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Rachel Bilson: Colors of the Rainbow!

Rachel Bilson: Colors of the Rainbow!

Rachel Bilson wears a colorful skirt while visiting her friend’s house in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 28).

The 29-year-old former O.C. actress stopped by a Santa Monica movie set on Wednesday.

Miss RB on the small screen? She’ll be starring in a rom-com with O.C. creator/exclusive producer Josh Schwartz at the helm! Rachel will play a character who helps dead spirits with the spirits helping her as well!

FYI: Rachel is wearing the Kate tank from Market

More pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s colors of the rainbow…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson colors rainbow 01
rachel bilson colors rainbow 02
rachel bilson colors rainbow 03
rachel bilson colors rainbow 04
rachel bilson colors rainbow 05
rachel bilson colors rainbow 06
rachel bilson colors rainbow 07
rachel bilson colors rainbow 08

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  • claire_ml_U


  • raena

    I think she has the most free time out of any celebrity around, she’s always just walking down the street- her and Isabel Lucas actually



  • lexy hates bilson

    So is this her new look??
    JJ no one misses her on the small screen or the big screen – if they did she’d have a job!!

  • Annie

    In all seriousness – she should take what’s left of her OC money and go back to college. Because it’s getting painfully obvious that this acting thing is not for her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ since you’re her PR person…why isn’t she at any of these events you’re posting about?? The film festival – like Pinto and Hayek…the Night of the Stars like Leighton Meester, Jen Connelly and her BFF Kate Bosworth…that GQ thing we saw Chace Crawford or Ashton & Demi.


    @lexy hates bilson: The Doha Film Festival is in Qatar, an Arab Middle Eastern country a long way from the USA.. the people who attended that festival have movies premiering there. And why does she need to be at ‘The Night of the Stars and a CQ thing? seriously? fck off, Lexy Hates Bilson. Stop fcking trolling.

    You’re such an asswipe, we all know it’s you typing all the trash about Rachel using various aliases. You fail so hard every time.


    @lexy hates bilson: Hi asswipe, you do realize SHE DOES have a job? ”No one misses her on the small screen, if they did she would have a job”.. Umm troll, she DOES have jobs, you’re clearly too illiterate to READ what’s in front of you. Second of all, I miss her on the small screen. Get over it. I’m sure the Summer/Seth stans also miss her. And those guys made up 99.9 percent of the OC’s audience.


    @EATME: Eatme=Lexy Hates Bilson. So obvious, it’s pathetic.


    Rachel ROCKS!
    GO RB!

    :) :] xD

  • the truth

    @HALES: Yes she has jobs ones that is given to her, She get them by her Bff husband asnd friends she know.Who else going to hired her when she be on jared site all the time? And sh do suppose to going to evnts like other people do.If no give her nothing she don’t want to it on her own. So what otrher acting jobs do she have right now. That’s is what she is walking LA all the time.You can’t get mad cause someone have their own opinion and talk the truth about her.She pull pranhks and she think she’s better than anyone else.And she don’t do nothing with herself all day .She always use other people to get attention. She don’t suppose to be doing movies.The only reason she came back outto show herself was done by her people. to show she’snot with anybody.Her and her pr people can’t keep fooling people like they do. This isn;’t going to change my mind about the things she has done.Her ex has a movie coming out and going to make another ou soon This why she came out. so where is all the jobs you’re talking about? And yes she need to do someting else with her time.Like now i guess there is no boyfriend like the fake on facebook?

  • kaleigh

    She looks like a “”$20 Dollar Esc0rt or a Streetwalker”".

  • claire_ml_U

    SHE HAS SOME JOBS!!!! pathetic haters!
    Thanks Justjared for Rachel Bilson posts! Love to hear about her. 4 ever :)
    your biggest fan claire

  • tennille

    A super tiny LA Valley County chick head with the in-bred looks & JJ’s most in-famous piece of SHIIIT!!!

  • kaleigh

    No wonder no actor/celebrity (either B-lister or even a Z-lister) wants her; coz she badly needs a “psychiatrist”!

