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Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin: Central Park Pair

Gisele Bundchen & Baby Benjamin: Central Park Pair

Gisele Bundchen takes a stroll with her adorable son Benjamin in Central Park on Friday (October 29) in New York City.

The supermodel mommy, 30, pushed her 10-month-old baby in a Maclaren stroller and later sat on a bench to feed him.

Joining the mother-son duo on their walk: Gisele‘s good friend and art dealer Helly Nahmad.

Gisele recently graced the pages of Vogue Brazil‘s October issue, which celebrated her 15-year modeling career. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the fashion shoot on her website!

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  • CanadaGirl

    Gisele is such a beautiful woman – tall, slim, fit. Glad to see she’s enjoying time with her son. I can’t wait for her to be in more shows.

  • strawman

    Bridget’s son Jack is way cuter!

  • kBU


    are seriously comparing the looks of two BABIES???

  • haha

    @strawman: totally agree! That’s probably b/c one mother is beautiful and the other one is not.

  • strawman

    Not every baby is cute. That’s a fact!
    Sometimes awkward looking kids do grow into their looks. Doesn’t change the fact that right now Jack is cuter!

  • kim

    She looks like a tranny and her baby is not cute

  • kBU


    it’s a pretty subjective thing. rating attractiveness is not a “fact” but a matter of opinion…

  • strawman

    Can you say with ABSOLUTE certainty that *every* baby IS cute?
    Good luck with that…

  • kBU


    what do you mean? so if a newborn i born disfigured or has different features than your definition of “cute” you think he/she is ugly??? for their sake, i hope your children are very “cute”…..

  • isHotr

    Gisele is pretty stunning looking as the whole package. She’s a definite super model! It’ll be interesting to see what she looks like when/if she gets back onto the catwalk, post baby. Though Heidi Klum did it…twice!

    @strawman and @kbu
    yeah…some babies just grow into their looks and become beautiful adults.

    But speaking of opinion versus fact, what’s your opinion on Tom and Gisele. Who is hotter? Rate here

  • lol

    Jack is way cuter!!!! Tom needs another baby mama. Gisele and Helly will make a good couple.

  • h

    @ lol you stupid person. Helly is ugly and GAY. She like him only as a friend. Gisele loves Tom madly. THey were all over each other last week in Boston.

  • mm

    Gisele is not pretty at all even supermodel Paulina Porizkova said “Now Gisele looks like a transvestite.” haha

  • lol

    @h: Gisele and Helly are a good match. Helly is ugly gay, Gisele is ugly tranny too

  • h

    @ lol Helly is a gay but gisele is not a tranny.
    You are a Bridget Fan and has a problem that Tom and Gisele found the love of their lifes with each other

    And both Jack and Ben are very cute and look like Tom

  • bobbi

    Gisele is absolutey gorgeous. Her baby looks absolutely adorable and healthy.

  • Channy

    I love that she’s always with him! She seems like a very loving mom :) how come I never see daddy with them or at least him?

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I believe in equal rights and believe men and transexuals SHOULD have babies. Look how normal it looks in these pics.

  • XYZ

    She is ugly, deal with it. Her son is ugly too but he still has some chances…

  • Lyra

    Moynahan’s kid is way cuter…John is like an angel.

    Gisele’s kid……very suspicious. Why his eyes are brown (his parents are blue/green eyes. Is this possible9 As for his face, not pretty.

  • Pat

    Benjamin looks grim as always

  • bobbi

    It’s one thing to bash Gisele–she’s an adult–it’s a whole other ballgame when people start bashing an innocent baby.

    JJ you really shouldn’t allow baby bashing on your sites. It only promotes online bullying. If you can bully a baby’s looks, you are capable of doing a myriad of malicious deeds.

  • Zoe

    Awwww. Look at the cute family.

  • Allie

    Helly is NOT gay wake up people he was dating Ana Beatriz Barros not that long ago. He is a billionaire art dealer and Gisele likes money.

  • mommy of 2

    Come on guys, don’t pick on the baby’s looks. He is cute. Gisele has very severe and prominant facial features it shouldn’t come as a suprise that her children would inherit most of them.

  • Sarah

    She has slept her way to the top: a brazilian tycoon named João Paulo Diniz, Big Joe, Puff Daddy, Josh Hartnett… then Leo DiCaprio… These are the only ones that have been published.
    As a supermodel she always has the same looks when in catwalks models always have to obey designers when they want them to wear this/that look. And I dont want to talk about her surgery.

  • who dat

    Drew Breese has a really cute baby boy. He melted my heart when he was celebrating his 1st birthday on the field with his daddy after he won the Super Bowl. Maybe Benjamin will be celebrating the same way with his dad this winter – even though I am a Saints fan I 100% believe Benjamin’s daddy is as good as the get in the NFL.

