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Nicki Minaj & Eminem: 'Roman's Revenge' Song Premiere!

Nicki Minaj & Eminem: 'Roman's Revenge' Song Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Nicki Minaj‘s new song, “Roman’s Revenge” featuring Eminem. It’s sick!!!

The Swizz Beatz-produced song is off of Nicki‘s debut studio album Pink Friday, out November 22. It’s gonna sell like hotcakes!!!

Ruh ruh, like a dungeon dragon! Ruh ruh, like a dungeon dragon!

FYI: Roman Zolanski is Nicki‘s rap alias.

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  • family lawyers melbourne

    What an awesome song.

  • bindy

    awesome track.. but i hope teens/kids don’t visit this site?! i don’t think i need to explain why..



  • Sandra

    This woman scares me!! But the song is…. inneresting.

  • isis

    I love Nicki, the chick is fierce!

  • kiz

    This song is barely a song. Eminem is great though.

  • Emily

    Now the poor b1tches have songs too lol. Who cares? The song is horrible

  • sindyisdatchu

    wooooooooooooooo lov the song,esp afta the cunt part,,,,the beat becomes fierceeeeeeeeeeee

  • May

    This song sucks ! How could Eminem agree to do this stupid song !??

  • annie

    I only pressed play cause Eminem is involved but now I regret it

  • Jenna

    There are three alter ego’s on this track:

    Eminem’s alter ego: Slim Shady

    Nicki’s alter ego: Roman

    and Roman’s mother: Martha

    her alter-ego has a mother? LMFAO!

  • Lexus

    The song is terrible. Damn. Don’t get me wrong, rap wise, it was FIRE. Both of them had wonderful verses. But it’s just…..ugh..I guess it’s the beat.

  • purple poet

    I hate those stupid expressions and faces Nicki Minaj pulls. She said she’s trying to be different to stand out. Why do people think being different is enough. Have some talent too.

  • DarkEmpress

    This is terrible. its like nursery rhymes on acid. I like her verse on “botttoms up” and her song “your love” but everything else is crap. I miss foxy brown : (

  • jd

    Niki Minaj is whack! Her style is reminiscent of Busta Rhymes with all the animation and hooplah. Busta is my dude but Niki is a fad and she will not last because only real MC’s do. Im no hater but the only thing I like about Niki Minaj is her ridiculously juicy ba-donk-a-donk.


    Wow, what a piece of garbage. I’m so freaking sick of the synth drum track and some “I’m so tough because I can say curse words” rap crap.


  • bindy

    it doesn’t make sense.. why can’t we swear on here.. yet we can listen to a song with swear words that are way worse than f*uck etc on here?

  • LEB

    Dumb song! Em calling women b*tches…nice…very classy. Not!

  • Ashley:

    eminem is a sellout.

  • Dan

    Nicki Minaj keeps ruining my view on other artists, pretty much everyone she collaborates with… she’s such a trashy lady… her raps are always about curse words and killing people and trash talk… it’s not even artfully done.

  • Ridiculous

    @May: i think the same but eminen hasnt no so much intelligence i think he’s stupid or drugadict


    Love the beat. Niki sounds eh good, the ending is stupid btw. Eminem didn’t sound that good. Usually he kills it.. but not this time.

  • Lola

    A-MA-ZING! ;D

  • megan

    Ugh Eminem really annoys me.
    Hes so awful about women

  • nkenk

    @megan: Uh he really isn’t. The most he talks about is his ex-wife or his mother which he has bad relationships with. He actually raps about other things unlike Ludacris and Weezy who just rap about getting pussy and shiit.

  • Ihateph

    She’s hip hop’s lady xerox completely overrated

  • Ginger

    Her rapping is terrible… And she acts like Grace Jones and wanna be Lil’ Kim… But I like Lil’ Kim’s rapping… she raps like she’s 7 feet tall. HAHAHAHAA… Kim doesn’t rap like a squirrel like this b||tch. yeah, bltch and this c()nt… Yeap, I’m only repeating what Nicki Minaj said about herself.

  • TMNox

    I’m sorry, Roman Zolanski is garbage, Nicki. Eminem and Swizz Beatz is the only reason the track was somewhat bearable. =/ Try again.

  • Allie

    Did Eminem say that even if you were the only girl in the world I wouldn’t f*** you sl*t?

  • Xtincta

    I can’t believe she let him say the F word in her song. I though she was supportive of gays.

  • OhMyGahhhd

    Pure trash. This has no slid beat or rhythm to it. Trash, music is trash. I like both of these artist but it ain’t there yo’.

