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Sophia Bush: Excited & Scared for Half-Marathon!

Sophia Bush: Excited & Scared for Half-Marathon!

Sophia Bush and her boyfriend Austin Nichols arrive at LAX airport hand-in-hand on Saturday (October 30) in Los Angeles.

This past Thursday, the 28-year-old One Tree Hill actress tweeted, “I need to think happy thoughts! The last 24 hours have been far too depressing! The half marathon is only 10 days away. I’m excited and scared!!”

On Sunday, November 7, Sophia will be running a half-marathon in Wilmington, North Carolina to raise more funds for the victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill.

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  • ….

    Can’t stand them.

  • :(

    so FAKE in every way!

  • Bee

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

  • sam

    These two can’t dress for shit!

  • Jake

    Damn Sophia’s man is one ugly mother fuc***

  • angie

    the haters are just waiting for a picture of Sophia and Austin for insult and criticize them! You have nothing better to do?

    It is true that bad people are there to help both theGolf, gay, Indonesia, against racism, helping children …
    Ironically for fools here!

    Sophia and Austin are really nice people and with a good heart and
    all your hatred does not affect them!

    Look they are simple, he exits the plane, simple outfit (no
    fuss, Louboutin …)

    But frankly for people you really hate you lose your time with insults. It’s really pity

    you laugh at the face of Austin but you watched your own?? I am sure that most are ugly and pour their unhappiness here, not only on this subject but on the whole site in general!
    When one is in his head and his body was no need to denigrate others!
    It just makes you ugly people on the outside but especially inside

    what interests you is the physical, pfff is not the most important must grow! Read the text a little and find out about their good deeds and try to help instead of spitting your venom. Go help!

  • Taylor

    Hey Sophia stan! People have the right to tell whatever they want. That’s a gossip site, so don’t get so dramatic honey.
    Sophia’s been looking bad lately. And her BF he’s just a creepy looking guy with weird ears and annoying grin.

  • Josekun

    I have faith in Sophia, will get it, do it with all your energy, you have to be concentrated.

    Puede hacerlo, estoy contigo máxima concentracion, tu eres una warrior Z, lo conseguirás, tengo Fe.

  • kolp

    Austin looks way better than Sophia… She cant dress these days..:((

  • cutenessoverload

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! So cute!

  • Melissa

    I am willing to bet a good chunk of my savings that this latest post on Sophia and Austin will be among one of the TOP stories on this site either today or tomorrow because of all the comments made by the fans AND losers who like to insult people to make themselves feel better.Lol
    Its SOOOOOOOOO f*cking OBVIOUS that all of the hateful comments that have been posted so far are by the SAME psycho who keeps changing her name trying to make it seem as if there’s a lot of people writing that shittt.
    Congratulations you moron, all you did was help this post get more hits. No wonder Jared LOVES posting about Sophia. Haha

  • Hmm

    I really dislike Austin. Sadly I feel like I am starting to dislike Sophia too. Both of them are sooo in your face. I had to unfollow both of them on twitter.
    But anyway. Hope they are happy.

  • http://aminasophia sophia

    I adore Sophia she’s so so nice and very beautiful

  • disaster

    Chunky girls should not wear leggins. Her legs look like sausages.

  • Shana

    And you need to shut the fck up. Because she’s among the very few women in Hollywood who has healthy and sexy looking legs unlike the majority who have legs that look as of they’re gonna break any damn second.
    Any ways, Sophia looks beautiful as always and I’m glad she’s happy because she deserves it.

  • Terri

    Looks like Cali is back posting. Haters go away. They look so good. I hope we get more pics of them in LA.

  • Anna

    Sophia is wearing a fake fur vest. PETA must be happy. I wish Sophia had her dogs with her. Jared please get them in their Halloween costumes!

  • Kyle

    Sophia fans, lets not waste our breath. We know the truth. Haters can park their cottage cheese behinds in their computer chairs and say mean things all they want. I’m sure Sophia is laughing too hard over her incredible beauty, success, wealth, happiness… to care what they say.

  • cristy

    oh Sophia stans….stay classy! But really no one should be surprised….look who their role mode is!

  • rainbow pride

    they have pushed me away from them. i feel like the good deeds they are doing are really away of getting more attention and making themselves look good rather than doing it for the right reasons. it’s almost sad. her outfit is horrid. Even if the sheep shearling is faux it still promotes the fashion of wearing the fur of innocent animals.

  • Becks

    Don’t worry. Sophia fans are and always will remain classy.
    Its the jealous haters of this crazy ass fan base that need to seek help. No wonder OTH fans get such a bad rep. LOL
    Whatever though, all I care about is Sophia and seeing her happy, having fun, and living her life is good enough for me.

  • runner mag

    hmmm…she doesn’t look like she’s in the kind of shape to run a marathon, even a half marathon. 99% of runners are half her size and eat proper meals for these things in order to perform properly in triathlons and marathons. lucky for her that she is a celeb and will have the best of the best medical attention throughout the race. no offence, it’s just that I’ve never seen a marathon runner or a runner period with legs THAT big. runners and bikers have about 7% body fat.

  • Maddie

    Great pictures! Thanks so much for posting. It has been awhile since you have posted pictures of them. Great couple!

