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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Xandros Dinner Date

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Xandros Dinner Date

Halle Berry and boyfriend Olivier Martinez enjoy an intimate dinner at modern Greek restaurant Xandros on Friday (October 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Halle and her Dark Tide co-star, both 44, got cozy, sitting side by side instead of across the table from each other.

Last week, the two made their first public appearance together at the Carousel of Hope Gala.

FYI: Halle is wearing jewelry by Irit Design.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez having a dinner date at Xandros…

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halle berry olivier martinez xandros 01
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 02
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 03
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 04
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 05
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 06
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 07
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 08
halle berry olivier martinez xandros 09
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  • HOT couple

  • Really

    they look alike….but Halle is better looking.

  • allen

    Two dudes having nice lunch… nice.

  • Alison

    I wonder if he has met her kid? He seems to to sacrificing his European life to be with her, so not sure if it will last.

  • Jade

    I’m always amazed at how quickly celebrities trade one partner in for another.

  • Karen

    Halle & Olivier look gorgeous together!!

  • Katie

    She is still so stunning. Good luck to the both of them. :)

  • UH

    good to see halle foorting the bills for his new leather jackets shirt shoes and dinners and whatever requirespaying

    see how long till she starts whining about his smoking LOL ahuh

    see how long this will last but this is good for Olivier


  • moon

    Olivier is hot

  • probably

    @UH: Probably, unless he had the stuff here. Didn’t look like he had much luggage from the pix earlier in the month. What do you expect, regardless of all the hype and lies, nothing more than more hired help. Don’t see him around long. Doubt he will still be around Oscar time, especially when she doesn’t get the nomination or shortly after their move comes out if that.

  • OMG I better watch it…lol

    OMG I better watch it before the Halle Just Jared PC Nazi aka bellabella aka truthseeker aka outofthemouthofbabes and aka bettlejuice and what ever other aliases they use will tell you what’s true about Halle. When they don’t know shit.

  • kate

    they sure don’t look like a happy couple

  • JustMe

    Don’t matter. The bytch stay looking good! If I had the money I’d do whutever I want too. Wurk it Halle !

  • DarkEmpress

    Must be love! They have to sit next to each other instead of sitting across from each other! ? i cant remember the last time i was so sickenly mushily in love that I couldnt get enough of my bf. LOL

  • lmao

    @DarkEmpress: Cute…she used to do that with Gabe, Eric and the others…nothing new here, sorry



  • clay


  • Annie

    i am so sick of seeing this chick..

  • CandyW

    poor halle, this all looks so fake, and they say she went after him, to be in her movie and now using him for publicity work. i am begining to believe it about her being needy as per david justice. at this age she still is a mental mess.

  • bijou

    It’s funny, they are both sexy people, yet I sense there is no sex, heat or spark between them. They look more like friends who like hanging out. Two people who know they look good together and they should ooze sex, but they don’t I find. So maybe it is PR, I don’t really know, but despite their equal hotness, they have no zing between them I think.

  • agree 20

    @bijou: Totally agree Bijou. Funny how they’re in coordinating outfits–did the same thing with Gabe and Nahla.

  • Karen

    How can you tell from a photo if there is a spark between they probably knew the paps were outside taking pics they don’t have to be hangin over each other all time and for the record I think they are a sexy couple just sayin.

  • bill

    i wonder if she hears about the illegal use of her voice and has not done anything about it…or is she in on it? and how it might affect her child…i’m sure it will all come out in the wash…

  • sexyladay

    I think Halle should really think about having her own documentary or reality show because it would really work in her benefit. 1- she can eliminate all the rumors of her being a lesbian or a bad mom. 2- she can show that she is just dating a guy like how we all date. 3- she can show the loving relationship that she and gabriel have with nahla. And the most important, she can show how the paparazzi just show up wherever she is at and that she doesn’t call them beforehand. she should think about it. reality tv or just a short documentary- the life of halle…..

  • VEGA.

    halle seems to not be amused by this guy,at least he dress’s a bit better than he did in france.halle needs a guy with charm, who has persistence,with class.a guy to touch her heart once again.hope this guy had some class and paid the dinner bill at least , because the french tend to be very tight at times.halle cute as always.

  • beetlejuice


    Yeah, and you’re a brain surgeon! Remember Nit…you’re window peeping on her life….what you haven’t got one?

  • beetlejuice

    @Alison: Is everybody visiting this forum in the 4th grade? His European life? Is that the same as somebody’s New Jersey life? Geez people… If you haven’t noticed he is a single man and an actor. L.A. is the acting capitol of the world. He has been to the states and L.A. in particular many times. These people treat plane travel like you treat bus travel…honey it’s no big deal…his European life will be there when he returns.