  • Rogene Siskbert

    I’ve listened to Eminem for awhile. I will never finish a nikka minajatwa song because it is pure selloutrealityness shit. I’m that guy, man! – (em). anyway, em’s verses will always have some heads-scratching quotes, if you take the time to sit and listen. i always do, eminem’s great.

    in my opinion: 4.5 / 10

    i like:
    “i ain’t into s&m, but my whip’s off the chain,
    a little drop of candy paint drips off the frame.”

    “this world (world) is my punching bag, and
    if i’m the garbage, you a buncha maggots.”


    Nicki is amazing!

    if you dont like it, and you already dont like her, DON’T LISTEN!!!

  • http://facebook Ashanti Reed



    yo ppl do underastand music this shit iz lyricaly hot so many stuck on tht commerical shit !!! YOUNG MONEY IZ WERE IT AT RITE NOW, U Always going to have haters but in the end they still got Millions so keep hating on them bcuz u motivate them to keep going in on yawl hahahahaha


    @purple poet: yo she will Muder Foxy Brown on 16bars off her own beat

  • DarkChocolate

    All you HATERS say “oh im not hating” Omg let the girl do her n yall do yall shes getting money while you guys are on websites commenting, i’m a fan personally, but if she thinks she’s different then let her think that!!!!!!

  • Jazmine

    @nkenk: Weezy Is Acxtually The Best Rapper Alive And He Talks More about Shit than Em Does And Lil wayne is not an idiot with an alter ego Ya

  • SkepzUK91

    I think she Fúkínn Ruined it…a girl saying Cú doesnt look good…in my words shes not diffrent…she has nothing to rap about so she raps about its becuase shes black and she thinks she can…sorry LOVE but your making yourself look like a TW..ATT.. im dissapointed in eminem aswell why would you jump on a track with someone like her (someone who hasnt had a hard life and acts like it) ?? im not a hater of her cos i love that song called your love catchy as hell, and i love em to pieces, first album i brought in my life “marshall mathers LP”…basically her rapping…NOO NOO NOO NOO…Her singing YESSS… doess she really think people would Skank on the dancefloor to her rap err noo….buttt i do like this song ALOT and she could of been good in it..but she ruined it for herself…em its still sounds sick but lets look at it….its still the samee theres nothinggg new

  • baby girl

    AMAZING!!!!! i love em

  • jelly

    Dis song go hard and da reason yall dick ridin ha so hard is cuz u dnt understand ha or ha music but if u try to attempt to get to know dem yo view will b different trust me….#teamminaj

  • http://msn jemima

    babe u rock
    woop tuneage !!!!!

  • http://msn jemima

    babe u rock
    woop tuneage

  • sweet03


  • Soldier Boy

    ya’ll crazy as hell…this song is dark and angry….perfect song for both artists…..smoke more weed

  • nikkia

    im like this song its good but she need to rap some more?

  • shatoya
  • shatoya

    Omqqq nicki is my wiffey i luve hurr <3 inny baby gur

  • Dana Franklin

    yo dis song go hard i cant get out mii head nicki goin ham on does hataz and is slim talkin bout mariah. slim is sexy n da bestest.

  • poetess

    This was pretty weak and overly animated. She can’t ever just lay a solid rap down and say some comprehensible stuff. (smh) Half her verses make absolutely no sense – but I guess they don’t have to as long as it rhymes…??? Why do people eat her garbage up? This is America – are we in that much of a recession that we are starving for ANY female rapper good or bad, that we’ll eat-up straight $hit just to have something to bob our heads to?
    Hold these artists to some standards, people! —>You want my dollar then learn how to formulate a sentence, then connect it to another one – while still maintaining a sensicle train of thought, do that about 3-5 times over and you at least laid down a REAL verse. Now if you can do that AND make it rhyme a little, AND go hard on a person or two THEN you might get some props from us real writers. And I don’t even rap so this isn’t about hating or trying to compete with anyone – I just do spokenword. But talent is talent and not everyone has it and even those that do can still be over-rated. Any player that made it to the NBA obviously displayed “talent” for the game – but just cause they made it there doesn’t mean they’ll ever be – nor should they be compared to – Jordan or Kobe.

    …But Em, really? Em is waaaayyyy too cold to even be gettin caught up in this nonsense. He actually CAN rap and goes CRAZY HARD without ridiculous sound effects and one-word lines just to make the last line rhyme…to go on a diss track with this chick is super below him and totally unneccesary. I hope this is the last time for that.