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Taylor Swift Addresses Jake Gyllenhaal Rumors

Taylor Swift Addresses Jake Gyllenhaal Rumors

Taylor Swift holds Ellen DeGeneres close as she makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will air on Monday (November 1).

The 20-year-old country singer addressed the rumors that she is dating Jake Gyllenhaal while on the show to promote her new album Speak Now.

After Ellen asked if she’s optimistic about love right now, she added “especially if your boyfriend is Jake Gyllenhaal because he is very handsome. Y’all are just hanging out though right?”

Taylor responded saying, “You have a picture of us on the screen don’t you?”

Watch Taylor on Ellen this Monday!

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  • pinkydoo

    She and Jake would make a hot couple I think!

  • rhymes

    Eww, attitude much to Ellen.
    Know your place Taylor!

  • shane

    i like both taylor and jake.. i hope they are dating ..

  • xxx

    Show biz’s latest tramp? Ick

  • pickles

    This is just too gross! Seriously gross!

  • Lillie Macey

    i think jake is a little bit too old for her. Jake is gonna start thinking about marriage and kids where as Taylor is thinking about her world tour and album.

  • whatever

    I am so sick of hearing about Taylor’s love life already. I like her and her music, just enough with who’s she’s dating already, seriously! It wasn’t too long ago there was a feature story on her on the front page of Yahoo about her ex-boyfriends, and then just last week she was on the cover of People talking about them again.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    They are a hot couple, but to call her a tramp is a little much. I don’t even think he does the sex. We all date. Some date people for a long time and some realize it won’t work right away. So what if she’s dated Joe, Taylor, John and now Jake. It was over more than a two year span! She released fearless two years ago, her and Joe were over before it came out. A year later she dated Taylor which ended almost a year ago. John Mayer led her on for a few months and now she’s spending time with Jake. I’ll admit it seems she falls fast and hard, but she’s far from a tramp. 4 guys in 2.5 years isn’t bad, especially when Joe was for 3 months, Taylor for 6 and John for maybe 2. Add all that up and she was single for more than a year in this span. So quick to judge – next time do the math!

  • OMG

    So she didn’t address the rumors, instead as per usual she kept everyone guessing. Not convinced this is anything other than a bad PR stunt. This is such a wierd coupling, not because of the age gap but because of the difference in maturity. She’s a 20yr old with the emotional and physical aspects of a teenager singing about rainbows and unicorns and Jake’s 30 in less than two months. They have no common ground whatsoever, he hangs out with a more mature, articualte crowd and she hangs out with Selena Gomez. WTF?! He won’t benefit from this at all, the only one who will gain something is Taylor. Bad move on his part.

  • katheryn

    I love Taylor and i think Jake is hot, but thats not the point. i just hope it lasts. Cos.. lets face it… if not, he’s screwed! lol

  • PR

    Agree with #9. Whoever suggested this tactic of”hang out with famous men, refuse to address rumors, write a song full of innuendo and angst, continue to deny who song is about” really has discovered the gold mine in terms of PR tactics. Thought Jake G had a bit more credibility, but apparently not. Too bad she’s learned so young to play such cynical games.

  • Lauren

    First of all, since we haven’t seen the show, you don’t know if what she said had an underlying joke to it. Besides, Taylor and Ellen are very close. And they joke around ALOT when Taylor’s been on the show (numerous times.)

    Second- you people realize that you don’t actually know these celebs. You know them by interviews and projects. Not on a personal level. So no one should be getting up set that her and Jake are spending time together. He’s a grown man she’s a grown woman. It’s not the end of the world. They’re both very good-looking and have spectacular careers.

    Third, some of you really need to get some!!!! For real. LOL. Like this is your life? Worry about your own buisness! Find a hobby! Or better yet FIND A MAN OF YOUR OWN! Sheesh. As for Jake G. dating T. Swift? build a freaking bridge and get over it! Nothing you say can change the inevitable.

  • Pattie

    She’s a little young to be a professional beard and PR shark. She must have been hanging out with Reese W. and her PR people. And as for Jake, thought he would have learned a lesson from his last trainwreck showmance. When is Jake going to fire his bad PR team

  • wild

    @OMG: lol @ “rainbows and unicorns”

  • pickles

    I don’t think it’s worth getting upset over. I just can’t take it serious. I think the whole idea of them together is gross because of what #9 said. It is all B.S. #9 said it exactly! You hit the nail on the head. I think she loves the attention from playing this game of having her name attached to these guys. I agree with #11 and #13 to a certain extent, too, except, I don’t think Reese was a “showmance” I think he was really in love with her. But he should definitely think about firing some people.

