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Johnny Depp Replacing Tom Hardy in 'Snow White'?

Johnny Depp Replacing Tom Hardy in 'Snow White'?

Johnny Depp has been offered the male lead in Universal’s Snow White and the Hutsman, according to The Wrap.

Inception star Tom Hardy was reportedly close to signing the deal for that role. Instead, he’ll be focusing on a major part in the upcoming Batman movie.

Sources tell that Charlize Theron will be playing the evil queen in the new adaptation, which is slated to hit theaters December 21, 2012.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Johnny Depp as the Huntsman?

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68 Responses to “Johnny Depp Replacing Tom Hardy in 'Snow White'?”

  1. 1
    Ismail Says:

    Enough with Johnny Depp .. He’s a fine actor, but he’s doing way too many movies right now.

  2. 2
    000 Says:

    depp is so overated. enough of his old ass. i want fresh blood.

  3. 3
    kiki Says:

    Johnny Depp has proven he can do anything. I think he will be awesome as the Huntsman.

  4. 4
    sarah Says:

    —–I don’t think Johnny would be stupid enough to start with the likes of Charlize Theron. Her movies are poison. All of them bomb big time..

  5. 5
    Dan Says:

    Why is this story being covered always? First it was Angelina Jolie “playing the evil queen”, then Tom Hardy “playing the male lead” and now it’s Johnny Depp. Whoever stated that any publicity is good publicity was incorrect.

  6. 6
    Stacia Says:

    I like Johnny Depp, but I would much rather see Tom Hardy in this role. He would have been aces!!!

  7. 7
    Beth Says:

    This is a terrible idea. He’s already the Mad Hatter. Let’s not stick him in every fairytale movie, please.

    Let’s hope Relativity Media’s version of Snow White will have better casting news.

  8. 8
    funny Says:


    Hahahah you’re so funny jealous ******, for your record Johnny admire Charlize and called her a “brillant actress” they’ve already worked together, second it’s privilage to work with the likes of “Charlize Theron “aka a real actress an oscar winner for” leading role”, twice nominated for lead role, the only actress of this last decade to be nominated for another oscar lead in a short time after her 1st win, one of the most versatile actress of this generation, the chameleon, third the mainstreams movies that she chooses to work on have been all a success her last one Hancock bringed 624 million dollar ww, same for the Italian Job a hit, she chosses and prefers to work more on “indie” films you know artistic deep realistic dramatic movies with a very low budget something different from your world, she’s geniune, she’s not a sell out, and 4th her indie Movie Monster cost 1 million dollar and bringed 60 million dollar ww with no special effects and big studios just her talent.

  9. 9
    Mari Says:

    Johnny!! i love you

  10. 10
    sarah Says:

    Hancock was all Will Smith , my dear. She is too bland. Beautiful , but bland. Oh, and another thing.– all her lovers leave her out in the cold. Maybe she’s a freezer in the BR Dept.. To bland, Itell you. .

  11. 11
    wild Says:

    I love Johnny Depp but i’m tired of seeing the same people in movies all of the time. Let someone else get a shot.

  12. 12
    caleb Says:

    Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors of this generation! People who only care to see someone new and fresh are insane. It so sad how people discard actors as the begin to age. First off he is still more gorgeous then half the men who are in their 20′s and 30′s. I like Tom hardy but Johnny Depp is untouchable

  13. 13
    Emmeline Says:

    : (((
    As much as I like Johnny Depp, I would have preferred Tom for this role …
    Though I can’t wait to see him in the Batman movie!
    Or any other :)

  14. 14
    SayWhat! Says:

    Already losing parts ’cause of that statement, are we now Tom?

  15. 15
    vale Says:

    @sarah: yeah her movies arent so good, but they was together on the astrounat’s wife in 1999 xd

  16. 16
    vale Says:

    i hope johnny dont, he have, pancho villa, pirates (still filming), dark shadows with tim burton and more, please i dont wanna he accept this i dont really like it :| and her for what you must be kidding me?

  17. 17
    busted Says:

    I like Johnny.. just tired of seeing him in all the fairy tales too.. I feel like he hides too much in the make up. I’m eager for The Tourist just to see him play a real person for a change. It seems to be rare now.

    Not interested in another live action fairly tale either. They keep messing them up anyway..

  18. 18
    Lilakoi Moon Says:

    Oh man, I freakin’ love Johnny Depp, his style and mannerism are so cool. BUT Tom Hardy is my very new crush. He’s so sexy. His delicious lips and his voiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! <3 …Now, seriously, I don’t know which one I’d choose. Hardy would be a bad ass as the huntsman but Depp would be fine too. Oh well, I love the two!

