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Eddie Cibrian's Ex: DUI Bust!

Eddie Cibrian's Ex: DUI Bust!

Brandi Glanville, the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, was busted for DUI early this morning, according to TMZ.

The make-up artist was pulled over on Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills, Calif. just after midnight for an unknown traffic violation when officers smelled the odor of alcohol. Brandi was given a field sobriety test and was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Brandi is currently being held under custody and bail has been set at $5,000.

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    Rimes sure knows how to destroy a family.

    Did everyone see the latest Rimes Tweet?

    “Hey ya”ll. “I just rushed my baby to the ER. So many stiches, it’s tough being a mom, but it’s the greatest feeling in the world, etc.

    She neglected to call the real mother, above, who found out via twitter HER baby was injured”

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Brandi used very poor judgement by getting behind a wheel knowing she was buzzed. These kids can’t get a break. They have parents that are both boozers. Eddie is lucky he hasn’t been caught we saw him boozing it up and then jump behind the wheel when he and Leann was out celebrating. They all need to start showing more responsibility.

  • blair

    @ Betty….totally agree with that. But also noticed that jj ran this story but not leann’s….hmmmmm.

  • RodC

    I know it’s hard what she has to go through right now but Brandi should get her act together. She needs to be a better person – drinking and driving is not an escape or excuse.
    We’re rooting for you Brandi but we won’t get you off the hook by this DUI thing.

  • annab

    Why would anyone think this guy is attractive…..seems full of himself.

  • lisali

    Suprise suprise…the scuttlebutt in Hwood is that Brandi is a addict and drinks heavily. SAD for her kids..hope they weren’t in the car with her!

  • oh oh

    Don’t tell me! Didn’t she have the children yesterday? Does she have a problem?

  • mommy didn’t

    She goes around touting how she is a mommy. What’s she doing out drinking when she has the kids? Unbelievable audacity.

  • Junebug

    @lisali I have heard the same scuttlebutt. If true, let her enter rehab program

  • blair

    No excuse for Brandi, but who wouldn’t kick one back if her husband left her for a hog face.

  • Erin Renee

    Brandi Brandi Brandi……we knew you had issues.

  • scummom

    Not a surprise at all. Just watch what she does not what she says. Poor kids.

  • kiki

    No excuses Blair and all your akas. Having a hard time doing damage control this morning?

    Bless her , the kids, LeAnn and Eduoardo

  • scummom

    @blair @TimGunn Get real guys. Quit bashing LeAnn for just a moment and look at this pathetic situation.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Lisali Brandi is no more of an addict than Eddie and Leann.We know they are boozers. Why would her kids be out at midnight. The pot can’t call the kettle black when they do the same.with pictures and video showing it.

  • Orion

    Is this karma? Get her help if there’s a problem. Thank God the children weren’t with her.

    And LeAnn’s Shape Mag only got 40 complaints from a readership of 6 million.

  • scummom

    @blair It has been over a year. Time to get over it and move on wouldn’t you say? I mean blaming her drinking on someone else is no way to get better.

  • nancy now

    Why is she being held for so many hours if it is only suspicion?

    Does Eddie Cibrian or LeAnn Rimes have to bail her out to the tune of 6000 thousand dollars?

  • Getricia

    I feel sorry for these kids. You can tell Brandi is having a hard time facing the fact that she is no catch any longer. I hope she can pull it together. Maybe if she could cut loose of the anger these things wouldn’t happen.

  • not good

    [please betty STOP making excuses for her. You droned on for months about her innocence and perfection. Just don't go there at this time. It seems childish. We all want her to be a healthy mom for her boys and Eddie to be a good dad too.

  • wanda33

    I hope she doesn’t have to do jail time.

  • Sammie

    It happens to the best of us. Maybe they can all sit down and sort things out and be more peaceable.

    Yes, I saw Shape Magazine has now apologized to LeAnn for over-reacting to only 40 emails out of 6 million subscriptions.

  • mommy didn’t

    @Getricia For the kids sake I hope she can too.

  • Sammie

    She must be sleeping it off at the jail house. Other than that why would they hold her so long. Pony up some more cash Eddie. Who has your boys?

  • mommy didn’t

    @nancy now If she is still above the legal limit she can be held until she dries out. She may have to do a weekend stint in the county jail but that is usually down the road a bit.

  • lisali


    No it does NOT happen to the best of us…responsible people do NOT drive drunk!
    Its not difficult to call an effing cab…. if you drive drunk you are endangering other peoples lives as well as your own…..for a Mother to do this is irresponsible, ignorant, dumb and selfish.

  • blair

    @Sammie…..hope some good can come out of a bad situation. It would be great for the boys if they could sit down and work things out.

