening to him talk about his childhood. I really enjoyed this.

    It’s a nice change of pace to seeing him with his clinger, angry at the world.


    Do you really find this guy attractive?

  • Molly

    Will he be NAKED in the movie?
    Will he RAPE someone in the movie?
    If it’s a kid movie, I hope not.

  • Jess

    That’s a lot of swedish people in one video! Only Mads isn’t a fellow swede… I love Alex and both Stellan and Peter is great actors.

  • Lucy

    Never heard of this cartoon/book/ whatever? Is it Scandinavian?

  • Mindy

    @ at can’t unsee. I think those pics of Alex are cute. I have always liked his imperfections, but thats just me.

  • ElisaDay

    lol, that’s not a great pic, just watch him in GK

  • Katerina

    I loved the Moomins when I was little,and now I’m older I love Alex, its a total win win situation.

  • Poppy

    Hot! I luv luv luv that mans neck and arms… total skarsporn

  • xxx

    The creator of the Moomins is from Finland though. Not from Sweden. So they should have people who speak Swedish (from Finland) do the voices.

  • muppet show


  • Beth

    Oh!! Such a lovely man.

  • sarah

    gorgeous!! love hearing him talk about the movie

  • tinkerbell

    Why is everyone so horrible to this guy? Granted if he’s with Kate then we can all hate on his ass .. but this has nothing got to do with the fame wh0re.
    He’s hot, so stfu.

  • Jinx

    delicious… his voice…sigh pure perfection

  • luv him

    Love this magnificent Viking God.

  • AskarsLikesBaldChicks

    His daddy probably got him a role in this movie.
    He didn’t get the job for his talent, that’s fo’sho.

  • Askars = Skarsgasm

    I could happily stare at this man all day!

  • LisaM

    This movie is soooo damn cute!! Just like Moomintroll’s voice actor! lol

  • sparrow

    aww wot a cute vid, love hearing alex talk like that ,not the same old stuff from tb ! he just makes me want 2 pinch his cheeks, ruffle his hair , and then drag him up 2 bed! love Alex

  • Fat fapping girls

    @Askars = Skarsgasm:

    I believe you. Most Skarsgard’s fans don’t have their own men.

  • Troll

    does his character get raped? or does he rape someone?
    we all know that’s Askars secret fantasy.

  • Askars = Skarsgasm

    @Fat fapping girls: neither do most of moyers fans either

  • Clue

    @Fat fapping girls:

    Shallow much? Why do you care what his fans look like? They’re his fans that support his career, vote in polls, show up at events, buy tickets, dvds and merchandise. The only fat anyone should care about is how fat their wallets are.

    Btw, most of those fatties have men that proudly walk by their sides while holding their hands and rock their worlds, as well..

  • NachoFeet

    I like the smell of my own feet.
    They smell like Nacho cheese.
    I want to SMELL ALL YOUR FEET! ;D

  • Kimmi


  • GG

    He’s still my favorite TB character.

  • Awwww come on!!!!

    This guy (Alex) is amazingly beautiful and seems to have a very good heart and so does his father!

  • Fat fapping girls

    @Clue: ohh you….
    I know, I’ve seen pictures, they look like whales.
    Everybody is shallow sometimes.

  • Too good to pass…

    Swiped from @How Refreshing on the KB thread. I think it’s appropriate to drop here, yes? Yes. How very refreshing, indeed. “It’s been eleven very joyful days without the Skarsworthless duo being papped in public making total ass*es of themselves. Judging by the E Online item last night, I gather AS wasn’t invited to the GQ “Gentlemens” event the night before. Truth is, pairing his name with the word gentleman is an obscenity. I really wish someone would finally have the ba**s to out his gay/bi true self and get it over with. His career is so dead it’s stinking as eloquently as hers.”

    He should come out of the closet. He could help a lot of people.

  • Clue

    The movie looks sweet and I hope it’s a success. It’s nice to see AS looking good and excited about the project..

  • Butters

    I posted this on another forum, I’ll hope I can give my opinion here.
    Skarsgard means problems for anyone who gets close: Evan Wood, Kate (I think she’s the only one who deserves it, tho). Also Anna Paquin, Stephen, Ryan, Joe, PJ Ransone (he had to delete his twitter account)… get hate from Alex’s fans.

  • Butters

    oh! I forgot: his father, his father’s new wife, his best friends, his siblings….
    And his own fans hate each other,

  • Beth

    Umm…Butters, what exactly are you under the impression you are speading?

  • Beth

    Actually, don’t answer that. I’m going to now.

  • slanted view

    @Too good to pass…: Ok…I can rip on AS/KB as much as anyone. But this is getting a little out of hand. Askars wouldn’t have been at the GQ thing because he’s shooting. As much as I think there is a bit of a Bill’s Babe’s vs Eric lovers going on in other places, I would by no means drag Stephen Moyers’ fans into this stuff we see now. It’s all brought on by the KB hate. Which I don’t think is completely unjustified by the way (good god what happened to her hair last night???), but this post is about AS. And his work. His dad doesn’t get him all his jobs. He does work hard at what he does and he’s great on TB. The two of them? wait until JJ posts on them again and we can rip them to shreds, but when he actually works and has projects, give him a break. We’ll back to our regularly scheduled scorning shortly.

  • Putrid Slop

    Askars is a total douchebag who thinks way to highly of himself. It’s one thing to have a skank for a GF but even worse to leave the skank high and dry when the paps appear like he totally doesn’t want his picture taken. Who is he kiddin? Total ever-lovin cheesedouche.

  • Just Joanie

    I don’t know anything about the Moomins but this looks like a cute movie.
    Did Alex say someone came to visit his family and ended up staying 14 years? Sounds like a tall tale to me. Hahaha!


    Why is he always working with his dad? Can he not find work on his own back in Sweden? It looks kinda pathetic. Alex is a grown azz man and it seems like every project he does in Sweden is with his old man. Makes you wonder if the father gets him all the work back home.