  19. 19
    Lilakoi Moon Says:

    @busted: Yes, I agree. Enough with the live action fairy tales, they do nothing but make a mess out of them!

  20. 20
    Me Says:

    @busted: fairy tales? johnny just starring in finding neverland and alice in wonderland the only fairy tales, perhabs you mean tim burton colaboration :) well i prefer him in films like sweeney todd i hated public enemies was so boring and im hating the tourist first he looks really bad with A.J and the movie its pure publicity just for see angelina jolie and johnny depp starring together nothing else :x

  21. 21
    Vanessa Says:

    who is the other guy? johnny is so awesome love him but dont see him in this movie or fairy tale

  22. 22
    kat Says:

    tom looks using collagen hahaha johnny is really pretty we lovee him

  23. 23
    Alizee Says:

    you guys are completely douchebag!!!!! i got no against Tom Hardy but we here talking about JOHNNY DEPP! one of versatile actor all time! you are you ppl prefer Robert Pattinson..*urgh*!…

    p/s: it’s just a rumors..and if it true like the studio’s exes gonna listen to all of you!!!

  24. 24
    boogie Says:

    love to see charlize do this film, she will be amazing in this

  25. 25
    no Says:

    The Huntsman is supposed to be a big, imposing, rough man.
    Johnny is small and almost delicate.
    He just isn’t right for this role.
    No thanks.

  26. 26
    GG Says:

    I wish Tom would be making this movie but can’t complain that Johnny is instead..

  27. 27
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:


  28. 28
    Dania Says:

    I think Tom Hardy would’ve been great for that role – but if it’s true he’s turned it down to focus on the role in a new Batman movie… I don’t blame him.
    Johnny Depp is an amazing actor and I think if he likes the part, he would do as he always do – turn himself completely into the character he’s going to play… though it might seem hard to see him as the Huntsman right now, I’m sure he’ll find a way (and a look) and blow us all away…
    Still, love JD’s work, but think this role should be played by Tom Hardy…
    Either way, I would still go see the movie – though, I’m not so sure on Charlize being the right one as the evil stepmother/queen… I think they should hire an actress who’s not famous, to play that role…
    (Charlize is, also, an amazing actress, especially loved her in Monster).

  29. 29
    Dania Says:

    I think Tom Hardy would’ve been great for that role – but if it’s true he’s turned it down to focus on the role in a new Batman movie… I don’t blame him.
    Johnny Depp is an amazing actor and I think if he likes the part, he would do as he always do – turn himself completely into the character he’s going to play… though it might seem hard to see him as the Huntsman right now, I’m sure he’ll find a way (and a look) and blow us all away…
    Still, love JD’s work, but think this role should be played by Tom Hardy…
    Either way, I would still go see the movie – though, I’m not so sure on Charlize being the right one as the evil stepmother/queen… I think they should hire an actress who’s not famous, to play that role…
    (Charlize is, also, an amazing actress, especially loved her in Monster).

  30. 30
    funny Says:


    She was part of it you stupid bland ho she was the female lead in the movie, she is a real actress, she builts her name and carved it on the walk of fame only for her talented achievement work, without scandals or tabloids, why does her lover has to do with this subject ???? hahahaha what blinded by your hate and envy till being lost it must tough since there’s no much scandal in her life…she stayed with him 9 years my dear, in privacy and without any scandal a miracle in hollywood, and she is the one who left my dear this is charlize theron my dear an international a list oscar winner, UN Messenger of Peace, Dior face….. she can have any man she wants, her ex Stephen Jenkins talked about her many times always with such a nice words .

    She is apperciated and respected fom everyone who knows her, ex or co worker my dear nice try envious b – She is not a homewrecker a media ***** who is famous for the dirts and the scandals my dear, i tell you that’s a whole different world from yours. Oh and she is a graceful stunning beauty with her gloden age beauty nothing bland, no wonder why she is the most in demand in the beauty industry, the embassador of Christian Dior, L’oreal, Breil…….

  31. 31
    Ashley: Says:

    Enough with JD being in Disney movies…or weird roles.
    He’s too predictable.

  32. 32
    lily Says:

    Johnny would be awesome! he is very versatile has a large range, thats the Johnny i love, he has done only 2 fairy so stfu, rather see him in this than that boring tourist what a mistake he looked bad the story line sounds awful.

  33. 33
    ???????????? Says:

    So old take it up the RARE END Tom Hardy, is moving onto star in Batman!!

  34. 34
    Kimberly Says:

    Johnny & Charlize again!!!!! Two awesome great actors!!! Now i want to see this happening! HOT.

  35. 35
    Jokergurl Says:

    Yes! Bring on Johnny Depp he can play any role.