  • Sammie

    @lisali You’re right! At her age she should know better especially with two little boys at home but lets hope this was needed to turn things onto a better track. If she has a problem this was a gift from Heaven to get on top of it. Thanks for chastising me.

  • gurrrrrllllpower

    The boys must be with Eddie’s mom and dad.

    Will they be teased in school because this will surely be known throughout southern California where they live. Understanding is always needed in all cases.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Lisali/Racy If responsible people don’t drink and drive why did Eddie get behind the wheel because he never got caught does not mean mean he not done it. Brandi just got caught.No one is condoning her actions. unlike you. This caper still does not take away the lies and cheating Leann has been caught doing. She has to deal that. and will be after this has died down.

  • Ann Hunter

    Good Lord, she needs to think about those little boys losing their mother should she get in a wreck. And the point about their humiliation will be hard to avoid.

  • lisali


    Thanks for a gracious reply ( : I have a dear friend who is seriously disabled from being hit by a drunk,so it hits close to home for me.

  • OUCH

    No stone throwing at glass houses

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    To all concerned for the children.. Those boys were humiliated when their father had a public affair with another woman while married to their mother and moved them in with said woman who tweets everything in their lives and have PDA at a soccer game for all to see and gossip about. So this latest incident is just another humiliation in their young lives. Eddie and Brandi will be spending money on therapy for these boys for all they’ve been put through. When grownups don’t act like adults this is what happens.

  • Helga

    Oh puhleeez betty……this is about Brandi Glanville and a huge error on her part. Certain stances are divisive and you sound in a state of utter disbelief and shock. Let it humble you and anyone involved.

  • libby xls

    If it’s an addiction that’s just awful and she ought not try to hide it. Good comments here for the most part. Thx JJ for the story and all your stories

  • Buzzed?

    Wouldn’t be so long in the pokey if she was only buzzed.

  • BDH

    Betty/blair– Stop deflecting. Brandi got arrested for drinking and driving period. She made the decision and it shows how immature and stupid she is. This has nothing to do with Eddie nor Leann. She’s so lucky she didn’t kill an innocent person on the road.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Helga If you want to bash Brandi knock yourself out I don’t give a rats ass about the adults in this saga, they can overcome it. Brandi will go to court, pay a fine case closed. You forget Leann had a hit and run she paid her way out of. But these incidents have an effect on these children. I was the first to comment on Brandi poor judgement I am not humble it didn’t happen to me I am sure Brandi is ashamed of her behavior or should be. I’ve past the stage that I am shocked by anything or anyone. So goes life…

  • Buzzed?

    betty playing fast-and-loose with the truth AGAIN. LeAnn had a fender bender , exchanged insurance and phone and address with the other person involved and you have to LIE and LIE and Lie some more about it. Yucky!!!

  • KenzingtonGrace

    Horrible situation. I have lost three in my family due to other people drinking and driving. That is not a legacy you want to leave your kids Brandi. This is a bad situation all around but making bad choices will not help and may leave those boys without a parent. All involved ( EC , B , LR ) need to step back, let it go , and think about nothing but the kids at this point. And I mean REALLY think about them and what is best for them in a non self serving way .

  • d.

    Brandi it was one of your scheduled nights with the kids, and you leave them at home to go out and drink (and drive)? And you want to talk sh*t about how Leann and Eddie are bad parents? You’ve just lost all your credibility honey. A little hypocritical?

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Buzzed Read it on TMZ whatever Leann hit she left the scene and the police were involved. It was property involved not a person.She told the cops she was trying to get away from the paps. I will leave the lying to your camp.

  • Buzzed?

    Rightttttttt betty….lying is your and yours stock-in-trade. Everyone knows that.

    We all know the story and it was a fender-bender.

  • francie

    People Mag has the DUI bust & a pic of Brandi. She looks pretty bad, eat up girl you’re wasting away. And get help if ya got a problem.

  • Jezi belly

    So things are not always as they seem or how we’d like to portray ourselves. This can be a good thing over all because we see the person more truthfully not as polished and innocent as the Jezi’s work so hard to paint it up.

  • jaye

    The hospital incident didn’t just happened it was reported and talked about already, including Rimes tweets about it. Grandville’s being drunk is HER problem not Rimes. Don’t try to make her another Aniston; everything that happens to Grandville negatively is not Rime’s fault. Everyone screws up, but this should be a wake up call for her.

  • jaye

    oops, that’s Glanville. Odd name, but it’s hers lol.

  • Happy Halloween!

    Funny how the LeAnn bashers are mostly silent on this. They don’t want too much attention drawn to Miss Perfect Brandi. And boy are they scared it might end up as one of this site’s HEADLINERS.

  • lynn

    i HEAR YA, hAPPY!