  • beetlejuice

    odd, people who actually come online to comment on the lives of others sort of like peeping toms…

  • beetlejuice

    @UH: I think your meds are in the drawer of the table next to your bed….and your mom said you can’t use the computer without her being there. And change those adult diapers every four hours.

  • beetlejuice

    @probably: So your guy came and went quickly? probably cause you spend so much time on the computer window peeping Halle’s life…Olivier’s luggage earlier in the month? You do have it bad…do you eat breakfast first or run to the computer and take a snark at Halle’s life to build your appetite…girl get a life!

  • beetlejuice

    @OMG I better watch it…lol: @Annie: liar!…or is it you don’t know how to sign off of your computer?

  • beetlejuice

    @OMG I better watch it…lol: You twit…this is not about being politically correct….and do you have any idea what the use of the word Nazi really means? the silly uninformed rule…you and Sarah Palin!

  • beetlejuice

    @lmao: So sorry Imao…you clearly never date…but you should get out more, cause you sound inane and bitter every time you tiptoe to window peep Halle’s life…I think Eric could l possibly afford to date again at this point and he’s probably scaled back his expectations…he might be willing to date you.

  • beetlejuice

    @HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA: Take a deep breath and let go of the hate…you will feel better…by the way Halle doesn’t know you exist.

  • beetlejuice

    @CandyW: Candy…you’re just another self hating woman…anytime you quote a loser like David Justice…it tells me you are here to be nasty cause your own life is a mess…but remember baby girl, Halle doesn’t know you exist…nothing you say on here is going to hurt her life…however, the nastiness you spew only creates Karma for you to deal with…back atcha Candy!.

  • beetlejuice

    @sexyladay: hahahahahahahaha…silly person …do you think the garbage on this forum raises to the level of being rumor? Honey please…people on these forums are known as inveterate losers…trying to squeeze something from life by window peeping on the lives of celebrities. You can’t create a rumor honey…you are the carrier of rumors that go nowhere. You are essentially talking to yourself.

  • @bettlejuice really?

    I hope you get enjoyment from your 10+- posts . Learn how to spell. Your spelling is awful. Bitch I am part Jewish, I know what a Nazi is– more so than your illiterate uneducated a$$. Nothing wrong in calling you the Halle JJ PC Nazi. You prolly this Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi isn’t PC either. How immature are your postings—how old are you? Surprised your mother lets you stay up this late on the weekends past your bedtime.

  • beetlejuice

    It has been a complete pleasure talking to you people who love to hate on Halle…but perhaps vocational school is a better option for most of you. Maybe take a class in self esteem and computer sciences. just sayin!

  • why all the aliases?

    @@bettlejuice really?: Guess they told you? BTW why all the aliases? Are you really that bored and judgmental?

  • not what Karma is

    @beetlejuice: Am Buddhist, Karma is not a punishment and is more than cause and effect. It reacting to the a situation or the same situation differently. Just to let you know, you are not creating a good cause with your negative comments. You are just as much a peeping tom with your comments as the folks you don’t agree with.

  • funny

    Funny how Halle always has her pix snapped by the pappis with Nahla before or after she appears with Olly-boy or vice versa?

  • only if you will be teaching

    @beetlejuice: Only if you will be teaching it. You’ll have ample time to brush up on your spelling.

  • no do you?

    @beetlejuice: No do you? If he wants to think they look unisex or the same sex that’s his choice.

  • world traveler?

    @beetlejuice: Since when are you so cultured and world traveler. Think Allison’s statement is quite valid regardless of what he’s doing here in the US.

  • sick

    @beetlejuice: UR very ill…sick

  • still very sick

    @beetlejuice: Still very sick…will pray for you.

  • Abigail

    Guys would never be happy with her because she’s always showing her sour face. She’s a very gorgeous woman but why can’t she just smile? Even Kristen Stewart smiles more. Well, not that much more but more. Sigh. It’s such a waste.

  • JJ

    @Annie: then go elsewhere to comment

  • UH

    beetleljuice why dont you shut the …. up you TOSSER

    you are making me laugh so much you are such a waste of skin

    you really that stupid?????

    please please windowpeeper peeping into peoples post dont respond OHHHHHHHHHH PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Jared forgot to fact check

    Jared you forgot to fact check. Halle, Martinez are with two guys who were in the backseat of Halle’s Lexus–see X17: –in pix and video