  36. 36
    carla Says:

    I would like to see Johnny in a reqular movies. I am sort of getting tired of seeing him in those kids movies.

  37. 37
    Sue Says:

    I so wanted Tom for this role!!! He’s a great actor, he’s gorgeous and he has a killer body too. I guess I’ll pass on this one now.

  38. 38
    dee Says:

    I think it is a giant mistake on Johnny Depp to, again play a character out of a tale, can he please play someone real or he’ll get typecast and do nothing else. I cannot quite see him as the huntsman, I think Tom Hardy would have had the perfect physicality and roughness needed for this role, but if he is busy in another project than there is not much to be done. Yet, Johnny seems an odd choice

  39. 39
    Stranger in Tokyo Says:

    They are both very talented actors and either would do the role justice.
    However, I would prefer to see Tom Hardy in this role, as I feel this particular role would just come naturally to him.
    He seems to have the natural capabilities to play up to the image and character of the huntsman.
    I am looking forward to this film.

  40. 40
    boston61 Says:

    2 gay boys.

  41. 41
    Lori Says:

    @boston61: and you are gay or lesbian haha xd

  42. 42
    brenda Says:

    I prefer Johnny depp in any role,I really LOVE this man,but for this one I think they need a man with a big body … johnny is more delicate and beautiful…loveeeeeeeeee him!!! .but this new guy is hot too .And I want to tell something ..for me johnny looks good , and has the charm of a really star like no other! I don’t care the beard and the scruffy look… are hot anyway!!

  43. 43
    friendly Says:

    I love Johnny, but I wish he would do more movies that really stretch his talent. He does occasionally and he was brilliant in The Libertine. Those are the movies that remind us that this guy can really act.

  44. 44
    sarah Says:

    #30–funny- Did I hit a NERVE. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Too bland. her last 6 or 7 movies have been bombs, with the exception of HANCOCK, and it was a WILL SMITH movie. Even the movie where she won the OSCAR was a flop.— GOOGLE ALL THIS INFO,. MY DEAR, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.AND LESS STUPID. —SHE IS BEAUTIFUL , BUT TOO BLAND. .

  45. 45
    Anna Says:


    charlize’s lovers leave her in the cold? really? lmao! she was with stuart for 9 freakin years and with stephin jenkins before that for 4. and you can bet she did teh dumping, considering stephen jenkins has said interviews that charlize is literally perfect and has like no flaw.

    and her last movies were NOT flops, she decided to participate in slower, indie, films. she got great reviews, but they were never going to be big blockbusters. she knew that when she decided to do them. but she did get another oscar nom, something most oscar winners fail to get. i like that she is starting to do bigger movies like mad max and this again.

    and how is she bland? she is CLASSY, but she from interviews she comes off extremely smart, funny, and charming. she is just not some crazy hollyweirdo.

  46. 46
    No to TOM... Says:

    I cant with Tom Hardy ever since he admitted he shagged MEN.
    That just ruined his appeal for me.
    Ick :-(

  47. 47
    mehmehmeh Says:


    funny, her two oscars seem to suggest otherwise….

  48. 48
    purple poet Says:

    @sarah: Sarah you are a jealous idiot spouting off lies. She stayed with her guys a long time and SHE was the one who ended the relationships. Her exboyfriend Stephen Jenkins said she had no flaws at all (freezer? lol.) and he said she broke up with him and he would have never broke up with such a great person. That says it all right there.

  49. 49
    purple poet Says:

    @sarah: Sarah must be one of those Angelina Jolie stans. They always say that about Charlize “she is beautiful but she is too bland”. Why do you use that? Why is she bland exactly? Because she’s not a trainwreck? Because she’s blonde and pretty? Because she’s private? Because she’s not sleeping with Brad PItt and advancing her fame off that? Because she’s not talking about knives and being “dark”? Because she keeps to herself and we only hear from her when she has a movie to promote? If you watch interviews, Angelina is a bore who appears to have no sense of humor, while Charlize seems like a down to earth, cool, funny girl you would want to have a drink with.

    Jolie was box office poison before she got with Brad Pitt and it helped her career. And her only hit that she’s carried entirely on her own has been Salt. How can you talk about box office with Charlize when she is more interested in doing indies and only occasionally dabbles in mainstream a la, Julianne Moore, Laura Linney.

    And this is the tale of Snow White. Movie stars are becoming extinct. You only need a good premise to sell. Show White would be the draw here. Hell a movie like The Hangover had no stars and was huge. Jolie got lucky with Salt being an action film that people want to see. Put her in anything else and she flops. So don’t even go there.