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Kaleigh – I don’t think a guy would pay $20 for her…well maybe Hales but that’s really it.
    @ Hales – and why isn’t she at the NYC Night of the Stars – since you’re such a Rachel expert?? BTW, why won’t Josh give her a job on Chuck?? Or why didn’t he offer her a job on X-Men??

  • Viper

    So now she is matching her car keys to the outfits REALLY!!!…As for JOBS they haven’t really materialized yet she only had a walk on and some movie that can’t get released who really knows how big or little that part was. It’s even posted by JJ himself that Josh has been the one who is giving her work. DId she earn it NO she walks around movie sets trying to look important. If she was so wonder as a few wish to believe she would be working and not walking around town shopping.

  • whizbang

    I love myself, I love myself.
    I don’t care what you all say
    I love myself, I love myself
    I just stay looking in the mirror all day.
    Tweek my eyes, dyed my hair, shows-off all my freebies.
    Tell me how great I am.
    I’m love most being in LA and just run around my flat azz as much as I can.
    I love myself and no one can deny it.
    And I love fame (whatever it’s worth)
    As it’s like is a drug to me
    And I want it & I need it… even have to tell dear Daddy to buy it for me.
    Lalalalala… Lalalalala… Lalalalala
    P. S. I am incredibly average looking (that’s why I badly needs to accessorized myself everytime I go out) & dumb & stupid.

    Yours truly.
    The forever & ever cutesy-tootsie-wootsie (till I’m 60)
    R. BilPOOO

  • a movie

    It is in Variety that she is in the move BFF & Baby with Kate Bosworth and another girl I can’t remember the name of. They added several cast memebers last week, according to Variety, besides Rachel, but there is no update on the movie or cast members in it on IMDB yet. That is why she is going to movie sets, she is working! She and Kate were on JJ with scripts a few posts back.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @lexy hates bilson: I’d pay 20 dollars.

  • Vanessa

    F-U-C-K YOU.
    She sucks, she on my list of the worst fame hoes ever.
    Her and Kate Bosworth made the top 5.

  • hatersaredumb

    Rachel is a Goddess!
    Keep up the posts of RB, my favorite petite hottie!!!

  • sterling

    Lookin’ so wh0re-iffic & wh0re-dous as she’ll ever be.
    Midge(t) just look more like hinting to everyone in HW that she’s long been ready now for “next” be@rding assigment.
    But the checklist still “empty” after all this time – poor lil’ creature…

  • Calico

    Love her skirt. She’s looking comfy and cute. As always.

  • kiki

    How is this “new show” different from Ghost Whisperer? Sounds the same only lamer.

  • Brightside

    It sounds that way because it IS a lame version of Ghost Whisperer.
    I run it through my head….*a romantic comedy involving an airhead that helps ghosts and the ghosts help her with flirting and giggles and finding a love life*….I am assuming this because it states quite clearly that it is a romantic comedy. I am laughing already, although not in a good way. More of a head-shaking disbelief kind of way…a no-they-really-can’t-be-wasting-money-on-this-kind-of-turdfest way! Still it’s their money then, if they want to throw it away on another dumb, clunky, unfunny attempt of American humour, then so be it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cross the pond and infect other countries. Except Belgium…they can have it as far I’m concerned. They deserve to sit through hours of unfunny Bilson’s attempts at comic timing, the scheming, devious, EU idiots!
    Actually, now I think about it, Rachel Bilson and the average employee of the European Parliment have a lot in common. They are scheming, manipulative, greedy for other people’s money, tabloid hugging, brainless, shameless idiots. Now I know why I don’t like her! It’s instinctive…she’s like the bloody Belgians!

  • Your So Pathetic!

    Lexy and Viper the same old IMBD crew bashing Bilson still. Probably the same person. Nothing better to do with you life huh? Eventhough you deny being jealous your hate just speaks legends of you. Your just trash and you need to just stop it and grow the f*ck up.

  • Your So Pathetic!