  • Aly

    @runner mag:
    Thats some pretty stupid logic.
    I’m in college and I run track everyday and I also take part in a variety of daily sports. I also run at least 3 marathons every year. I’m BIGGER than Sophia and I have more than 7% body fat yet I still kick people’s ass’s in anything I’ve ever competed in and I have yet to this day, to experience a problem in running any marathon. In fact, I know people who are even bigger than me that compete and they kick ass while doing so every time. So to say that an athlete such as a biker or a runner needs to be tiny, small, and really, really thin or whatever is a completely stupid thing to say. If you’re healthy and take good care of yourself, then there is nothing stopping anyone from doing anything. Period.

  • Hmm

    @rainbow pride:
    Couldnt agree more

  • grace

    SOPHIA AND AUSTIN LOOK GORGEOUS!!!! not feelin Soph’s vest though, haha, but LOVE her boots. and austin def pulls off that jacket. some of the pictures make them look shorter and wider than they actually are, haters. One of the last ones in HD is how they really look, and Austin looks really thin through the shoulders. That marathon training is really paying off though because they both look like they’re in great shape!!!

    Post more of Sophia and Austin, Jared!

  • grace


    you’re totally right. and those pictures make them look wider than they are. I met Sophia and Austin a month and a half ago, and she is TINY in person. I’m 5’6 and 136 pounds, and she was about an inch shorter and way thinner. And Austin’s super super tall and muscly.

  • Jeana

    omg reading some of the comments on here…. so ridiculous… Sophia is gorgeous, intelligent, and kind-hearted! Austin is also really hot! Love them both! They are changing the world for the better!

  • alex

    I love these two !

  • training

    It’s really all about the training. You can’t just go out and run a 1/2 marathon, you have to do some proper training to be used to the distance – if she has followed a decent training plan, she’ll be just fine. I run marathons and I have seen many people do the distance – all shapes and sizes. As long as you’ve put in the mileage beforehand, then anybody can finish a 1/2 or a full marathon.

  • sarah

    i love sophia she’s so beautiful & sexy.

  • Becca

    How the f***k does Austin look like a rapist, grow up for heavens sake

  • Baci

    I agree with whoever says that they have become to phony lately! They will jump on whatever band wagon and preach and tweet about it. What ever the cause what ever the scandal, they sound so self righteous and preachy. It is like they can’t wait for the next crisis so they can jump in and “save the world.” They have become so annnoying!!!

  • angie

    @Taylor, I’m not a stan pff I’m a fan yes but I can be objective if they do something that displeases me
    But what is your excuse for you haters to come every time you spit hate them? You have nothing better to do with your life? Because for people you hate, you take a lot of your time talking about them!
    But when I don’t like someone, I shall not even bother to say a word on it, I don’t care and I go my way

    After what shocks me is the comments on the physical form of Sophia, she is not fat at all! What say you of J. LO, Beyonce, Eva Mendes …? (They are not big either, THESE ARE WOMEN WITH FORMS)
    You realize you are saying?
    Girls read the comments and read that Sophia is fat then they are more rounded it will make them want to lose weight and end up anorexic

  • Kayla

    LOL. I see that Baci’s back. It’s official……the girl is OBSESSED with Sophia Bush. Can’t say I blame her….after all, Sophia’s just AMAZING like that.
    As for those idiots who enjoy picking apart a woman’s body, let me just say that there are people in the world who think that if you aren’t a size 0 or even a 1, that you’re supposedly “fat” and to me, thats just disgusting. Women come in all shapes and sizes and its all beautiful. The thing with Sophia is that she is a skinny woman, but she also has curves in all the right places and doesn’t look like a twig. And thats the way it SHOULD be. All I can say is that for anyone who thinks that all woman should be stick thin, well then you shouldn’t even entertain the thought of having kids because with your kind of thinking, it’s pretty much guarenteed that they’re gonna end up messed up with many body image problems.
    Enough Said.

  • Baci


    Screw you Kayla! Who died and left you the voice of reason! Stop being so preachy and self righteous. People have opinions deal!

  • Dasha

    Eww not a fan of her fake fur, and i really miss her dark hair, she’s still pretty though with nice curves, she’s one of the rare hollywood actress who looks healthy and sexy.
    Still not a fan of Austin, there’s something about him that annoys me i don’t know why.

  • Ashley

    Some people are so ridiculous! I live in NC and my friend is running in the same half marathon as them, oo and BTW @runnermag this will be his second half marathon and he is not a toothpick and im almost positive he has over 7% body fat…. Im pretty sure you can stop hating on Sophia now! Anyways I cant wait till next weekend when I will be in Wilmington to see my friend, Sophia and Austin run in the half marathon! (Hopefully I will get to see Sophia and Austin, lol)

  • brea

    Love Sophia! she is obviously a good person, who uses her celebrity to help people. Everyone needs to calm down. Now tell me, does anyone know who James Lafferty is dating???

  • Kayla

    Lol. Really?? Well screw you too moron.
    Now moving on to a better subject—–SOPHIA BUSH. Such an AMAZINGGGGGGGGG woman.

  • Shen

    I love you Sophia!!!!!!!!!
    You’re awesome!!!!!

  • onetreehillfanatic

    i love brooke davis and im loving sophia bush more. she’s just almost perfect. nice body, beautiful face and most especially an amazing personality. i really wish that austin will be the one for her, and hopefully this man is the same as julian in one tree hill. sophia deserves to be happy. i love her and i’ll support her all the way.

  • Estefania

    Sophia’s been looking bad lately. And her BF he’s just a creepy looking guy with weird ears and annoying grin.