  • harrisonford

    Taylor is no dummy. But she will need a complete fashion makeover starting with her hair and make-up and her clothes if she is going to be hangin’ with Jake. Jake is always sugar-sharp. She looks like a boy in a dress with a fake wig.

  • madmax

    I don’t believe they are dating. After Jake made it a point to never admit to dating RW I hardly think he would admit to dating her. I’ll have to see how this was talked about on Ellen on mon and judge then she might have been kidding

  • OMG


    Lauren get off your friggin’ high horse why dont you? You actually took more time to write out your comment than most here so I’d say you need to get a life. These are all subjective opinions, which everyone is entitled to make, no one is claiming anything they say is objective so stop acting like a moral beacon of the internet . It’s a friggin’ gossip site FFS! This is how it rolls, get over it! And making comments like “some of you really need to get some!!!” and “FIND A MAN OF YOUR OWN!” really makes you no better and shows a real lack of maturity right there.

  • Lalalove

    WHY, JAKE, WHYYYYYYYY???!?!?!? Leave this as is…a rumour!

  • Dan

    This is so dumb, she’s confirming everything while also possibly denying anything with her dumb answer. I’m all for privacy, but if she’s going to milk it with an answer like that, she’s dumber than I gave her credit for, you don’t play with another person’s career for your own sake. Jake Gyllenhaal is 10 times the man she deserves, hopefully they aren’t together, in fact, I’m 99.99% positive they aren’t. Women are like wine and Taylor Swift needs some time to age and mature.

  • LMAO


  • Go! Go! Billie Joe!:

    Why is she always called “Beautiful” she looks like some kind of cat creature. *prepares for thumbs down”
    That’s my opinion y’all.
    Be prepared .. IF they are dating and they break up (they will) be prepared for Taylor to write a breakup song. and watch as his career goes dooooooooooooooown the drain.

  • eatyourheartout

    harrisonfor- taylor swift is one of the classiest ladies in the business. and she has been credited for her fashion sense numerous times.

    btw agree with you Lauren! funny to see desperate housewives so worried for poor Jakey. :) it seems to me Jake benefits hell of a lot from all this…Taylor Swift is like the hottest name right now…i would not call it bad PR.

  • the truth

    @Lauren: Like one person said here we have the right for our opinion here. Its just a gossip site And Taylor is only there to promote her self with these guys only. She is not intersetd in a relationshio with them. If that was true she would came back to la with him and gave Ellen a straight answer. Her pr people and his pr prople should be ashame are themselves putting them together like that. Jake should have been hanging around other people instead are feeling sorry for himself for reese . Reese is still the right person for him or someone around his age. Taylor is still young for and immature for her age. This is all a publicity stunt like someone said here, Taylor is not going to be any good for an man . She keep doing what she’s doing.When she really want one. No guy is going to want to date her .And she will be left out in the cold.I said that they just friends hanging out. And sh just using him for media attention. She need to stop before that’s all people that she is.A girl that use men for personal gain. Like rachel biilson. What happen to just promoting yourself without using other people. Jake really don’t need no one to promote him. He’s doing fine all by hisself.Why don’t she say they just friends. cause that’s all that they are.People didn’t haveto make a big deal about it. They didn’t say nothing about rachel bilson when they say that they might be dating. Taylor is no better than her. And she’s better looking too. Taylor swift to me is a ugly girl to me..And is a user!

  • amanda

    Jake, are you really that needy? I thought you had more sense and more class but maybe I was wrong. Hope not…

  • Global

    why are you guys talkin about this? we don’t even know whats going on between these two! why they can’t just be friends? it’s so kindergarden.

  • Jasmine

    Why would he date someone who resembles a rat in a princess gown? UGH, Jake! She is WAY beneath you.

  • OMG


    Classy? How so? She dates celebrities and then trashes them in her songs, knowing it will set tongues wagging. That isn’t classy, it’s crass. The girl is singing tabloid! Her songs might be catchy and she may be selling millions of records but she’s just churning out variations on the same theme time after time.
    In regards to it being good PR for Jake, sorry but no. The overwhelming majority of comments left on sites covering this story are negative towards him. He needs people to go see his movie to make it a box office success, if people lose faith in him for whatever reason, they won’t pay to see his movies and that ultimately will determine whether he becomes and A-list actor or not. Being seen with an emotionally immature 20yr old regardless of the nature of their relationship will not gain him any new fans. judging from the comments left on countless gossip sites, I’d say he’s losing fans over this.