  50. 50
    purple poet Says:

    Back to the topic at hand- I doubt Johnny Depp signs on for this. This doesn’t seem like the kind of role he’d like. Theron has the juicy role which she will kick ass in. He likes oddball parts. They will probably get someone else.

  51. 51
    villedeville Says:

    People, people, stop bickering, fighting and/or gasping and salivating about this rumoured casting! This is just a PR release from Disney publicity department to generate initial interest in their upcoming project. First it was Angelina Jolie and Tom Hardy who they knew are currently extremely busy with other projects so it is evident they wouldn’t be able to to do this Snow White version. Now it’s Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron. Johnny is also busy with other projects so he may not able to do this. Another big name actor will be rumoured to take this role then. Think about the amount of publicity this project has already gotten before the movie even stars shooting.

  52. 52
    KatrinaDepp Says:

    johnny depp has more expierance than tom hardy he’l be awesome as the huntsman :3

  53. 53
    brenda Says:

    I wonder why Just jared didn’t put the story of that little girl in school in London that wrote a letter to johnny.?…This story in You Tube has 2.300.000 views …What happen Just jared..???

  54. 54
    Billie Briggs Says:

    I saw Inception but I don” remember this Hardy guy. Maybe JD is playing Snow White lol he could you know. He will be great in any role he choses to play.

  55. 55
    Hmmm Says:

    I’ve always loved Johnny too but let’s face it – he’s getting old(er) and I don’t think he’d be a good fit for this role. Like someone else said, he’s kind of short (for a guy). I don’t know about being “delicate” or not – seems to me he’s chubbed up a bit recently. Just think he’s a little too old and weather-worn looking for this particular part. Looking forward to seeing him in ‘Dark Shadows’ though – think he’ll be excellent in that role.

  56. 56
    serielle Says:

    I think that everyone who is ‘hating’ on Johnny Depp should bloody open their eyes. Johnny Depp happens to be the most talented actor I have ever seen in this day and age – whatever role he chooses to do he does so brilliantly !!
    If Johnny Depp stars in this movie, I will DEFINITELY go see it =)

  57. 57
    Sarah Says:

    # 49—purple poet—-HAHAHAHA–When everything fails. BRING ANGELINA JOLIE INTO THE FRAY. You are a sick individual. I deal with facts. OH, and who are you rooting for? hahaha CHARIZE IS BLAND, AND ANGELINA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT——, WHILE WE DISCUSS THE BLAND LADY. HAHAHA. INCREDIBLE , BUT TRUE. WHY are you bringing Ms. Jolie into this Bland Lady’s Thread. ?

  58. 58
    brenda Says:

    Hmmm…why don’t you f*ck off..fool

  59. 59
    brenda Says:

    I mean @55!!

  60. 60
    luvd80s2 Says:

    @purple poet: Why on earth do you bring up Angelina Jolie?! Get your facts straight, both of them are Oscar winners who have been nominated many times, they are good actresses both have had box office hits and box office bombs. they live their lives the way they want to and THEY DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK! Jesus people get a life its only a damn movie! And I agree with an earlier post leave the live action fairytales alone they don’t work. If you want too see a good Evil Queen google Siguorney Weaver she played her in a version of Snow White, Gill Bellows is also in the film, Now she was a Bad Asss Evil Queen!

  61. 61
    luvd80s2 Says:

    If you want to know the movies name is Snow White a tale of Terror it was TV movie that came out in 1997 and like I said she was Bad Asssssss in that movie.

  62. 62
    sophie Says:

    @mehmehmeh: oscars arent real baby charlize hasnt any talent just for hollywood a pretty blonde nothing else, please dont make this movie will be a bullshit johnny is great but really this movie sucks i hope its a gossip

  63. 63
    sarah Says:

    enough johnny depp!!!!! I WANT TOM HARDY!!!!

  64. 64
    Anna Says:


    you are full of crap. charlize has more talent and character than have of the people in hollywood. and you are so low for saying that someone cant have talent because they are simply blonde and pretty. charlize has been in the businesss for over a decade, if she was just blonde and pretty she would not continue to get work. hollywood loves her and her talent.

  65. 65
    Rachel Sheehan Says:

    Johnny is brilliant, and he’s very sensitive to the characters he plays. He really becomes the character. He is very deep,observant and creative. He will be amazing and magical as the huntsman. I love you so much Johnny!! XOXO

  66. 66
    Sarah Says:


  67. 67
    GuestfromSpace Says:

    @sarah: he played with her in “Astraunat’s wife” and they were cool

  68. 68
    Mary Says:

    Charlize is an overrated actress. Never did a really good acting until now, she only win an oscar because she turns into an ugly person, nothing else.
    She don’t deserve any award! she don’t know how to act.

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