  • Nora

    I find Gisele’s look boring she always looks the same in editorials or ad campaigns curly hair usually posing in some overtly sexual way but apparently that works for her she has been really successful with that look.

  • Lily

    Anyone know what the deal is with their house in LA? It looks like Jack is going to be living in New York now and not LA that might not have gone over so well considering they spent 25 million to build a house in LA to be with him and both sold their New York homes.

  • http://@ new house

    Everyone knows that they used Jack as the excuse for building that house, but they wanted the $45 million estate. It has nothing to do with Jack. Jack would be happy in any house.

  • LadyB

    Look, I love Gisele, but her baby is nowhere as cute as Jack. Jack is a Tom Brady Jr. Even from birth, you could see Tom’s features on him. But this is when interacial couples get married, the children never looks like anyone of them. They tend to blend and have their unique features. As for the house, Tom is from California so it’s not like he was building the house solely for Jack. And I’m sure Bridget is not permanently in NY. When the show is not filming, she lives in Cali.

  • Reality Check

    She’s just too tall, too thin and not that pretty. Overrated at best. Being a top model and being married to a football star don’t necessarily make drop-dead gorgeous, stunning or even beautiful.

  • IrishPat

    I agree Jack would be happy in any house, the house seems a bit ostentatious and showy but that is just my opinion which doesn’t count for much. I think what bothers me the most is that somewhere around 2006 Tom Brady went from All- American guys guy to some slick designer suit wearing jerk with porcelain veneers who had to live in these insanely expensive places and was all of a sudden too good for the common man. It was before Gisele arrived in his life so I am not blaming this on her it just seems weird because if you watch him interact with his teammates during a practice he is the same person he always has been but off the field he seems to be this very mysterious elite person. I guess all the attention might make you introverted a bit but the whole I have to live like I am an heir to some fortune isn’t becoming to him. He keeps winning so us Pats fans don’t care but the guy who won the Super Bowls was better.

  • http://Pam Gisele

    Ben looks more like Helly than Tom.

  • wrinkle24

    Since when overratings are fair?

  • Katie

    Jack is cuter, he looks just like his daddy who is a hottie.

  • http://Pam Gisele

    Gisele needs to go, she is never with brady. seems thay are only married on paper.

  • jmo

    Seems there is trouble in paradise. Walking your baby with a man you had to explain why you were kissing innocently on the cheek appears an attempt to make your husband jealous. Tom seems detached from both his kids to me.

  • ?

    i agree with everybody that jack is wayyy cutter, but then again bridget is prettier than gisele so, gisele is just tall and thin thats why she is a good model but pretty errr no

  • http://Pam Gisele

    Ben looks like Helly. I think there marriage is over they just keep it together for publicity. wouldn’t it be ironic if Ben, who has the Brady name was not his kid and John who is his kid did not?

  • http://Pam Gisele

    Brady only seems ditached from Ben because Gisele always takes Ben to places Tom can not go because of football. John has been going to every Patriots home game and as he has gotten older Tom’ relationship with him seems to improve.

  • http://@GiseleBundchen&BabyBenjamin:CentralParkPair new house

    Jack at the Patriots games is for show only!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Pam Tammy

    I think Ben is Helly’s kid, seriously compare their scrutched up faces .

  • http://j ivanka

    cute cute

  • Ivermom

    How can someone say this baby is not cute? Sick people if you ask me! G is a very loving mom and he is a cute little guy! Get a life and stop picking on little kids looks!

  • Glamourous

    All these negative comments are coming from the crazy, obsessed Bar fans. They can’t stand that Gisele has the more prestigious career, a hubby, and a new baby.
    Grow up and stop picking on children. Both little boys are adorable and I’m sure that the adults all are supportive of each other. Stop making drama where drama isn’t needed.

  • lisali

    Gisele & her little boy are beautiful! Ben is a good mix of Tom & Gi.. when he was smaller he looked alot like Toms 1st son,but now he is starting to resemble Gisele as well.
    All the silly comments about Gisele being away from Tom..she has always had to travel often for her work..why make a fuss of it now?

  • lisali

    also..Benjamin has Toms cleft chin…!! To cute.

  • Me

    Brown eyed folk can have blue eyed babies but blue eyed folks cannot have brown eyed babies unless his yes are greenish brown or hazel whaterve you call that color …………

    Baby was nto expected to be cute, look at the mother’s face closely, not the magazine pictures….

    IMHO Jack is mucho cute!!

  • Me


    I dont beleive Moynahan ever asked for their involvement. They are welcome to ditch the house and move back to ny..i find the dumb daddy hilarious…hopefully jack inherited the brains on his mothers X chromosome! because that daddy is only good for one thing..footbal and being manipulated by chicks that look like men