  • Abby

    She didn’t address it. She just brushed it off.

    Poor JAke, 5 months from now there is going to be some song out about what he did wrong when they were together.

    This girl needs to STOP dating so many guys one after the other.

  • Call Her Out

    When you purposely put people’s names in song titles and sit back smug when rumors swirl around you and people dump on your so-called exes, you have no business being coy and acting sweet and innocent.

    If you start a fire, expect to get burned. She’s not innocent, she’s a crass no-talent little ho that likes to cry wolf. She can’t sing and she probably got her start in music on someone’s couch. Go away Taylor Swift.

  • AJ

    She should go back to Taylor Lautner. Jake Gyllenhaal, no offence is WAY too good for her. He’s such an amazing, mature, Oscar praised actor and she’s a girl who sings “country” music about love, love and OMG love again! It’s typical that she wears a white dress in ALL of her music videos. I like Taylor, just not this coupling. Suspicious it becomes a rumour right when her new album is released isn’t it?

  • Karin

    This is not a PR stunt. How in the world is going to an apple farm looking for publicity. They maybe really like each other. I love these two together. I think there is something definately going on especially when Ellen asked her what kind of love song she would write today and Taylor answerd with that nervous, “what.” She is just trying to keep her personal life private. I totally respect her for that. She and Jake have similar funny personalities. I totally support them.

  • Tianna

    “She is just trying to keep her personal life private” She never keeps her personal life private the minute she brakes up with a guy she trashes him in her music. How is that keeping things private? Shes a talentless ugly delusional hypocrite!

  • OMG


    Are you referring to another TS here or are you a troll, or perhaps just really dim? There is nothing remotely private about Swifty, she openly dates famous guys, gets dumped by them and then writes childish revenge songs which are too thinly veiled not to guess who they were written about – and that’s her whole shtick, it’s the only thing she famous for. Unlike the “date” in Brooklyn where lots of people tweeted about them walking around and eating brunch not looking the slightest bit like a couple, not one person tweeted about them apple picking. No mentions on Facebook, nothing. If they were at this farm and people had spotted them like it said in the article, at least one person would have tweeted or Facebooked the spotting, or even taken a photo just like Brooklyn but no one did. I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened, I just don’t think it did because too much of it just doesn’t add up.

  • showmancing

    Taylor Swift is a cheap publicity wh**** and processional beard,
    Jak Gyllenhaal will not beard with her.

  • showmancing

    Taylor Swift is a cheap publicity wh**** and processional beard,
    Jake Gyllenhaal will not beard with her.
    Jake is gay.
    This “dating” is just publicity for both.

  • Jay

    I’m not worried. Jake will only be able to stand her immature personality, her tween friends, and her lasagna noodle hair for so long before he sends her back to the glitter and unicorn filled fairytale land she came from.

  • Beautiful

    Taylor has the right if she wants to talk about her current relationships or not. I think she might have revealed too much in the beginning of her career and it is coming back to haunt her. Now everyone wants to know who she is with and criticize her about it. I like what a writer said about Jake and Taylor’s relationship: most people are criticizing her because they want Jake for themselves or people disaprove of his choice, but putting that aside there is definately something going on with them. PR can only go so far. Taylor’s did not deny or say, “Oh we are just friends,” which is usually what every celebrity says. She has even said in the past that if her fans want to know who her boyfriend is, all they have to do is read the papers, because they usually get it right. I love them together, I might add. He is definately better than John Mayer and the twilight dude.

  • ValerieBelle

    How is capitalizing on your dirty laundry and obsessing over your ex-boyfriends that nobody cares about over and over again? Just because innocence is part of her marketing strategy does not make her classy. In fact, I think she is incredibly annoying, like an over grown twelve year old. Seriously look at how old her fans are. That’s not classy.

  • ValerieBelle

    Taylor is pathetic. She’s just a fad and Jake is a talented actor. I’m rolling my eyes.

  • ValerieBelle

    THANK YOU. This, so much.

  • rolinik

    Jake is too good for Taylor… He deserve something much better…

    she is a kid…without not much to say….

  • amanda

    I read where they were spotted together in Big Sur Ca over the weekend. Supposed to have spent all weekend together. Jake, I have lost respect for you if this is really true.

  • So Swedish


    I heard that too! Can it really be true?

    I read that they were spotted by a group of college kids outside the ice cream place and “happily posed together” So where´s the pics? Surely, they must´ve surfaced somewhere by now?

    I think that they are just hanging out.

  • dfg

    who cares