    @ Hales,
    Good job telling these twits like it is. =)

  • Viper


    I should tell you to get a life if you parade around IMdb, JJ and god knows how many other boards to get your slum fix. Jealous please I’m jealous of a REAL actress like Natalie Portman or Angelina never some who pays JJ to grab her picture as she walks the streets with BFF’s or her fugly mother, Then rents a dog to get JJ to grab her picture again. Give me a real celebrity man or woman over this woman any day.

  • Your So Pathetic!

    LOL! Natalie does not know how to dress to save her soul out in public. I think Viper you need to have your eyes and head examined. Your not jealous. Yeah right!! How lame can we get? Show us a picture what you look like then Viper. Are you a Godess? Yeah I bet! LMAO!!! Prove your better looking then Bilson or her mother then. Show us a picture of yourself if you have the guts. I’m anxious to hear what lame excuse you will have to give for yourself. I would love to see what you look like. If, you look like Taylor Swift I will excuse you for being so nasty but, I bet you a dime your an overweight troll with greasy hair and dresses badly. LMAO!! Show us how beautiful you are then. I want to see this. LOL!

  • Streetwalker Bilson

    The JJ posts never claimed she was working on the movie set. She’s plainly not working at anything right now except sending a text message, probably to her publicist, to set up the next staged photo-op for the papparazzi to take pictures for JJ. Clearly she’s trying to generate some interest in her new TV show, which is exactly like Ghost Whispered crossed with Ghostbusters but without the comic genius of Bill Murry and the attractiveness of Jennifer Love Hewitt. It looks like a dog of a series, smells like one, barks like one. I can’t believe it won’t be one.

  • Your So Pathetic!

    @ #31
    Nice cover up hiding under a different name. How bloody cleaver of you! You have me ROTFLMAO. Your so pathetic!

  • Shania

    Why do some of you dislike her so? She’s seems lovely.

  • patty213

    I would add angie and brad to the list of fame whores. How they sell they kids out to the press.

  • correction

    @Your So Pathetic.
    You spelled your username wrong. It should be You’re So Pathetic.
    But then you are a Bilson fan so I shouldn’t be surprised. Probably share the same IQ level with your idol.

  • gigi

    The day Rachel gets positive reviews for her acting is the day she earns the respect of her fellow actors and is taken seriously as an actress by intelligent viewers.

    Until she does that, she will remain a starlet of middling acting ability who appeared in a teen show from several years ago, but who continues to get her face in the papers for parading different clothes on a daily basis and for her relationships wtih this actor and that actor.

  • YOU ARE So Pathetic!

    Gee…At Correction. Another asshole in the mix and going under another user name. Your IQ I’m sure is lower then the rest to be such a coward hiding under other user names. Still are pathetic and upset and jealous of Bilson. I know that. Stupid hater.

  • sethnotsummer

    According to HALES , the Summer/Seth stans miss Rachel and those guys made up 99.9 percent of the O.C.’s audience.

    This proves that HALES who claims to be a Rachel fan is unfamiliar with the OC. He doesn’t even know what kind of people watched the show. There are a lot of former Seth/Summer fans and Adam Brody fans who are now turned off by Rachel’s behavior. They like it that Adam is getting more work than Rachel but leads a more low key lifestyle then her. The other actors had fans as well. Maybe Hales doesn’t even know their names.

    HALES, if you will continue to defend Rachel and put down others who criticize her, maybe you should familiarize yourself more with Rachel’s past work.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hales is just a lonely guy with no friends who bickers with RB fans b/c it’s the closet he gets to human contact.
    Pathetic is Arabian Nights.
    I swear if RB had all these fans she might actually get a job!!! But since it’s just 2 or so people posting gibberish under the different names – she remains virtually unemployable.
    BTW, Josh already has 2 successful series – why not give her a job on one of his SURE things??

  • Elyse

    anyone know who makes that skirt??

  • Coleen

    I love her skirt. She always dresses very good, she has a good style.

  • Kate

    she’s so beautiful!